Bet Alchemist Review – The Pros & Cons

Nicky Doyle is the creator of this program that has the function of dealing with the tips for bets. That means, when you are in need of knowing what the horse races are going to turn out like, you will need his services. The whole point of this is to make it easier for betting enthusiasts to win races.

He may not always be right but in the Bet Alchemist method, we have seen the way that the tips work and this is how you get the best. Whenever you need to have tips that will guide you especially if you are a beginner; this may be the best place to start.

The tips will be provided mostly for the weekend races which are classified under the competitive category. This means that you will need to be ready to make your stakes during these times. It also means that you need to have impeccable timing to place your bets properly.

The reviews that have streamed in will give you a rough idea of how good this is.

The Systems That Are Used Here

The creator Nicky Doyle has been doing this since he was young and it makes him the expert. Some of the methods that they have been using in his blog include these that are shown here. They will give you the best odds and that is the best thing that you can want to have here.

  1. The Dutching System

This is the strategy where you bet on a selection of several horses and you will make the same amount of money regardless of which one won. When you decide to take this type into account, consider that there are some calculations that you will need to do.

This is not a surefire way of winning magically. It is just a reliable way of increasing your chances to win or just earn money from these races.

  1. Backing The Beaten Horse

Sounds foolish in a way but here is how it works. There may be a horse that has been winning but even the really good horses will not win every time and at one time it will have a streak of coming in second or third. So, you will keep on backing the beaten horse which had been winning previously.

It will have higher odds and the antes are piled up a bit high. If you win with this one, you will get a lot of profit at the end. This happens especially when you know that the horse is going to bounce back unless of course it falls and gets an injury which affects its performance so greatly.

  1. The Statistical Lay

Here is how this one works. You take the top three horses and pick out the runners which have odds of between 3.0 and 5.8 and then lay your get on the one with the lowest odds. Over the years, statistics collected about his statistical lay strategy has shown that 80% of the time you will win.

The logic that works here is that the top three horses within the ranges described win only 17% of the time. This means that when you bet the horse won’t win the race, you will expect to get a profit of 18%.

How Good is This Program

This program has been used by people since the year 2011, they have made over 700 points in profit with an average of about 1 point for each selection. This means that you could have invested just $25 for just one point and the profits you would have made would amount to about $18,000.

They have had a certain consistency which ensures that when you are investing in this, you will be sure that the investment may not be that bad. You can be sure that it will work so, when you are looking to get tips that you use in betting for the horse races.

What You Get

  1. Tips- the tips are usually sent out from the service to make sure that you get them in time for you to place the bets. You will have like 1.5 bets in one day. The amount of work that you will have to do is just placing the bets and not much else.
  2. Price Ranges- these will be given in a range that will be comfortable for you to do this better. Your bets should be placed quickly and they will be available for a short time. So, you need to make sure that as the bookies give the prices, you are there to make the bets as quickly as possible.
  3. The Strike Rate- this was averaged to be 33% including the horses that have been placed. The returns that come will therefore be frequent to keep you afloat most of the time that you make the bets.
  4. The Cost of Subscribing- the prices that you use to subscribe are far less than the returns that you will be getting from all the betting that you will be doing. This means that you should not be worried about not getting the returns that you need.
  5. Betting Bank- This is not provided here but you can do it. You need to have some points in the betting bank for the rainy days so that you can be ready for the days that you need them urgently. Its safety, think of it like a hedge fund but for points.

Final Verdict

As far as this program goes, you will be getting everything that you need. This review stands behind the program fully. As seen from other reviews that have been written by a lot of people, they approve of the workability of this.


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1. The Chances of Success- When you are trying to get the best bets, you will need to have access to this one as it will offer you success rate that is high. That is one of the best things that happen here.

2. Timing- The tips that you will be getting will be sent to you on time. This will ensure that when you are placing the bets, they are more accurate and likely to work best.

3. The 60 Day Money Back Guarantee- when you subscribe for this, you can always get your money back if it does not work in the initial 60 days. This makes it less of a risk and you can always try it out and see if it is working.

4. The Basic Knowledge is Simple- you do not need to be a savant to succeed here because all the things that require skills to work are done by the program. This is worth the buy and you do not need to be afraid of a scam here.

5. You Only Need a Computer- to access the site, you will need to have a computer and sometimes, if you have a good phone, you can also get them from there. Just make sure that whatever you are using, it’s suitable.


• Sometimes the bets you place may not be coming through and this will mean that you will have problems if this does not work. Most people give up.

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Betting successfully is not easy until you meet Nick Doyle's Bet Alchemist a tipster service that gives you the best horse racing odds that you can find anywhere. This service has changed the way that people bet and has increased their success rates. If you talk numbers, Bet Alchemist has an impeccably good record.

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