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Astro Tarot Reading Review – Legit Service or Another Scam?

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Astro Tarot Reading review has been on the media and social platforms lately. It is an online tarot reading service that combines astrology footprint with a selection of digital tarot card reading techniques and applies to an individual’s date of birth. 

Now, some people claim that it is all a scam and fake, and you are just wasting time and money. On the other hand, there are people (including me) who believe that the platform is fun, informative, and interesting. 

I have used the site a couple of times; let me tell you one thing, it doesn’t matter how low or depressed you are feeling; when you leave the site, you are a happy man. To break down my experience with the site, I will provide you with an extensive review of AstroTarot Reading, where I will discuss different aspects of the platform, including talking about its author Fortune Alexander. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

Why Do People Care About Tarot Card Reading? 

I have always been a fan of tarot cards because they tell us stories about our lives and the ways we could live them better. The outlook towards tarot cards and tarot card reading has changed in the present times, and people positively approach them. 

A few years back, courtesy of horror movies, there were many negative stigmas attached to tarot cards because they were always shown as a tool or medium to bring forth spirits. 

It still exists today, but thanks to some extensive promotions and experienced professionals in this line of business, tarot card reading and its practice have been resurfaced, and it’s all practical. Now, it makes sense that in the uncertain times of the novel coronavirus pandemic, we all seek guidance and direction. Astro Tarot Reading Benefits

What is Astro Tarot Reading? 

Astro Tarot Reading is created with the only aim to help people understand that they themselves are the key to making progress in life, whether it is health, work, love, or anything else. The platform allows you to uniquely learn more about your life. 

In recent times, where there is so much chaos in one’s life, finding peace and handling tricky situations seems a little daunting. While there are many self-help books and psychology practices that can help you manage your life, they don’t provide the level of encouragement and openness we want. 

Astro Tarot Reading fills this void by allowing users to think from a different perspective.  

It uses astrology as a base to provide a descriptive analysis of your future based on your date of birth. It is a good place to go when you are feeling a little low or need some kind of motivation. 

Once you go through the site as well as the ebook (Grandmaster Astro Tarot Reading), you will attain a sense of calm and positivity around you. You will feel like you know what you need to do to move to the next step or start something from scratch. Astro Tarot Reading Review - Legit Service or Another Scam?

Fortune Alexander: The creator of Astro Tarot Reading 

The face behind one of the most successful tarot-reading platforms is Fortune Alexander. He was not born with capabilities. In fact, he suffered a lot in life before he decided to go to the Himalayas to seek answers from his ancestors and elders. 

He left his dismal life in the US and spent three years in the Himalayas. This was when things started to change. Meditation helped him a lot to focus, and slowly he began understanding things as they are. 

During his stay, he learned the mastery of mind, soul, and body to connect well.Astro Tarot Reading Product Image

How Does it Work? 

On the first page of the website, you will see eight tarot cards displayed. You will be asked to select two of the displayed cards to start your tarot reading. The card will be revealed, and you will be asked to provide your name, email address, and date of birth to proceed with the reading. 

The date of birth is the most important information because the Astro predictions are based on the zodiac sign, which is determined by your birthdate. Your name and email address will be used for communication purposes.  Once you submit your details and click the ‘Send Me My Astro Tarot Reading’ button, you will receive a personalized tarot reading for free. The author, Fortune Alexander, tries to connect you with the universe. In the first reading, you will be told about your positives and negatives, along with a brief description of the cards you picked. 

You can access most of the predictions in the first read itself. Basically, the author is describing your personality based on your zodiac sign that most of the people, including me, were able to relate to. 

As you read and scroll down, you will see another bunch of options to choose to proceed with the reading. The author will ask you to choose from life aspects like LOVE, HEALTH, WORK, among other things. You can select which prediction you want to know. If you select WORK, the website will take you to another page to get another free reading. 

The author discloses more about your purpose in life. You will get to know what your attitude should be and how you should tackle every situation. All in all, you will get a good read and can understand most parts of your life. It is written beautifully yet in simple English. Astro Tarot Reading Author

In Conclusion: Grandmaster Astro Tarot Reading 

This is a book written by Fortune Alexander, which you can say contains further of your reading. The author channels the exact message the universe is trying to send you through this book. This is a personalized ebook that you can purchase and download in PDF format.Astro Tarot Reading Feedback

Those who are intrigued by the readings go on to buy this book. It is not that expensive, and you really want to see what’s your future, you can go ahead and buy it. The contents of this ebook include: 

  • Astro-Personality Roadmap – reveals who you really are at the core, ways to improve your life, your innate challenges, and more. 


Astro Tarot Reading>> Get Instant Access Now <<

Frequently Asked Questions About “Astro Tarot Reading”:

Is AstroTarot Reading legit?

Yes, no customer or client has complained about it, and there is money returning policy if you do not like it. The online feedbacks are quite good.

Where is AstroTarot Reading-based from?

AstroTarot Reading is based on Astrology. The reading is written in simple English and describes personality based on your zodiac sign which most people can relate to.

How can I avail AstroTarot Reading service?

You can get access to the service through the internet on their official website. There’s a 365-day money-back policy when you buy this product online.

How much does AstroTarot Reading cost?

AstroTarot Reading is quite inexpensive yet full of value. It costs around $20. But it improves love, happiness, and abundance. You will have a lot of positivity around you at the price.

Is AstroTarot Reading helpful?

Yes, because it helps you become comfortable with the way you are. You will achieve hope, confidence, success, and find shocking revelations about your personality in one single program.

Who is the author of AstroTarot Reading?

Fortune Alexander is the author of AstroTarot Reading. He went to the Himalayas to find the answers from his ancestors and elders that helped him to design this program.

Is AstroTarot Reading free?

It’s not free, you have to pay. But you will avail free personalized tarot reading. By paying the money you will avail of a 365 day money-back policy.



There are several benefits that I experienced after going through this program. They include: 

1. Gives you the ability to attain acceptance, love, happiness, and abundance 
2. Experience enlightenment that motivates you to pursue your dreams 
3. Surround yourself with positivity 
4. The guidebook contains some shocking revelations about your personality
5. Determine what needs to be done to improve your health 
6. Boost your decision-making power 
7. It gives you hope, confidence, and success by understanding the truth about yourself
8. It is no scam or fraud, and you get a 365 days money back policy 


1. The program is available only through its official website 

Summary: Overall, this is my personalized review. I have undergone this program and was satisfied with the outcome. All I can say is you have to try it to understand it. It is fun and exciting, and the guidebook will make a lot of sense once you go through it step by step. The good thing about this tarot reading program from Fortune Alexander is that much of the content is given away for free. If you want to explore more and get into the depths of it, you can always order the guidebook, which is priced reasonably. If you feel like nothing is going your way or can’t find the purpose of what you are trying to achieve, this program is a must-have. 

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