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EVATAC Combat Bag Review – Does It Really Work?

EVATAC Combat Bag
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The EVATAC Combat Bag is one of the best bags that I have tried.

When traveling for hiking, I was disappointed because I didn’t have any comfortable backpack to keep my things safe.

But I did find the best backpack afterward that is a real winner.

Are you looking for a comfortable, easy to handle, unique design bag that can help you during any outdoor trips?

You are in the right place!!

The EVATAC combat bag consists of all the features that one looks for to have when traveling or hiking somewhere. 

This is the best quality bag that contained much space to fit in all your gears.

It can often be difficult to carry for daily activities.

The best choice, in this case, is without any doubt THE EVATAC COMBAT BAG.

If still, you want more information about the best backpack for your trip, just read this review that will end up all your confusion.

I would personally want to explain the reason why this EVATAC combat bag is recommended for any of the outdoor activities.

The EVATAC Combat bag is considered as a heavy-duty backpack that is liked by almost all its users.

Their names help to understand the main purpose of such bags that is for the use of military purposes.

The EVATAC claimed already that it is not easy to survive in such a hard situation without a backpack!

You must need a bag full of quality materials that are also designed attractively.

You may also find versatile zippers in it along with the buckles that make it a unique product to purchase.

This product is easy to handle and carry everywhere on your shoulders, so here you go the perfect backpack for your long trips!

How Did I start using the Evatac combat bag?

Once I went for hiking purposes, where my bag of low quality created problems for me.

At that time I realized that keeping a good bag was very essential, my friend kept my things in her backpack and showed me during traveling.

She was using an EVATAC combat bag. I found it safe and secure to keep my things in it.

Still, this bag is not advisable for survivalists, it is only recommended for the enthusiast to use and get the benefit from it.

What I like about this backpack is that they are durable and tough to use.

The material used in its making is 600D polyester that also includes durable zippers in it, other features it includes are the shoulder strap that is padded.

Another thing that I loved about this backpack is that you may find compartments in the backpack that may help you to keep the important things in the right place.

Do I recommend buying the Evatac Combat Bag?

Yes, it is highly recommended to use this bag as it helps to get any trip much easier as compared to other simple trips.

This backpack is considered a straight forward bag that is available at the cost of $8 online.

Its features say itself that it is a heavy-duty backpack that is used for the military purpose.

But it does not mean that the military officers use this backpack.

You should get the most informative reviews that describe all the pros and cons related to the backpack.

This may help you to get the idea of either to purchase it or not.

The quality of these bags is good and that also includes many portions in it that help the survivors to stay active every time along with all the necessary things they need in all situations.

EVATAC Combat Bag turning on fire

As compared with the price rate, it is reasonable for everyone to purchase it easily and get the most from the EVATAC combat bag.

About the Creator of the Evatac Combat bag, Ape Survival

This EVATAC Combat bag is a newly available backpack that is designed by Ape Survival.

This is a survival equipment company that is found in Australia.

This company made the best bag that can be easily used by the hikers and other survivors.

The company claims about this bag pack that can easily produce heavy-duty protection.

It makes it’s best from any other backpack that is highly recommended by many satisfied customers.

It is specially designed so that people can survive and stay safe in every way.

EVATAC Combat Bag dock safe place

As its name indicates, this EVATAC is highly used for military use.

It is not easy to get used to the material and the toughness that is designed by Ape survival.

This is best known as the survival retailer equipment that anyone can approach online.

The main motive of the company is to provide you with those facilities that may help you to prepare, protect, defend and in the end survive in every easy or any difficult situation.

The main reason why Ape survival is popular is that it is well known for survival grenade, it provides a kit that is offering a 15 in 1 feature that can be easily purchased along with the backpack.

The new product that the company launched that helped people was the EVATAC combat bag.

This Ape Survival is located in California.

How Does the Evatac Combat bag work?

 Its perfect size helps to make it easy to use and survive when on mountains and hiking. 

This product is considered as tough as it is designed with the help of 600D polyester that makes it long-lasting. 

It works on an integrated molle system that helps you to easily use this bag.

EVATAC Combat Bag sleeping tent

Helps to increase the capacity of storing something with several locations of attachment.

It also works on a feature that includes waterproofed compartments inside the bag that make the bag of high and premium quality.

What do you get with THE Evatac Combat bag?

With the EVATAC Combat bag, the company offers few eBooks as a bonus that is attached to the bag after purchasing it.

They just do not offer a backpack but also they offer a free series of bonus eBooks that are for survival-oriented eBooks.

The things these eBook offs are:

  • Appropriate survival training for 30 days- this is an ultimate 30-day series that guides everyone and explains in such a way that can be easily understood by anyone.

It explains building a shelter when you are on the hike, placing a fire, finding water and food, cooking accordingly, it also explains how to defend your self.

  • Free plan B training for self-defense – it helps to keep yourself protected if you are being attacked.

It explains in a clear way to the survivals.

  • Another eBook that is offered as a training source is the wild scavenger training series.

It explains how to survive in this world and land in difficult situations that you may face during defending yourself just similar to that of scavengers.

Along with these bonuses, you will be also rewarded with a 15 in 1 survival kit if you make a purchase today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this Evatac combat bag for outdoor activities?

This bag usually consists of space 40 liters.

It can be measured at 19-inches x 12.5-inches x 8.5-inches.

That is a huge space for performing most of the outdoor activities.

Why there is a need for the quick-lock chest strap on the Evatac Combat bag?

This feature is designed on the EVATAC Combat bags that help to keep your bag pack safe.

You can run easily without worrying about your bag bouncing every time off your shoulders.

What will happen if I get disappointed with the quality of the bag?

That is not an issue at all; your EVATAC Combat bag can easily be replaced, refunded within the 60 days of the purchase made.

Are their waterproof zippers?

Yes, these zippers are waterproof that will keep you safe in every way.


When someone wants to have a bag that is durable along with easily handled for their trips, The EVATAC Combat bags are highly recommended.

It is also the heavy-duty backpack which includes several exciting features that are helpful when you are going on a trip.

I got it for myself and found it the best heavy-duty backpack that helped me throughout my trip.

Thus, there is no point to think more about whether to purchase The EVATAC Combat Bag or not.

So start your journey with the EVATAC Combat Bag right away!

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• It contains zipper with heavy-duty and all the accessory clips
• It gives an extra support back panel
• It is durable as it is made up of 600D polyester.
• It also includes waterproof portions that keep your bag safe from any damage.
• It is padded with the help of straps on the shoulders
• The pack is secured with the help of chest strap that is important to have during hiking etc.
• It is divided into ten separate compartments that help to keep anything in different compartments.


• You have to purchase the survival Grenade that is not attached to the combat bag.
• It cannot be used for day-long trips as it is too large to carry along.

Summary: This is one of the best bags that I have used for traveling. I feel super safe when I am traveling and I have this bag with me. I must admit that I have found it to be very handy and I would recommend every traveler to buy this bag.

RatingRated 5 stars
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2020-01-07 14:26:39

I have been using this bag for more than three months now and I must say that it is one of the best things that I have ever bought. It is easy and it is very handy. It allows me to be safe while traveling. If you are a traveler you need to buy this right now.

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