Blast Your Bench Unbiased Review!

March 4, 2023
Blast Your Bench Program

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Blast Your Bench


Lee Hayward




60 days


  • Lee Hayward is renowned for his fantastic insight and expertise. He has been producing successful workout programs and popular exercises for over two decades.
  • Blast Your Bench works on the basis of high-frequency specialization training, which is proven to build muscle and strength.
  • The workouts are short but intense, and you should be done in under 20 minutes most days, but will still produce some incredible gains.
  • Blast Your Bench has helped over 20,000 individuals increase their bench, while all of them got bigger and stronger.
  • Blast Your Bench is a great program by itself, but Lee has included a huge amount of bonus material. In fact, this is probably the only workout program you’ll ever need, as it covers everything.
  • We believe the claims of a “51-pound weight gain in three weeks” are a little exaggerated. All of this is dependent on your starting place, your nutrition, and your ability to get appropriate rest after completing the program.

Lee Hayward has delivered another outstanding program. Lee’s ability to generate such high-quality work never ceases to astound us. Initially, this may appear to be “just another bench press program,” but in truth, there is so much material crammed into the Blast Your Bench that you may use it as your primary training guidebook for years to come.

Overall, you will be completely stunned by how much you will receive as a result of participating in this multiple-week program. This is without a doubt one of Lee’s best works. Blast Your Bench comes highly recommended by us.

“Blast Your Bench” program is a customized training routine that will help you increase your strength and muscular growth. Every couple of months, you can utilize the bench program for workout and strength gains.

One may think that if I can add 30+ pounds to my bench press in three weeks, I should be able to add 60+ pounds in six weeks, 90+ pounds in nine weeks, and so on. I apologize for the inconvenience, but the program does not operate in this manner. To achieve the best results, you will need to follow jam-packed personalized content. It focuses on improving all sections of your body equally for the majority of your workouts. Make a note of the “Blast Your Bench” program and use it as a “shock routine” to break through the training routine.

Let’s just get into the blast your bench review.

Blast your bench Program Review

People who had finished the “Blast Your Bench” program were so delighted with their gains that they wanted to extend the training volume to other exercises, especially the squat. Because upper body muscles can take more frequent heavy workouts than lower body muscles, the “Blast Your Bench” program works for the bench press but not the squat. Squats are one of the most physically taxing exercises, but it also produces the most muscular mass, strength, and power.

Max Bench Press workout and technique

The Bench Press is undoubtedly one of the most popular exercises in the gym. It’s a workout that we all practice rather frequently in our homes or gym with our training partners.

Many people do not know how much strength they lose by extending the bar. Lighter-weight people need less distance to move their weight. Expand your rib cage and stick your chest out to decrease the distance you press the bar. Squeeze your shoulder blades together behind you.

You can do it right now while reading this. Simply raise your rib cage and stretch your chest as far as you can while sitting tall in your chair. If you performed it well, your chest should have risen a couple of inches.

Holding this position, extend your arms in front of you as if bench pressing. Squeeze your shoulder blades as far back as you can. Change your position in front of the mirror from relaxed to extended chest and shoulders to feel the difference.

The difference will be at least a couple of inches. You can shorten your bench press stroke by extending your chest. You can also shorten the distance by drawing your shoulder blades together behind you.


You may download this guide to growing muscle and strength right now. Many people have used this bench press approach to smash their personal best weight lifting records. Additionally gaining strong, natural muscular mass in the shortest period is workable.

Quick Start Guide

For those of you who don’t want to wade through a slew of theories and would rather move straight to the workouts, this Quick Start Guide is for you. The complete “Blast Your Bench” program is covered in detail in this handbook. Print this down and take it to the gym with you so that you can reap all the shirt-busting development I’ve just detailed to you by following it step by step.

Blast You Squat

Squats are by far the most effective exercise for bulking up, so make sure you perform plenty of them. Additionally, the three-week “Blast Your Squat” bench program adapts the bench press training ideas learned in the “Blast Your Bench” program to the squat. In only three weeks, you can add 50+ pounds to your max squat thanks to this fantastic program. When it comes to exercising for muscle endurance, it’s very different from training for brute strength and power. This is high training intensity program for you if you want to improve your general fitness and conditioning!

Blast Your Bench For Reps

In order to handle the big weight and high reps, “Blast Your Bench For REPS” utilizes high repetition Volume Training Workouts and bodyweight conditioning activities. Nothing will get your body in better shape than this reps workout. Athletes who wish to enhance their muscle endurance should use this program. Football players who want to ace the 225-pound bench press in the combine will love it, too!

Week Deadlift Cycle

If you’re looking to increase your one-rep max deadlift by up to 50 pounds, this is the program for you. In terms of general body growth and health, the deadlift is one of the most effective weight training exercises. The men who honed their physiques by performing heavy deadlifts were far from attractive, and neither were the deadlifts they performed.

Bodybuilding Supplement Guide

Before you go out and buy another bodybuilding product, make sure you read this!

Hype and BS fill the supplement market. It’s not all smoke and mirrors out there, though. There are some legitimate supplements out there that can help you gain muscle safely.

How To Get Six Pack Abs

Techniques for constructing the abdominal wall that actually works! Find out how to permanently lose weight and attain the “Six Pack” that everyone dreams of, but only a select few achieve. Obtain a thorough fat loss training, nutrition, and supplements plan for abdominals that will help you get the best results from your workouts and nutrition!

Lean MASS Nutrition Guide

You are only as strong as the weakest link in your chain of command. The rotator cuff muscles, in particular, maybe the source of your inability to gain new size and strength, particularly while performing exercises like the bench press. You will significantly reduce the likelihood of blowing out your arms while benching large weights if you develop your rotator cuff muscles. And even if you already have rotator cuff issues, the training regimen provided in this special e-book will restore your biceps back to 100 percent strength in short weeks.

Hand Gripper Training Manual

It takes just three months to develop the hand strength necessary to close the Heavy Grips 300, 350, and 400 lb. hand grippers, and this 20-page e-Book Manual outlines in detail the exact training schedule that I personally used to develop the hand strength necessary to close the Heavy Grips hand grippers in just three months!

Mass & Power Workout Program

Lee’s bold and original 12 Week Mass & Power Training Workout Program has proven to be one of his most effective training components for achieving consistent strength and muscle increases month after month.

A major factor in this program’s effectiveness is the fact that it delivers your muscle fibers with a unique training stimulus. It is done through a series of brief, frequent training cycles.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Blast Your Bench all about?

Lee Hayward Blast your bench program is all about bodybuilding and muscle gains. It's a perfect program to gain power.

Who is the expert behind Blast Your Bench?

Lee Hayward created this bench blast program.

Where can I avail Blast Your Bench?

You can avail blast your Lee Hayward Blast your Bench program from their official website.

Is Blast Your Bench good for beginners?

Yes, the bench press is an amazing program to increase muscle size, weight, power, and build triceps and biceps.

Is Blast Your Bench effective?

Blast Your Bench press consists of short, regular training sessions that are less taxing on the central nervous system. In addition, short, frequent bodyweight exercises have been shown to lead to greater muscular, strength development and building muscle.

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