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4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution Review – Is It Totally Scam?

4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution
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Product Name:The 4 Cycle Solution
Author/Creator:Shaun Hadsall
Money Back Guarantee:60 Days
Official Website:http://www.4cyclefatloss.com

Losing weight. Again, we find ourselves with this being the topic at hand. How much stress is this ‘being overweight’ causing among the people of today’s society?

I mean, it must be a lot. Some are also out seeking to attain that awesome body shape that they so much desire.

From the numerous people in search of solutions to lose weight, quite a number of businesses have found a nice opportunity to make a killing. Some have gone in making a scam of people who are looking to lose weight and gain shape.

As such, we should be ever cautious when making purchases of products to help in our quest for size and shape. Consider taking a look at a couple of reviews before you make a choice on which product to take.

To aid you in making of this, tricky choice, I present you with this review. The product being, 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution. Why should you continue wasting your time on products that will result in minimum to no possible impact on your quest? Let me take you through the real deal.

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About The Product: 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution

The product 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution is not a gamble. It is not a chance we are taking that maybe it will or it will not help you. It is proven scientifically.

Through the product, the creator will show to you how is it that you can make use of 4 Macro-Patterning cycles to boost the efficiency of your metabolism. Also, your body will be stopped from storing fat. How amazing is that? Wait until you hear more to it.

The program is pretty simple when it comes to your following it. It is written by an outstanding person. Also, it comes in the form of an eBook that you may be able to download and is made up of 4 different books namely; Cycle #1, Cycle #2, Cycle #3 and Cycle #4.

The book starts in bold claims. It goes on to talk about how a man ended up losing a great deal of unwanted body fat after eating 20 potatoes on a daily basis for 60 straight days.

The 4 Cycle Fat Loss program is based on the idea that you can actually eat some food types, for example potatoes, that will kick start your body’s metabolism. The foods can also boost your weight loss outcome.

The Author- Shaun Hadsall

The creator of this program is one Shaun Hadsall. You might have had about him somewhere in another forum. Maybe other reviews. He has 15 years in experience in the weight loss industry. In the fitness industry, Shaun is also a common name.

His popularity is largely due to the fact that he has been able to come up with numerous best-selling fitness programs. Also, he has been of help to hundreds of individuals in his Michigan Consultation Centre.


Where to Buy

This product, is available as a package. Where can you be able to get it? You can actually buy the program from the website of 4 Cycle Solution. At the site, you will be able to find 4 Cycles Solution that is in eBook format.

Inside The Product

With the product, you are also able to get a video version of this program along with 4 other guides that will be of help to you in your journey through weight loss. Is that not amazing?

From the title of the product, you may have already inferred that the 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution is broken down to four phases. If you had not inferred, know I am letting you know.

These cycles ought to be adhered to orderly. However, it is also possible for you to repeat the entire program again and again until you realize the weight or size that you desired.

The Cycles

  • 7 Day Carb Depletion: The first cycle of the program is this one. It begins by making necessary preparations to your body for changes that it is about to encounter. When the carbohydrates that we take in are not burnt, they are taken by the body and stored in the form of glycogen. With time, this glycogen is converted into body fat.


The first step of this program is to empty the carbohydrate stores in your body. This will result in your body being forced to burn body fat in order to produce energy.

The duration of this cycle is only about a week as doing it for longer would result in negative effects on the body. At this cycle, meals are low in carb with protein and veg. being high.

In the cycle, a workout component is also incorporated.

  • Macro Patterning: In this cycle, carbohydrates are introduced again in your feeding regime. This is done since the body is making use of body fat as its energy source.
  • Weight loss guru, Wendy Chant developed this method that has been tried and proved to work. The proper preparation, timing and also combination of meals based on carbs is also covered here.

With it, your hormones will be optimized resulting in the fastest fat loss. Macro Patterning’s beauty comes in that no experience of muscle loss is had as it is when following low-carb diets.

  • Accelerated Fat Loss: The primary objective of this cycle is to counter adaptive responses that the body starts experiencing. It will concentrate on working the glycogen, nitrogen, blood sugar and also calories levels. With this, all stagnation in weight loss along with weight gain that individuals may encounter when dieting are beaten.
  • The Diet Break: This comes as the final cycle. It is where you are reprieved from the strict dieting. It is basically here that you start gradually returning to your normal diet less packing on pounds.

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You are allowed to up the level of calorie intake back to regular without any negative effects. This implies that it will be possible for you to start the program all over again in case you do not realize the size or weight goals you had in mind.

The duration is 2 weeks. You are allowed to include little amounts of alcohol that you could not have done in the previous 3 cycles.

Where you can buy The 4 Cycle Solution?

The 4 Cycle Solution is available on the official website, http://www.4cyclefatloss.com.

Final Verdict

The program 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution is excellent especially for individuals who want a fat loss plan that is oriented on diet. The results are realized quickly and are noticeable even to others. What is more, the results do last even after you go back to your normal feeding habits. You do not have to endure cravings further.

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• With the Macro Patterning diet, the core of the program, you are able to get a method of dieting that is time tested.

• In the cycle, The Diet Break, you are allowed to make a return to your normal diet. You do not necessarily need to watch what it is that you are eating which can be uncomfortable especially at social gatherings.

• You get the results very fast. To complete the entire program, it takes you less than six weeks. You do not have to spend a lot of time in it for you to be able to see the results. Furthermore, the results that you get are permanent. They do not wear out on resuming normal diet.

• The price is affordable. With the standard package going for $37, we see how affordable this program can be. This is equivalent to a one month gym membership but the result are nowhere near comparison.

• Ease of access. With the product being available in the form of an eBook, you can be able to download a PDF which you can be able to access at any time or place.

• Assured money back guarantee. A 2 months trail period is given to you during which a request for you to get your money back can be made. Whenever you feel not satisfied, you can always do this. This however must be within the two months.

• Ideal for both genders. Unlike other products you might come across, this one works well in males as in does in the females. There is no specifications as far as gender is concerned.


• For the product to be able to work, you need to adhere strictly to the program. No cycle can be skipped or alternated with another. If you are not sure on it, do not start it. You should be sure to follow strictly.

• The program can be somehow technical which may cause confusion to the newbies. The program tends to be too wordy.

Summary: 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution is a scientifically proven 4 step fat loss program. The author, Shaun teaches the buyer how they could use 4 cycles in macro-patterning and be able to realize their metabolic efficiency being boosted. It will stop your body from storing fat. This is a revolutionary program.

RatingRated 4.71 stars
Susan Echols
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Includes workouts

on 2019-02-13 01:39:59

This program consists of 4 cycles and teaches you how and when to eat carbs so that you can improve your weight loss. By eating the right amount of carbs your body will use these carbs as energy and continue to burn fat for energy.

Elsie T. Tullis
Rating: 4
4 /5 stars

Natural methods that work very well

on 2018-08-25 15:06:50

This is great. The methods provided by this system are all natural. The good thing is that they work very well and actually more than i expected. It has been a few months since i started using the program and i can see tremendous results.

Donald Vivian
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2018-03-28 17:02:51

This is a review of a weight loss system that promises to help your body stop burning sugar as energy and instead start burning body fat

Megan A.
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Very effective

on 2018-03-06 04:09:37

Thanks so much for this guide. My husband bought the system after i had looked for the means to shed fat without success. I could not continue gaining work and yet i would not get time to go to the gym. The 4 cycle fat loss solution has really helped me move and cut a lot of fat in my body.

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

A guide that helps a lot

on 2017-11-05 00:03:01

I struggled with my fat for years, before I finally found this guide. I have lost around 20 pounds within a couple of months, and am happier than ever.

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Very fast results!

on 2017-06-26 10:25:40

One of the only guides that saves you all the struggle of going to the gym. You do not have to struggle with supplements, starving yourself and other weird things just to lose weight.
All you need to do is follow some very simple natural tips in this book and you can get rid of all the fat in your tummy. Get slimmer fast enough.

Rating: 4
4 /5 stars

on 2017-06-07 01:53:23

Thanks so much to 4 cycle fat loss solution. When you get exactly what you have been looking for you have to appreciate. This guide has made my dreams of fat loss come try. The best part is that you do not have to struggle so hard to meet your target with this product.
It uses easy to understand language and with well explained points. I really liked it.

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