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Product Name: CashBlurbs
Author/Creator: Bryan Winters
Price: 15 Days Trial for $7.00 then $20.00/month
Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days
Official Website:

Have you ever had an idea that sharing your ads with others can earn you quite a good deal? This is therefore the best thing that can happen to your life within a spur of a moment. Therefore in my review today am going to assure you that this is the best program for you.

Cash blurbs is a program that generates viral traffic for those who have enrolled in it and this traffic is generated by promoting the ads of others to your followers on Twitter and Facebook as your partners in the group get to promote your ads to their followers to.

Many reviews will not reveal this but you can hear it from my review today.

social media

The best thing about this is that you will not only enjoy promotion of your ads within the confines of cash blurbs and the connections you get access to through it but this will be spread across the whole network causing you to reach out to many more.

What is CashBlurbs?

A CashBlurbs ad is basically a short snippet of text, combined with a link.

They’re similar in style and size to Twitter tweets; you want to have one snappy, catchy line of text, followed by a link to a place where people can buy your product, visit your Website or sign up for your mailing list.

The idea is to use that one line of text to grab the attention of whomever is looking at the ad, and how you write the ad is important, because there are a lot of ads on the CashBlurbs homepage and it’s easy for any single ad to get lost.


About the author, Bryan Winters

Bryan winters is the sole author of this program. He came up with this program with an aim of helping different individuals with a scapegoat way to make some cash via their social media sites.

This program that he created offers to give website owners numerous traffics to their websites or product offerings for a minimum amount to invest as well as time.

This program is basically small ads that are like tweets from Twitter, wherein you’ll post them to its website and gets seen by a bunch of people.

It’s probably not that many people, but the program has a twist into their system that you may or may not find beneficial to you.

How does the product work?

web traffic

This is how CashBlurbs system works: you create an account, and you create your profile by adding your Facebook page URL and your Twitter ID.  These are mandatory; you cannot use CashBlurbs without these.

You can optionally add your own photo, as well, to give some personalization to your ads.

You can also get a Featured Blurb that puts your ad at the top of the page.  To get this, you need to look at three offers for products to buy before posting your ad.  That may or may not be worthwhile to you.

The membership at CashBlurbs is either free or paid, depending on how often you want to post ads.  Once a day may be enough for some people, while others may want to take advantage of the paid system that allows them to post ads as often as every 20 minutes.

Who is this program suitable for?

CashBlurbs is meant for anyone who would want to generate traffic through Twitter and Facebook that will extend beyond the boundaries of the contacts, thus they will be able to reach on these social platforms.

However this program is also meant for those who are dealing in multiple products or services who may be looking into ways of generating viral traffic form the social platform.

For those who value the importance of fostering interrelationships in business, this is the platform that is meant for them. It is a good place even to advertise affiliate products.

What does the program has to offer?

  • Free banners advertising
  • Lessons and tutorial videos
  • Forums
  • On-line marketing tools
  • Expert’s advice

How much does the product cost you?

Basically we can say that this system is favorably low and accessible that is

  1. By paying a onetime fee of $7 you will be able to post up to 72 ads for a period of 15 days and there after you will need to choose between free and unlimited membership.
  2. For the latter you will pay a monthly fee of $20 to be able to post an ad every 20 minutes while free membership allows you to post only one ad each day.

Does the product scam?

The program is fully legit. It promises to direct traffic to your offers by allowing you to post ads called “Cash Blurbs” or “Blurbs”…on the home page and getting other people to share your ads via their social media accounts.

That assures you fully of their effectiveness.

Does the program offer any customer support?

There is nothing sweet in a review as telling you that the program at hand got your back fully. This program has a very responsive customer service sectional part. It is handled through a 3rd part.

In case you have any disturbing issue or any questions you can just visit their website and be assured that you will get to receive their feedback within 24 hours. Does that not sound good?

Where you can buy CashBlurbs?

CashBlurbs is available on the official website,


Advertisement is a requirement for every business that needs to draw the masses as it promotes its products or services for more sales and it can be quite expensive.

However, you can opt for a cheaper advertisement option which will help you realize more traffic as you reach out to the masses. This is what cash blurbs is and it is a better option compared to other expensive advertisement strategies that you may opt for.

What are you waiting for partner? Just buy one of your own and enjoy making that amount of cash you have always wishing for. It’s an opportunity that does not worth let go.

>> Get Instant Access Now <<


• This program has unlimited membership that allows you to post an ad after every 20 minutes at a cost of $20 only.

• It is the best advertising platform for those who need to reach out to as many contacts on Facebook and Twitter as possible.

• You are guaranteed of your cash back within 60 days if you realize that this program does not deliver as expected.

• It is easy to sign up and simple enough for one to get started.

• The program is not only efficient but also effective.

• Very less procedures to follow makes the program more reliable.

• You can reach limitless number of people to promote your products or services.


• The free membership option does not help you achieve much in the shortest time possible as would the unlimited membership option.

• Any traffic generated will be low quality.

Summary: CashBlurbs is a product created by Bryan Winters an international online marketer.
The idea behind the product is relatively simple – it’s a social media sharing platform for anyone that is in need of driving traffic to their blog or affiliate/squeeze page. There’s both a free and paid version, so anyone can try it out.

RatingRated 5 stars
Thelma Hazlewood
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

The system is very simple, and once you have watched the intro video, there is not much to it.

on 2019-10-14 00:05:58

You’ll see that it calls itself an “online traffic revolution” that you can use to get hundreds of people sending “free traffic and leads,” leading to “endless potential leads, commissions, and sales.

Rodrigo Belcher
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Better option compared to other expensive advertisement strategies

on 2019-09-30 02:18:49

The potential of this program in terms of how many people you can reach is limitless and that is why it is the best from this point of view. It is a good place even to advertise affiliate products.

Donald Hernandez
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2018-02-15 07:01:18

It is great to meet other people and socialize with an international online marketer. The programs more reliable, efficient but also effective.

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