AquaStiq Filter Review – Works or Just a SCAM?

March 2, 2023
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AquaStiq Filter


Survival Life




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  •  The device is offered to you at a price that is very friendly to the pocket. At the price of only $17.95 you can be able to get yourself one such filter.
  • The device is highly portable. As such, you can be able to carry it with you to wherever the water that you need to filter is located.
  • It has the ability to remove waterborne protozoan parasites and waterborne bacteria from water. If such are present in your drinking water, they can result in sickness.
  • The company that is behind the manufacture of the device is one that has been able to produce a variety of other survival products. Products that have actually numerous positive reviews. As such you can be guaranteed that this one is not a scam. It is going to live to your expectations just as the others have proven to do.
  •  The produced is available for purchasing through an official online platform. As such the chanced of you being scammed by clone products is significantly minimized.
  • Simplicity. When it comes to this device, usage in very simple and is accomplished in just a series of 3 steps. You do not require any shaking, batteries or pumps whatsoever.
  • The device is not able to eliminate all contaminants that may be present in metals. It does not have the ability to remove heavy metals from water.
  • With the device it cannot be possible for you to cleanse a very large amount of water at the same time using the same device.

AquaStiq is a portable device for water filtration that you can be able to get at a price that is very affordable. The device makes use of the best technology in water filtration that you can be able to find anywhere in the world.

Water. Without any shade of doubt, this is the most basic necessity that you as a human being require. Or do you tend to differ? Honestly, tell me, how long do you think you would last without having water? Drinking water to be precise.

If you would let me, I would say that a day can hardly pass before you take in water. Yes, this shows how important this commodity is. How necessary it is in your daily living.

Or have you never heard of a person being hospitalized for water to be added to his or her system? Lack of water could very well compromise your health, a situation referred to as dehydration.

Though we need water this much, the water we require is not just any water but clean and pure drinking water. In general, the water that is in abundance on earth is not safe for drinking.

As such, due precaution should be taken to make the water not only clean but also pure for drinking. Water that we can be able to drink without further compromising of our health.

It is in this view that means of water purification and cleaning are necessitated. The product that I am going to review, AquaStiq, has this as its aim. Remember that reviews can only give you a brief idea of the product..

Water – A Necessity of Utmost Importance in Our Lives

“The simplest definition of life is water.” Water is the colorless and odorless liquid that we should be thankful for being able to have every day. The mere feeling of waltzing in your kitchen and pouring yourself a glass of water is more valuable than you can imagine. Regrettably, we have a habit of taking things for granted. In most cases, we do not appreciate things until we lose them.

The food you eat is beneficial for your health but not nearly as important as water. You may be able to skip your breakfasts, but you cannot go even a single day without drinking water. The longest you may be able to survive without water is 72 hours. However, that is the case for only the lucky ones.

Water – The Source of All Life

Around 65 to 70 percent of the human body is made of water. Some of the human organs are mostly made of water. For example, around 75 percent of the brain is made of water. This fact alone should be enough to uphold the significance of water in our lives.

Also, all sorts of fluid in the human body contains water, for example, blood, digestive juices, urine, and sweat. Water plays an important factor in keeping the body healthy and running. Apart from all that, water plays a vital role in the transportation of valuable nutrients like vitamins, minerals, or carbohydrates to various parts of the body.

What Happens When Your Body Does Not Get Enough Water

It does not matter where you are or what you are doing, you must not drink contaminated water. Situations, where you have no access to clean water, may happen anywhere anytime. Also, it is difficult to determine whether the water in a lake or river is safe for drinking.

Even though the appearance may make the water look drinkable, that is not always the case. contaminated water may contain various sorts of bacteria starting from Giardia, Legionnaires disease, Shigella to Salmonella, E. Coli, and Cryptosporidium. 

Unfortunately, the list of bacteria goes on. The safest way or action would be to boil the water. However, that is not always possible for us to do. Despite all these obstacles, there is a way you can drink any water without any form of risk. 

About The Product: AquaStiq Filter

You might be wondering what this product that carried such a strange name is. At least from the term Aqua, which is a prefix that implies water, you know it has something to do with water.

The device is a portable water filter that you can make use of in filtering water that may not look clean. It has been designed with survivalists and campers in mind but I can also comfortably recommend it to you as a traveler.

The device has the ability to remove 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria from water. Bacteria such as salmonella and E.coli.

The product also has a claim of being able to eliminate 99.9% of protozoan parasites that are waterborne such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia. The device also accomplishes the reduction of turbidity through the filtration of particles down to 0.2 microns and its weight is just 2 ounces.

Additionally, the product is free from BPA and its filtration uses no chemical that is harsh, moving parts or even batteries. The shelf life that is associated with it is also indefinite.

To some extent, the claims are rather ridiculous since water filtered by the device is not water from every source. For instance, it cannot be able to eliminate chemicals such as fluoride, chlorine and heavy metals.

The device is less of a filter but is more of a purifier. This implies that only protozoa and bacteria can be eliminated from the water using it. However, it still remains a useful filter.

A filter that I would recommend to travelers with whom water in a given country that they are traveling to cannot be guaranteed to be clean.

Creators of AquaStiq

The water filter is a creation of Survival Life. Upon creation, the device is sold on online platforms through Clickbank. A given tube has the ability to filter a thousand liters of water that comes from almost all sources.

Let us take an incisive look at the technology that lies behind the device to evaluate its effectiveness in filtering your water.

Features of AquaStiq

Before I get to explaining just how the product works, it is important that a closer analysis of various bold claims is taken. You might also be in doubt in regard to the claims that are made for a device as small as this.

  • 9999% of waterborne bacteria are removed including salmonella and E. coli.
  • 99% of waterborne parasitic protozoans such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia.
  • Has a weight of just 2 ounces.
  • The shelf life is indefinite.

The feature on the shelf life is rather vague. The long-lasting of the device is possible if you leave the device without using it on the shelf. However, buying a new device will be necessary after approximately a thousand liters of water are filtered.

The system that is used in the process of filtering will lose its effectiveness with the passage of time. It is impossible for you to buy a filter for replacement purposes to stick on the device you are currently using.

A neat feature of the device is its ability of it to indicate whenever the filtration system needs replacement. At such a time, the sucking of the straw will stop automatically.

According to the explanation from the manufacturer, if getting water through it becomes a challenge then it is high time you throw it away as you get another one. It would have truly served its purpose by then.

Another important noting point is that the device lacks some crucial filters. Filter that that restricts its usage idealness to only some sources of water.

Usage of AquaStiq

Nothing can be more straightforward than the usage of this device. Here are the three steps to the whole process that you require to know;

Step 1: Take off the cap and place the bottom of the straw into your source of water sipping from the mouthpiece. In the situation whereby the water level is too low to be touched, a hose is connected to the device and the end of the hose is put in the water.

Step 2: The filtered end is inserted into the water storage system just as a bottle or water bag.

Step 3: Use the hose as a connection to the reserve bag, then use water pressure to filter the water.

The basic idea is that the action of sucking will suck the water via the filters and into the device. You do not require to use any chemicals or pumps.

Working of the Device

Claims are made by the manufacturer that this device actually filters 99.9999% of bacteria that are waterborne. One thing that is not clarified is just how the filtration of bacteria occurs.

Where you can buy AquaStiq Filter?

AquaStiq Filter is available on the official website,

Final Verdict

AquaStiq is arguably the world’s most effective, compact, and efficient device when it comes to water filtration. This is a device that you can most certainly rely on to cleanse your water before using it.

Frequently Asked Questions
How does AquaStiq Filter work?

The device is a portable water filter. It has been designed with survivalists and campers in mind but I can also comfortably recommend it to you as a traveler.

What are the benefits of using AquaStiq Filter?

The price of the device is fairly low and reasonable. It is highly portable and available for purchase through an official online platform. It also has the ability to remove waterborne protozoan parasites.

Is AquaStiq Filter worth buying for?

Yes, AquaStiq Filter is worth buying. It has the ability to remove waterborne protozoan parasites and waterborne bacteria from water and is available for purchase through an official online platform.

What comes with AquaStiq Filter?

There are no extra products or manuals that come with the AquaStiq Filter. The only things you will receive upon purchasing are the product and its manual.

Who are the creators of AquaStiq Filter?

The water filter is a creation of Survival Life. Upon creation, the device is sold online through Clickbank. A given tube has the ability to filter a thousand liters of water from almost all sources.

What are customers saying about AquaStiq Filter?

The customers after using AquaStiq Filter, have found that they are able to purify all sorts of water. They are quite content with the prices they paid and find it easy to carry.

What are the drawbacks of AquaStiq Filter?

The device is unable to eliminate all contaminants present in metals. Not possible to cleanse a very large amount of water at the same time using the same device.

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  1. AquaStiq after it filters about 1,000 liters. The filtration system loses its effectiveness over time. You can’t buy a replacement filter to stick in your existing device: you just have to buy a brand new AquaStiq.

  2. When i started using this system, it was not something i knew how it was going to work. But for more than 2 years using it i am happy of how it is working. Great performance in every way.

  3. This system uses the best portable water filtration technology currently available. These filters are used all over the world, both for emergency situations and as a daily source of clean water in third world countries that have problems with fresh water access.

  4. The problem with water is that unlike most other necessities, it cannot be stored or packed in a way food can. You can freeze it but that won’t make much of a difference because the mass will stay the same, therefore it will take the same space as would in liquid form.

  5. Ladies, we all love water for sure right? SO it means that we should always be careful and take in water that will help stay healthy. Believe me you, I have gone through this post and it is more than amazing for sure.

  6. The AquaStiq utilizes the best water filtration innovation on the planet. A similar sort of channel utilized as a part of the world, It is something to be thankful for that you can convey both in crises and as a day by day wellspring of drinking water .

  7. We all know that we need water that is clean for our bodies. It is a good thing that you can carry this device along and stay safe all through. I am looking forward to an amazing time of usage for sure.

  8. It helps you to be ready and able to use any of the water sources to stay hydrated forever… wouldn’t it be that much simpler if you have one easy tool, without having any moving parts, and one that maintains you 100% mobile for the rest of your life.

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