Betting Gods Review – Works or Just a SCAM?

February 12, 2021
Betting Gods
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Product Name: Betting Gods
Author/Creator: Darren Moore
Price: 7 days trial for £1 then £20 to £40/month.
Official Website:

These days it is tough to hang your hat on some tipster service to win a bet but you can trust the Betting Gods in terms of betting.

However, I have gone through, a series of unsuccessful bets, trying to convince myself that there are genuine profitable tipping services also available. I have been searching for quality tipster services that could help me placing bets more profitably.

Finally, after founding Betting Gods, my trust in the tipping service is upheld. I think you just need to separate the wheat from the chaff, and you will have a trusted tipster service that keeps both objectivity and trustworthiness.

Betting Gods

But should you buy this service? Is this a scam? Well, wait. In this Betting Gods review, I am going to discuss various aspects of the leading betting service providers.

Here you will also learn what makes betting services stand out, and how they can make you place profitable bets. Stick with the guide, do not roam around, you are going to get some fantastic tips and tricks here.

What is betting Gods?

It is one of the leading tipster services that help punters to more profitable bets. In a layman language, it is an online service that brings top tipsters under one roof.

The product manages tipster services, market their tipsters, and, most importantly, help punters to enjoy the best quality tips and earn more bets than before.

As per the latest stats, Betting Gods’ tipster service has a total of 25 tipsters working under their names. Here you find hot betting markets like horse betting, football betting, and basketball to smaller markets such as European basketball, boxing, and cricket.

Betting Gods logo

Here, under this platform, you can follow the top most successful tipster who joined the platform to get more punters and bettors, as they say on the official site they got around 94000 plus punters who receive tips, tricks and reviews regularly.

This range of followers is impressive, and you would not see this amount of customers in anyone’s books except this betting product. Without any doubt, this is one of the most popular tipster services you can find.

About Darren Moore – The Creator

Behind the creation of an incredible platform of this Betting program, there is an esteemed name who is known for his tipster services and managing such platforms.

Darren Moore is the person behind all of the staggering services the platform is offering right now. The whole operation is managed and designed by Darren Moore, who is known for his loads of experience in the field.

Here on this platform, a variety of services are available, which means there is something for everybody, with no exception to what betting services you like or want to approach.

Two years ago, this betting came into being. In these two years, the betting services progressed by leaps and bounds. From novice tipster services to one of the esteemed names in the betting world, the brand has grown exponentially.

This brand was born out after Darren Moore parted ways with his old partner, Neil Stevens-Wood. Both had previously been running Tipster Warehouse, a similar setup.

The pair decided to parted ways after realizing that they both wanted something different. If you still have doubts and think whether or not the tipster service is for you, I recommend reading Dareen Moore blogs.

The topmost experienced tipster provides comprehensive quality free tipping services.  If you encounter these tipping services just once, I do not think you ever will have doubts about him or his organization.

How do Betting gods work?

At the time of writing this post, this betting program has around 25 tipsters who provide tips for placing bets. It features their top 4 tipsters with their monthly profit reports. The top tipsters have earned as high as £382 to as low as £170 profit per month.

But the question is what is that average monthly profit and are these tipsters also place bets on football and racing matches? Yes, they place bets but not on every race.

Their monthly profits decide the amount of success they have achieved through the course of a month or the entire year. The mentioned figures are a pure indication of how well they have been in the post.


But, there is no guarantee whether they will be able to carry on getting the same results or after reading their tips, you will be able to earn as much profit as they are earning.

Right now, this betting service has nine horse racing tipsters to choose from. For football, you got the top 4 football experts on the site. You also have golf, European basketball, cricket, and Boxing experts there.

Now, the question is how can you get started and become successful after reading their tips and tricks. You can join them free without paying anything, just sign up using their official page and get free newsletters to your email address.

What comes with betting gods?

It is a simple tipping service, and you start by choosing your favorite tipster from a range of tipsters enlisted.

  • Herewith Betting Gods, you are not required to choose your favorite sport, here you are relying on a tipster, so you can follow an expert who wins your confidence.
  • It does not matter which sport you like, the thing that matters is the person who fills you with most confidence. At this betting service, each tipster works on more than one sport. For example, all the tipsters can give you tips about football.
  • The tipping experts listed here can give you advice on the correct score for the match that is going to be played at the end of this week.
  • The best advice is to follow any of the tipsters and read their tips. If you follow their advice, it is more likely that you earn the same profit as they do.
  • This betting service has a blog as well; that helps you keep in touch with the sport you like the most. Here you can read about the latest matches, schedule, and much more.

If you want to get updated regarding the most recent matches, and want to feel the passion of the soccer matches, you should become a part of the betting community.


The benefit of using Betting gods

It has a reputed name in the field of Tipping services. Below is it additionally benefits.


The tipster service has a nice list of top experts on the betting market. If you keep in touch with the services or hire premium or newsletter services, you will receive useful tips and tricks to follow the matches that will take place in the week.

It gives one tip each day to its followers who are signed up, and following Dareen Moore, I do not think anyone other than Dareen Moore could do something like that in the field of tipster services.

Premium Subscribers

Premium Subscribers get premium service. When tipsters send out their selections to their premium subscribers they are issued differently compared to other tipster services.

Apart from the free newsletter services, you can also get regular tips. The simplest method is to take advantage of a £1 free trial for a week now.

In one week, you can understand how the platform works and how could you get benefited from them. After one week, it recommends subscribing for premium services that charge £20 to £40 per month.


Quality Tips

This service provides quality tips.  Instead of listing their tips in unengaging and rough manners, Betting Gods explain everything with details and encourages their tipsters to put detailed thought on any selection.

These suggestions come with more than one benefit to the subscribers. First, they start developing their understanding of the sport they bet on. Second, they learn how and when to place a bet on a match, not on every second match.

Betting Gods gambling

FAQ Section

Below is the FAQ section.

Should I believe in this betting service?

Before penning down the post, I was reading the comments from many novice bettors; they mentioned it as a fraud or scam. It is a genuine tipping service that provides free and paid tipster services.

The brand has earned a unique name in the betting market and gathers top-expert on the field. They offer more assurance and protection than the vast majority of their competitors in the area. If you do a little research, you would know how big this name is.

How to join this betting program?

There is no rocket science in joining the Betting Gods. Just visit their official page and sign up for the newsletter.

If you want to acquire the paid services, they offer £1 for one-week premium features on every service. After one week, the charge for every service is different, some services may cost you £30-40, and some can tough £70-110 per quarter.

Is it useful to use this service?

If you are not sure about this betting service, you can sign up for a free newsletter instead of buying a premium subscription.

Many people are wondering if it’s worth buying tipster services like Betting Gods? I must say, it is not easy to become an expert in any field; it takes time to become a top-notch expert in any sport. It is tough to keep the track-record this staggering as the profile listed at the official blogs.

Yes, if well worth your money and you will learn more than what you paid for the services. Follow any of the profiles listed, and you will see how fruitful it will become for you soon.



Betting Gods through the course of the time has made many bettors happy. Even their free services are worth trying and make solid sense. If you can afford it, it would be worthy of purchasing their services.

In case you have been there on the betting market and understand how they function, it would be no fear for signing up Betting Gods.

You are not promised to win every bet, but with consistency, you will build a sense of understanding of what to bet on and how to bet. The real problem comes when you do not understand the risk and put you all fortune in betting.

>> Get Instant Access Now <<


• You will receive free newsletters.
• Get trial services in just £1 for an entire week.
• An esteemed name of tipping services.
• It has more than 94000 followers.
• Tipping experts know about every sport.
• The detailed suggestion is written engagingly to help you in placing more profitable bets.


• You are not guaranteed any success.
• The trial duration should have been one month.

Summary: Are you frustrated about paying hundreds of dollars to betting services but not getting what you desire? If that is the case, then the Betting Gods program can help you in earning a lot of revenue through betting. It carries a team of professionals who know everything about the field.

RatingRated 5 stars
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Very good service over the long term

on 2020-10-15 09:32:51

Now from Betting Gods point of view. I can see why they would market this service in this way. The results are true and Chloe’s Football Focus is on a great run of results with those 10 point bets having paid off.

Roy Cassidy
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Incredible tipsters, top class client care

on 2020-06-30 19:05:58

Best move I made signing up to one of their tipster's by taking out a six month subscription. Early indications are that at the end of this period I will take up the lifetime offer. Well done to all at Betting Gods.

Pamela Steele
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Popular tipster services

on 2020-06-23 05:56:27

It promises to sort you out within the day. This is more factual and reliable than what other businesses promise.

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

The best idea is to follow these tips closely.

on 2020-02-25 00:54:31

This comparison page shows you different figures for each one. You see the monthly profit, strike rate, return on investment and bank growth for each tipster.

Jimmy Thompson
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2019-12-16 17:48:55

The time has come to give you the life that you have deserved. And all that is achievable with the Betting Gods.

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