AccaTipster Review – Pros, Cons & My Honest Thoughts!

January 19, 2021
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Product Name: AccaTipster
Author/Creator: Steve Hudson
Price: £14.95 to £49.00
Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days
Official Website:

Currently, there are a lot of tipsters available in the market, but only a few are providing quality and real results. Accatipster is among those accumulator services that deliver the promised result.

Everyone wants to beat a bookie and earn a lot of money through bets, but it’s not an easy thing to do because bookies are usually highly trained in their profession.

You need to show hard work, skill, and dedication to defeat them in their football betting. So if you are a beginner, then you have no chance of defeating them on your own. However, with the support of Accatipster service, you can beat any bookie.

This service reveals all the tricks that can help you in winning many bets. So if you want to perform betting on football matches, then you must try the Accatipster service.

Accatipster review

It provides all the guidelines which are quite easy to understand even for a beginner. This service cares about your money due to which they only offer the best possible advice with the support of the professional team.

It encourages you to gain higher revenue in a short span through betting. The win rates of this program are quite higher, so your chances of winning are also greater.

However, people usually ask about the legitimacy and worth of this program. To help you guys, I’m going to write a detailed Accatipster review so that you can get familiar with all the stuff regarding this service.

What is Accatipster?

Accatipster is a football accumulator service that supports you in developing your income using various techniques. This service assists you in attaining numerous successful bets in a short span.

Successful bets might demand a lot of effort, time, and hard work because you need experience for that. This service carries a professional team. With the support of their knowledge, you can start making successful bets real quick.

Accatipster review

Unlike other services, it has a much higher winning rate. It offers a 49% winning rate, which makes the chance of winning bets higher. Besides this, it also assists users in converting £10 into £1189, which is a real business.

The professional team behind this service ensures that you are placing a bet at the right place because they want you to make more and more profit. Due to the vast experience, the service team is familiar with the mindset of bookies, which give them an upper hand.

The team is also very much familiar with the moves that bookies can play in different situations. Accatipster ensures that you are investing the right amount of money at the right bet.

It helps you to take benefits of offers provided by bookies so that you can enhance your profit margin according to that. It contains all the things that you might want to experience in a football accumulator’s service. Also, you only need to spend 15 minutes per week to get all these things done.

About Steve Hudson – The Creator

Steve Hudson is behind this fantastic service. He revealed his story regarding the football accumulator’s service on his sales page. This guy is in the betting field for over 19 years.

So 19 years of experience can help you in making a good profit in the betting industry. Steve Hudson indicated that he was not interested in Accumulators. He used to dislike accumulators.

used to think that these bets are like mug punters. There were many Accumulators available at the time when Steve entered the field, and most of them were fake and scam, which increase the anger of Steve.

Even after doing a lot of hard work and using such services, he was unable to beat the bookies. So he believes that it’s hard to beat bookies in a single bet, how will he able to defeat them multiple times?

But over time, he started learning this about the industry, which helps him to earn a lot of profits. Initially, he used to thing that accumulators are scammers who scam people’s money.

However, Steve realized that he was wrong, which his wife usually told him, but he never admits that he was wrong. Well, after doing a lot of research, he knows the worth of accumulators due to which he started his service to share his experience with other people who are interested in betting.

How Does AccaTipster Works?

The working principle of this program is straightforward. It transfers winning accumulators to its customers and helps them to make a profit and is a suitable choice for both newcomers and professionals.

This program shares the secret of converting $10 into $1659 and $100 into $16,590. To use this service, you need to follow three different steps. Firstly you need to open your email where you would receive tips.

After receiving the tips, place Accabets and get the payout. Unlike other services, it doesn’t promise to deliver 99% results because no one can deliver that much results in the betting field.


AccaTipster offers a 49% winning rate, which is also quite impressive and can help you in making a great profit. This program transfers its customers the choice of 5-fold and doubles accumulator bets.

Sometimes it might also bet 4 and 3 fold accumulators. Now the question is how you would receive tips? Well, similar to other service providers, it also provides tips through email, which is a reliable method.

They will also show you show sign up instructions that you would need to follow to access the emails carrying tips. Other than this, AccaTipster is not a scam, so that you can buy the service without any worry. It is a fully trusted source that you can know after reading its user reviews.

What comes with the Accatipster Program?

On purchasing this program, you are going to earn various advantages. Below are the features that you are going to get on using this service.

  • It comes with reliable tips containing a 56.9% insurance refund on 5-fold bets.
  • This service also offers you the instruction by following which you can make profits of around $6,272 per month with a 64.5% Return on investment.
  • The tips that you are going to receive are easy-to-follow, even for newcomers, and you would obtain the tips directly to your email.
  • It also features free bets using which you can good revenue in free Acca insurance bets.
  • You may also enjoy the best support. To reach the support team, you only need to send an email, and they will happily reply to you and solve your issue regarding the service.
  • It permits you to start from $10 bets.

Football hit

There are some of the benefits one can earn while investing in the Accatipster accumulator service.

The benefit of using Accatipster Program

On investing in the Accatipster program, you may acquire various benefits, which are listed below.

Winning Rate

This program promises a 49% winning rate, which is quite higher in comparison to other services. Many similar services might also claim to deliver 90% or even more winning percent, which is fake.

The 49% winning rate indicates that your chances of winning a bit are also higher. This winning rate is guaranteed for both experts as well as newcomers.

Affordable price

In case you compare the price of this football accumulator service with the other service providers, you may see a vast difference in the price. Accatipster is quite an affordable product that is not going to hurt your bank balance.

There are two accumulator plans that you can choose in the service. One is the monthly plan, and the other is the yearly plan. The price that you need to pay for the monthly package is £14.95, while the year pack demands you to invest £49, which becomes £4.08 for a single month.


However, the yearly plan price was around £179, but due to an offer going on, this price had reduced to £49 per year. Although both the plans offer quite similar features, still, they have a huge difference in the price range.


You are not only going to purchase the Accatipster Program service, but you are also going to get the 19 years of Steve Hudson experience in the industry on buying this service.

Nineteen years enough to make any person the giant of any field. So you must take advantage of this experience and utilize it to win more and more bets to get extra profit.

Steve also has a team of professional bettors who know everything about the industry, so it’s going to be a great investment for those who are interested in buying this service.


If you are having any issues with the service, then you can contact their support team. This service comes with a dedicated support team that is available from Monday to Friday. The support is always ready to answer every single query related to the service.

From Monday to Friday, you can ask support from the contact team between 9 AM – 5:00 PM without any hesitation. However, the support may take some time in replying because it’s a popular service that gets tons of questions each day.


Frequently Asked Question

Do you have any questions related to this program? If yes, then this section might help in answers all your questions.

How much investment do I need to make to get a profit?

The amount of investment depends on you. You can either invest 10$ or 100$. It’s up to you. If you are a newcomer in the industry, then I would suggest you start with low investment.

Going with higher investment at the initial stage would be the worst thing to do, and you can lose all your money by doing so. So always start with small, once you gain much experience then you can increase your investment depends on your desire.


Besides this, I would also advise you to invest the amount of money that you can afford to lose because, in this field, the chances of winning and losing are much similar.

What makes this program different from others?

Steve, 19 years of experience, is one major thing that causes a huge difference. This experience helps people to earn a lot in the betting industry. Getting help for a person who is an extraordinarily expert in the field is much fortunate.

This experience you let you know about the tricks using which you can defeat the Professional bettors in the market. The program would also give you a lot of confidence due to which you would not hesitate to complete with any bettor.

Can I get my money back if the service doesn’t work?

Of course, yes, if you are not happy with the service or you are not getting the promised results, then you only need to send a message to the support which will give all your money back without asking any questions.

Accatipster review


Are you struggling to win against expert bettors? Or you are mostly losing your hard-earned money on betting? If that is the case, then you are in the right place.

Accatipster football accumulator service can solve your problem of losing. With the help of vast experience, it can give you tips using which you can earn a good return on investment.

This service has a professional team which can help you to start making successful bets real quick. So Accatipster football accumulator service is an excellent investment to make.

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• This system offers a 49% winning rate, so the risk is losing is low.
• You can earn up to £6272 in a single month in profits.
• It gives you all the tips by which you can make profits in 15 minutes.
• The price is quite affordable than other service providers.
• For a yearly plan, you would get tips for 52 weeks.


• Results depend on the investment you are doing.
• The support is slow.

Summary: If you are interested in making money through betting, then you must test the Accatipster service. It is a 100% legal service that delivers the best football betting tips that might help you to earn a large return on investment.

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Rated 5 stars
5 / 5 (5 )


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