Electricity Freedom System Review – Works or Just a SCAM?

February 7, 2023
Electricity Freedom System Save Energy Now

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Electricity Freedom System


Rich Lubbok




60 days


  • Comprehensive and easy to follow.
  • The step-by-step guide that allows you to go back to follow it better.
  • Clear blueprints that help you understand how the system works.
  • Money-saving.
  • Friendly and helpful support.
  • It might require a bit of time to set.
  • Confusing about turning it on the first time.

 I have decided to write this review after I have tried the Electricity Freedom System myself. This is a system that works and that has been able to save me money from the expensive energy bills I used to pay. I am much happier that for six full weeks I didn’t have to worry about leaving a light bulb on or not turning on the heater to save money.

I have received everything that I paid for and all the support that I needed. The guide is simple and I think anyone with a bit of common sense can create the Electricity Freedom System.

We all know what pain it can be paying your electric bill.

Especially if you just passed a harsh winter and you had constant fights with your family members about turning on the thermostat.

I know. We have all been there and I can relate to you.

As a matter, of fact, I just was in a similar situation a few days ago.

My wife and I wanted to take some time off and go to the beach house that my grandmother owns.

But I had to ask for her permission.

She wouldn’t give me the keys unless she was sure we weren’t spending too much energy and she made a whole argument about how the energy bill can be very high and that I need to be careful.

And all of that happened in front of my wife.

You can already picture the pain and discomfort I was put in. 

You probably went through something similar yourself, at least once in your lifetime.

Maybe you were the person that warned other people about spending too much energy.

And can you be blamed? No.

Because you have worked too hard to earn that money that you are now giving to the Electric and Gas Company.

It sucks, doesn’t it?

You are probably thinking that there isn’t much that we can do about it.

We cannot produce our own energy.

A generator can break down too fast and with the gas prices nowadays the expenses would be pretty much the same.

A solar panel system costs too much.

Are you supposed to build your own windmill just to warm up your house in the winter?

Out of the question. Don’t worry. I think I might have a solution for you.

How did I Start?

You see a few weeks ago, after I was all tired of the power line breaking down during a harsh storm or this time me and my family were freezing in the winter to save only a couple of more bucks.

I decided to research all the possible solutions about creating alternative energy.

Electricity Freedom System Benefits

And that is when I came across the Electricity Freedom System.

I must admit to you that in the beginning, I was a bit unsure, (okay, a lot unsure), about whether this system would work or was it all just a scam.

That is why I decided to try the Electricity Freedom System myself and write down an Electricity Freedom System review for you to have it easier than I did.

As I already mentioned I decided to buy this guide along with all the other things that come with the purchase and try the system myself.

And I can tell you that this is something like I have never seen before in my life.

I had no idea that the guide would be so simple, yet so useful and money-saving.

I have been putting this system into practice for about six weeks now and let me tell you that it is amazing.

Electricity Freedom System

About Rich Lubbock – the Creator

From what I have read about Rich Lubbock, he is a 56-year-old guy who studies alternative energy options for a living.

Rich is from Chicago, (where the temperatures can get nasty cold), and just like you and me, he was sick of paying too much money on the energy bill.

Electricity Freedom System Product Image

Rich’s wife was pregnant with his first daughter when he came up with the idea.

He had dealt with high energy bills all his life and had spent more than $200 each month just to make sure that his family was warm enough.

But the private energy companies don’t care if you have energy in your house or not.

All they care about is the payment.

When the power line is out during a terrible, winter storm and you are without electricity for more than two days, they don’t dare to pick up the phone and help you out.

Instead, when you don’t pay the electric bill, they don’t waste a second and call you to see why your credit card is having a problem or if you have received your bill on time.

How Electricity Freedom System was Created?

Rich decided that enough is enough and he went on full-scale research with his friend Jim, to discover a cheap alternative energy option that anyone would be able to afford.

And after two months of trials, they found a solution.

They invented a power-plant.

From its name you already can imagine what it’s about.

A generator that you can create by yourself with a $200 investment only the first time, which functions on grass, leaves, sticks or the leftover vegetables.

This generator can provide energy to your house for whole months and you might not have to pay anything.

After trying this invention himself and sharing it with his family and friends, Rich thought of creating this guide to help you build your power-plant and say goodbye to the high energy bills forever.

I have tried the guide myself and I can assure you it works, that is why I am leaving this Electricity Freedom System review.

The power-plant functions on the energy captured by decomposing grass and other plants and it has been providing electricity for my house for more than six weeks now.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Money I Am Going to Save with the Electricity Freedom System?

Just make a list of how much you are spending right now on energy bills.

Include only electricity and gas.

Let’s make it a bit more simple.

Take each bill that you have been paying every month for the last year. 

Add each month together and then divide the end value by twelve.

This way you will have an average yearly energy bills expense number.

Now multiply that number by ten.

The result is the money that you are expected to save within a ten-year spawn.

Electricity Freedom System Author

What Kind of Things Can I Use As Fuel for my Electricity Freedom System?

As I have already mentioned above you can add grass, sticks or any kind of organic plant.

Just make sure that the plants are broken down before you add them to your Electricity Freedom System.

I got a full list of plants that I can use to put inside the system and let me tell you that you might find most of them for free.

However, the list includes organic plants such as leaves, grass, flowers, vegetables and fruits, hay, sticks, weeds, wood, and more.

What’s Maintenance Like?

Here comes the best part.

Most of the other devices you would use would naturally require maintenance.

A normal generator tends to require full repair every six months.

But this system requires no maintenance whatsoever.

The plants you put in must be already broken down so there is no real cleaning you must do.

The system has no mechanical or moving parts.

With just some water and the plants, you are good to go and turn on the thermostat in your house.

Is the Electricity Freedom System Hard to Build?

This was one of the first questions that came to my mind before buying this guide.

I am not a technical person so complicated systems confuse.

But to my surprise, the system was so simple to build.

I felt like an expert doing it.

The whole process did not tire me at all and it took about three hours to finish.

I must admit though that I did not do everything myself.

The step-by-step video guide helped me a lot.

I just followed it precisely and got the same results.

I had a bit of difficulty with setting it so I had to clear that up with support and I received more than I asked.

What’s included?

Let me tell you what I received once I made my purchase.

After I clicked that button and the page reloaded, I downloaded a full step-by-step video of how to build the Electricity Freedom System.

The video was more than comprehensive.

Then I downloaded the blueprints and another full written guide where I found a list of all the materials.

Other than that I also got free support anytime I needed help.

Let me recap one more time what I found included in the member’s area.

  • Step-by-step video guide
  • Blueprints
  • A full written guide
  • The full list of materials
  • 60-days money-back guarantee
  • Free lifetime support
Electricity Freedom System Testimonial

Is There A Guarantee?

I wouldn’t be writing this review if this system didn’t have a guarantee.

Unlike other reviews that don’t even try a product before reviewing it and thus promote a scam, I already have practiced this system and I can tell you it works.

And I hope there are other Electricity Freedom System reviews that support my opinion.

If you are not satisfied with the guide you can get the 60-days money-back guarantee.

It has been six weeks so far and I have been more than satisfied.

If there are any problems I can simply email support and get my money back.

I’m ready! How Do I Get Started?

What I did was that I simply compiled the order information once I clicked on the checkout button.

From there I received an email that gave me access to the member’s area where I found the step-by-step video guide.

I could see the blueprints and I had the full list of materials.

The checkout was normal and without problems.

I received what I ordered.


Well, in the end, I can only say that this guide was more than worth it.

You might be experiencing difficulties in paying the energy bills right now and trust me I was in the same conditions.

I was going nuts about paying those bills.

After all, why do we have to put up with the high energy prices that the private conglomerates decide to bill us for?

And then they want to blame our appliances for the high energy bills.

Sounds like an excuse to me, because appliances have nothing to do with the horrible prices of gas and electricity rising every day.

So what is the point of paying them such high bills and receiving a scandalous service in return?

You see no point in doing so.

That is why I think this guide might be an awesome investment for you.

Don’t look at it as an expense, but instead as an investment that you are making for your future.

Have you ever heard of phantom income?

The term phantom income is taxes that you don’t have to pay.

That money goes back into your pocket.

I think that by buying this guide you might have the same phantom income that I am having right now.

And what you get in return is much more.

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  1. I ordered the system about 3 months ago but never received a thing. I did see the charge on my credit card. I thought it was an oversite so I ordered it again about a month ago and had the same result. I would like to have a refund or the course in the mail soon. I was very excited when I first saw the video and looked forward to trying it. It sure seemed too good to be true and I guess it is or it is just another scam and I was taken in by it. Please make it right, I can't afford to lose the money. I am 79 years old and I am unemployed.

  2. I bought this system a while but I haven’t really tried to build it. Now that I bought a house, I was thinking this is the right time to build it. When I was looking what I needed I really don’t know where to get the air pump with capacitor, can you give me some ideas. I didn’t get the diagram just the guide. Any help with be appreciated. Thanks.

  3. This Electricity Freedom System works on the energy from plants. The plants take power from the sun and then convert it to perform photosynthesis. When they die, this energy is accepted by the soil.

  4. Clean energy is to be the most significant topic and is likely to be implemented among the companies as well as factories that emit a large number of poisonous gases that can harm the environment.

  5. There is absolutely no smell or fuel needed for this. Just waste plants. If you are living in a remote area with no electricity, this should be a fantastic choice. I was always worried about huge electricity bills and lights being turned on all the time.

  6. What a wonderful and helpful review. It was almost like reading the guide itself. The author is unbiased and I can see clearly that he is talking from his own experience. Reading this cleared my head about the decision I had to make for this guide. Because I was skeptical at first, but now I know what I must do.

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