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Art among music is one of the liveliest modes of expressing motions and renting out what you can’t clearly put out in words. Operas embrace this ideology in the most exemplary way; the sensational music is coupled by art that serves to heighten moods.

However, other artists focus on art alone. They live it fully and even put aside coveted careers and settle down with a paint brush because the sensation of drawing has struck fire deep within them.

There is a certain phase in your life when you picked up a pen and you realized what marvel you can put down on paper. Are you one of the people striving with feeble hands to get good at shaping your sketchy art into fine pieces?

You’re in luck because this review will introduce you to a product that can mentor your naive ways of drawing among other aspects like making you pick up pace while at it.

elderly man drawing

What exactly is Shortcut Secrets of Figure Drawing?

This is a program by Ethan who has worked hard on the course with a friend with whom they made sure this product covers entirely the skills and elements of Figure Drawing. Basically shows you how to get good at the art fast.

The program achieves this because of a laid-out protocol that lets you approach it practically, thanks to the video lessons incorporated within. This program is dedicated to hoist you up if you’re willing to amp your drawing.

With Shortcut Secrets of Figure Drawing, you can say goodbye to your amateur days of art because this product shall revitalise you in the following ways:

  • Lets you learn the fundamental skills first
  • Sets you on a 6 path protocol that if you follow can change how you draw dramatically

Just to mention a few aspects, the juicy part is tucked way into the course e-book. Bonuses too are not left out by the thoughtful author so as to make your figure drawing fine without blemish.

figure drawing

The mind behind Shortcut Secrets of Figure Drawing, Ethan

If you’re a real drawing enthusiast, you may have heard of which is a website that revolves around the author. is a website that the Ethan created. The fascinating thing about the author is that he has a passion for drawing too, not to mention how good he is at it! The whole program wasn’t meant to be a big breakthrough.

The author started off the program by first sharing his own tutorials thereafter it attracted more attention from other artists hence making it to develop even more. The author puts it in the open that although from his website you get tutorials absolutely free; you have to pay some premium for the course if you want to learn more systematically and faster.

The author alludes to the fact of semblance in the questions that he gathers from the emails sent by the program users on the website. This is meant to show you that the hurdles you face in your drawing ambitions aren’t much different from others.

drawing of dogs

How does this program work?

Drawing is itself a project that calls you to summon much creativity hence you need a certain protocol/formula to master it like the pro artists. This program shows you the following fundamental skills that will speed up how first you draw:

  • Drawing human proportion

This first skill is recognized by the author as the core of drawing. Without human proportion your drawings will just never have the right outlook. You have to first grasp this principal to make your drawings more appealing.

  • Drawing the human figure in perspective

You may wonder at first what this means but it’s something you have encountered before and didn’t have knowledge on it. This principle embodies the approach of making your two-dimensional figures look three-dimensional.

This is with the intent to add more volume to the drawings. Without this principal that embodies the classic front-one, you won’t have another option than making the program look more realistic.


  • Drawing the mannequin figure among other gestures

The essence of the mannequin that tends to freak out most can hugely improve your drawing. Practizing drawing on the manikin will help you master the human anatomy.

  • Drawing the human anatomy

This is why you have to study the mannequin figure because its structural lay-out hints you a lot on anatomy. Don’t neglect the human anatomy because many artists have strived to learn the science that surrounds it.

  • Shading the figure

This is another aspect that is very relative to three-dimension drawings which can either ruin or shape your drawings and is therefore a aspect that you have to learn well.

Who needs this program?

Drawing by far needs skill and whilst it may not bag a lot of recognition like banking or economics, this art is just as essential as other careers because what this course offers you is more-less similar to a whole semester in an Arts school.

If you didn’t get lucky at making it to college, you can still resought to this program because it entails in-depth sensation aspired by the author whom like you also is passionate about drawing.

hand making a drawing

This is a skill that needs you to be creative enough and it doesn’t come easy but once it does though, you become a resourceful vessel. You get so good at Figure Drawing that you may even have your own gallery house to sell your paintings.

This program opens your mind to the commercial possibilities that you can channel and turn your passion into business in that you make yourself money while enjoying yourself.

Is this program guaranteed to work for you?

If you ask me, this program is the perfect remedy for your bust-up sketches. It is designed to work out for you to the max, thus I’d say it’s no scam. One user in particular, Margaret King presents in the social website feed her gratitude because the product has worked well way for her younger sibling.


Final Verdict

Get your baby shoes off with this magic program that will transcend your art from sketches to fine drawings. This is why I recommend it to you because it is packed to the brim with bonuses that still get you good, near to perfection when you make a choice to indulge in the product.

Also, the author is renowned and already has a website just for the product so you can be sure to receive a lot of help on the inquiries you may raise if need be.

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• The program endows you with bonuses that revitalise your sketchy drawing.

• You learn how to draw hands using this program; the trickiest bit of drawing.

• The program awards you a concentrated version of the program e-book that has well over 1000 illustrations of the human anatomy in every angle possible!

• You learn how to be good at drawing the most neglected bit of this art; how to draw the feet.

• The program is comprehensive to ensure that it covers all the fundamental skills of this art hence it’s more-less seems like a whole semester class in Art school.

• You get advice from professional artists who together with the author made the program.


• Unless you learn extensively the mannequin figure, you won’t be able to master the human anatomy as have other artists over long periods in time.

• The program stipulates that you have to get your drawings in the right human proportions unless your art won’t just look right.

• The human anatomy is a hard nut to crack and may take up a long time to master.

Summary: Regarding the fact that perfection is an uphill task and relatively, practise makes perfect, I’m confident to recommend this program as the magic bullet for your art needs. All you have to do is get this guide and reap the benefits that the author and his panel of other artists have placed in store for your feeble but endearing desire to be good at drawing.

RatingRated 5 stars
Luisa Marino
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2018-10-11 14:49:13

This website was created by Ethan. A man who is passionate about drawing and (the most important thing) actually can do it! The website started from only Ethan sharing his own tutorials. But soon the interest started to grow and more and more artists became part of this project.

Elijah Cohrs
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2018-05-07 12:12:12

Someone who is willing to become better? Because drawing really is your passion?
But you just can’t keep your figures in proportion! You can’t draw gestures correctly and when you think about dynamic poses you start to sweat. Why doesn’t your figure look realistic? Is it even possible without a real life model
Don’t worry any longer. You admit that you have a problem that you are struggling with. And this review will give you the idea of what to do about it!

Janice J.
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2018-02-27 14:01:27

It is the easiest and fastest way for a beginner or an intermediate artist to master how to draw realistic figures.

Linda A.
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars


on 2018-01-14 06:28:31

What i mean is that this program is making every about figure drawing much simpler than i thought. I have always been in this situation where i find it a little difficult to come up with figure images but now i am happy that this guide has brought me a solution. It is really easy to understand and follow these secrets. My speed in drawing has also increased drastically since i started using the system.

Robert Pina
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2017-11-28 09:06:03

Excellent post. Of course, it wasn't easy (at least for me) to turn a hobby into sem-profession, but I did it. I learned a lot with this program and am very happy that I purchased it.

Shannon Gerard
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2017-11-14 12:27:39

This is much better than anything I’ve seen coming out today. I love this book and recommend it to all discerning figure artists.

Rudolf Lambert
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2017-11-14 11:52:29

It is the easiest and fastest way for a beginner or an intermediate artist to master how to draw realistic figures.

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