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As a young boy, I used to be fascinated with the fighting moves I used to see some of my favorite actors perform. Growing up, I later found out that those fighting skills were part of martial arts. Ever since then, I became obsessed with learning martial arts.

In a way, it somehow became my mission to learn martial arts in life. I tried many different programs from the internet that claimed they would turn me into a martial arts star. Unfortunately, I bitterly found out most of them were scams and they taught me nothing.

Hope still burning in me, I continued with my search for the perfect teacher. And one day I finally found it…

…the Funk MMA Workouts.

My success with this program is what inspired me to write this review today. I want to tell you all I learnt about it and share with you the reasons why it is the best martial arts teaching guide you will find.

I hope by the end of this review, you will have learnt enough to help you make an informed decision on whether to buy this program or not.

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What the Funk MMA Workouts Is

Different people desire to learn martial arts for several reasons. Martial arts come with very many health benefits and in most cases, those benefits are the ones people seek.

These workouts are forms of exercise and thus they help in weight loss, increasing stamina, improving your overall strength among other benefits.

Others will want to learn the skills for the simple reason of being equipped with the means to defend themselves from an attacker.

MMA stands for mixed martial arts. This means that the Funk MMA Workouts is a training program that combines various martial arts giving you a diverse array of exercises that serve various purposes.

If you have been looking for product too that will fully help you master the skills of martial arts, then you just came to the right review my friend. Stick around and I will show you all you need to know about this fantastic product.

And there is more to mixed martial arts than just physical development. It also plays a role in mental and personality growth.

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As you train and develop that perfect body you always desired, you become more appreciative of yourself and this helps boost your self-worth. Training to gain skills for protection helps improve self-confidence and you will feel safer knowing that you have a way to defend yourself when the need arises.

Funk Roberts and Flex Marks

These are the two brains that developed this training program. Funk has been a coach for mixed martial arts for very many years now. He is also a recognized metabolic trainer among other amazing talents he possesses.

Flex is also involved in training mixed martial arts athletes and he was once an awesome kickboxer.

In short, what I am trying to show you is that you are getting the help of two men who are well experienced and acquainted with martial arts. They have had years of experience and over time they have learnt the best ways to learn and perform martial arts.

This unique and wonderful knowledge is what they are out to share with you in their program.

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Getting Yourself Acquainted with Mixed Martial Arts

Learning martial arts is not all cupcakes and pies. In fact, it can prove to be very challenging for beginners.

The greatest challenge comes in figuring out the number and type of workouts that you want to do. Finding that out will not be a simple task to perform. What you need to find out first is your reason for learning martial arts.

Is it because you want to build your strength? Is your stamina what you seek to improve or are you doing so in the hopes of gaining muscle mass? There are different exercises for all these goals.

Finding out what you truly want will make things easier for you since you will now be aware of which line of workouts to follow.

Another tough act will be balancing your martial arts training with other activities such as your job. This is especially harder for those who intend to become professionals in MMA.

Your diet will also be a very important piece to factor in. what you therefore need is a good guide that combines all these elements and thus makes the entire process somehow easier. This good guide is the Funk MMA Workouts. I assure you, you will not be disappointed by it.

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How Does the Funk MMA Workouts Work?

This is the simple part. The two authors, Funk and Flex, decided to make their program a success for many people by simply removing the main barriers that hinder so many from learning mixed martial arts fully. Let us review these barriers and see exactly what they are all about.

Barrier #1: Workouts. As I mentioned earlier, learning about the correct workouts as per your aims with martial arts can be frustrating. This guide has been designed in such a way that it helps you actualize your purpose for wanting to learn MMA and thus show you the correct type of workouts to follow.

Barrier #2: Schedule. There is a lot to learn in martial arts and all this, needs to be grouped into a plan of how everything will be delivered.

Forgetting to perform certain workouts may seem harmless at first but it can damage your progress greatly. To prevent this, the authors provided a plan in the guide so that you will have something to work with.

Barrier #3: Nutrition. MMA just like any other sort, requires that the participants diet correctly. Within this program, you will be provided with the guidelines to follow on how to maintain the correct balanced diet.

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Features of Flex and Funk’s Funk MMA Workouts

There is so much that is tackled in this guide. Among the much info you will gather will include the following:

You are going to find out about the down sides to the traditional tactics of weight loss and the reasons why they are doomed to fail.

As an athlete, your strength and stamina will be focused upon and you are also going to be educated on the reasons why.

There will be exercises that will significantly revitalize your cardio.

Find out about 4 unique workouts that have been known to multiply your strength and brute power.

Do you desire to get abs? find out about the featured workouts that will help you develop them in no time.

There will be instructional videos that will help with your training and show you how the exercises are correctly done.

Find out how to schedule your workouts and how to prepare for your training sessions.

The list is endless. What I have mentioned here is just something little as compared to what you will learn from the course.

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What Will You Get When You Buy this Program?

There will be several e-books and video tutorials that each focus on something different. Below are the details.

24 Instructional Videos. These videos will be part of your weekly schedules. They will show you the exercises, teach you how to do them properly and explain to you about their importance.

Elite Strength and Conditioning Program Guide. This e-book will feature the importance of having workouts that combine strength and conditioning. It will aid you realize the various attributes you must train each week for maximum power and conditioning.

Scheduling Your Program Design Templates. This will simply be a step by step guide on how you should plan for your workouts and schedule them in your weekly routine.

And when it comes to the dieting and nutritional section, here is what you are going to receive:

Do it Yourself Meal Plans. There will be ready made mal plans that will spare you all the efforts of having to plans for them. All that will be left for you to do is simply follow them.

Elite Nutritional Guide for Fat Loss. This book will feature the importance of dieting for MMA athletes. It will also talk about the nutrition principles that they should adhere to.

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Concluding Thoughts

If you desire to learn mixed martial arts in a simple and yet effective way, there is no better guide to help you with this than what I am presenting to you today.

As you have seen above, it has a lot of attractive and informative content and will go a long way to ensure you succeed. Do not forget to mention how it is backed by enlightening customer reviews that also prove it is not a scam.

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• It is a very simple guide to follow.

• It comes with membership to an online university, the Funk Fitness University, where you will learn some whole new things.

• There are community forums where you can get support.

• The customer reviews written about this product are very encouraging and supportive of it.

• It has a lot of information.


• The program is only available in digital form.

Summary: Do you want an excellent, unparalleled guide to teach you on everything there is to know about martial arts? Then the Funk MMA Workouts is your answer. You need look no further. Buy it today to start experiencing the amazing power of martial arts.

RatingRated 5 stars
Amelia Garcia
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2018-03-24 03:02:14

You can boost your immunity and nutritional status. All the training are proven to be scientifically and clinically proven to cause a good health.

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2017-12-02 11:03:43

If you want to get the gains that you want, this is for you. I can’t believe that this haven’t boomed into popularity yet. It is so underrated and I believe it deserves more exposure!

Janice Barnette
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2017-09-30 13:38:12

It has a lot of success stories. So many combat athletes from the beginner to the intermediate level are really praising this funk flex mma workouts because they got what they want from it. It also help women that want to improve their butt-workouts.

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