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Are you looking for a suitable personal development program that will help you achieve a total life turn, transforming your life at a guaranteed faster way? Look no more as Dr. Steve G Jones got you covered by coming up with this awesome program.

There are many beliefs out there these days that limit us from achieving what we dream for and also makes us lose our personality. Most of the beliefs are myths that need to be gotten rid of so as we can grow.

Many people though are not aware that they are affected to these limiting beliefs that hinder them from achieving joy in their lives. This causes disappointments in people making them feel like failures and they might end up secluding themselves from others.


Many reviews show that, for one to be great, you have to believe that you can do anything. But this won’t be achieved if one still has some myths behind his/her mind that might make them feel inferior or they can’t have it in life.

These limiting myths impact people’s life negatively. They eat up the self confidence in you and this makes one avoid doing something that have made him/her great. Many people are aware of this but tend to ignore as they got no solution of what’s to be done.

What is 8 Days to End Limiting Beliefs?

This is a complete book that within 8 days, allows you discover, neutralize and turn your limiting beliefs into your strength enabling you attain your maximum potential. It also contains exercises that also run through the 8 days that will also enable you experience a total turnover.

strengths and limitations

There are many reviews written about these beliefs but none has been made to allow one get to the root causes and also solutions about them like the one done by Dr. Steve G Jones.

We have to state that these beliefs are in our mind and for one to change his/her own mindset, it requires a very accurate process. This program qualifies to be an efficient reliable source.

About the author, Dr. Steve G Jones

With him holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Education and also a Doctorate in Education, Dr. Steve G Jones is a certified and also qualified clinical Hypnotherapist.

With over 20 years of experience in this field, he has handled many behavioral cases such as helping people stop drinking and smoking or even gain confidence. His skills in the field enabled him come up with this product making it reliable and not a scam.

a believer

He mainly deals with matters affecting certain behaviors like singles searching for soul mates or even helps actors who need more confidence mostly to get through auditions.

What does 8 Days to End Limiting Beliefs have to offer?

This great write up entails of daily tips and exercises that run up to 8 days that will see you get rid of limiting beliefs and enable you achieve any of your desired dreams. It needs hard work and determination for maximum results which is a total life turn over.

This review will outline some of the daily tips.

  • Tip for day one: Explains what are limiting beliefs, the main cause and also ways of curbing these beliefs.
  • Tip for day two: Analyses on the limiting beliefs and helps you identify ways of enabling you succeed.
  • Tip for day three: Explains on how one can turn all these weaknesses and fears into strengths.
  • Tip for day four: Educates on how you can deal with the weaknesses, change the negative perspective on other people and on how to become a good and reliable person.
  • Tip for day five: failure is the focus. You will learn how to accept failure and turn it into your own advantage.
  • Tip for day six: money comes now to focus. You get to understand how money can grow or destroy you.
  • Tip for day seven: guides you on how to perceive future beliefs and gets rid of the negative ones.
  • Tip for day eight: happiness is now key here. One will learn how to be happy and keep a steady smile.

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Benefits gained from this product

This awesome product also comes with many positive benefits that will enable you grow. Some of the benefits are;

  • Brings out the true character and personality in a person.
  • Teaches on how to turn ones weaknesses to strengths.
  • Outlines some beliefs that will make you happy always.
  • Gives one a chance to be enthusiastic, fun and be a good and also reliable friend.
  • Helps you accept and cope up with the fact that you have not achieved something.
  • Gets rid of the idea of rejection that sometimes pop up in people’s brains while wanting to make new friends.

Who is 8 Days to End Limiting Beliefs meant for?

Have ever found yourself just thinking of your past life and seeing yourself as a failure? Then there are some limiting beliefs that need to be gotten rid of in your mind set.

Some people find themselves in situations where they seem to think they deserve way a lot more than what you are experiencing. Others are not certain if they can change their personalities or behaviors.

some herbs

Trust is also key in many friendships and relationships. Some find it hard to trust their friends and even partners. This can make one seclude themselves from others making them lonely.

Many others find it hard to express their ideas to others even though they might be of help. Another thought that the people around you are better than you might also arise and one finds it hard to express their feelings.

If you are currently undergoing such situations in life, it’s better to get hold of 8 Days to End Limiting Beliefs.

Price of the product

This product is mostly found in many leading bookstores for about $19.95. Considering the benefits coming along, this should be a done deal in buying this awesome write up.

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Bottom Line

Many false myths and beliefs are currently present in the world and this somehow hinder us from making great steps in life. We actually need to take control of our lives by getting rid of such beliefs.

Through hard work and determination, we will achieve the best results from this product. We also have to believe that the write up will help.

We will be on a position to transform our lives for the better by only 8 days once we follow the steps in this product.

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• It mainly deals with changing people’s mindset of certain beliefs and change the negative ones.

• It improves self-esteem in people and builds up self-confidence.

• It makes people better and also brings up new reliable friends.

• Deals with trust issues that is key in marriage and also friendships.

• It brings happiness to many and gives tips on how to maintain a steady smile in different occasions.


• It might not impact on every body as we are not the same. The research done was not done to everyone and may prove to be a fail in such occasions.

Summary: 8 Days to End Limiting Beliefs is a book that deserves a chance into many people’s lives. Many of us are facing some negative impressions and choose to ignore. This great product gives us a chance of taking control our lives for the better.

RatingRated 5 stars
: Arnold M.
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2018-03-14 05:29:53

It highly detailed and gives you easy day-to-day life lessons in relation to embracing happiness.

Joanne Murakami
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2018-01-27 05:42:42

A refresher in some areas and fresh ideas in others. Overall a good read that provides the practical means and encouragement to take action. If you need a boost to get unstuck and release your potential this book is a good place to start.

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