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February 14, 2023
Bodyweight Burn Get The Body You Want

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Bodyweight Burn


Adam Steer




60 days


  • Great guidance and instructions
  • Get great results without wasting time
  • Straight forward
  • Learn and train anywhere
  • It takes some extra commitment

Bodyweight Burn is the best guide to resetting and reactivating your metabolism. It accomplishes this through workouts that you can perform at home. If you do them regularly, you will be able to reawaken and sustain your active metabolism.
Adam Steer, the author of this book, is a fitness superstar and weight-loss guru who has written several publications. He has integrated several strategies of body-weight exercise, food, and hormonal reactions to stimulate our bodies’ natural fat-burning machine.

Do you have time to go to the gym? If not, and if you can’t even find any equipment to work out with, then this program, Bodyweight Burn by Adam Steer, will help people like us. First, it’s a known fact that bodyweight exercises have great health benefits. OK, maybe you won’t get extremely bulked-up, but you’ll improve regardless.

Personally, other programs seemed a little aggressive or demanding. I travel a lot, so it wasn’t easy to keep up with the gym. Also, the trainer in the gym wasn’t helpful when I asked him for routines on the go. So, when I saw a Bodyweight Burn review, it seemed something I could benefit from.

Before we begin this program, you need to know that you won't lose weight overnight with this program. You need to be patient if you want to lose weight. As the saying goes, "The Key to losing weight is patience."

What is The Big Secret in Bodyweight Burn System

In essence, the Bodyweight burn program is a sequence of workouts to reactivate your metabolism. To do this, you won’t need any equipment or gym facilities. I suggest you get a mat, because you may sweat a lot. Besides that, you won’t need anything else.

Then, you can start exercising wherever you can. Also, you can do it alone or with a partner. My wife and I exercise together. It’s great because this fat loss program is for metabolism and muscles, not for shaping the body.

So, regardless of your gender, whether a man or woman, you’ll look natural and healthy. Personally, this program bodyweight burn is better for beginner or intermediate training. It places a lot of emphasis on the right technique and rhythm. So, advanced people already master that.

Bodyweight Burn Effectivity

Bodyweight Burn Review-How does it work?

The Bodyweight burn program has two sections. Each of them lasts six weeks, and they are as follows:

Meal Plan: The meal plan is easy to follow and aligns with the type of workout or workouts specified for that day. It is not a rigid diet; you can depart from it two days a week and eat any foods you choose (as long as you don’t go overboard). There are five different sorts of food days:

Low Carb Days: Three meals each day should include protein, healthy fat, plenty of vegetables, and two snacks. A protein shake is also advised.

Moderate Carb Day (to adequately nourish your muscles for both maintenance and growth): 3 meals every day, comprising protein, healthy fat, modest carbs, and 2/3 plate of vegetables. Two snacks, as well as post-workout nutrition.

Good Carb Days: Also known as “Cheat Days,”: These days have no portion sizes. However, they advise you not to overeat, among other things.

Back Load Days: There are no special restrictions. However, it would be best if you avoid overeating. You’ll be working out late in the day and eating all of your carbs in the evening hours following your workout these days.

24 Hour Fast: The goal of the 24-hour fast is to produce a massive calorie deficit and thereby deplete glycogen. This causes your body to utilize its fat as a fuel source. Only a handful of these days are included in the plan, and if you don’t want to fast, you can substitute Low Carb Day.

Bodyweight Burn Review - Worthy or Scam? Read Before You Buy!

Is Bodyweight Burn Effective?

Many people ask this question often, and the simplest answer is “Yes if you do the work.” You must put up the effort and complete the workouts that Adam has devised for you.

What types of workouts are included in Bodyweight Burn? I’m glad you asked. The weight loss program includes three workouts.

Cardio Flow Movements:

These are intended for persons who do not have a high degree of fitness. It’s not the same as classic, monotonous workouts like treadmills and ellipticals.

Instead, its motions are meant to get your body moving in a “fun” way. In this manner, the workout training program will not get monotonous and boring.

Metabolic Muscle Training

The goal of these workouts is to create and maintain muscle that burns calories. The muscles you gain from these weight-lifting activities will help you burn more calories throughout the day.

This even works when you are not exercising. You can get powerful lean muscles, not obese ones!

Bodyweight Burn Workouts

This distinguishes the Bodyweight Burn program created by Adam Steer from several other fitness workout programs. The Afterburner workouts will help you burn fat for up to 24-48 hours after the activity.

High-Intensity Interval Training is the foundation of these. It will also help you enhance your metabolism.

Bodyweight Burn BW3 Workout System

BW3 workout system is the program’s exercise definition, and it stands for “Bodyweight 3X Fat-Burn Multiplier Effect.” It’s a mouthful to describe the workouts’ sequential structure, which employs three unique exercises to be repeated in a continuous flow without a stop, each with its own goal and purpose.

When a person completes the muscle workouts one after the other (e.g., sit ups), they provide an exponential effect greater than the simple sum of its parts. They act together to increase EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption). They also have a substantial fat-burning and lean muscle-building effect that lasts up to 38 hours after the muscle workouts.

The BW3 workout system integration guide spans basic to intermediate levels and is also split into three main exercise groups. They are as follows:

Cardiovascular Exercises

The Bodyweight Burn exercises begin with cardiovascular exercises. It essentially necessitates a continuous, nonstop sequence of different movements to be executed with a timer rather than repetitions in mind.

The goal is to get your metabolic rate into the “fat-burning zone” as quickly as possible by priming your body with the right amount of intensity to drive it to use its fat as a source of energy without releasing the stress hormone cortisol.

These activities are designed to replace other types of cardio, such as jogging or stair climbing, which work at an intensity that raises cortisol levels and causes injury through repetitive stress.

The Cardioflow exercises resemble ballet choreography, with bodyweight motions performed in a continuous chain to evoke the desired result from your body weight: fat-burning even without the release of cortisol.

Afterburners Exercises

These exercises are more difficult and intensive, keeping your metabolic rate elevated for up to 38 hours following your session. What happens is that your body continues to burn calories and fat at a survival mode before returning to its normal, regular state.

The cause is a process known as EPOC, or Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption. This implies that your body uses extra oxygen after strenuous workouts and takes some time to “cool down,” allowing you to burn fat all along.

These movements are the foundation of the Bodyweight Burn routines. They also account for most of your fat reduction.

Metabolic Muscle Exercises

These are the most difficult exercises. Their intention is to stimulate lean muscle growth to increase metabolism even while at rest.

In addition to the Cardioflow and Afterburner routines, the concept is that muscle growth is an effective calorie-burning machine. In addition, even a moderate gain in muscle mass over time adds up to your body’s fat-burning potential.

It is general knowledge that increasing lean muscle leads to increased strength and a better-looking physique and in a more efficient calorie-burning machine both at rest and while exercising, assisting in further reducing fat stores and improving body composition.

Make no mistake- Bodyweight Burn is not a muscle-building or bodybuilding program. This workout fitness program is not for people who want to go as big as possible. This is because it is not designed for pure muscle size.

What you should expect is a moderate gain in muscle mass combined with low body fat levels. This results in a better-looking physique with a healthier tissue composition. To summarize, Bodyweight Burn aims to increase metabolism, lose fat, and improve aerobic conditioning rather than develop muscle.

Adam Steer – The Bodyweight Coach

Adam Steer, the creator of this workout program, is a fitness program celebrity, a weight-loss author. He has published different programs in the fitness industry.

Also, he became a specialist in weightlifting, bodybuilding, and afterburner sessions. After that, he switched to bodyweight, where he has had a lot of success.

First, he noticed that gymnasts had very fit bodies. This was intriguing because you find that most of them seldom lift bars. Since then, he has been traveling the world learning about that stuff.

Now he gives it to you. This is known as calisthenics, and it has all that you need to be the fittest you’ve ever been.

Bodyweight Burn The Coach

What is The Bodyweight Burn Program All About?

First, this workout program has been designed so that you don’t suffer or hurt yourself. However, it doesn’t sacrifice gains. Again, keep in mind that you need to be constant. To help you, the fitness program focuses on the following elements:

As you can see, the program is based on scientific findings that will help you know exactly what you are doing, and that is how you will be able to get your body weight in the best shape as fast as you can.  There are two phases of the workouts that will complete the whole set. You also get a money-back guarantee with this product.

The Bodyweight Burn Phases

The entire program lasts for about 12 weeks in total. There are two phases, and they will each take six weeks. These phases will take you progressively from the baseline to the finish, and that is how you will win.

First, you’ll start with Cardioflow Workouts. Here, you’ll kickstart the metabolism into overdrive. Once that starts, you will start burning fat faster and effectively, without trying too hard. It is an easy concept. The rest includes afterburn workouts and metabolic muscle sessions.

In summary, once you activate your metabolic rate, your body starts doing what it should do: use fat for energy. Personally, when there was a drop in my insulin sensitivity, I felt a complete change in my life. I felt a rush of energy, had a clear mind, and there was an improvement in my mood.

Structure and Time Frame Of Bodyweight Burn

The bodyweight exercises split into two 6-week stages, last 12 weeks. Each of them consists of a new set of exercise guides of increasing complexity. The approach is known as BW3 MultiBurn exercises. It is suitable for all fitness levels, including men, women, children, and the elderly.

Metabolic Base – Phase one

As the name suggests, the purpose of this phase is to prime your body system to increase your entire work capacity. This phase lays the groundwork for you to tackle the more difficult phase 2, Metabolic Explosion.

The design of this phase is to gradually develop stamina, metabolism, and muscle mass by combining the three main training types indicated above. It’s a bit like the bodyweight training program’s Jack of all trades, where you have to improve all-around before you can fully handle the severity of the second phase.

The Metabolic Explosion Phase – Phase two

It is the advanced section of the training program. It is important to note that you must complete phase 1 first else you will be unable to conduct phase 2.

If you’re in a rush, there’s also a Quick Start Guide to help you start the afterburner sessions program without making mistakes. This phase is more difficult than the last because there are no light Cardioflow workouts, only afterburner workouts, and metabolic muscle sessions training.

The arrangement of the bodyweight workouts is on a six-day, one-day-off basis. However, the total intensity is higher.

The goal is to maximize Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption and keep your body burning for up to 38 hours after your bodyweight workouts while still growing muscle. This is why it is critical to follow phase 1 to the letter, or you will not have established sufficient work capacity.

Nutritional Guidelines for Bodyweight Burn

Bodyweight Burn quick start also includes its food plan, “Carb-Synch Diet.” The author, Adam, coined the term to denote a daily carbohydrate shift dependent on your workout for that day.

The diet is flexible enough to allow you to eat your favorite foods no more than twice a week. Adam Steer also advises certain optional supplements, like omega-three oil and whey protein, to help you gain muscle. It is not a bodybuilding regimen.

Depending on the day of the week, the strategy revolves around various carb loading. In the first three days, you gradually increase your carb load from low to moderate to good carb day, which means you can eat more carbs on each succeeding day.

The fourth day is “backload day.” You can take carbs just in the late afternoon, after your workout, so that your muscles can absorb the carbs by right away.

The fifth day is for fasting. I believe that this could be an issue for some and that it is a little too severe. You can only consume liquids, and it is even advisable to take some supplements.

Bodyweight Burn Client Reviews
Bodyweight Burn Client Reviews

Bodyweight Burn Videos and PDF:

The Bodyweight Burn program is present on the official website of the company only in digital format. It features two different sets of HD Video libraries and four additional guides, plus a printable chart.


Here is the list of videos present in the program:

The BW3 Workout Videos - This is a set of videos that you need to follow along with the workouts. The videos are HD and are easy to consult on your PC, phone, or tablet. You will enjoy the video as there is no margin for error. Moreover, there is a manual with static pictures for reference.

The Instructional Video Series - This features an in-depth and detailed demonstration of every exercise.


Body Weight Burn Quick Start Guide - This manual is quite effective as it doesn't force you to go through the whole system before starting. However, it gives you all the tools you need to start without injury or error.

BW3 Exercise Manual - This features a complete list of exercises that complement the video libraries.

BW3 Workout System - This core program contains all the tricks and techniques to develop a successful bodyweight workout regime. It is quite easy to follow the manual as it is explained in layman terms.

BW3 Workout System Integration Guide - This is an advanced technique that you can use to integrate your Bodyweight Burn Workouts with any training regimen which you already use.

Hand Wall Charts - This isn't a manual. It just contains a download and a series of print charts which you can use to monitor your progress.


For a limited number of customers, Adam Steer has decided to provide free 30-day access to the private Bodyweight burn online community known as the BW3 Platinum Club.

Personally, I love this idea of an online community as it provides the motivation to succeed. Moreover, it encourages the members to succeed and keep track of their progress. The social community is quite helpful to get the best of the program and the tips needed to succeed in the program.

Advantages and Drawbacks:


  • Bodyweight Burn is a simple weight loss regimen that shows you how to flush out stubborn fat from the body.
  • You can eat all your favorite foods and snacks in the suggested way.
  • The program consists of simple and short exercises to provide you with long-term benefits.
  • You don't need to put hours into workouts. All you need is to set aside 20 minutes of your time daily.
  • Bodyweight Burn is a highly effective weight loss program without any reported side effects.
  • The program offers a 60-days money-back guarantee. So, if you aren't happy with the results, you can ask for a refund.


  • The program is only available online in digital format.
  • If you skip any of the steps due to laziness, you won't be able to get the desired results.

Bodyweight Burn is a great program for weight loss. If you want to know about other programs for weight loss, click here.

Bodyweight Burn Review – Conclusion

This bodyweight training program is a compilation of short-lasting, high-intensity exercises that boost your metabolism. To do this, the first aim is to lower insulin resistance.

Once that starts, you’ll also reduce cortisol. These two hormones promote belly fat storage and can even cause diabetes.

After that, you will reduce the amount of body fat stores. At the same time, your body system starts to consume fat as a source of energy.

It’s natural, a simple concept, yet many people dismiss it. Not only did I lose weight, but I also reversed my prediabetes, and even my work capacity increased. I didn’t expect these benefits. Put your best foot forward and change your life today!

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Bodyweight Burn program?

Bodyweight Burn program is a workout program to reactivate your metabolism. The great thing about the program is that you don't need any gym facilities and equipment to perform the exercises.

How does the Bodyweight Burn program work?

The Bodyweight Burn program consists of two sections which last around six weeks. The first section is the Metabolic Phase whereas the second one is called the Metabolic Explosion Phase.

Who created the Bodyweight Burn program?

Adam Steer has created this program. He is a celebrity fitness coach, a weight loss author, and a bodybuilding expert. Other than Body Burn, he has published several programs in the fitness industry.

Who is the Bodyweight Burn program for?

This program is so effective that anyone can use it to lose weight. So, if you are someone who wants to lose weight but doesn't have time, you should choose this program.

How much does the Bodyweight Burn program cost?

The great thing about the Bodyweight Burn program is that it is quite cheap and will only cost you under $20. The price is low because the program is all digital.

What is included in the Bodyweight Burn program?

The Bodyweight Burn program consists of HD Video Libraries and pdf manuals. Moreover, there is also a bonus through which you can join the online community known as BW3 Platinum Club.

How is the Bodyweight Burn program different from other weight loss programs?

The Bodyweight Burn program is quite different from other programs present in the market as you can do it anywhere. Moreover, the program gives practical weight loss results without any reported side effects.

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  1. The diet may be a bit extreme, but it will definitely work and it’s clear that Adam and his team have put a lot of thought into it.

  2. Definitely cheaper than a gym membership and will also give you better results. Program is for any age and fitness level. If you are already in a workout training program this can be a supplement to your training. Like any program you’ll need to follow it for results.

  3. This program is especially great for those of you looking for a weight loss plan that it’s time-consuming. I love how the workouts can be done with no equipment and right at home.

  4. Most exercises stop burning fat pretty soon after you stop working out. So this is another real plus when it comes to his system. I like the visual image that comes to my mind as I picture my little (or big ha ha) fat cells burning up all that excess fat, or at least emptying them in the fire of my newly-stoked metabolism!

  5. Bodyweight Burn is an online training program created by Adam Steer. It promises to…
    burn a bit of bodyfat every day
    reduce injuries and unspecified aches and pains
    and is supposed to be zero equipment (though there are at least a couple of resistance band exercises floating around).
    The workouts can all be completed at home and each session is supposed to last no longer than 21 minutes.
    The program is supposed to “burn more calories in 21 minutes than most people burn in 90 minutes.”

  6. Bodyweight Burn is a decent program that will get you comes about. In the event that you are a free individual who simply needs to get on with it and needs no ringers and shrieks to work out, at that point this is the program for you.

  7. All your body will benefit from this one. This is not like all other scam products out there. It has helped me burn weight and the results are really amazing. The good thing is that its not only my weight that has changed, my physique as well. Now i have better muscles including the six pack. This is really exciting.

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  9. I desired to go to the gym but didn’t require to pay the Monthly fee and leave my home to work out so I decided to try my own body weight. The pdf presented some practical ways to get into shape and contributed tons of new ideas to make it work for me. It is not for everyone because it takes discipline. If you want to improve muscle and get into excellent shape without the monthly gym fee, give it a try.

  10. When I found out about Bodyweight Burn I was at that stage of my life when I had tried absolutely everything to lose weight and nothing proved successful. I thought lets do it one last time with this product. I loved how detailed everything is with this guide. All workout regimens and daily diet schedules are outlined for you. Just the one thing that I have a tiny issue with is the fasting day. I find it difficult to stay hungry an entire day so I skipped that part. Maybe due to this, my body took some extra time.

  11. It is a great way to lose weight, without having to lift weights and just having to use your own weight against your fat to lose it.

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