Certified Agile Transformation Course Review – Read Before You Buy!

February 22, 2023
Certified Agile Transformation Program

The modern workplace is becoming more advanced and dynamic. Nonetheless, it is even getting more tech-oriented going into the future. For this, tech-savvy professionals should consider taking the certified transformation course. The course is ideal for professionals as well as novice learners. Learning it equips you with agile methodology skills.

 Modern managers or professionals in leading organizations should learn the course. Learning it helps you become a certified agile transformation professional. This will enable you to develop a core understanding of agile practices and principles. Besides, you need it to better handle your day-to-day responsibilities.

 Getting agile transformation empowers you on various fronts. As an agile person, you become capable of managing, developing, and delivering projects. Moreover, the projects aren’t ordinary but high-performing and use the framework of agile. You also become capable of assisting your teams to respond to changing environments.

Thus, contemporary organizations need to transform from traditional development to agile development. This will enable them to incorporate new concepts such as agile principles.

In this comprehensive review, you are going to learn more about agile coaching and all that it is about. Keep reading to find out more about the course in more detail. You’ll also learn how you can get an agile transformation professional certification:

So What is the Certified Agile Transformation Course all About?

 The Certified Agile Transformation Course is a customized agile coaching plan. It’s right for agile professionals to be keen on improving their agility and leadership skills. Even project managers can gain some vital agile principles they need.  

This course is perfect for the agile leader, agile coach, scrum master, and even product owners. By enrolling for training, you get a downloadable kit from the creator.

The kit comes in handy for agile coaches who want to get their hands on new agile teaching techniques. The concepts and techniques are vital for day-to-day practice. At the completion of the course, you achieve top-notch agile consulting techniques. Certified Agile Transformation Program

Some of The Amazing Contents of the Certified Agile Transformation Course:

 Enroll as a Certified Agile Transformation Professional (CATP) course learner. Get access to amazing resources. You also go through sessions of up to eight interactive modules (24-video lessons). Moreover, these lessons cover leading concepts and techniques. You learn the lessons to be successful in agile transformation. 

As you learn agile transformation in this course. You will achieve a deep understanding of the fundamentals of agile ways of working. Also, are some built-in discovery assessments, use discussion boxes, and experience knowledge checks. There is also a final exam to gauge your skill level. 

Through this certified agile transformation learning. You will get an introduction to high-level industry concepts. Moreover, also get access to tools and techniques needed to lead others. Note, organizational leaders without agile knowledge aren’t as competitive in the job market.

What do You Stand to Achieve Once You Become an Agile Certified Practitioner?

 Upon successful completion of the agile training. You become one of the in-demand agile professionals. Nonetheless, you also achieve all the necessary skills needed for effective project management. This is why the course is particularly ideal for a project manager. It is also perfect for those in corporate leadership.

 As stated by top agile coach Donald E. Gray (on www.donaldgray.com). “Agile coaches have experience as they have been through the change process before. Don’t worry if you think moving to an agile development method involves change. You will know it does soon enough. “

 By getting this coaching from an experienced person, you save yourself lots of energy. Besides, the team that you lead will see that the management is serious about change.

Here are some real-life practical applications that you can use the course for:

  • Get credits from employers as an approved and paid training program.
  • You will have career advancement opportunities and be eligible for promotions.
  • You will be a globally recognized professional, which you can add to your resume profile.
  • You will get financial aid and support.

How to Take the Course 

 Training for the Certified Agile Transformation Course is available online. A skilled and certified agile transformation professional is the tutor. You can access tutorship via the Clickbank website. It is the official online retailer selling it to users.

 Once you secure payment for the course on the Clickbank website. You become eligible to enroll at one of the various sites offering the course. Connect with the leading certified agile coach who teaches participants. She is one of the most sought-after agile coaches. Her name is Dawn Nicole Mcilwain. Find here via the BrandDisco LLC platform.

 She is well-known to thrive on the use of agile principles. She has helped impart values to help institutions grow and succeed as a certified scrum master.

 Also, note that after your successful and secure payment and enrollment. You get access to training, but you will have to create an account. You have to use the account to access training and exams. Nonetheless, your access to this account will be for 60 days before it expires.

 With an account, you will get access to peruse learning content, including all its modules. You also access lessons, knowledge checks, participant guides, in-built assessments, and the exam. Certified Agile Transformation Course Review – Read Before You Buy!


 Training for the Certified Agile Transformation, including the exams, takes approximately seven hours. This is equal to seven continuing professional development hours!

Details of the Certified Agile Transformation Exam:

 It is a 50-question exam measuring basic agile transformation comprehension. Moreover, it encompasses leadership techniques to align learning objectives to learning outcomes. To get certified, you must pass the official CATP exam with a score of at least 85% or above.

It is important for you to note that certification cost is inclusive of tuition. This means that you only make a one-off payment. 

A Sneak Peek into The Course Outline:

After successful enrollment in this course, here’s what you will study:

  • Introduction to the Agile Transformation Services Market (this includes three lessons)
  • Agile mindset, motivating vs. mandating change (encompasses three lessons)
  • Leading people through agile transformation (this includes three lessons)
  • Agile coaching techniques, tools, and tips (this features three lessons)
  • Agile consulting techniques, tools, and tips (including three lessons)
  • Agile facilitation techniques, tools, and tips (including three lessons)
  • Agile teaching techniques, tools, and tips (including three lessons)
  • Agile mentoring techniques, tools, and tips (featuring three lessons)

At the successful completion of the course. You get access to the Agile Transformation Professional Exam. Nonetheless, this is how you get to earn your professional designation. Thus achieving certification as a Certified Agile Transformation Professional.Certified Agile Transformation Program

The course requirements:

For you to get accreditation for completing the training. You must abide by the following requirements:

  • You must take part and engage completely in all the sessions. You then get BrandDisco Accreditation for Agile Transformation Professional Course.
  • The teaching of the course must be through an authorized BrandDisco trainer.
  • The authorized BrandDisco Trainers can withhold your accreditation. This can be the case when they determine that you lack an understanding of the course. Or, if you enroll but fail to take part. 

Certified Agile Transformation Course Description – Final Verdict

From this review, you can see the importance of agile training to leaders. It doesn’t matter the leadership level you are at. Moreover, at the completion of the training. You gain vital insights and more confidence needed to excel in the modern workplace.

 By enrolling in the training, you will be able to improve your leadership skills. You benefit by learning more about agile expertise. Additionally, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee that the seller is offering. This comes in handy should you decide not to continue.

Certified Agile Transformation Course>> Get Instant Access Now <<

Frequently Asked Questions About “Certified Agile Transformation Course”:

What is the Certified Agile Transformation Course all about?

It is an agile professional course intended to train professionals who wish to acquire the necessary agile skills needed for the modern job market.

Who are the instructors of the Certified Agile Transformation Course?

Instructors are typically agile professionals drawn from scrum alliances. Dawn Nicole Mcilwain is one such professional. However, there are other highly qualified tutors.

How can I access the Certified Agile Transformation Course?

You can access it via the Clickbank website after making a payment. There is also access you can gain via the official website of the course once payment has been made.

How much does the Certified Agile Transformation Course cost?

To access the agile framework and do the course, you are required to pay $999 before you can gain access to all the course's resources.

Is the Certified Agile Transformation Course for everyone?

Agile certifications help to improve your profile and are thus ideal for any worker looking to up his/her skills in the job market. Leaders also can benefit immensely by enrolling in the course.

What are customers saying about the Certified Agile Transformation Course?

The agile certification program is highly welcome amongst customers and many of them endorse it. Any course that is worth your time is one that is highly endorsed by top professionals like this one.

What are the pros and cons of the Certified Agile Transformation Course?

There are various pros of the course which include; 60-day money-back guarantee, highly qualified tutors who have excelled in agile principles, online courses thus offering convenience to learners.

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