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February 14, 2023
Cosmic Energy Profile Know Your Destiny

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Cosmic Energy Profile


Liz & Ric Thompson




60 days


  • The system has wisdom rooted in science. The creators have used the techniques on multiple people and watched their lives bloom. Therefore, they are all viable and proven to work. This makes the system a path to be trusted.
  • The system is easily accessible online. This makes it simple when you are trying to access it. You only need to go to the internet, search for it and order after paying
  • Another good thing about this book is that the contents are scientifically accurate. The research of ancient methods is reflected in the personalized accurate profiles.
  • The structure and arrangement of this system makes it easy to follow and apply in real life. You will be able to get everything easily because it is arranged in a manner that is meant to make you grow progressively without being complex.
  • The authors know what they are talking about and they will give you information that you can rely on.
  • The system teaches alignment and principles that are easy to apply and can change even the most timid and closed off people into seductive and very admirable beings. These are the results of psychology and social skills all combined to form this one deadly skill.
  • The Consumer reviews have only good things to say about this system. The creators have enjoyed success due to the fact that the methods work and the numerous fans that adore his work can attest to that as seen in consumer reviews on the internet.
  • The book has a money back guarantee where you can get every penny that you paid for the book back if it fails to work.
  • There’s a lot of skepticism around this.

This system was created and developed by the impressive Ric and Liz Thompson who are all about the connection of the human body and mind with the universe.
The universe has so much good in store for you and they say that all you have to learn to do is to tap into it and channel it through you and the way that you can do this is by the use of this astral blueprint, which you will find in this system.
The book is said to be just the tip of the iceberg in this monumental topic. It has a lot to offer in terms of life enhancement and guidance in following the destiny that was designed by the universe for you.

This cosmic energy profile was created and written by the impressive Ric and Liz Thompson, who connect the human spirit with the universe. It sounds like hogwash until you use the program and discover that it has a lot of potential in reducing anxiety and keeping you in sync with your inner wisdom.

Once you know your Cosmic Energy Profile and your Galactic Profile, you’ll have a clear pathway for daily action. You will have a chance to give yourself a deep look into yourself and the universe to know where to go on your journey.

Cosmic Energy Profile Review – Get Answers Fast

You know life has so much good in store for you and, according to them, it’s only a matter of knowing where to look. In a matter of minutes, you will get an outline of your profile with your name and birth date. They follow the ancient Mayan astrological practices. This program written in English will help you get all the moves right.

Freedom and destiny go hand in hand, and you can tap into it by using the cosmic energy profile. You will have a better day and a better life when you follow the steps that the universe outlines for you.

Also, this first energy profile is said to be just the tip of the iceberg in this monumental exploration. They also have different cosmic analyses that will finetune your universal frequency and clear the path for you.

Cosmic Energy Profile How It Work

Cosmic Energy Profile Review – What it is

According to several reviews, this is more than just a profile with a table of contents. We can call it a system working in harmony to create the perfect and most well-balanced guide to life that you will enjoy. The cosmic energy profile works with every part of our life.

The combination of all those ancient methods, all put together in one place, outline a star map to help you reach the life that is the best for you. You would be wise to think of it as a signature master blueprint of life.  It will be as if life talked to you and gave you the best of advice. It’s as if it cleared a path that you can see for miles ahead.

Wisdom, knowledge, and research made the creation of this cosmic energy profile guide possible. This means that you are accessing thousands of years of wisdom in one single place. This also includes simple steps.

The dreams you have and the paths you intend to lead are possible when you have this cosmic map. Your intuition is already aligned with the universe. That’s why you are here. Now, you can let it flow free without any fears on the way.

A lot of people might ask the question – does this product work? The cosmic energy profile reviews that users have given show that you will be getting what is good and will not regret learning what the stars plan for you.

Cosmic Energy Profile Review - Is It Really Worthy? Here is The Truth!

Cosmic Energy Profile Review – How it Works

I’ve been waiting to tell you exactly what the cosmic energy profile has and how it works. Therefore, let’s get to know exactly what is in the cosmic energy profile and how it will help you have all the freedom and path guidance you need.

The cosmic energy profile is all about the individual energies you have in you tied into the day you were born and the path the universe wants you to follow. You see, these energies are tied into your daily life. Being aware, you are going to have a way that will lead to a freer spirit. Even more, you will learn to control energy within you.

Also, this cosmic energy profile is a program with complex calculations designed with astronomy and astrology together. Mayans used to trace their Cosmic Profile with mathematical precision. They achieve this through customization and individual information. Well, you’ll get that here.

This is the beauty of the program as it is accurate and precise, exactly what you need. The lost knowledge and alignment calculations will give you the path to fulfill your destiny.

The Personal Destiny Chart

Users of the destiny chart will profit immensely from it. They will learn about their own strengths and limitations by inputting their name, date of birth, and email address.

The transformation and energies are in many forms. We will take a brief look at all of them.

Guide Kin

This is the sign of the higher self that represents you as an individual. You will also find elements of ancestry and karma, which will lead to the rest of your life. You will find that it has more power than you think.

Occult Kin

The occult kin outlines the reasons why you are on planet earth. Knowing this will bring magical transformations too. You must follow them to make things better. Some individuals might take these things as advice. Alignment with the reasons why you are here increases your influence in the world.

Destiny Kin

There are specific manifestations of your life that you will find in the destiny charts, and they are integrated with your life. If you pay attention to these things, you will know how they will appear to you in this world. There is a deeper and richer understanding gained.

Antipode Kin

The empowering energy is latent in every human. It has challenged kings and queens to do what they must. This is the internal drive. A will that inspires fame and achievement. You will find your way to the pinnacle and prime of life. This is our masculine energy.

Analog Kin

The analog kin is the feminine power. It is the complement of the antipode kin. It works with your nourishing forces and your power to make things last. The feminine power that is in the universe will give you the power you will need to complete your path.

Cosmic Energy Profile The Founder

Authors of the Cosmic Energy Profile?

Ric and Liz Thompson, the Cosmic Energy Profile guide authors, have worked tirelessly to decode the Aztecs’ old Mayan calendar. They have spent years researching several calendars, testing, and experimentation with this product, resulting in the new Dreamspell copy of the Mayan calendar.

The content of this program is based on scientific principles. The guide unlocks the information of a person’s fate when he enters his date of birth into the calendar.

What You Learn

To grasp how the cosmic energy profile works, explore each of the profile’s features and how they will improve your daily life. The following is a review of the analysis’ main features.

Free Energy Profile

You can obtain a free cosmic energy profile by visiting the official site of the company. Provide your name, email address, and precise birthdate to learn about your Galactic Signature, your cosmic tone, the color linked with your signature, and your day sign.

While this information is only the beginning of knowing your cosmic energy, they are a more important starting point. You may quickly understand how your energy interacts with the cosmos on a high level.

Knowing how the flow will affect your strengths and daily problems and obtaining useful recommendations such as meditation prompts provides you with on-the-spot action information to spur you on your life path.

Full Cosmic Energy Profile

Comprehensive cosmic energy profiles can provide you with fascinating insights into your life and the world. Your Full Cosmic Energy Profile encompasses your complete Destiny Chart and will help you gain the most in-depth insight into the universal creation process and your true nature.

The first keys to transforming your life are having a thorough profile of your higher self, specifics on your support and strengthening signs, and the symbol of your hidden power.

Don’t worry, once you have this information, you won’t have to trawl the internet for instructions on using it. A major part of the entire profile is translating meaning into real-world action actions that you can adopt to achieve immediate results and enjoyment in your daily life.

Daily Cosmic Energy Reading

This is the icing on the cake for this ground-breaking profile. While your energy is sealed in and steady, the power of the universe fluctuates daily. This daily energy reading is provided via email once a week on Sundays, with a preview of what to expect for the coming week. You can get all these when you sign up for a trial membership on their site. Click and check your spam box in case you can’t find it.

You can use this tool to prepare for what is to come by aligning your energy to flow with each moment and fulfill your full potential. This can eventually erase the impression that the entire universe is against you, allowing you to exploit the tides to make success a breeze.

Who Should Purchase An In-Depth Cosmic Profile

Are you continuously looking for a sign or solutions but not finding them? Do you ever feel as though nothing goes your way? Have you experienced a run of “poor luck” that you can’t seem to break?

Perhaps it isn’t all horrible. I understand. I had the same reaction. But I also felt as if I had so much more services to offer the world but didn’t know-how. If you feel like you’re not living up to your full potential in any area of your life, a detailed cosmic profile can assist.

Cosmic Energy Profile Program

Who Should Not Purchase An In-Depth Cosmic Profile

It is oftentimes difficult to relate destiny with reality. But here’s the thing: not everyone is ready to realize their full potential. People will discover certain realities about themselves that they may not be ready to hear. If you aren’t open to new options or aren’t willing to make changes to find pleasure and fulfillment, this may not be the ideal time for you.

Before you purchase your profile, consider the following:

  • Is it possible for me to achieve happiness and success beyond my wildest dreams?
  • Do I wish to discover the truth about my energy’s place in the universe?
  • Am I ready for wonderful things to come effortlessly to me?
  • Is this the time to effortlessly attract the people, energy, happiness, and opportunities I crave?

Masters Around The World

Ancient civilizations made incredible progress in political, social, and science areas, from building crazy giant pyramids to creating the foundations of modern medicine.

Sadly, most of their knowledge was destroyed after the wars with Europeans. Ancient wisdom was almost destroyed. However, they managed to pass their knowledge through stories and songs.

There are small tribes of people around the world who still hold the wisdom of their ancient. For example, the people of Tibet, certain tribes in India, Bedouins in the deserts of Africa, and the Mayans, in Mexico.

Although most of the tribes that lived during those times have disappeared, many managed to stay alive. Down in the South of Mexico, there are still hundreds of Mayans. They are the direct descendants of that great civilization.

Mostly, they keep to themselves, trying to avoid contact with the modern world. However, from time to time, they teach foreigners or share their knowledge with the world. This is how this guide was created.

The Sun Dial or The Mayan Calendar

If you Google Chichen Itza, you will find the remains of a structure called “The Observatory.” Archaeologists found that this structure had the precise angles and location to observe the sky.

Surprisingly, the Mayans were brilliant astrologists. They were able to map the movement of the Earth. Also, they mapped stars, constellations, and even predicted eclipses. There’s a famous story of a Spaniard trying to negotiate his freedom from a Mayan prison in exchange for the knowledge of predicting eclipses. The Mayans gave him a chance and, not only did they know already, the guy was not even close to the dates.

With all this knowledge, the Mayans developed a cosmic map called The Sun Dial. This life map is carved in a circular stone, and it contains secrets to the cyclical nature of the universe.

I don’t understand how it works. However, I know that this is how they got their Cosmic Energy profile.

Now, after years of development, we can access that too. When I found out, I was dying to try it out.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

There are different depths to which people can know what the universe decided for them at birth. Review after review, I keep finding that many other users have found a perfect blueprint of their destiny.

See, the first step is to know your date and time of birth. That alone is the spark that triggers the sacred calculations for your destiny.

After that, through a series of other personal questions, you will learn more about how to follow your fate. Your energy comes to play, your preferences, the different stars, planets, and galaxies that interfere with you or work for you.

As people research further, they will find how the different energies in our bodies also affect our spiritual purposes. That’s why it’s important to learn your complete profile. That which you don’t know can manifest itself out of nowhere. Being blindsided can be debilitating for those of us who are steadfast.

Ultimately, you will be able to map out your every day, respond to situations as they come, and finally relieve yourself from the burden of the future.

Still, have doubts?

Of course, the glowing feedback may not be enough to persuade people to trust the Cosmic Energy Profile. But the makers have also taken care of your skeptical soul on this one.

You will receive a 7-day free trial program that you can cancel at any time! It is a trial subscription that can be upgraded to a monthly membership later on. Yes, there are several membership options. Some are monthly, while others are daily. And these are highly recommended because you will be able to impact every day of your life.

Consider being able to forecast all changes in universal patterns and make all things work for and with you. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And you know for a fact that you fully deserve it.

The Fool-Proof Method

The best about this? Anyone can understand it! Listen, I didn’t know much about these types of things until I started studying my Cosmic Profile. In the beginning, I was baffled. It all seemed like a flood of information, and I didn’t know where to start.

However, my results were laid down clearly. Also, the connections between energies and stars are mapped in front of you. You don’t need to make extra calculations or guess things. Everything is there.

I swear, I wasn’t ready to learn so much about my life. Understanding how my fate was designed before I was born and seeing it in front of my eyes opened doors I didn’t expect.

With comprehension came understanding. With that came wisdom. After wisdom, I had a moment of release, forgiveness, which allowed me to move on to my present life. As life unfolds in front of my eyes, all I can do is feel at peace because I know I will always be ready. Now, nothing in this life can face me.

Some Unique Features of this Program

There are some unique features that make Cosmic Energy Profile different from other programs. Below are what makes this outstanding:

  • Each profile is designed to meet the need of a particular person: This is not a one size fits all program that intends to work the same way for everyone. It is tailored to deliver specific qualities specific to individuals. What you get as Mr. A will not be the same solution for Mr. B. This is to tell you that the program is not a fluke. It gives you what you need to make your life a prosperous one.
  • Contains easy and simple steps to follow: Unlike other programs that seem to be complicated, Cosmic Energy Profile contains easy-to-follow steps that guarantee results. You don’t need to spend the whole day reading tons of pages of information to get what you need. A few pages to read, simple steps to take, and practical actions to change your life and the world around you.
  • Contains a day-to-day guide to give you the perfect results: This is not just another program that contains only information to read. The Cosmic Energy Profile program gives you daily analysis and provides you with tools to make you get better every day.
  • Guaranteed results: The creators of the Cosmic Energy Profile program are so sure of their abilities that they gave a 60-day guarantee. This means that it is either you get results within 60 days or get your money back. Making money is not easy and the creator of this program understands that.

Where to buy the Cosmic Energy Profile

To buy the product, it is best that you make use of the official website of the creator. This way, you are sure that your credit or debit card details are secured from fraud. Once you make your order, you will get access to the complete program. Using any of the links on this review page should land you on the official website of the product creator.

Final Verdict

The cosmic energy profile program is a home run, and people will get the best out of it if they follow it keenly and with caution not to overdo things. The science is exact and, with all those great reviews, you will want to give this a try.

The program reviews back it up, and our cosmic energy profile review thinks it’s worth checking out. Don’t fear a scam because there is a warranty when you buy this program.

“The world we live in is full of mysteries that are beyond our comprehension. You need higher powers to help you recognize some things.”

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Cosmic Energy Profile?

Cosmic Energy Profile is a system that connects our spirit with the universe. It uses the ancient Mayan calendar to create a balanced and fulfilled life for anybody.

How does Cosmic Energy Profile work?

There are individual energies every human has in him/her to make life worth living. The Cosmic Energy Profile program will help release these energies so that you can achieve your goals in life.

Where is Cosmic Energy Profile-based from?

The Cosmic Energy Profile is based on the ancient Mayan calendar that has been proven to work for people. It is aimed at helping people suffering from poverty, depression, dilemma, etc.

Who created the Cosmic Energy Profile?

Cosmic Energy Profile was created by Liz and Ric Thompson. This couple has invested time and effort researching the power of the universe and how it can improve one's life.

How can I access the Cosmic Energy Profile?

To get access to the Cosmic Energy Profile, you need to do that by visiting the official website of the creator. On the website, you will see every detail on how to make a payment and get the program.

Is there a membership fee for Cosmic Energy Profile?

Yes, there is a membership fee for the program. However, before you pay the membership fee, there is a free trial assessment of the program. If you are cool with the free trial, you can go on with the membership.

What are the feedbacks about the Cosmic Energy Profile?

So far, a lot of people have given positive reviews to the Cosmic Energy Profile program because it contains useful information tailored to your life.

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  1. I do believe that the configuration of the planets and stars on the moment of my birth somehow influence my whole destiny. In the end, we all live under the same Cosmos, but the obstacles that we were born under are absolutely different. And that is beautiful.

  2. Every separate day, week and month are said to contain their own unique energy profiles, and these special energies manage to interact with the world around you as you go through life.

  3. You’ll learn who will benefit the most from a cosmic energy profile, what you’ll uncover, how it can impact your daily life, and if it can actually work for you.

  4. Effortlessly attract exactly the types of people, things, opportunities, and circumstances that you’re searching for to you daily.

  5. Have you ever seen the inside of a watch, with all those complex little wheels and gears all working together to create one whole system? The synchronicity is amazing and… You’re far more complex and magical than that! We’ve only touched on one tiny piece of the Cosmic Energy you were coded with at birth, and there is so much more that makes you tick. So if you are excited by what you’ve learned so far, I’d like to share with you the next pieces of insight that are waiting for you inside your Full Cosmic Energy Profile. It’s perfect for people like you who are serious about about really showing up and becoming who they are meant to be on this Earth and their fulfilling the Destiny they chose for this lifetime.

  6. The Day Sign consists out of two words – a color and a symbol. First, the website will explain what your color means.
    There are four colors within this system: Red, White, Blue, and Yellow. They represent a number of things about you. For example, the role you play in the Universal Creation Process (something pretty important, don’t you think?)

  7. I couldn’t resist and WOW it’s the coolest one yet . Pretty cool to have a little insight into the natural tendencies of yourself and people around you.

  8. Cosmic Energy Profile is the most effective data that gives you the valuable information to support and champion it. This program will enable you to get capable, moral, and good to enhance as long as you can remember and the lives of those behind you.

  9. Before i got to buy this product i was in a very bad state. I was experiencing some breakdowns and did not know what to do about it. However, my friend suggested the system to me after seeing how much i was struggling. I am happy now.

  10. I always knew that there is something out there that can either help me, or bring me down. I choose the first option 😉

  11. Cosmic Energy Profile is not like any other product that you will find in the market. If you want to have a real realization of the full potential of your life then this is what you need.
    When I started using Cosmic Energy Profile I came to understand all the methods in the guide that helps you to change your way of life and work towards success and great achievement. The good part about this guide is that it covers all areas in life.

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