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Brave Response Holster Review – Works or Just a SCAM?

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Product Name: Brave Response Holster
Author/Creator: Jacob S. Paulsen
Price: $70.00
Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days
Official Website: https://sales.concealedcarry.com

Guns are awesome! You know I’m right. Okay even if you don’t fully agree, you must admit that the way those men in cowboy movies hold their guns is just freaking superb. Sometimes even hilarious.

There is a certain aura of superiority that comes with owning a pistol. When you walk with it in public sometimes you feel invincible since there is a sense of security to it.

Have you ever held a pistol?

They are so small yet holding them I your hands feels as if you have the power to do almost anything. Alright, let me relax a little. It’s just that I get so much excited when I’m talking about guns.

Owning a gun may seem cool but it also comes with a huge responsibility. Just as the saying goes, “with great power, comes great responsibility.”

a man holding a gun

If you own a gun then you know how important it is to have a fitting holster as well. Right now, there are so many types of holsters being made that they have outdone the count of the stars in the skies.

This makes getting the perfect holster for your gun a very difficult task. Wearing the wrong holster makes carrying a gun not just cumbersome and tiring but also dangerous. I’m saying dangerous because an ill-fitting holster increases the risk of your gun falling out of it when you bend or even firing itself.

You therefore need something reliable and secure, a holster that makes you comfortable and one that you can trust. You need the Brave Response Holster my friend.


Why the Brave Response Holster is the Top and Best Holster You Need

I dot really own that many guns, okay I admit I don’t own even one, but my love for them has led me to learn about them, how they work and ow they stay I holsters. I have had a chance to test and examine a respectable number of holsters and among them all none caught my eye and interest like the Brave Response Holster.

This holster combines all these useful features that give it this ultimate look and functionality for its sole purpose of carrying your gun for you. And the best part about it is that it is designed as an all fit holster meaning it can carry all pistol sizes.

In this review, there is so much I am going to tell you such as the price, the waist sizes, the gun sizes it carries, the number of magazines it accommodates and much more.

Even if you don’t own a gun, don’t get left behind mate. There is much to learn and it’s going to be so thrilling. Hold on to your seat tight, the ride is just about to begin.

Why Should You Acquire This Waistband Holster?

Among its many impeccable features, there is one that makes it a whole lot finer than the standard clip holster:

…how it doesn’t hook to your pants.

This holster also ensures that the weight is distributed perfectly across it and on to your waist where it will be fastened around securely.

The heavy-duty Velcro hook used to close it makes it fit to be worn on both your torso and hips.

Another unique feature that makes this product stand out from the crowd is the material used to make it. The cotton and polyester blend has been designed to ensure that the holster is breathable and will last a lifetime.

The design of the holster is such that your gun will always be placed in a forward canted position for easy retrieval and replacement.

What Gun Sizes Does the Brave Response Holster Contain?

gun on a belt holster

The simple answer to this question is a simple ‘all’. This includes semi-automatic handguns such as the Glock, Sig Sauer, Desert Eagle, Springfield etc. and concealed carry revolvers. Don’t be alarmed. Just because I haven’t mentioned your firearm there doesn’t mean it isn’t included.

In addition to carrying all those guns, it was designed with the law enforcers I mind and thus it also carries three extra magazines with it. The magazines are all positioned surrounding the gun. There is one behind and two at the front. You can also choose to replace one of the magazines with something else say a knife or a torch.

How Fast Does this Holster Let You Withdraw Your Gun?

Although the speed with which you withdraw your gun depends a lot on your skills and how comfortable you are with your firearm, the holster matters a lot too.

You are most likely going to withdraw your gun faster if you are comfortable with your holster. This holster has been designed with features such as being canted forward to reduce your withdrawal time. It is also flexible and can be placed anywhere according to your liking.

The Cost of the Brave Response Holster

These waistband holsters are manufactured in the USA and thus they are priced decently. To acquire this one of a kind product, you will only need to pay $70. This is a very affordable price as compared to other holsters with similar features which go for between $90-$150.

And another feature of this holster that makes it worth its price is how it fits all sizes. You therefore get spared from having to buy several holsters for different sized guns.

gun at back

Customer Reviews

Have you read the comments of the customers on this product? They are just wild. People tell of how the holster is so fine and well-designed that you won’t even feel you are wearing it. The materials used to make it are so fine and soft that they just make you feel dreamy as you fasten them against your skin.

The ratings are also impressive. You totally need to check out those customer reviews man. They are going to blow your mind especially if you have been in search for the perfect holster all your life.

Where you can buy Brave Response Holster?

Brave Response Holster is available on the official website, https://sales.concealedcarry.com.


The Brave Response Holster has truly proven that multiple features can be combined into a single holster and it will still function efficiently for as many guns. This product has been in production for some years now and it continues to gain popularity.

It is not a scam and this is not only evidenced by the reviews but also by the refund policy. You will have 60 days to use and test the product. Should you find it unfitting for you, all you will have to do is contact the sellers and just like that everything shall be arranged and you will get your money back without questions.

>> Get Instant Access Now <<


• The holster has a slim design and no printing making it fit for wearing with any type of clothes you want.

• It has been designed to fit waists between 20”-50” thus suitable for both men and women waist sizes.

• There are versions for both the right handed and the left-handed people so no one is left out. Both versions all have the same features.

• The holster can also be used during other outdoor activities such as kayaking or while running.

• You don’t want to ever carry a holster that doesn’t conceal itself well under your clothing. You would give people a fright if they ever noticed a guy with a gun near them. This holster will conceal itself well with all kinds of clothing.

• A material called sharkskin canvas has been used in the making of the gun holster part to ensure the trigger section of the gun is completely secure and wont fire accidentally. This material is also knife proof.


• The holster can be hard to wear if you put on a belt too.

• Small guns may feel a little loose in the holster.

Summary: There is no better holster that you can ever wish for more than the Brave Response Holster. It is simply unique and it totally gives you a lot of features for a small price. Don’t let this chance pass by when you can buy yourself a nice, affordable holster.

RatingRated 4.56 stars
kent schlegel
Rating: 1
1 /5 stars


on 2021-02-18 11:53:00

Returned $70 holster for failed stitching after only 2 weeks use , its been over one year and still no replacement or refund , just the run around and or excuses.

Christopher James
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2018-05-05 08:28:09

Can you reach your handgun quickly in an emergency or while sitting in your vehicle? A rigid holster will allow a handgun to be returned to it using only one hand, while a flexible one may collapse after the gun is drawn, requiring the use of both hands to reholster. Is the mouth of the holster sufficiently rigid or reinforced to allow easy re-holster? How easy is it to access your weapon and use the holster while walking, bending, sitting, standing, twisting,

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2018-02-28 16:06:37

Highly recommend it even for the price. Truly is the best I've found and does everything they claim it does.

Jill Kirkland
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2018-01-07 15:48:07

Well, the thing just does the job. And it does it well. Even if you are against weapons - it is still never a bad idea to own one.

Allison Shelton
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2018-01-05 18:47:40

This is the best holster that I have ever come across. Just the perfect piece of thing that one could have in the name of a holster. Love this as am one girl who loves being armed for all times.

Jeanette Wilson
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Totally worth it!

on 2017-12-22 21:08:34

A well designed holster that turned out to be just perfect for my gun and mag. Fits well and can be worn with all clothing types.

Herbert Schneider
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2017-11-08 17:51:47

I like this holster and told my brother and he ordered one and likes it. Works great and very comfortable. Safety and security, perfect protection. Awesome product.

Clotilde Bachand
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Top quality holster

on 2017-10-27 17:12:57

A great quality holster and I like the fact that they paid attention to left handed people as well. Otherwise, I used to have problems with other holsters that are mostly made for right handed people. Good thinking here!

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Best Buy EVER

on 2017-10-04 10:20:16

Very comfortable, you don't even know you are wearing it. Easy to adjust. My Sig p320 carry fits great in it.

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