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Combat Shooter Review – Works or Just a SCAM?

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Product Name: Combat Shooter
Author/Creator: John Black
Price: $47.00
Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days
Official Website: https://alphanation.com

Do you want to learn how to operate a gun? Do you want to master the shooting skills? Are you struggling to achieve accuracy while hitting the target? If yes, then try the Combat Shooter program.

Operating a gun is not easy. You have to do a lot of practice to handle a gun properly. Once you learn to use a gun, the next problem that you may face is a lack of accuracy.

Most shooters waste thousands of dollars on buying the bullets for their weapons. The reason that they have to purchase the ammo, repeatedly, is that the accuracy is missing in their target, which makes them waste ammo.

Combat Shooter

Even after doing practice, you cannot achieve the accuracy without proper guidance. But From where will you get that guidance? Should you go to costly training sessions to achieve the right direction of better accuracy?

Well, I do not recommend you joining expensive training sessions because I have a much better and cheaper solution for you, which is Combat Shooter.

Now the question is, will this shooting product work? Why should you prefer it instead of practical training? Well, in this Combat Shooter review, you are going to understand everything.

What is the Combat Shooter?

It is a system that teaches how to use a gun. The product also helps you master the shooting skills. You will find out the correct way of handling a weapon. Whether you want to operate a gun or a pistol, you will learn it via this product.

Additionally, it ensures to improve your shooting accuracy, which will help you in hitting the target easily. This Shooting system includes some top shooting secrets, which only a few shooting experts know.

You will learn how law enforcement and the police make their shooting skills better. This shooting skill will support you in protecting your family, home, and country.

Combat Shooter

You will learn to tackle the harsh situation with a calm mind. The product comes up with both carbine and pistol training so that you can use any type of weapon with ease.

Moreover, it is not going to be a difficult task. Even if you are operating the gun for the first time, still this program will be quite useful for you.

However, it does not allow using your skill for some negative purpose if you are learning it for the wrong reasons, then you might face harsh consequences.

About John Black – The Creator

John Black is the creator of this product. However, it’s not the real name of the creator. It is a pen name, but the owner has shared the reason why he has not revealed the name.

He is currently serving as an army officer in some of the most dangerous areas of the world due to which John has not told his name.

John believes that giving his real name might put him in life-threatening trouble. However, this product will work and will teach you to work for your family’s safety.

How Does Combat Shooter Works?

It is going to train you with the shooting techniques which you can use to defend yourself as well as your family. It teaches the art of handling worse situations that you may face during your life.

You will learn to apply effective shooting techniques that are used by law enforcement agencies. Once you implement the tactics given in the program, you are going to become a skillful shooter.

Combat Shooter

Some Unique Strategies in Combat Shooter

No Light Fast Fight

This strategy will aid you in hitting consecutive bullets on to the target with extraordinary precision and accuracy. It ensures that you do not waste your ammo while missing it.

Philosophy of Natural Movement

Most people ignore the body movements due to which they lack in shooting skills. However, the natural body movements also play a critical role while shooting, which you will learn in the product.

IA3 Drill

Every weapon is complex and has a different drill, which you will understand through the IA3 drill. It will train you in such a way so that you can use all the weapons easily. The IA3 training also aims to speed up the response rate.

Sight Right Strategy

It is a simple strategy that might bring a substantial change in your shooting skills. This drill will help you to know the value of every single second.

Gage & Stage Tactic

This tactic will accommodate you boosting your shooting speed. It ensures that within seconds you can effortlessly hit the target multiple times.


What Comes with the Combat Shooter?

The QSQ Draw Technique

Most of the weapons are difficult to handle, but the QSQ Draw technique will make it an easy task. This technique will support you in managing your weapon quickly. It will help to get better control over your gun, which is quite essential.

The P2S Principle

This system also features the P2S Principle, which will assist you in achieving higher accuracy. You will understand how to engage with multiple attackers via it.

The O2 Flow Method

While using a weapon, you also have to use your mind correctly. Due to which the product has also added the O2 Flow Method, which will guide you about mind switching. It will encourage you to make decisions within a few seconds.

The 7 Foot Rule

The product includes the 7 foot Rule that will show you the correct angle of shooting. This right angle will ensure you are hitting the target with ease. It also educates people on how to dodge the attacker so that they cannot harm you.

Rare Tips

In the guide, you will get to know some rare strategies that you can follow to become a professional shooter. It will make you understand everything about shooting and the process of performing it correctly.

Combat Shooter Bonuses

You will get three exceptional shooting related bonuses with the program. To know more about those bonuses, you can read the section below.

Elite Shooter Mindset Manual

In this hooter mindset manual, you will get access to various priceless secrets. It comes with an easy-to-read booklet that will make you understand more about the shooting. You will learn the mindset of an elite shooter during combat.


Alpha Survival Manual

It is another excellent manual containing many key points regarding the shooting. This manual will guide you on how you can make your loved ones safe during some emergency. It covers simple outages as well as a terrorist attack so that you can manage things effectively.

Alpha Nation Online Coaching Community

Here you will get access to an online shooting community where you will obtain numerous useful videos and articles. It will teach you how to survive in a difficult situation. However, you will only get access to this community for free for 21 days.

Benefits of Using Combat Shooter

Handle Any Weapons

Handling a weapon is not easy, but this system will make this task effortless for you. It will make you manage and operate any gun easily.

However, it demands you to execute some practice sessions to make you understand how to control weapons.

Improve Accuracy

If you already know how to operate a weapon but don’t have good accuracy, then you can still try this product.

It will help you in developing your accuracy, which will further save you from wasting bullets.


Suitable For Everyone

This product is not restricted to men only. Even women can use it and learn to use a weapon. The training is going to be the same for every gender, but it will be effective and easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Combat Shooter Only For Men?

No, it is not only for men. Both men and women can implement the strategies given in the system. No matter what your gender is, you only have to practice the tips that this product covers.

Is the Combat Shooter For Everyone?

People under 18 should not use this system. If you have not reached the minimum age of using a gun that the state has mentioned, then you must not invest in this product. However, if your age is above the minimum age, then you can try it.

How Much Does Combat Shooter?

It only cost $47. Instead of paying a lot of money in expensive shooting training, you can buy this shooting system and learn it by yourself.

gun shot


It does not matter whether you are a man or a woman; the Combat Shooter will make you a trained professional in the shooting.

It will give you the mindset to handle harmful situations that you may have to face to protect loved ones. Combat Shooter comprises various drills that you require practicing if you want to be a professional shooter.

However, this system does not allow you to use your shooting system to harm someone. You can only use it if you or your family is in big trouble.

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• You are going to learn the gun handling process in a secure way.
• It will help you to improve your accuracy and precision while shooting.
• You will understand some unique shooting tactics.
• It supports both men and women to master shooting.
• The product will encourage you to face some extreme situations.
• There are many special tactics and strategies given in it.


• You need to be careful while practicing it.
• It is a bit dangerous if not supervised correctly.

Summary: Now everyone can master the shooting skills using easy-to-follow strategies provided in the Combat Shooter. Whether you have operated any weapon before or not, the Combat Shooter system will work for you. It is going to make you capable of handling weapons with ease.

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Shawn Osborn
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Effectively designed to train both men and women.

on 2020-08-18 03:42:50

If you want to learn to use the guns without any fear and want to be calm in crisis, Combat Shooter is just for you. It is also quite convenient for those working long hours at office as they can learn to utilize the guns without any massive lectures.

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Threats may come your way

on 2020-07-02 21:19:00

Learn to be in control in a dangerous situation instead of feeling and being helpless and hopeless. With Combat Fighter And Combat Shooter, you can be a very capable fighter and an effective shooter when needed.

Jeanne Grubb
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

It’s a hobby. A good deal will read this guide and further their comprehension.

on 2020-06-25 10:23:54

Enjoy excellent time with your kids by participating in matches you like. This allows you to have fun. There is some advantage offered concerning hand-eye coordination training.

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2020-03-10 16:31:45

I have learned many new tricks about Shooting through the Combat Shooter product. Its Amazing.

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