The Ayurveda Experience Review – Worthy or Scam?

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A great deal of today’s women are hopeless when it comes to the present life they are living. Usually, women have a variety of reasons as to why they feel truly not settled.

It is possible that they could be feeling truly discouraged as a result of their present works. Feeling truly hopeless as a result of not being able to get the satisfaction which an individual should feel when it comes to doing something that, for example, they love doing.

There are also certain times that a woman will truly feel hopeless as a result of a bad feeling in regard to body fat. Are you such a woman?

At times, when people come across inconveniences such as the ones I have been able to highlight above, their wish usually is to transform into another entirely different person.

A person that is leading a life that is superb. You should bear in mind that a few people exist that are living a healthier life as compared to others. Much healthier lifestyles.

a cute woman

The ideal parity along with the advantage of pursuing with the Ayurveda way of life should be appreciated and experienced.

With this product, you are not only guided on the achievement and having a perspective and wellbeing that is adjusted splendidly but also fixates on adjusting connections.

The product is a unique and exceptional sort of system. A system that is going to prepare, teach as well as transform you to have the comprehension capacity of your own type of self.

About The Ayurveda Experience

The product is a HD Multimedia program that is comprehensive that will teach a 3-step Ayurveda based process that will promote the physical, emotional and mental well-being.

From Ayurveda, we get that humans are a composition of various elements, 5 in number. These elements are space, air, water, earth and fire. The elements exist in 3 biological Doshas or forms which are Pitta, Vata and Kapha.

An imbalance in the three affects the quality of life that you as a person leads and result in various emotional, physical and mental issues.

a self-worth sign board

The Ayurveda Experience gives you help in seeing individuals exactly the way they are and gives you the capacity to comprehend the reason as to why individuals make responses in a given way and not in any other upon learning around the 3 Doshas.

You will be upgraded by this to comprehend and acknowledge them for you to handle and also deal with them in a suitable way.

You are going to find out that the program is a media program that is fully mixed. A program that will furnish you with a varying and functional media experience that is thorough.

In the program, you get to be taught on how it is possible for you to find a specific genuine self of your own, how you can be able to love yourself and the adoration of yourself in the exact way that you are.

You will be upgraded by The Ayurveda Experience to figure out loving effectively and additionally get the capacity of acknowledging others just the way they are. A progression in your general well-being as well as your relationship status will be realized.

smiling couple having tea outdoors

Smiling couple having tea outdoors

About Lissa Coffey; the Author        

The Ayurveda Experience is the creation of Lissa Coffey. Lissa is a coach in relationship and lifestyle aside from being an expert in Ayurveda, a corporate spokesperson, an author Lissa is also a producer.

Inside The Product

So you would like to know what you are going to get when you buy the program. In regard to the very program, The Ayurveda Experience is made up of 7 modules. This review is going to take a brief description of the major things that you are going to come across in the various modules. They are as follows;

Module One

In this module you are going to discover the following;

  • How your combination of Doshas that is unique can be identified.
  • An explanation that is detailed on the 3 Doshas, Vata, Kapha and Pitta.
  • Explanation as to why certain problems are experienced in your life.
different vegetables and fruits

Daily serving of fruit and vegetables and meat

Module Two

Here, you are going to discover;

  • Information in detail that is based on your Dosha of how your day should be scheduled.
  • The 3 phases in the life span of a human being: Vatta, Kapha and Pitta and how caring of yourself is possible in every phase.
  • The 3 powerful health pillars in Ayurveda.

Module Three

A discovery is made on;

  • The 6 primary food classifications and the various ways they can be incorporated into your diet.
  • Foods that should and those that should not be included in your day to day diet.
  • The 7 Ayurvedic habits of eating towards a happy and healthy life.

a collection of various foodstuffs

Module Four

You will discover;

  • Each and everything you require to know on, the Abhyanga, inclusion of the right oil for using, the Ayurveda-approved massage, and particular spots for every internal organ and its advantages.
  • A variety of exercise sets for each Dosha and the correct implementation of each.
  • Other Ayurveda massage types and their usage in bonding with your partner.

Module Five

Here, you will discover;

  • A variety of tools such as Mala beads that you can use for the purpose of meditation.
  • Correct timing for meditation and posture guidelines in accordance with your particular needs.
  • Each Dosha’s best mantra.
  • How picking from the 7 meditation types that fit your body in accordance to your Dosha should be done.

Module 6

You get to discover;

  • The 7 Chakras together with their little-known mantras for your Dosha balancing.
  • What ‘Prana’ is and the various exercises it has.
  • The Pranayama exercise that is ideal for you together with how each is done.

Module 7

You will discover;

  • Tips that are customized on losing weight that correspond to your Dosha.
  • The culprits that are behind gaining of weight.

a smilling woman working out


In addition to this main product, the author, Lissa Coffey is also generous enough to give you as her customer the following bonus items;

  • The Ayurvedic Exercise and Body Work Video.
  • The Perfect Balance Diet: 4 Weeks to a Lighter Body, Mind, Spirit & Space Book.
  • The Text Companion Booklet.
  • The Perfect Ayurvedic Breakfast Module Video.
  • The Secret Mantras to Attract the Right Partner in Your Life Video.
  • The Ayurvedic Herbs Module.

a woman working out by the lake side

Final Verdict

The Ayurveda Experience is a program that you must have. Whether you are a newbie or you are a seasoned practitioner in Ayurveda, this is definitely something that you should have.

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• The creator Lissa walks the talk. High quality information is contained in the program that has the inspiration of Lissa’s years of experience in real life and personal Ayurveda practice.

• A great value for your money is realized as the three packages have a price range that lies in between $140 and $600. The amount may at first look a bit hefty but upon putting into consideration the cost per session in an Ayurvedic Centre, you will realize that it is actually way cheaper.

• The solution is permanent. I have to admit that the greatest feature of the program The Ayurveda Experience is the fact that deep information on the most ideal ways to have a relief that is long-term from any mental, physical or emotional issues you might be having.

• The program is not only easy to follow along but is also practical. Suggestions that are straight to the point, practical and doable are provided in this informative program.

• Occurs in three packages. Lissa has been able to offer both digital and physical version of the program. As such, if you preference is the digital PDF or eBook, you can always get it that way. At the same time, those with a preference for physical books are not disadvantaged.

• The product comes with a 60 day money back guarantee just in case you do not find it appealing or realize it is scam upon buying.


• For you to be able to realize the positive outcome from this product, a great deal of dedication as well as much of your time is going to be required.

Summary: From the bit of reviews available at the time of writing this article, we are able to see that actually The Ayurveda Experience has been of significant transformation of many of the users’ lives. For more on the product you have to buy it as the best reviews can accomplish is telling you a small bit on the product.

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Rosemary C.
Rating: 5
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Great experience

on 2017-08-01 18:56:59

If you ask me I will tell you that I have not seen a better product than this one. My experience using this guide was great. The ideas explained in the flow in a simple manner with a clear connection that will enable you get to achieve everything.

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