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Money. Why it is that majority of us especially among the generation of today are so much obsessed with making money? I mean, for some people the love for making money surpasses the love of anything that exists under the sun.

Well the review of today, is just about that. Making money. Forget other reviews and take on this one that has your goal in mind.

From the very moment that I set my eyes on the sales page of Operation 10K, I got to be presented with a video of Matthew while driving a red Ferrari and Desmond being picked up by the Ferrari in Las Vegas. From seeing this, I got to understand that this was yet another program for you to be able to get rich quickly.

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You might have heard in other reviews a thing or two concerning this product. Let me take you through it as we analyze whether it is something that is legit and advisable for you to use or it is a scam.

About The Product

It was on the 21st of March the year 2016 that the program Operation 10K was launched by two gentlemen; Desmond Ong and Matthew Neer.

To be precise, this program is the compilation of 10 videos that are going to walk you through each and every single detail from the point of planting the very first seed to where you make the first online affiliate commission.

The training videos here have majored on how you can be able to come up with a digital product online of your own and create an email list for you to market the product you have come up with.

Creation of a product of your own and the coming up with the email list is most certainly the best two ways to be able to make your business grow. However, this is not a thing that I personally recommend to you to engage in at the initial stages of getting started online.

However, as time progresses, you can be able to do so.

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The creator claims that when you make use of their system, a 3 step system, you are can very well copy and paste the formula they use. This is literally having a different person to perform all the work for you as you sit back and watch your bank account overflowing.

The Creators of the Program

Before I get to use any product whatsoever, I usually have a habit of wanting to know the brains behind the product.

After some in-depth looking into the creators, I can be able to make my evaluation and be able to know whether I can trust the product or it is just scam.

Let us begin with the partner Matthew Neer. Who is Neer? Matthew Neer is a well-established internet marketer who has been a Warrior Forum member from the year 2010.

He has been able to start quite a number of threads. 41 threads to be exact. However, my worry is this. He has been able to partner with Jamie Lewis on a previous occasion.

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Why does that worry me? You might be wondering. Jamie Lewis was behind the Profit Miracle that turned out to be a total waste of precious time and also money.

On the part of the other partner, Desmond Ong, he is a man with an experience that is even greater with him having been a Warrior Forum member from the year 2008.

Desmond on his part, has begun 145 threads many of which are products on making money in the sections Warrior Joint Ventures as well as Warrior Special Offers.

As such, you can rest assured that he is more of a serial product creator.

This alone does not translate to all the products he produces not being worth your buying. It implies that he is more of an opportunist who does not let any opportunity of making a whole money load pass him.

What You Should Expect To Be Doing Upon Joining

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The moment that you join, you are going to get access to the members’ area that they have where 10 video modules will be presented to you. These modules will take you through the process of planting of your seed to when you make the first affiliate commission.

I have been able to outline below a list of the 10 videos whose access you are going to have upon joining.

  • Module 1: Planting The Seed for Income Domination – the video concerns the changing of the mindset you have and development of your confidence.
  • Module 2: Understanding The System – Through the video, you are going to be taken through the working of the system and also see how you can be able to get leads and begin building of your email list.
  • Module 3: The Covert Money Blueprint – In the training module you will be able to learn how you can convert the leads into sales or cold hard cash.
  • Module 4: Identifying Your Cash Machine – This is the module that is going to determine your market gap and development of a direction for your business.

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  • Module 5: Value Creation – At this module you are going to begin brainstorming to get ideas on creation of product of your own and what the experience is going to be like.
  • Module 6: Cash Cow Creation – The module is where you in actual sense will be coming up with your product. 3 options, A) eBook B) video C) software, will be presented to you. You can actually get a PDF form.
  • Module 7: Making It Work – The module will introduce other means of growing your business such as being the expert in interviewing, beginning a YouTube channel or outsourcing your work.
  • Module 8: Money Magnet Asset Generation – At this point you are going to be your own sales funnel and also learn how you can build, grow and also convert list into sales.
  • Module 9: Tying Everything Together – Basically, the module will show you where marketing of your product should be done upon creating it.
  • Module 10: Leveraging Top Marketers – You are going to learn of how you can outsource your work in the training module and additionally some other strategies that have been secret which Desmond will reveal.

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Final Verdict

My thought is that the concept alone of coming up with a low cost basic product to generate lead of buyer and making use of affiliates in promotion of your products is one worth of receiving congratulations.

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• Webinars that are live and a lot of cheat sheets useful for your online business are available.

• The program is a necessity for all online marketers and any person that is planning to give online business a try.

• You are going to have a blueprint that is amazing for ranking and building website very fast.

• Uses power strategies and lacks theory. All that is there is step by step processes that are clear, scripts, free web tools cheat sheets and manuals.

• You have the exact sources that getting fast and cheap traffic is possible.


• The mentality in which the product thrives is the getting quick rich mentality that is not very advisable especially among the young people.

Summary: The main product is made up of 10 video modules along with 6 bonus videos that will teach you how you can create a basic product and come up with a list of buyer email. Personally, I got a surprise at the great value that the program carries with it after I watched the videos.

RatingRated 4.57 stars
Lillie Harris
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Makes me independent

on 2018-11-06 13:18:59

Here is the deal. This is a system that makes me really independent. This is because it is a quality program that has offered the best methods that i could follow to make my own money. And this is amazing.

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2018-03-21 09:05:05

I like the honesty and right mindset cultivated in this module, I just wish they have taken the same approach in their sales page.

Raymond Lara
Rating: 4
4 /5 stars

on 2018-01-01 07:41:45

This way to deal with profiting on the web can be exceptionally successful in itself.

Kevin Sheilds
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2017-10-22 19:13:14

Undoubtedly this program is trustworthy. I was looking for such help, and I found the perfect one.

Carolyn D.
Rating: 4
4 /5 stars

on 2017-10-16 23:38:25

A program that teaches you how to gain money successfully without scamming? Heck, yes! It's easier than I thought. I'm getting there!

Florence Sullivan
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Surprisingly Good

on 2017-09-20 21:53:59

The affiliate marketing like never before. This program has helped in generating leads and receiving the promotions through various modules and detailed information on making more and more money. Highly Recommended!

Rating: 4
4 /5 stars

Make money really fast

on 2017-08-19 06:01:22

There are very many things stand exceptional as long as this program is concerned. Apart from offering you the best and simplest ways to make money through online affiliate, it is the best in terms of structure. It is made of videos. Videos that will leave you where you are supposed to be.

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