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21-Day Health and Wellness Challenge Review – Real Shocking Truth!

21-Day Health and Wellness Challenge
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Are you looking for the best fitness guide? Do you want to burn some fat within the shortest time possible? Then worry no more because I have something that my fit you today.

Getting to lose some weight within 21 days may seem impossible to many. You may be wondering what kind of a miracle would have fallen onto you. Basically this review will give you detailed information on what the program does. Get your worries answered right by this guide.

It is an intensive and a mindset program that aims at motivating, encouraging and supporting you through your health challenge journey. Read my entire review to learn more about 21-Day Health and Wellness Challenge.

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What is 21-Day Health and Wellness Challenge?

This is a great program or let say a challenge that aims at helping you to get your life back or make it better from the current state. The guide takes you to a step by step beginners’ journey on full control and huge physical strength for you to realize your inner potential.

Some reviews might claim it is a scam but here you will know the truth. Through this you will be able to master your wellness, know the inner hero within you and work towards your goal. This challenge program, unlike most fitness guides, it places a lot of emphasis on changing mindsets. This is crucial in determining the success of a program.

Benjamin outlines a very unique style whereby he forms a very emotional bonds with his clients. He has a subtle yet powerful way of veering his clients to get on the right track and keeping them focused.  Through this they are sure of achieving their goals.
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Honestly we would say that this Challenge is a challenge to help you get your life back or to just simply make it better than it already is. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or you are supplementing it.

About the author, Benjamin David

Benjamin David is the sore creator of this amazing guide. Apart from this, he is known through his websites, ourherowithin.com which takes your health as their concern.

In case you have heard about “our hero within- a journey of self-discovery and finding your true path”, this is one of his books too.

Benjamin is a mental health awareness, addiction recovery & anti-bullying advocate. He has worked as a women fitness specialist who has over 8 years of experience. David is a 7 times certified fitness trainer who works on helping people become better, stronger and more complete individuals.

On my research, I found that he has also trained a number of expatriates including international competitive youth athletes, active duty military and police, fire and rescue and many others.


When coming up with this great guide, 21-Day Health and wellness challenge, Benjamin idea was to help people discover their Hero Within through real practical strategies.

What do you learn from this program?  

First and foremost this guide is a reusable 21-Day Challenge that you can use as many times as you want.

This will built an inner pressure on your highest ambitions of becoming a healthier, happier more content person. Being a simple challenge, here are a number of things that you will get to learn from it:

  • You will get knowledge on how to eat right with or without a meal plan.
  • It will help you discover the best exercises that will suit you best on your body type.
  • Know times that you should find some rest between the exercises.
  • The number of days within a week that you should exercise seriously.
  • In addition, you will learn how to work around certain medical issues.

What do you get with this program?

Once you opt to this challenge you will get 5 easy to download eBooks with a daily devotional and a Free Beginners Gym Guide as a bonus.

That is not all it can offer, it has better things for you still. You will get Access to a private Facebook support group where you get personal “one on one” assistance with your program. In case you encounter any problem while handling the challenge you will get an assistance.

Below are the five eBooks and a free bonus that you will get once you buy this program:

  1. Living in Health and Wellness

Literally, this is the main guide where the author defines health, wellness and explains what it means to live a lifestyle of health and weakness.

In this section, you will learn, 5 Precepts of health and wellness How to achieve the right balance of Mind, Body, and Spirit in a modern world. More to that you will learn why proper nutrition, exercise, and meditation are essential to your hormones and why you need them.



  1. Meditation Guide

This is the second book that you get. It is said to be the most important book among others. It covers the basics of meditation and present a few techniques you can start using right away.

Here you will learn, how to increase your concentration, how to use meditation to invoke inner-strength, wisdom, and develop stronger willpower and much more.

  1. Nutrition Guide

This is important as the second book. Where you will get to learn how to form goals using your actual metabolic rate.

You will also learn what Macro Ratios are and how to manipulate them to burn fat much faster. Third, you will learn how to time and control cheat meals so that they never interfere with fat loss.

But more importantly you will learn how certain foods help or hinder neurotransmitter activity in the brain.

  1. Daily Devotional and Home Workout Guide

It is called the official tour guide of the challenge. It provides day by day instruction for meditation and detailed instructions on which workouts you can do to help shape and tone your body.

You will get to learn proper exercise techniques to keep you safe. Quick tips for exercise safety Gratitude Challenge and Vision Travel log.

  1. Beginners Gym Workout Guide

It is an optional guide book. You need not to go the gym to complete the challenge. Basically it is a bonus book that many reviews will talk about.

Here you will learn how use each machine in the guide with pictures, video and description, gym etiquette and gym terminology.



I would highly recommend this program for you. It is not a scam and it delivers all that it promises within the shortest time possible. Losing weight and staying healthy is one thing that requires some sacrifices.

The challenge is proven to work. Once you accept the challenge you not only feel better but you have more power over yourself.

Buy this guide right away and start the amazing journey of weight loss within the shortest time possible.

>> Get Instant Access Now <<


• It is a simple and easy step by step guide that is easy to understand and follow.

• You are guaranteed of customer services whenever you need help while taking your challenge.

• It saves time, energy and money. For just 21 days you will start experiencing the change.

• It gives you the morale and the potential since it keeps you involved.

• You don’t need to worry on delays on delivery once you buy this program, you will get fast access there and then

• You are guaranteed with a 60 day full money back refund in case you are not satisfied with the program.


• It is not available in stores. For you to access it you need to purchase it online.

• It requires time and devotion. It’s not a miracle program.

Summary: 21-Day Health and Wellness Challenge is a Step by step, challenge that takes you on a beginner’s journey of mindfulness, control, and physical strength. Whereby in the end, you will realize the fullest potential of your real self as you master the art of wellness and discover your heroic nature within.

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Rated 5 stars
5 / 5 (2 )


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