Business English Review – What You Must Know Before You Buy!

February 23, 2023
Business English Improve Your Communications Skills

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Business English


Mary Ellen Guffey




60 days


  • The course material is sourced from renowned educators in the world. 
  • The Business English course is pocket-friendly.
  • User get a 30-day money-back guarantee. 
  • Improve English speaking skills, business communication and interpersonal skills. 
  • The course is time-consuming.
  • There are no reviews or testimonials available. 

English is a primary language to communicate in the business world globally. Entrepreneurs, professionals, and students converse in English to complete a deal, present their work and while studying. Business English will help you tackle everything at your workplace with ease. Say goodbye to anxiety while conversing with your client or presenting your work at meetings with this course. 

Do you get anxious and overwhelmed during business communication? Are your bad communication skills impacting your professional life? Or Are you unable to grow further because of lacking native language skills? To achieve your professional goals, you should improve your business English communication skills.

Knowing English gives you an advantage when applying for jobs and attending meetings. A basic definition of Business English is that it is a language for use in a business environment.

Take your Business English skills to the next level with this professional course. It will improve your English and teach you the official language of business.

What is a Business English Course?

Business English is an English language course for busy professionals. It is ideal for professionals and students seeking to boost their careers. Also, for managers seeking to improve their communication skills with international colleagues.

It will help you communicate with colleagues, write emails, prepare for interviews.

Business vocabulary and business activities will be the focus of this course. It contains 40 sessions, and each is designed to hone your English language skills.

When you complete the course, you will be able to communicate like native speakers. This program is for all business professionals who lack business English skills.

Business English Best Reason

Who needs a Business English Course?

Taking Business English will prepare you for the world of work and business vocabulary. You learn how to do tasks in a typical working environment. Business writing and reports, presentation skills, and conducting meetings are some things. Learning Business English can help you apply for jobs and understand job profiles. It may also prepare you for a corporate environment.

Everyone who isn’t an English native speaker needs this course. Business professionals doing corporate jobs and students can develop excellent communication skills. Business English made learning English easier than ever.

Whatever your native language, if you want to be successful in business, you’ll need a good command of English. A Business English course is a must for anyone hoping to improve their career prospects. You can be:

  • There is no age limit to learning Business English, as new skills are helpful at any age.
  • There is no cultural or ethnic barrier to learning Business English as long as you can study regularly.
  • It doesn’t matter where you live – English is an international language of business, so you can learn it anywhere in the world.
  • Whether you’re employed or seeking employment, learning new skills can help your career progress. Knowing Business English is a great skill that will give you an edge in the job market.

Learning has no age limit. You can learn anything if you are willing and have the right attitude.

Business English Review – What You Must Know Before You Buy!

Reasons to improve your Business English?

Sound more professional

It is more professional to use specialized vocabulary and phrases fluently. If you cannot convey your point in English at meetings, you will be perceived differently. In such circumstances, your value as a professional may decrease. Thus, you must improve your business English to avoid a situation like this!

Get your dream job

Understanding English in the business context can help you get the job you desire. Having the ability to speak confidently about various business topics is necessary. If you wish to get a well-paid position in a multinational, you need good communication skills. More often than not, even smaller companies do business with foreign partners. As a result, their employees must speak and write in English freely.

Learn how businesses operate

Globalization, interconnection, and intercommunication levels are constantly growing. Using a common language in communication is necessary in companies with clients worldwide. You will learn how companies work together, do business, and build professional relationships. Additionally, you can improve your business English skills to help you advance faster.

What does this Business English course include?

Business English Intermediate B1-B2 includes 40 individual lessons. Upon enrollment, the first 20 lessons will be available. The user will be redirected to the “Thank You” page following your payment. You will see instructions for enrollment there.

It is necessary to have internet access to take this course. Assignments can be completed offline and uploaded later. Lectures and quizzes are conducted online. The images, audios, and videos must be converted to the accepted file types (mp3, mp4, jpeg, jpg, png). You can download all other required software for free—for example, a PDF reader, Open Document Software, etc.

Immediately after signing up, you can begin your first lesson. After that, you have 30 days to complete the remaining 20 lessons. You can receive the lessons earlier upon your undertaking not to cancel your enrollment. To access course details, click on the “Your Profile” link and upload your avatar:

The following sections make up the lessons:

Introduction – with five lessons;

Listening – with seven lessons;

Reading – with 11 lessons;

Writing – with five lessons;

Business Activities – with six lessons;

Speaking – with six lessons

These lessons contain videos, audio, and course materials for more free materials. You should complete quizzes and assignments for most lessons. Normally, you should receive your assignment within 48 hours (weekdays). You will receive a certificate upon completion of all quizzes and assignments.

Many vocabularies, phrases, and other topics are included in this course. It will help you succeed in various business situations, like introducing yourself. Also, it will be easier to overcome anxiety in meetings and keep conversations going, etc.

Business English Products

How can this course impact your life?

Diminish Stress & Anxiety

People often feel stressed and unsure when they have to communicate in English. This program will provide you the tools you need to speak or write more, hear and read what the communicator is saying. You can connect with your customers, partners, or employees in the same language.

Judgement or humiliation can sometimes paralyze people. So, in meetings and other business situations, they feel ashamed and alone.

People often consider fluent English speakers as more deserving. 

An embarrassment, performance anxiety, guilt, distress, or anxiety generally is a negative emotion. 

Help Building Relationships

Having strong relationships is not important when looking to land a new job or a profitable deal. They also affect our happiness and enthusiasm at work.

Many threads run through the course – from “Tell me about yourself” to “Clinching the deal.” Rather than teaching you grammar, this course lets you know the appropriate words and phrases. It also shows you how they can be used in everyday business situations.

Meetings, emails, reports, or keeping conversations going are some of these activities.

This course would benefit native English speakers in the business world. It is generally designed for people whose first language is not English.

Financial Benefits

English is the most used language for international collaboration. English-speaking teams can attract a wider range of talents. As well as collaboration within their organizations, they’re more likely to go abroad.

A primary strategic goal of any corporation is to grow, and acquisitions are one way to do that. 

English is becoming an essential tool for start-up companies to compete with larger companies. Improving English may be an incentive for people who want to advance their careers. Getting the job comes down to your ability to communicate. Almost 49.5% of companies need a manager to have communication skills as a soft skill.

You can influence your future if you know business English. Lacking business English skills can hamper career advancement and company growth. There is no reason to fall behind.

Who is the creator of this Business English course?

The brain behind this great course is Dirk Le Roux. He is an ex-business executive who knows the corporate world from its core. With his vast experience in the corporate industry, he made this Business English course. It is for all professionals who struggle with English speaking and writing skills.

In 2019, he moved from South Africa to Germany. He holds a TEFL Level 5 certificate and degrees in Building Science and Theology.

In 2013, he sold his manufacturing and construction company. Afterward, he worked in web designing, accounting, and small business development. In March 2020, he began teaching English.

He realized that improved English skills could also increase opportunities and corporate profits. Thus, he created this course. His sole purpose was to help those aspiring to live a better life in the global community.

Will your Business English Skills improve after taking this course?

Do you feel ready to take on more responsibilities? You have put in the work and have proven that you can handle it. Your new title, pay increase, and chance to make a difference have been earned by you. You’ll have a competitive edge if you speak fluent business English. After taking up this course, you will see the following changes:

A Big Impact on Your Business Relationships

It is immediately apparent if you are an outsider or not once you open your mouth. Do not let others consider you less reliable or composed than those who speak more fluently. In a relationship or business situation, remember that first impressions are essential. If you talk for the first time, people decide whether they want to be your friend. When you converse confidently, you can attract others. Why not use your first words to connect with your customers, colleagues, and partners?

A Huge Influence on Your Personal Life

People base their opinion of you on how well you communicate verbally (and in writing). Having poor English skills makes people feel like you don’t understand them. This influences your advancement and promotions at your workplace. You cannot succeed with your job if you lack proper business English. Regardless of how educated, skilled, and qualified you are, you will lag behind. Business English skill is a prerequisite for all leadership positions.

Impact on Your Earnings

Gaining that dream job often depends on your ability to communicate in English. The way you communicate and present yourself has a direct and proven impact on your earnings. It is proven that improving your communication skills is the only way to get into high-paying jobs. A command of excellent business English improves your self-esteem and confidence. It also puts you on top of the ladder for the rest of your life.

How does Business English differ from General English?

Probably more similarities exist between the two than differences. Need to have a solid understanding of General English to communicate effectively. Business English courses concentrate on specific vocabulary and skills useful in the workplace. Some examples include:

  • Conference calls/making phone calls.
  • Putting together presentations
  • Participating in meetings
  • Taking part in negotiations
  • Sending emails/writing reports
Business English Creator

Benefits of taking Business English Course

There are many benefits to being proficient in Business English. You will be able to:

  • Search for better jobs
  • to earn more money
  •  have better job security
  • have the opportunity to work in other countries

Your employer, potential employer, or client will see that you:

  • Dedicated to learning new skills
  • Enthusiastic about learning
  • Take the initiative to improve your English skills
  • Behave professionally at work
  • You will be highly productive.

It is reasonable to assume any employer or client that you will do your best at any task given to you if you have dedicated so much time and effort to improve your Business English.

What makes this course different from other courses?

Google provides millions of course options. The following qualities make this course different from the rest:

  • A course designed for reducing stress and anxiety in English is the only one we know of.
  • The average cost of 40 sessions, each are of 45 minutes, is approximately €300 per month – much more!
  • You can download and keep resources to refresh essential issues.
  • Your teacher is an ex-business executive with intimate knowledge of the business.
  • You can submit assignments in writing, audio, or video – and they are corrected and commented on.
  • Completing the required assignments results in the award of a digital certificate for the Business English space.
  • Participants can network in a dedicated Facebook group.
  • You’ll get your money back within 30 days, no questions asked.

How much does this course cost?

The complete 40 sessions of this business English course are available for Just $49. You can get access to this fantastic course from its official website. Fill out the required details and process the payment. You can then access the greatest treasure in the world. This course includes audio, videos, and presentations to improve your English skills. 

Is this Business English Course helpful?

If you want to communicate effectively and confidently at your workplace, this course is ideal for you. It will also allow the user to develop communication skills and strategies in the workplace by learning and practicing vocabulary and expressions useful in everyday work life.


You can put your best self forward and express yourself more accurately by taking a Business English course. It will help you build your language skills at work, so you hesitate less and contribute more. Ultimately, you’ll come away with a set of skills that will make speaking more natural and comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Business English all about?

Business English is an English language course designed for business professionals. Students and professionals seeking career advancement can benefit from this program. In addition, managers who wish to enhance their communications skills can take advantage of it. Writing emails and preparing for interviews will be made easier with this program.

Who is the creator of Business English?

Dirk Le Roux created this excellent course. The former business executive has a deep understanding of the corporate world. He created this Business English course based on his experience in the corporate world. It is intended for professionals with limited English proficiency.

Does Business English really work?

Yes, it includes different reading and writing sessions that can be accessed from anywhere. So, it becomes easier for the user to learn English skills.

Who is Business English for?

It is for everyone, from students to business professionals, who wants to improve their English writing and speaking skills. Also, it helps boost confidence, reduce stress and anxiety.

How much does Business English cost?

It cost just €49 for all 40 sessions and other downloadable material.

What are business owners saying about Business English?

There is not much buzz about this course in the market right now.

Is Business English under a money-back guarantee program?

Yes, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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