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October 26, 2021
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Diabetes Smarts


Judd Resnick




60 days


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  • You get good value for your money as the program is quite detailed.
  • It features a healthy feeding routine.
  • It has a solution for all diabetes types.
  • If you don’t put in the work and give a complete follow-through, the program isn’t going to produce any results for you.

This program consists of some lifestyle changes which you must adopt to manage diabetes and reverse it all together so that your doctor pronounces you diabetes-free. Yes, you heard right. You will be free from the curse of diabetes forever.

Are you suffering from the curse of diabetes? There is a press release regarding diabetes across the internet. However, you should fear no more as we introduce a new program called Diabetes Smart for you. In this article, we will give you the complete Diabetes Smart review and tell you how to get rid of the downsides of being a diabetic.


Diabetes is a dangerous metabolic disorder. It mainly occurs when your blood sugar levels are too high. Blood sugar provides your body with the energy to perform different kinds of activities. We obtain this glucose from the food that we consume.

Diabetes is quite a rare disease and it has no unique cure so far. However, you shouldn’t lose hope. There are different resources and programs, like this Diabetes Smart review to help you stay healthy. This program doesn’t require you to perform tests, like a1c. The program also doesn’t mention blood sugar switch. Keep reading to find out mor

Diabetes Smarts Types Of Diabetes

Three Types of Diabetes:

Before going into the detailed Diabetes Smart review, let’s look at the three types of diabetes:

1. Type 1 Diabetes:

Type 1 diabetes is known by several names, like insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus and juvenile diabetes. It has two forms:


Type 1 diabetes is caused by the immune system being triggered. In this, the immune system attacks and kills the cells which produce insulin in the pancreas.

Insulin allows glucose to be absorbed into the cells of the body. When the insulin-producing cells of the body die, insulin can’t be produced. Moreover, the glucose won’t be absorbed into the body.

Immune-mediated diabetes – This refers to an auto-immune disorder in which the immune system of the body is destroyed or makes an attempt to destroy the insulin-producing cells present in the pancreas.

Idiopathic Type 1 – This refers to the rare form of disease without any known cause.

2. Type 2 diabetes:

Type 2 diabetes is more common than Type 1 diabetes. This disease is a metabolic disorder originating from the inability of the body to produce insulin. When the production of insulin is low, it becomes quite difficult for the body to move the blood sugar into cells. This type of diabetes is chronic and has no cure.


The causes of type 2 diabetes are still unknown. However, several signs show that it is a genetic disorder and runs within families. You can develop a tendency to develop the disease. However, other factors, like physical inactivity and obesity, play a key role in this type of diabetes.

Risk Factors:

Just like Type 1 diabetes, there are several risk factors for type 2 diabetes. These include:

  • family history
  • age
  • pregnancy
  • overweight
  • high triglyceride levels

3. Gestational Diabetes:

In this type of diabetes, the glucose level is higher and other symptoms of diabetes occur during pregnancy. However, in this form of diabetes, all the diabetes symptoms disappear after delivery. It mainly occurs from the hormonal effects during the pregnancy period on insulin. This condition is commonly known as insulin resistance.


The exact cause of gestational diabetes is still unknown, however, several theories explain this condition. During pregnancy, the placenta plays a key role in providing water to the fetus and produces a hormone that helps in maintaining the pregnancy. These hormones interfere with the effect of insulin. This effect is called the contra-insulin effect and starts around 20-24 weeks after conception. Over time, insulin resistance becomes higher. Usually, the pancreas overcomes resistance by producing additional insulin. However, when the insulin produced can’t overcome the effects of the hormones produced during the placenta, gestational diabetes occurs.

Risk Factors:

The following are the most common risk factors associated with gestational diabetes:

  • Obesity
  • History of pre-diabetes
  • Family history
  • race
  • age
  • previous history of gestational diabetes

A program that supports healthy living:

Diabetes Smart is quite a healthy program that features healthy habits and acts to manage diabetes. We have given an unbiased review of the book.

Quick Review:


It contains everything that you need to know to live a life free of diabetes.

  • The program is well structured and easy to understand.
  • You get good value for your money as the program is quite detailed.
  • It features a healthy feeding routine.
  • It has a solution for all diabetes types.


There is no side effect of this program. However, you should remember that this isn’t one of them get healthy-quick schemes. If you don’t put in the work and give a complete follow-through, the program isn’t going to produce any results for you.

The Founders of the Program, Judd Resnick and Mark:

You might have heard about the program or perhaps you just stumbled on the program by luck. You might also have heard about how people are living a healthy life through diabetes smart and wonder, “What is Diabetes Smart all about?” Keep on reading this Diabetes Smart review to find out.

Diabetes Smart is a complete program created by Judd Resnick from the United States, along with his partner, Mark. This program contains a full documentary regarding what is diabetes, its causes, and a guide that tells you how to live a healthy life free from diabetes.

Judd developed his interest in curing diabetes because he had a diabetic father and a diabetic roommate. He knew about their health and other complications which they dealt with regularly. This motivated him to research diabetes and find a way to reverse it or cure it once and for all.

He met Mark on this journey. Mark liked his idea and together they made a guide regarding how to manage diabetes successfully. Both of them wanted to help diabetic patients live healthy and energetic life.

The Diabetes Smarts review is all thanks to Judd and Mark. the documentary is a comprehensive knowledge of what diabetes is and how to get rid of it. It features the interviews of diabetics, doctors, nutritionists, acclaimed authors, and several other experts, which gives an insight into what you are really facing. However, it isn’t finished there.

This program consists of some lifestyle changes which you must adopt to manage diabetes and reverse it all together so that your doctor pronounces you diabetes-free. Yes, you heard right. You will be free from the curse of diabetes forever.

It also contains a complete diet plan which you need to follow, which helps you to reverse and fight diabetes. Also, this program contains a 30-day challenge to balance your blood glucose levels naturally. The great thing that this program doesn’t require any medications.

The health books also come with resources and program which guides you on the food items you need to intake to reduce your weight and blood glucose levels while getting healthy simultaneously. Moreover, this program is beneficial for all types of diabetes. It is structured to address the needs of everyone.

Diabetes Smarts The Product

Grab Your Copy Here

What You Will Get:

The Diabetes Smart Program product name provides you access to the following item and products:

  • Diabetes Smarts blood sugar book, 8 original episodes
  • Supplementary Videos
  • 8 Companion Guides
  • The Diabetes Cookbook containing a diabetes reversal recipe and a 7-day meal plan
  • Diabetes Shopping List
  • The Diabetic’s guide to a delicious and healthy eating
  • 15 ways to reduce your blood sugar levels
  • The Silent Epidemic – Things that you need to know about Type 2 Diabetes

We have given one of the best product reviews. So, keep reading to find out more.

8 Episodes of Smart Blood Sugar Documentary:

Episode 1 – The Rising Tide of Diabetes:

In this first episode, the host Judd Resnick tells us about a frightening new reality, which is that we live in a world where 10% of the population is diabetic. In this episode, we learn about how dangerous diabetes is.

Episode 2: Hidden Sugar and the Rise of The “Bliss Point”:

In the second episode, the different forms of sugar are mentioned and which are best avoided regularly. It also tells us where to find the sugars which are secretly packaged in certain foods. It also tells us how to enjoy life with a certain amount of carbohydrates and sugar without doing damage to your body.

Episode 3: Pairing the Right Foods For Insulin Response:

In this episode, you will learn about which foods contain good carbohydrates, good proteins, and good fats. You will be surprised to see some foods on the list, which control your blood sugar level. . We will also learn why “different types of fiber” are necessary for healthy blood sugar control and the dangers of avoiding them.

As a plus, the popular nutrition expert and athlete, Jessica Moulds will tell you about combining the right combinations of food to maximize the insulin response and how it is essential for our health. Moreover, you will also learn about the “Blue Zones” and what these locations have to do with us living the fittest and healthiest life possible.

Episode 4: “Healthy” Supermarket foods to avoid (And what to eat instead):

Now that you have understood the main food groups, it’s time to talk about the hows, wheres, and whys of eating the “right” food. In this episode, you will go on a trip to your grocery store where you will get a grocery list. You will also learn how to navigate to find the healthiest and cost-effective food which you should include in your daily diet. You will also learn how to check for food labels. Moreover, we will also show you examples of healthy diabetes reversal recipe and other diabetes recipes that you can cook in your home in under half an hour. The episode also has a 7-day meal plan.

Episode 5: Daily Movements to Maintain Glucose Control:

In this episode, you will meet the teacher Tory Michaels who will tell you that why the teens have become unhealthy. You will also learn how educators and parents can reverse today’s trends and make kids healthy.

You will also meet the popular research scientists, Dr. Jean Lawrenence and Dr. Corinna Koebnick. They are doing impressive studies regarding childhood obesity and the links between the unhealthy culture of today and diabetes among adolescent populations.

Muy Thai instructor, Dougal McKenzie, will tell you about the different kinds of exercises we can and should include in our daily routines. Moreover, it will tell you about the different exercises you can do at home to cope with diabetes. However, you need to follow the instructions carefully.

Episode 6: The Science of Diabetes (Part 1 of 2):

In this episode, the authors take you on a deep dive into how diabetes affects the different organs of the body. You will also learn the short-term and long-term approaches which you can take to lower your blood sugar levels. This episode will give you a complete blood sugar plan. Moreover, you will know about gestational diabetes and what it means for the health of expectant mothers, their children, and others.

You will also get a chance to meet Joselito Buenaventura, a healthy type 2 diabetic patient who intakes medications to maintain proper control over her disease. Which medications do we need to take to overcome diabetes and whether we can avoid any of these medications?

Episode 7: The Science of Diabetes (Part 2 of 2):

In the second part of the episode to explore the diabetes diagnosis, you will be going on a trip to the biotech capitals of the world, Sorrento Valley, California. There, you will meet the pharmaceutical technologist, Dr. Christopher Rhodes. He will give you a sneak peek at the future of diabetes technology and medication.

In this episode, you will also meet two former diabetics, a mother and son, Sandra and John Richardson. They will tell their story of how they became type 2 diabetics through unhealthy lifestyle choices. Today, they are living happily and coping with diabetes through healthy lifestyle choices. Moreover, their blood sugar levels are below the diabetic threshold.

The popular pharmacist, Dr. Jennifer Lamoureux will also play an important role in this episode. She will tell about how she used a unique method for her diabetic father and made him healthy through changes in his diet. The diet is composed mostly of helpful vegetables, fruits, and spices into his everyday diet.

Episode 8: How to Live Happier, Healthier, and Longer:

In our last and final episode, we will explore the important themes of our series. What is diabetes? How we can make healthy choices to keep this dangerous disease under proper control. Diabetes can also lead to several other diseases, like heart disease. There is great hope and the future won’t be the one in which the majority of the people are unhealthy.

The founders have put all the pieces of the puzzle together and reveal the picture of how the customers can live happier, healthier, and longer lives, a world without diabetes. Many customers have given a good rating to the program.

Diabetes Smarts The Product

Myths Answered by the Diabetes Smarts Program:

One of the main reasons for making this Diabetes Smarts review is to address the common myths related to diabetes. The Diabetes Smarts Program is a comprehensive program that answers the following myths:

Myth 1 – Diabetes can’t be stopped:

Medically speaking, this statement is true. However, in reality, it is false.

With diabetes, if someone makes a food swap and eats healthy foods, the result is that their symptoms drop to nothing. This means that they have stopped diabetes. However, if they make wrong lifestyle choices, diabetes can come back.

You will meet many people in this episodic report who previously suffered from diabetes. However, now they are better and healthy than they were ever before. They become even healthier than they were initially diagnosed. Just imagine being diabetic and not having to worry about blood sugar levels and the guilt over eating your favorite foods.

Myth 2 – Having Diabetes Means following a Restrictive Diet:

This program will prove that being a diabetic doesn’t mean that you are doomed to eating unhealthy and unappetizing food. You can still eat tasty foods that don’t increase your insulin levels.

When it comes to diabetes, it isn’t exactly about what kind of food you eat. It’s more about making sure that you are giving your body all the healthy nutrients. So, the bottom line is that the Diabetes documentary will provide you a good way of living while eating amazing and nutritionally-packed foods.

Myth 3 – Skinny People Don’t suffer from Diabetes:

This statement isn’t true. Although obesity plays a major role in type 2 diabetes, other factors, like genetics also play a key role. Moreover, you should consider things, like fatigue, restlessness, thirst, numbness, and immunity problems. You should also schedule a regular check-up with the doctor to see where you are regarding diabetes.

Myth 4 – You need to avoid certain fruits:

Fruits aren’t equal, however, it doesn’t mean that diabetics have to give up on some of them. They have important nutrients that help to fight oxidation and promote healthy digestion.

The main rule here is to eat fruits with a low glycemic index (GI) and manage high GI fruit consumption. Moreover, thing is that eating high GI fruits after a workout will keep your glucose levels steady.

Benefits of the Program:

We have presented this Diabetes Smart review to specifically tell you all about the benefits of the program. Here are some of the benefits:

It helps you fight diabetes – When you choose this program, you will get all the information about how to fight diabetes. With the right balance of diet, you can lead a healthy life even if you are diabetic.

Prevent Diabetes:

It is a popular saying that “Prevention is better than cure” and it suits perfectly this situation. Diabetes is a dangerous cure and its cure hasn’t been found yet, so you should live a healthy life and stay away from different diseases. So, this program is also helpful for people with pre-diabetes.

A healthy lifestyle can make all the difference between life and death. So, this program contains several ways of living a healthy life that helps you stay away from diabetes. Moreover, the customers have given it a good rating.

Reverses Diabetes:

Although it is impossible to cure diabetes, this program is still beneficial. It will help to end the symptoms of diabetes to a place where the doctor himself will declare you free from diabetes.

Diabetes Smarts Cost:

Diabetes Smarts costs less than its competitor programs in the market. So, you should avail this once-in-a-lifetime offer and get free from diabetes once and for all. Moreover, you don’t need to consult a doctor for this program.

Money-Back Guarantee:

You should all feel completely confident to get the Diabetes Smarts program review. The program is backed by a comprehensive 60-day return policy with a 100% money-back guarantee. The founders want you to know that they and the customers are both on the same page.

If at any time you aren’t satisfied with the 60-days results, just message the company through the email address mentioned on the company’s website and you will get every penny back, with no questions asked. Thus, there are zero risks. So, you should purchase this program.

About Diabetes Smarts

Diabetes Smart is a guide that aims to help diabetics live symptom-free. This program aims to have everything that you need to know in balancing your glucose levels. Moreover, it will also provide you with the necessary tools for you to stay healthy.

Who Can Benefit From This Program?

While Diabetes Smarts was created to aid diabetics, they are not the only ones who can benefit from this program. In fact, this program may benefit the following people:

  • Type 1 and 1.5 diabetics
  • Type 2 diabetics
  • People with Gestational Diabetes
  • People who are concerned about their health

Furthermore, the creators of this program stated that even non-diabetics suffer from the repercussions of having imbalanced glucose levels. These side effects may include obesity, vision problems, sleep issues, heart disease, stroke, and more. Nevertheless, since this program addresses the symptoms of diabetes, this may help a lot of non-diabetic people get rid of these side effects and reach optimal health.

What is Included in the Diabetes Smart Program?

The Diabetes Smart program does not only come with a single guide. When you purchase this program, you will also have access to the following products:

  • 8 Original Episodes of Smart Blood Sugar Documentary
  • 8 Companion Guides and Supplementary Videos
  • A Diabetes Cookbook with a reversal recipe for diabetes
  • A 7-day meal plan
  • Diabetes Shopping List
  • 15 ways to reduce your blood sugar levels
  • The Silent Epidemic: Things That You Need To Know About Type 2 Diabetes
  • A Diabetic’s guide to a delicious and healthy eating

Diabetes Smarts Program: Myths Debunked

There are a lot of myths associated with diabetes. And since the purpose of Diabetes Smarts is to educate people on what they need to know about this disease, a part of the program debunked several myths. These myths include:

  • Diabetes can’t be stopped.
  • Having diabetes means following a restrictive diet.
  • Skinny people don’t suffer from diabetes.
  • You need to avoid certain fruits.

Why Should You Buy This Program?

This program comes with a lot of benefits. One reason—which may be the most obvious one—is that it helps you fight diabetes. Not only that, but it also teaches you how to prevent diabetes. This feature will be very helpful for people with pre-diabetes.

Another benefit is that it claims to be able to reverse diabetes. However, not that this program acknowledges that diabetes still has no cure. Instead, it works to end the symptoms that diabetes causes.

Furthermore, this program comes with a money-back guarantee. Hence, if you are skeptical, you may try this program for 6o days. If, within that time, you realize that this program doesn’t work for you, you may return it and ask for a refund. The founders will give you all of your money back. Doesn’t this seem like a risk-free opportunity?


Diabetes Smarts is quite a comprehensive program. It has no side effects, does not include excessive diets and exercises, and comes with a money-back guarantee. Also, it has a lot of good user ratings, which indicates that a lot of people found this program effective. So, try this program now!

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Diabetes Smarts all about?

Diabetes Smart is a guide that aims to help diabetics live symptom-free. This program consists of some lifestyle changes which you must adopt to manage diabetes and reverse it altogether.

Will this program cure my Diabetes?

There is still no cure for diabetes. However, Diabetes Smarts works to regulate your glucose levels to let you have a symptom-free and more comfortable life.

Is this program safe for everyone?

Diabetes Smarts is a program that is safe not only for diabetics but also for non-diabetics. However, just like any other program, effects may vary from person to person.

How long do I need to use the program to be effective?

Consistency is the key. If you want the best results, it would be best to incorporate the Diabetes Smarts program in your daily activities, even after your symptoms disappear.

Is this safe for people with comorbidities?

Yes. This program is safe for everyone. The great thing about this program is that it doesn’t require any medications, making it safer than other programs that claim to be able to regulate diabetes.

Does this program have any restrictions?

One of the restrictions of this program is that it can't cure diabetes. However, it can reduce its symptoms to help you live more comfortably.

How much does it cost?

You may purchase the Diabetes Smarts program for $99.95 plus the shipping fee. Also, the Diabetes Smarts program is only available on their official site.

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