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Hello there? Are you an internet marketer or a product creator in search of a perfect membership plug-in? If you are then pay close reference to this programme.

If you’re not either of the above, don’t shun this guide. Let me introduce you to InstaMember. It sounds new but it’s been on the streets for quite a while. From consumer feedback, it seems to have made big strides, unlike its other competitor membership plug-ins.

This review is meant to shed light on InstaMember and all its perks. It’s meant to give you the utmost deep insight on the product and show you what your days of internet activity have missed out on.

Do you feel the thrill yet? Grab this guide and let InstaMember usher you into a new era of less internet hassle.

instamember review

What exactly is InstaMember?

Apparently this is a most relative term but yet to be understood by most folks. If basically you source a living from internet marketing, your fellow veteran internet marketers must have told you the big bucks are made from membership sites.

Get this, with this plug-in, membership sites get you paid again and again for your product rather than just once.  Quite enticing, isn’t it?

However, membership sites require a plug-in without this product.  In reference to an E-book by Suzanna Theresia, the brains behind InstaMember, I will now broadly tell you about this product.

InstaMember facilitates generation of income recurrently. It aids in creation of membership sites so you can benefit more extensively. With this plug-in, wait for it, you won’t need multiple plug-ins to accomplish tasks.

Word from Leon Henry, an Internet marketer and beneficiary of this InstaMember goes a long way to show the great workability of this product. He commends the configuration time, security, range of payment and its easy integration.

This review therefore is meant to be an eye opener to you. Engage within it and learn to make the best out of internet marketing.


About the author, Suzanna Theresia

Suzanna Theresia, an Indonesian native, is a product creator and an internet marketer. She quit her corporate job back before 2009 and ventured into Internet marketing.

Since 2011, she decided to pursue innovative product developing and integrated it with internet marketing. In her ventures she established her company, Ephraim Mettabel.

Entering the industry she was short of knowledge which she picked up along the way. Almost like a Phoenix rising.

Her first product was Smart Graphic Designer, purposefully for any graphic designer aiming to produce beautifully designed graphics. She then made InstaSeries, with InstaBuilder as her main product.

It helps people that go through the trouble of costly collecting plug-ins from varied sources. The author’s entire work has relatively been a great aid to those with related wants.


I have listed for you her works starting with the most recent ones:

InstaMember- An awesome rounded membership plug-in that has numerous features

InstaTheme- This is a Word Press specifically designed theme.

InstaProduct- Gives a provision, ‘done for you’ business-in-a-box plug-ins straight delivered to your inbox.

How does it work?

Like I said before, InstaMember is a Word press membership plug-in that allows you to create your own membership site within the shortest time.

Within this review, I will look at the entire setup and installation of this product on your Word Press blog. This will help you create your own membership site as soon as possible.

First you’ve got to buy it from sales page. Your bill thereafter comes from Click Bank. You then click on the download box to automate your download. Once you activate the plug-in, you key in the license key. There’s also an orientation video for you.

Once in, the key area is the Product Space.

instamember review

Building an InstaMember Product

The product space as you’ll notice offers support for a varied number of products. Furthermore, you can determine the payment type, sales type, whether there’s a free trial or not and specified kinds of payment.

The product configuration provides for creation of an affiliate programme(s) and its own settings. This is all so lucrative.

InstaMember Content Protection

This product just won’t stop being efficient. Get this, after you’ve defined your product you can protect it.

The protection wing covers from Amazon files to posts and even pages. From the editor interface, you can choose which pages to protect.

Security with InstaMember

Like other membership plug-ins, the plug-in has security features etched within it.


Why InstaMember over other software

This is the ‘wow’ part of this review. Here I’ll detail you on the outstanding features of the product.

InstaMember integrates with most programmes significant to an internet marketer. Examples include, Deal Guardian and DigiResults.

The product is by far the only one able to handle double-tier affiliate programs. This implies that your affiliate(s) can sign up and make for themselves top level commission on their level.

This must be the most important feature of this product. It offers 1 click upsells which allow your members to upgrade to any promoted upsell without further credit card charges. How convenient, don’t you think?

The product furthermore offers more sizzling features as mentioned below:

  • Connect Auto responders
  • Automate customer service.
  • Setup password protected Member restricted areas.
  • Offer downsells and 1 click up sells

Most of these beneficial perks are rare with other membership sites. You may have come across InstaMember in many blog posts. Well, I’m guessing its good reputation that got it there.

instamember revieew

Final Verdict

There’s everything notable about the programme, it’s no scam rest assured. Other reviews can also ascertain this. Its perks like I said above outweigh its demerits. I am convinced that your search shall hault because InstaMember, as I’ve shown is the real deal. What better way to rise up in your dreams of product creation and Internet Marketing than with this product? Created by Suzanna Theressia, a mind that went the extra mile of ensuring your deepest needs are catered for.

It’s uncategorical on who can use it. What I mean is that even without basic skill, the streamlined breakdown process of installation guides you. Hereby you can morph pro-efficiently into a capable product creator. Amazing right?

Unlike recent reviews, this inclusive review acclaims this product as a masterpiece. Get InstaMember, let it thrill you, like it did with me and earn you much pay for the effort you put into your work.

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• Aids you in launching popular high-profit membership sites hassle-free.

• Gives you everything you need to build a membership site in one or varied places with a simple click of a button.

• Its simplicity and streamline nature makes it possible for anyone to use it to get their membership sites up and running.

• You can instantly build membership sites using the most secure log-in protected gateways. Safety first If I may add.

• Easy installation procedure thus makes it easier to use even if you have little or no knowledge on membership sites.

• This product is your gateway to fast and easy recurring profits with the most acknowledged high-profit membership sites.


• I found just one downside of the product. Unless you have attained a degree in Computer Engineering or you’ve been a code writer for consequent years, it will impose a big challenge to you.

Summary: This product is you gateway to unearthed days of Internet efficiency. With this product you don’t need any multiple plug-Ins every time. It helps save your cash and helps you earn more for less work done.
Get this guide on my review about InstaMember and in turn see for yourself what great benefits come with this highly acclaimed product.

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My best program

on 2018-09-07 17:54:20

I can say that Instamember is a system that works very well. Everything promised in this system is delivered. All the through the system i have seen it being simple to work on and most of it all providing the kind of income i was expecting. It is easy to get this money hence why i chose this program.

Mabel J.
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Easy money

on 2018-08-23 15:43:08

It is the easiest way of making money that i have ever seen. I have found this program better than i actually thought. It has enabled me make some extra money without much of struggle and i like it. It is also very easy to use.

Robert Wilson
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2018-06-25 07:33:04

A virtual guide on creating your site. It would give you options and all you have to do is decide. It will also aid you on the up sells and down sells of your products and services.

: Arnold M.
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2018-03-14 05:27:20

It integrates with most programmes significant to an internet marketer.

Elizabeth Miller
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2018-02-04 17:54:40

This is amazing! If you're an internet marketer I would highly recommend you purchase this because this will give you an advantage.

Teresa J
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Make money

on 2018-01-07 05:24:25

Yes, Instamember is real. It is a legit program that i have been able to use for some time now. The best part is that this system actually works. I have been able to make a lot of money from the program without much of struggle. I like it a lot.

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2017-10-09 15:14:45

It just going to take your 5 minutes yes, within 5 minutes you will set up your membership site up and ready to go.

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