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67 STEP Review – Really Work or Just Another Scam?

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Product Name: 67 Steps
Author/Creator: Tai Lopez
Price: $67.00
Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days
Official Website: https://www.the67steps.com

We all want the best out of life, we want to be successful, healthy, popular, rich, respected and what not. And most of us tend to result to various self-help books that promises to give you the world on a platter of gold, by simply relying on their methods and heeding to their words of advice. We humans as we know are prone to temptations, especially those that appear shiny and unbelievable. We see a book or article that reads Become a millionaire before the clock strikes 12 tonight and we immediately purchase it. We are so moved by promises, such as losing weight under 5 minutes we get easily hooked to the promises and what do they turn out to be at the end of the day? Empty promises right? After all the charm and chemistry you and the product shared, you are left heartbroken. Tragic! A program known as 67 Steps, is the best program to remedy this broken-hearted situation. The program was created by a self-made millionaire known as Tai Lopez. According to Tai, he made his first millions while he was still in his 20s.

Tai Lopez, accumulated all his previous experience and created a program that is very effective in all aspects of life.

About the Author; Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez describes himself to be a student studying life, and says he made himself a millionaire while still in his 20s. Tai credits his success to the experiences he has gone through in life, he also gives credit to those people who were there to coach and mentor him into the man he is today. Tai Lopez says that over 11 businesses worth millions of dollars have been founded by him. He currently lives in Hollywood Hills in California, drives and adores expensive vehicles, and is investing his tie into helping people create businesses that will be a huge success and fulfill their desired goals.

67 STEP Review

He successfully climbed his way to the top without undergoing formal education, as he was a school drop-out. Tai is among the largest book review site owners. Tai made mention that he had serious struggles with making success, until he came across a millionaire who eventually became his mentor, and lead him to success. Tai Lopez had a major breakout after he participated on TEDx as a guest speaker. The video went viral and remains constantly watched by viewers.

What is the 67 Steps about?

A quick glance at the name of the product, you will ask why there should be only 67 steps, why didn’t he just round it up to 70 or reduce it to 60 steps. Looking at this issue, you will discover that scientists have found that rewiring of the brain takes 66 days to complete. Tai Lopez simply added one more as a sign of luck. The program comes with 67 videos that should be watched one by one. You will watch only one video for a day. The program developed by Tai Lopez, believes that relating with the right people would be beneficial, the calibre of people we get mixed up with affects what we turn out to become. As we are human beings making mistake each day, it will be nice to learn from one another. The program takes on complex theories and ideas created by unique historical figures and simplifies it to be easier to incorporate into our everyday lives. 67 Steps has made a solid footing for itself, thanks to the experiences garnered by Tai Lopez. You will learn to be successful in all aspects of your life, and achieve your goals. It clearly makes it known to you that whatever you decide to be lays in the palm of your hands, want to be lazy? Then prepare for failure, want to be successful? Then gear yourself up for some hard work, and undeniable success.

Features of the 67 Steps Program

  • Learn to be Productive and Creative: You will learn to be more creative, be a critical thinker and shape your life into how you want it to be.
  • Beautiful and Engaging Layout: The program is packed full of quality images that guides you through the program, this makes the whole reading process fun and enjoyable.
  • Effective: The program has received a lot of positive results that clearly state the honesty of the program and sings its praises aloud. The system is made perfect due to the real life experiences contained in the program. Success is not achieved overnight and this product clearly makes it clear. There is no get rich potion, only 67 Steps.
  • Web Based Lessons: The video contents are strictly web based, and is made accessible to individuals all over the globe.
  • Receive Access to Extra Features: After gaining access to the system, you get access to other useful and free content.
  • Billed Monthly: This might not be good news for most people, and this feature is not made known to users early enough. You find out about it after watching a long video.

67 steps 3

Positives of 67 Steps

  • Makes use of a solid approach: The methods talked about in this program are built around a certified real life experience, the methods are unique and straight to the point.
  • Useful to people of all age and backgrounds: Anyone can make use of this program and enjoy the benefits, notwithstanding the age, race or background they come from.
  • Easy to comprehend: Simple and easy grammar is used in the program, no complex words are used, as they could confuse a potential user. The layout of the program is kept simple and filled with colorful and useful images, for reference purpose.
  • Developed by an honest guy, Tai Lopez: Tai Lopez has earned a very good reputation for himself, so much so that people take whatever he says at face value, much more his program that is built around his real life experiences.
  • Has positive feedbacks: The feedback received from this program, is raging with positivity. People have sang the praises of the program, thanks to how genuine and rewarding it has proven to be.
  • Gaining access to the program is very easy and straight forward: The program is web based, so people with internet access will have no problem using it effectively.
  • Has a huge community support system: The community support that this program has is just overwhelmingly too good to be true. Expect help when you need it.

67 Step 2

Negatives of 67 Steps

  • The program might seem too simple for some users.
  • Uses a monthly billing system to keep access active.
  • The way Tai Lopez sells this product gives off a little desperate vibe.

Where you can buy 67 Steps?

67 Steps is available on the official website, https://www.the67steps.com.


If you are looking for a way to success then its more than advisable to take the advice contained in 67 Steps, as they are gotten from real life experiences belonging to a self-made millionaire, who effectively fought his way to the top. It all depends on how willing you are to break out from your current condition. However if you feel you are doing just fine, then you need not bother yourself about this program, but if you know that honestly things aren’t looking up just yet for you, then get this product today, and explore the hidden riches life has to offer.

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Useful to everyone and Easy to understand
Developed by an expert
Big community support system
very easy and straight forward
Has positive feedbacks


too simple for some users.
monthly billing system

Summary: 67 Steps are the best program to help you become successful in all aspects of your life, and achieve your goals. It was created by a millionaire, Tai Lopez. It comes with 67 videos that should be watched one by one. You will watch only one video for a day.

67 Steps are based on a scientific discovery that the brain works perfectly in 66 days plus 1 for good fortune. The program takes on complex theories and ideas created by unique historical figures and simplifies it to be easier to incorporate into our everyday lives. It’s very affordable and severely helpful.

RatingRated 4.57 stars
Edward Border
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Time will tell.

on 2019-12-02 01:00:19

I have talked to many people who also purchased 67 steps and many stopped watching and listening to them a quarter or half of the way through.

Waltraud H.
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2018-08-06 09:28:09

This program teaches you the best techniques from world renowned experts in reading and productivity. The software trains you step by step to develop new reading habits and discard bad reading habits. If you’re reading around 200 wpm (the rate at which you speak) then this is a no brainer. I don’t care what you do or buy, just TAKE ACTION to try and increase your reading speed.

Brian M.
Rating: 4
4 /5 stars

on 2018-08-06 09:23:53

The 67 steps is an awesome collection of wisdom that Tai has accumulated over the years from his reading and listening to his mentors. This wisdom (knowledge in action) is from the best and most successful people in history. This course is geared on giving you the tools to reprogram the way you think, change your mindset, and beliefs.

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Provides you with real tricks

on 2017-08-06 20:18:21

This is a product that you cannot regret having. It is one of the best. You will love it because it is a program designed different from all other products. Making sure that you can learn all the steps within the shortest time.

Rating: 4
4 /5 stars

Lopez knew really what is it that he was doing

on 2017-08-01 19:00:34

I totally agree with this product. There are many things that people do not know about work and money or wealth. But whatever is shown and explained in this guide provides you with the knowledge you need to succeed in life.
Do not wait. Go and get a product that will change everything in your life.

Alan K. White
Rating: 4
4 /5 stars

Jobless to money making machine

on 2017-03-15 03:26:50

I did not finish highschool, who was jobless, thought I'm stuck with my shitty life. After knowing about this program, read the reviews and all, I thought this will be my last option. with few money that i have are all invested into this program and I am so impressed with the result. I am now the boss of my own business, no fear of getting fired because i generate income on my own. Life changing experience, thanks to Tai Lopez for this amazing product.

Wilfred Roderick
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Great program...must have this

on 2016-08-04 07:57:37

In a present world of competition one need to be more and more perfect and most successful personality.

And that is also fact success doesn’t come easily one need to work hard to achieve it.

I too wanted to develop my personality in such a way it looks my complete makeover. And I got the same with the help of amazing program.

67 steps is a wonder full program designed by an expert with his own experiences.

The program is consisting of 67 videos which you need to watch one day by day The program is made very easy and simple.

It teaches how small changes in your daily life can lead you to the desired heights of success.

it is web based program so you can access it anywhere anytime.

One you get access to this you are also entitled to access other useful contents.

This program is suitable to the person of any age.

I changed my life completely with this program 67 steps.

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