Does CopyBlocks Really Work? – My Shocking Review

January 12, 2022
CopyBlocks Program
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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has changed a whole lot of things. Businesses all around the world are going online for survival. Websites, sales pages, blogs, and affiliate content is gaining importance with every passing day.

Digital marketing has emerged as one of the most effective business marketing tools to win more leads. The demand for copywriters with persuasive writing skills is skyrocketing. People are investing their time, energy, and money to get an effective copy that converts and generates sales.
You cannot overemphasize the importance of copywriting. Remember it can either boost or kill your business. Thus, most copywriters charge several dollars to write converting copies and boost sales. Copywriters write content for websites, blogs, social media pages, and professional video slides.
If you want to earn money online by selling essential services, you need a good copy. A good copy can portray your product to get high conversion. Copyblocks cut the language differences and provide high conversion. Copyblocks may prove money-making machines if you sell high converting ad copies.

Copyblocks review: What is Copyblocks?

 Copyblocks is AI-powered software. It works with powerful marketing strategies to write excellent sales converting copies. You can write thousands of unique copies in more than 120 languages with a click. Modern business marketing strategies include:
  • AIDA (Attention-Interest-Desire-Action)
  • PGC (Pain-Gain-Claim)
  • FAB (Feature-Advantage-Benefits)
  • PAS (Pain-Agitate-Solve) or (Problem-Agitation-Solution)
You can write text for blogs, sales pages, social media ads, and websites. Copyblocks can also help you write product descriptions. It is useful to write product pitches, product advertisements, corporate profiles, and much more within a few minutes.
This advanced AI software can write human beings like copies for your e-commerce stores. Copyblocks can also write professional-quality marketing copies.
Many copywriters, developers, freelancers, social media marketers, and agency owners have tested this breakthrough software. Copyblocks is the only way to fulfill the increasing demand for copies.
As an agency owner, you can create unlimited copies of your old written content. There is no need for technical or writing skills. Unlike other AI copywriting tools, it does not need any fill-in blanks. Instead, it uses real-time artificial intelligence to convert content automatically.CopyBlocks Program

Copyblocks Review: Complete Overview of the Software

 The coronavirus pandemic has changed the ways businesses carry on their day-to-day activities. Several businesses seem struggling to move online. Online marketing is gaining popularity with every passing day. Copywriters are in high demand to write high converting copies.
But, outdated templates and increasing prices of copywriting professionals have provoked Ifiok Nkem to launch this AI-powered software. He is a full-stack digital marketer who has experienced various career shifts in his life.
Software Creator                                                                Ifiok Nkem
Product Name                                                                    Copyblocks AI
Launch Date and Time                                                    10-09-2021 11:00 AM EST
Launch Ended                                                                   16-09-2021 Midnight
Bonuses                                                                              Yes, Many Bonuses
Skill                                                                                     All Levels
Refund                                                                                30-days Moneyback Guarantee
Support                                                                               Effortless Support
Niches                                                                                  AI Copywriting
Recommendations                                                            Highly Recommended
There is no denying the fact that we see copywriting every day and everywhere. We see copywriting on google ads, videos, ebooks, social ads, podcasts, and even emails. Copyblocks help in writing powerful copies. These copies not only convince your audience but save money.

Copyblocks review: How Copyblocks Make Work Easy

 Are you searching for the best copywriters for your agency websites? Are you planning to own a content marketing business? If yes, Copyblocks is the software that can help you create content. You can create content for google advertisements, video services, websites, blogs, and social ads.
Remember that you have to get in touch with thousands of people visiting your online business. You need software that can help you match the perspectives of those people. Copyblocks creates custom content to help you market your product or service.
Copyblocks can write content automatically once you provide some basic information about your business. It may include the nature of your business, services it offers, benefits your business can provide, and your specialty.
Copywriting takes much time and, thus, copywriters charge higher prices. Copyblocks can save money by making your job done for your websites. This one-time investment can save you time and money. It can provide you with several copies to run a successful copywriting agency business.
It is an AI-powered software that has switched the world from human intelligence to artificial intelligence. The software uses advanced marketing technologies.

Copyblocks review: Difference Between Copyblocks and Other Copywriting Software

Most people seem to ask why to use Copyblocks. There are various other copywriting tools available in the market. This honest Copyblocks review is enough to answer the question. The main difference between Copyblocks and other software is support for 120+ languages.
Most copywriting software available in the market is the ‘fill in the blanks’ type of software. They ask you to fill in the blanks to deliver the content you like. Copyblocks only require you to enter your product or service name. It asks you to write a summary of the description and performs the remaining job.
Moreover, it allows you to select the tone and language of the content. You can generate unique and attractive content in your preferred language. It provides global acceptance of the content because of support for 120+ languages.

Copyblocks review: Benefits and Highlighting Features

Copyblocks offers many unique and appealing benefits to digital marketing experts. They can create hundreds of copies within a minute with a single click. The main highlighting features of the software are:

1-Human Like 50+ Copywriting Skills

Do you know that Copyblocks can create custom content? It can fit almost all business niches and requirements. Copies created with this AI-powered tool are like the copywriting of expert copywriters. It is impossible to spot the difference between human writing and software copywriting.
The copy created with a single click can boost your page and maximize page visits and sales. Copyblocks use the AIDA framework. It helps the software to understand the psychology of buyers. The software can then create copies that follow their cognitive methodology. There is no need to hire an expert copywriter.

2-Uses PAS Framework to Write Persuasive Copies

Content creation is among the uphill tasks in the digital world. It is the content that captures the attention of your page or website visitors. Copyblocks uses the PAS (Problem-Agitation-Solution) framework. This framework increases the persuasion powers of the marketing copy.
There is no need for telemarketing scripts to run a widely successful copywriting agency. Copyblocks can do it for you with a click.

3-Content Improver to Write Better Copies

One of the most attractive features of this copywriting software is the content improver. Insert the pre-written content that you have. The content improver simplifies sentence expand their meaning to persuade more people.
Copyblocks convert the content immediately. The software makes it more attractive, persuasive, and better sounding, within 60 seconds with a single mouse click.

4-Built-in Sentence Expander for Longer Text

 There is no denying the fact that writing long texts is always difficult. But, Copyblocks come with a built-in sentence expander. It works with sentence improver simplify sentence expansion to increase the SEO ranking of the text. Now, tell in a few words what you want to write and Copyblocks will do the rest for you.
It has the power to expand your summary text into long, logical, interesting, and compelling text. This increases the trust factor of your products or services in the customers’ minds.

5-Headline Expert for Perfect Titles

 An eye-catching title can attract more customers. The title should compel the visitors to read the entire marketing copy.
 Earlier, copywriters have to research for creating a suitable and eye-catching title. Copyblocks can create titles with a simple click of a button. Often these are working titles that capture the interests of readers.

6-Quick Translator for Universal Acceptance

 Another appealing feature of Copyblocks is that it can write copies in 120+ languages. It gives your content a universal acceptance by translating it into your preferred language. This helps you reach a global audience.
You have to paste the content and select your preferred language. The software will generate the copy in a new language for your target audience.

7-Higher Ranking with Keyword Generator

 Copyblocks come with Surfer SEO integration. It helps in better rankings of your websites, sales pages, and e-commerce stores. It provides you with highly optimized content that pops up higher among search engines.
Now, you do need SEO experts for keyword research and usage in the text. Copyblocks generates the right keywords and uses these intelligently for highly optimized content.

8-Tone Adjuster for Effective Brand Voice

 Setting the tone of your content the way you like is another amazing feature of Copyblocks. It comes with a built-in tone adjuster that allows you to set the tone of your content. For example, you can use a serious tone for grim situations and a funny tone for festivities. Apart from these two, there are many other options.Does CopyBlocks Really Work? - My Shocking Review

Copyblocks review: Working of Copyblocks

 Copyblocks enable you to create copies of the content. You can use content in blogs, websites, videos, Facebook link descriptions, and much more. The software works in three easy steps. These are:
        1. If you own a digital product, you will have to fill in the product name and its description.
       2. Now, you have to decide what type of content you want. Select the tone of the content from various options available.
       3. Artificial Intelligence in the software generates content that is 100% unique and original. You can compare it with the content written by an expert copywriter.
You are free to use the content in your business or sell it for your digital marketing agency’s success. Investment in buying this tool may help you in social media ad creation. The tool uses a secret strategy to promote your business.

Copyblocks review: What You Can Create with Copyblocks

Whether you own a digital product or want to run a successful copywriting agency business, you can create high converting copies. These copies may be in different languages from its single dashboard. Copyblocks help you create: 

Create Social Ads

Copyblocks are useful for creating unique and converting social ad copies. These copies help to attract new as well as old customers. You can create:
  • General Ad Copies
  • Google Headlines
  • Facebook Primary Texts
  • Facebook Headlines
  • Facebook Link Descriptions, and
  • Google Descriptions

Websites and E-Commerce

Copyblocks are also useful for creating content for your websites and e-commerce stores. It is beneficial for creating:
  • Headlines
  • Sub Headlines
  • Product Pitches, and
  • Product Descriptions

Blogs Writing

 If you are running a blog or intend to set up a professional copywriting agency business, copyblocks are for you to create unique content every time. You do not need to insert pre-written content in your blogs or sales pages. Copyblocks help you create:
  • Blog Posts Ideas
  • Blog Posts Titles
  • Blog Posts Intros and Outline
  • Blog Listicles Titles
  • Bullet Points to a Blog and Paragraph

Creating Sales Copies

 Do you know that Copyblocks can provide you with telemarketing scripts? It is a secret strategy for making money online. It works well with the following business marketing strategies:
  • AIDA
  • Pain-Agitate-Solution
  • Before-After-Bridge
  • Pain-Gain-Claim
  • QUEST Copywriting
  • Feature-Advantage-Benefit

Setting Up A Company

Copyblocks is among the most recommended software for those who want to set up a company. If you own a widely successful copywriting agency, you can use it. It can help you write:
  • Company Motto
  • Company Mission Statement
  • Company Biography
  • Personal Biography of the Owners
  • Value Proposition of the Company

Copyblocks review: Who Should Buy the Software?

The simple and user-friendly interface of the software makes it ideal for all businesses. It even helps the newbies to grow their businesses without incurring extra costs. Copyblocks is suitable for all audience types.
You can use it for Content Marketing, Paid Ads, Email Marketing, SEO, SMM, Ecommerce, Website Builders, and running an Agency. Freelancers, Video Creators, Bloggers, Social Media Managers, and content creators should buy this software. It is also useful for Ad Creators and Agency Owners.
Anyone interested in making money online can use Copyblocks to sell high-demand services. The software comes with training videos that make your job easy.CopyBlocks Program

Copyblocks review: Front-end of the Software

The front-end of Copyblocks is simple and easy to use. After signing up for a package, you land on the dashboard with three options on the left bar. These are projects, bonuses, and support. You have to click the projects tab for creating copies of the content.
If you want to create a new project, click the add project tab on the top right corner of the dashboard page. It will ask you the product name. After you fill in the product name, it will ask you to write a summary or product description. In the end, you have to select the tone and language of the copy.
You can generate and regenerate copies of the content. Remember that Copyblocks write copies like expert human beings. It is almost impossible to differentiate between human copywriting and software copywriting.

Copyblocks review: Copyblocks OTO’s and Upgrades

 Copyblocks comes with 5 OTO’s for individuals and agency owners. Different OTO’s offer various facilities to the users. Below are the OTO’s and upgrades included in this software package:

Upsell 1- Copyblocks Unlimited for One Year

 Under this package, the users get instant access to unlimited copies. You can enjoy unlimited downloads and unlimited projects for a period of one year. It also provides you instant access to how to train AI to write copies in the way you want. You can train AI through different AI example texts.

Upsell 2-Copyblocks Pro for More Copy Categories

 This upsell offers you access to some more product categories to write converting copies. These categories include Email writer, sentence improver, simplify the sentence, and expand sentence. It also provides immediate access to speedy copy generation, graphic design software, and VIP customer support.

Upsell 3-Copyblocks Agency

 If you intend to start a copywriting agency business, this upsell is ideal for you because it offers innumerable benefits. Thus buy a commercial license to get your immediate access to the irresistible proposal (ms word, PowerPoint). The package offers a highly optimized cold call email sequence, and a video agency website irresistible.
You will enjoy free access today to print-ready commercial graphic templates for video services (business card, letterhead, invoice, trifold brochure). This upsell gives you immediate access to 4 dfy Facebook ad creatives, dfy web banners, banners google ads dfy, and dfy legal contract vetted by an attorney.
It can provide your copywriting agency business with stunning success through selling digital marketing scripts. Copyblocks also offer access to agency website irresistible proposal (ms word, PowerPoint).

Upsell 4-Digital Marketing Agency Success

 Under this upsell, you will get your free approach to ten full-blown digital marketing service kits. This will allow you to provide digital marketing services without marketing kit training. You can sell digital marketing services to your old and new clients.

Upsell 5-Whitelabel

 This upsell offers you to resell Copyblocks and earn 100% profit. It includes free access immediately to the admin panel for new user creation and management of existing users. You will have done for your marketing kit training and bonuses. If you own a domain, it helps to handle server and hosting.
Upsell 5 provides you unlimited reseller rights to 6 premium apps. They handle the support and pay for all credits your users will consume.CopyBlocks Program

Copyblocks review: Bonuses for Experts and Early Birds

 Copyblocks offers lots of bonuses for your personal and professional achievements. You will have to go to buy receipts to claim your bonuses. Some of the bonuses are:

1- 7 Days Product Creation Blueprint

 Creating your own digital product is among the most difficult tasks in carrying out business. Copyblocks provides you free access to an e-course for the creation of your own digital product within 7 days. You get instant free access delivered as you begin taking action on this page.

2-99000+ PLR Articles

 Most Copyblocks buyers take action on this page to enjoy free access immediately to 99000+ PLR articles to use or sell as-is. Outsourcing that’ll save you time, not money. Copyblocks saves you both time and money. The software allows you to spin the content also.

3-Profitable and Effective Outsourcing Secrets

Buying this course will offer free immediate access to the secrets of profitable and effective outsourcing. It provides a ninja approach to outsourcing that’ll save your time and money. You will learn how to identify projects for outsourcing. It will tell you the ideal time for outsourcing, things to consider before outsourcing, and much more. So, take action on this page to get free instant access delivered to you and identify projects for effective outsourcing.

4-100K Adsense Blueprint

Do you want to learn to make money online from Google Adsense starting today? Google Adsense is among the most popular ways to earn money. The course provides you access to 100K Google Adsense blueprints to earn handsome money. So, get your free access today and earn from Google Adsense starting today.
Copyblocks also offer free agency websites bonuses to sell marketing content and earn money online. It saves you from outsourcing everyday tasks and brings some marketing agency success package for the experts. You can buy Google ads dfy legal contract also.

CopyBlocks >> Get Instant Access Now <<

Frequently Asked Questions About “CopyBlocks “:

What is CopyBlocks all about?

Copyblocks is an AI-powered copywriting software that can create copies in 120+ languages within 60 seconds. No other copywriting software supports too many languages for universal usage.

Who created CopyBlocks?

Ifiok Nkem created Copyblocks. Ifiok Nkem is a digital marketeer who wants people to excel in the field using software copywriting tools because they can create several copies in no time.

What benefits will I get from CopyBlocks?

You can create new content, spin content, and get copies in 120+ languages for international markets. Copyblocks can help you create several copies within 60 seconds. These copies will have expert copywriter like quality.

Who is CopyBlocks for?

Copyblocks is useful for writing attractive copies to boost page visits and sales. It writes like an expert human copywriter. The software can write copies in 120+ languages for global usage.

How can I access CopyBlocks?

You cab access Copyblocks through their official website. Copyblocks copywriting software is also available at discounted prices through various affiliate links.

Is CopyBlocks accessible to everyone?

Yes, it is accessible to everyone who purchases any upsell. You can buy it for writing attractive copies for your business. If you own copywriting agency, you can buy and use this software tool to create and sell copies to earn a handsome amount of money.

How much does CopyBlocks cost?

Different upsells cost different amounts of money. Its price ranges between $47-$497. The upsell 1 costs you $97 for one year period. The upsell 2 is available for $67, upsell 3 for $47, upsell 4 for $67, and upsell 5 for $497.


Guaranteed to convert copies within minutes
Helps to generate copies with different tones, angles, and skills
Team of experts for online support
Freedom to login from any device anywhere in the world
Support for 120+ languages
Tutorials team feature for easy collaboration
100% original content in no time, and
much more


You have to buy at least one upsell to unlock Copyblocks features

Summary: Different upsells of the software help you create letterhead, invoice, trifold brochure, banners google ads dfy, Facebook ad creatives dfy, creatives dfy web banners and ad creatives dfy web. You can also create web banners google ads, dfy legal contract, dfy web banners google, dfy legal contract vetted by an attorney, and much more.

Different upsells provide unlimited downloads, highly optimized cold email letters, and launch special bonus for agency website irresistible proposal ms. If you are an agency owner, you can use Copyblocks for dfy web banners google ads and offer video agency website irresistible services.

Thus, take action on this page, buy a commercial license and start experiencing professional video slides proven success. You can create content or sell as is and earn money with your copywriting agency business stunning success.

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