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Cyber Defense Protocol Review – The Pros & Cons

Cyber Defense Protocol
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Product Name: Cyber Defense Protocol
Author/Creator: Jeff Walker
Price: $37.00
Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days
Official Website: http://cyberdefenseprotocol.com

Cyber-crimes have been on the rise recently and so many people are falling victim to these hackers. Vital information is being lost, some are losing a lot of money among other cases.

The increase in the number of internet users over the past few years has played a lot in the high number of cyber-attacks. The unaccustomed users do not know how to protect themselves from such malicious people and they end up becoming the easiest targets.

If you have ever experienced a cyber-attack then you know how damaging it can be. These hackers can collect your personal accounts and use it to post damaging information.

Take for example, the social media accounts. You may find your account hacked and then the culprits will go ahead and may be start posting pictures of your family while writing vile comments about them among other cruel acts.

unser name and password bars on a screen

And the worst thing about these hackers is that they don’t care at all and will do almost anything to cause you harm.

There have been cases of where people have had their bank details cheated out of them and all their money stolen. There are very easy ways to do this.

An example is by having an email sent to you claiming that there was a security issue with our account and you are required to verify the details. Immediately you ‘verify’ those details, you give them to someone else who will use them to withdraw all your money or send it to another account.

a man with a mask holding a credit card and one of his hand on a computer keyboard

Protecting Yourself from Hacking

Whether you have fallen victim to these attacks before or you still haven’t, one thing is clear, you need to take measures to ensure your computer is safe from these hackers. So how can you achieve this?

The answer is quite simple, you need the Cyber Defense Protocol.

I know you have a lot of questions such as what the Cyber Defense Protocol is, how will it help you and how it works. I intend to answer all these questions by the end of this review. Read on for more.

The Cyber Defense Protocol, What Exactly Is It?

This is a guide that was written by Jeff Walker to help people in learning about how hackers operate and how they can protect their computers from being hacked. This e-guide brings to you the real picture of the world of hacking.

hacker typing on a laptop

It will show you how easily you a hacker can get into your computer and find out all your passwords and other vital details.

Who Is Jeff Walker?

Jeff Walker was once a hacker himself. He has learnt all the tricks and techniques there are to hack. It is this information that he wishes to share with you and give you an idea of how hackers conduct their activities.

You may feel that you are safe with your anti-virus software or such but this is not enough to prevent a hacking as Jeff explains.

He completely gets into details in his book and not only tells you of how hacking is done but he also gives you the methods of prevention that you can put in place.

He also features the various techniques that you can employ to find out if your computer has been hacked.

What Will You Learn from Jeff Walker’s Cyber Defense Protocol?

words beware of cyber crime

There is a lot to learn from this e-book. Among the many things that you are going to find out from the e-book include the following:

  • How you can detect malicious software. These are mostly sent through emails which may suggest downloads for you and you will end up downloading malwares or hacking software. Learn how you can recognize such stuff and evade them.
  • Protecting yourself against viruses. Trojan horses, worms are some of the viruses that can completely ruin your computer. Find out how you can prevent them from ever getting into your computer or get rid of them should they find a way in.
  • How to conduct online money transactions. Find out on how to do this safely without risking the loss of your account details.
  • Setting up passwords. Learn the best ways to create strong passwords that will be nearly impossible for hackers to decipher.
  • Other things that you will learn include how to download files safely, carrying out online shopping in a safe way and social media safety.

The Contents of the Package and Pricing

The book is worth $62 but Jeff Walker has decided to sell it at a discount price of $37. This offer is limited and will expire at any given moment.

Upon payment, the book gets delivered straight to your email inbox. Delivery is instant since the e-guide is available in digital form as a pdf document.

word hacked and a man with a suit in the background

Why Jeff Walker’s Cyber Defense Protocol?

You may wonder why exactly you need this guide or why is it the best of its kind out there and to quench those questions allow me to present you with a few reasons why:

  • First, this guide has not been written by any ordinary guy. Jeff is a guy who has had a lot of experience in hacking since he was a former hacker himself. This means that he is aware of what he is advising you on.
  • Secondly, the information provided in it is all based on proven facts and nothing else. I cross-checked it with other sources and I found the contents of the e-guide to be solid.
  • It is well priced. I have come across other such similar guides but I found them way too expensive. This is by far the best guide in relation to the price and the content it offers.
  • It isn’t a scam. There are so many scams out there that just try to take advantage of gullible internet users looking for a means to secure their computers. This pdf isn’t one of them.
  • And finally, the reviews written on this product are nothing but encouraging. The customers have rated the product highly. You can visit the website to read the reviews and see for yourself.
wword cyber crime on a computer keyboard
Security concept: computer keyboard with word Cyber Crime, selected focus on enter button background, 3d render

Where you can buy Cyber Defense Protocol?

Cyber Defense Protocol is available on the official website, http://cyberdefenseprotocol.com.

Final Word

In the world of today, protecting your computer is as important as protecting your home or property. Our computers nowadays carry a lot of information about our lives including private files and other sensitive data. Having them compromised should not be an option left open.

It is therefore important that you undertake security measures to keep them safe. And you can do this with the help of the Cyber Defense Protocol. I highly recommend that you buy this guide and start learning from it.

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• The e-book is well written with an engaging tone that will get you reading it to the end.

• All the tips and tricks given in it are easy to learn and incorporate.

• You get access immediately after paying. You therefore get to start learning from it instantly.

• The file is compatible with all devices including androids, I-phone operating systems and Microsoft windows.

• Aside from cyber-related crimes tactics and security measures, there are other things that you will be taught too such as the safest ad fastest ways to transact money and how to safely do online shopping.


• There is no physical copy of the book. Therefore, you will not find it in any local store.

Summary: The Cyber Defense Protocol is among the most well-written guides on how to keep safe from cyber-attacks and incidents of hacking. It is enjoyable to read and delves into details like no other guide. Do not let your computer remain unsafe anymore. Order your copy today and you will see that you will not regret ever buying it.

RatingRated 4.93 stars
Anthony D.
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Fix the underlying infrastructure protocols

on 2019-09-11 01:17:41

The Internet of Things has our fridges talking to our cars, and our phones talking to our TVs. Without cyber security, we subject ourselves to attack; compromising critical information, or crashing critical systems.

Peter Hampton
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Action plan

on 2019-09-02 00:51:08

It helps in devising and driving the strategies necessary to counter the malicious attacks or threats. A wide range of different activities is involved in cyber defense for protecting the concerned entity as well as for the rapid response to a threat landscape.

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Revealed that the malicious actors took off

on 2019-08-27 23:15:54

It was good news for consumers, as, with Google’s resources and data, perhaps companies would do a better job of keeping user data safe.

Albert D.
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Protect yourself from malicious cyber attacks.

on 2019-07-09 00:59:32

Gain knowledge on how to protect yourself online. Cyber Self-Defense Protocol will tell you exactly how to keep your phone as well as your tablet secure.

Donald Littlejohn
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Identity online is very important and we do not want someone to intrude us

on 2019-06-17 01:46:42

This book will tell you exactly what you can do to protect yourself from malicious cyber attacks. You will learn the various ways that you can do to protect yourself from hackers.

Albert D.
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Worth buying

on 2018-11-24 04:58:56

I have been a victim of cyber crime in the past and it is not something easy to deal with. So when i got this product it became my security tool. I can say it has helped a lot and i feel safer than ever.

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2018-05-19 03:24:13

Cyber Self-Defense Protocol is a book written by Jeff Walker (pen name) and Anthony. It has been created with the sole purpose of making people understand that cyber hacking is not a scam and is indeed real. Then, this bookwill tell you exactly what you can do to protect yourself from malicious cyber attacks.
The reviews of this product shows that there is a lot to learn from it. You will be taught about a lot of things, like

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2018-05-05 14:19:59

Hacking is a very real thing, and an extremely scary one at that. It is also very common, and becoming more and more common with each passing day. Because of the internet, everyone these days is connected. While this is a good thing, it has the huge disadvantage that anyone, anywhere can hack into your system and steal whatever information and data they want.
Hacking statistics have become quite frightening, as mentioned in this article.

Cheryl Holton
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2018-04-04 01:16:51

this is a good thing, it has the huge disadvantage that anyone, anywhere can hack into your system and steal whatever information and data they want.

David Simpson
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2017-12-05 07:19:38

Cybercrime has become the most dangerous issue in our digital world. We never know when it is our turn to be hacked. So, it is better to be aware and protect our computer with the best protection. This is the best program for cybersecurity I have ever used.

Gary Miller
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Stay Safe

on 2017-11-30 07:13:45

Cyber security is one of the key aspects that we should always look into. We are in the error of technology and hence the need for this. I am happy to have a resource that covers this amazing field. Let us do this my awesome people.

Eric Feathers
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2017-11-15 12:34:56

To be honest - I feel like the absolute majority of personal information is in the cyber space nowadays. That's why it is so important to keep it safe.

Michael Porter
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2017-11-08 19:49:33

It tells you exactly how to keep your phone as well as your tablet secure. Not only this, you will also be told about dangers to your credit card and how you can protect it against malicious attacks.

Henry Tao
Rating: 4
4 /5 stars

on 2017-09-25 18:14:54

Nowadays computer hacking has increased rapidly. For that, we need a very tight security for our computers. Thanks to cyber defence protocol for helping us with the security.

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