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Consistent Golf Review – Does It Work or Not?

Consistent Golf
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Golf is one of the most amazing sports ever invented. It is a sport that not only helps you get fit but also improves your mind’s concentration power, your body stability and body-hand co-ordination.

It is a game that is only for the few who truly understand its significance and value. Not many people in the world really find golf to be much interesting but the few that do appreciate it because they know that the experience that golf gives is only understood by those who love it.

Golf players are usually passionate about it. They love the game and always seek to improve their skills in it and become better players. Unfortunately, there aren’t many platforms in the internet that are dedicated to teaching about it. And even the few that do are rather complex or they do not have enough content to make one become an out of this world golf player.

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This predicament leaves so many players and players-to-be stranded and confused on their next move. However, there is a light that I bring to you today to guide you out of your tunnel of hopelessness. This light is the Consistent Golf.

In this review, we are going to look at what the Consistent Golf is, what it offers and the advantages of using it. I can assure you that this product is not a scam and all the people who have bought it have posted positive reviews concerning it.

What Is the Consistent Golf?

The Consistent Golf is an e-book that was written with the aim of helping golfers improve their swings and overall golf play. It is like a golf school created for your own convenience. This book highlights all the important points that you need to know to become a better player. You will be taught on identifying your weaknesses and working on them.

It combines both the physical tactics involved and the mental/psychological part of it too. All these factors combined are going to help you master all the principles that you need to know in golf so that you master the game itself.

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About the Author- Jeff Richmond

Jeff Richmond is the brains behind this great product. He has been a golf instructor and teacher for more than twenty years making him a very experienced expert in golf so he knows what is best for you.

He also teaches on the psychology of golf playing. You will be taught on how to remain calm, developing confidence and managing stress. Basically, it’s all about improving your state of mind as you play.

The Outline of the Course

In the guide, Jeff Richmond talks about a five-step formula that will be the only thing necessary to get your golfing skills to the next level. It is a program that you will adhere to only as per your wishes until you feel that you have achieved the mastery of golf that you wanted.

The essence of the method employed by the author is to help you become a better player by improving your weak points.

The 5-step formula explains out its tactics as follows:

  1. Step 1.

This first part talks about four aspects when it comes to the game of golf. They are ranked in an order of the weakest to the strongest. They consist of:

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  • The Long Game. This explains on how to achieve an excellent swing when it comes to golf. You will be taught on how to grip the club, maintain a consistent grip always and swing it in the best way.

Here you also get to learn how to check your club to ensure it is physically designed to give you a good grip so that you do not end up having awful swings and yet it is not your fault.

  • The Short Game. This focuses on the chip shot. Not many people really know what the chip shot is or how it is done and how it helps with short games. With this section, you will get all the information about it.
  • The Putting Game. Find out more about relaxing, visualizing and being fully concentrated during putting in a golf game. All the above-mentioned qualities are fundamental if you are to win any game of golf or become an excellent player.
  • The Mental Game. As the name obviously suggests this involves the mind and building of confidence. Golf is a game of extreme concentration, deep calculations and approximations.

It needs your full attention and your state of the mind to be at its best. This is exactly what you’ll get to learn here.

  1. Step 2.

Step two is all about helping you work on your weaknesses in golf and improve them. You will be given a step-by-step guidance on how you can do this. The program is proven to work.

  1. Step 3.

This is now where you get to perfect your skills through consistent practice and repetition. You are going to do this until you feel you have achieved the level of expertise you desired.

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  1. Step 4.

In this phase, you are taught on how to come up with a plan that will help you in maintaining your level of skills and improve them.

     5. Step 5

Step 5 involves going back to the beginning and repeating the whole process which will of course help you perfect.

Final Verdict

If you want to be a better player without having to spend much or read much, this is the right product for you to buy. In a world where golf training courses are not offered a lot, Jeff has really stood out and delivered a rather excellent product. Although not in pdf format, it still takes the trophy home for its amazing programs.


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• It can be used for all ages. It doesn’t matter whether you are a kid or an adult, this guide is the best for all golfers.

• 60-day refund period, completely risk free. Yes, that’s right, you get sixty days to try out the product and consider if it suits. If you feel it is not the right training course for you, feel free to request for your money back. This also stands as proof that you are not being scammed.

• Step-by-step guide. The Consistent Golf explains all its ideas and instructions in a step-by-step method to ensure that you completely understand it and master the skills it teaches.

• Less work. With this guide, you will not have to watch many videos or read very many tips on golfing. The book emphasizes on getting straight to the point and providing only the relevant information.

• Very cheap. Most golf training courses are extremely expensive especially when it comes to the hiring of trainers or coaches. However, with this program, you only spend $17 and get a full course at such an affordable pricing.

• Easy to use and incorporate. The 5-step program is well explained, easy to understand and use too.

• Free regular updates. Once you buy the e-book, you become a member where you will be receiving updates and tips on how to improve you golf play. And all this is absolutely free, no extra charges.


• The videos where Jeff explains about golf are of high megabytes so you are going to require excellent internet connectivity to run them.

Summary: The book Consistent Golf delivers a lot in terms of a golf training course. It is well detailed and you will be able to comprehend what it is talking about. For those with the passion to become legends in golf, or if you want to get your loved one a guide to help them improve in golf, the Consistent Golf is what you need.

RatingRated 4.67 stars

Rated 4.67 stars
4.67 / 5 (12 )


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