Eye on the Prize Review – Works or Just a SCAM?

December 27, 2021
Eye on the Prize Program
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Jumping on the digital marketing bandwagon, I opened my business online. With the help of family and friends, I got it up and running in no time. I thought the profit was coming in, and I was making good money. What more does one want, right? Just as I was on the seventh sky, I decided to go ahead and attend a business convention in the area.

That day, while getting ready, I did not know I was in for the biggest surprise of my life. People were talking about organic search and organic traffic, Key Performance Indicators, sales, clicks, etc. And I was at a loss. I had no idea what that was. Once I got home and did my research, I realized what I lacked: knowledge. Taking a course was not easy with my family, job, and online business (to be honest, I hardly passed college and was in no mood to go there again).

After dedicated research and many positive reviews from peers and friends in the e-business fraternity, I came across the “Eye on the Prize” course by Straight Arrow Solo Ads. People swore by it. The reviews I came across defined it as a “game-changer,” “magical course”, and a friend even went ahead and called it the Holy Grail of online marketing. So, what was going to stop me from ordering the course? (I won’t lie, the price reduction from $194.95 to $97 was a BIG attraction)

Eye on The Prize – What Is It?

Competing in the digital world is no joke (I learned it the hard way) Either you need to be the WORLD leader in something or play smart. Eye on the Prize is a course that teaches you the step-by-step journey of the customer. Interestingly, it does not start off like other courses. “You should do this as a marketer” “You should do that as a marketer”.Eye on the Prize Program

The Customer is The King – Right?

I have been hearing this golden rule “Customer is the king” all my life. This is what attracted me first to the course. It talks about everything from the buyer’s perspective (Customer) and shows marketers how to mold everything around the customer’s buying pattern.

Eye on The Prize – What Does It Stand For?

The title is pretty ironic. While we all have our eye on the prize (increased traffic, clicks, and sales in this case), we need to know how to get there. The journey is important to understand the prize! Eye on the Prize is a practical, digital and high-end course that revolves around teaching the user how to maximize clicks, organic traffic, and sales.

It is a basic course and guides you through the process. The course is run by Straight Solo Ads. If you have information about the digital world, you must know that they are a marketing agency which is growing fast. Even though I had already heard about them (being in the digital business for a while) a simple Google search showed how popular they already were.

The owner of the agency, Chris Gilman is a popular marketer, real estate investor and has co-authored Marketing Miracles. Gilman has already helped many businesses boost their email lists and acquire traffic. This particular course focuses on practical suggestions from the experts on how to monitor your Key Performance Indicators KPIs.

They believe “What gets measured, gets improved” Come to think of it, that makes sense. This is where I was lacking myself. I had never understood the importance of understanding the KPI’s and how they could help my business grow.Eye on the Prize Review - Works or Just a SCAM?

What Does it Offer?

Eye on the Prize is a simple course that is divided into five parts. Experts like Kennedy and Gilman have collaborated their knowledge and started from the basics. The course starts off by making the user understand the current digital marketing landscape. I was amazed how so much had changed in the past few years.

My learning experience with the course has been remarkable. After trying multiple online courses (paid ones), I concluded that all of them are the same. You see some slides, a teacher, and the same material is repeated again and again differently. Not with Eye on the Prize. Some of the salient features of the course are discussed below.

Service and Traffic Features

  • You Get Clean and Top-Tier Traffic 

One of the best features of the course is that it teaches you to have to get top-tier and clean traffic to your website. You have no idea what organic traffic does to help you rank higher on Google. For me, traffic has never been important. As long as my monthly sales were greater than my cost, I was happy. With the course, I realized how wrong I was. With better traffic, my website/business would get more recognition. More people would know about it and my sales would keep increasing. My business would grow.

The course teaches how to get targeted leads from the countries where English is spoken. The reason for this is that the residents of these countries have higher incomes, use credit/debit cards, and the overall financial system of the economy is better. When you know advanced filtering techniques, you can remove bots and other non-email traffic from your list. In turn, the clicks left will all be genuine and authentic.

  • Track Traffic 

Learning how to gain traffic is one thing. You should be able to track and identify what to do with that traffic too. If you follow all that is taught in the course, your leads, click, and sales can improve in just a few days. The reason is that you will be able to filter out genuine traffic from non-email traffic. Ad campaigns are integral if you want genuine traffic coming to your website.

This course focuses on keeping track of how many clicks you get from the solo ad campaigns. This is important to compare and improve your website working.

  • Target Analytics and Analysis 

What is the use of KPIs if you don’t know what to do with them? It is important to understand how to track and use these KPIs for your benefit. This is exactly what the course teaches you. How to check and use KPIs for improving and growing your website/business. Apart from this, digital marketing analytics are also taught. These are integral in improving your marketing campaigns and making them profitable.

  • Marketing Strategies

At this point, the course has taught you all that you need to know about KPI’s, traffic, how to get traffic, how to track clicks on Solo Ad campaigns, etc. Now, what do you do with all this information? How can you use it to your advantage? Yes, now you use this information to come up with marketing strategies for your company/business.

Along with this, you are also taught some basic marketing strategies. These teach you how to improve marketing plans and identify essential metrics.

Course Review – Why is it Worthy of Your Time? 

In a nutshell, the course is not just like any other online course. The first attraction is that it has been designed by the best marketing agency you can come across. Straight Arrow Solo Ads has been around for a while and helped many companies grow and improve their digital marketing strategies. The course has a lot of big names of the industry behind it, showing that it is genuine and reliable.

When a friend recommended me this, I did my research. To be honest, I did not come across even a single negative review. This left me thinking, “Is the course actually too good to be true, or did they buy reviews?” (Yes, I did doubt the authenticity of the course, wouldn’t you if you didn’t find a SINGLE bad review about it?)Eye on the Prize Program

Features – What Makes it Stand Out from the Rest? 

This was another reason for my purchasing the course. To see if it was actually as good as people claimed or there was some catch. I was not expecting it to turn out so good. The best thing about it is that it is easy to understand. When I recommended it to my brother, I was unsure how he would understand it so well. The concepts could be a little hard to digest, not being from a digital or even business background. But no, he said he understood it in the first go. Even complicated concepts like KPI’s, clicks, etc. were explained in an easy way.

There is nothing vague or left unexplained. Most courses don’t go into the details. They don’t share all the knowledge. They leave you feeling like you have an idea of what they are talking about, you can explain it to others but can’t do anything else. This is not the case with Eye on the Prize. It is a well-constructed, detailed, and easy-to-understand course for beginners and experts alike.


So, it does get a 5-star rating from me. The company behind this online course is gaining traction in the marketing world. They have tailor-made his course to teach people how to make money without spending an arm and a leg. The course is on a 50% discount right now (grab it before the offer ends). The price has been reduced from $194.95 to $97. As this is the discount price, you should grab your copy before the price is reverted back to the original. Even the actual cost is not bad for the benefits it offers, but why pay the total price when you can pay a 50% discount? So, why not grab your copy right now?

Eye on the Prize>> Get Instant Access Now <<

Frequently Asked Questions About “Eye on the Prize”:

What is Eye on the Prize?

Eye on the Prize was created by Chris Gilman. He is the founder of the marketing agency Straight Arrow Solo Ads.

Who created the Eye on the Prize?

The main purpose of the Eye on the Prize is to help marketers increase sales, maximize budget, increase traffic, clicks etc.

What is the main purpose of the Eye on the Prize?

The main purpose of the Eye on the Prize is to help marketers increase sales, maximize budget, increase traffic, clicks etc.

Who is the Eye on the Prize for?

Eye on the Prize is for digital and affiliate marketers. The people who want to increase sales staying within their budget.

What are the pros and cons of Eye on the Prize?

Eye on the Prize is affordable, easy to understand, and brings traffic quicker. On the other hand, there is no personal interaction and everyone gets to learn the same course

How can I access the Eye on the Prize?

You can access the course on its official website https://eyeontheprize.straightarrowsoloads.com/checkout-page/ After paying, you will have access to the course

How much does the Eye on the Prize cost?

The original price is $194 dollars. But, the price being offered is $97. The reason is that there is a 5-% discount being offered on the price.


Genuine traffic: The most important thing you learn is how to attract organic traffic to your website. Different methods are taught to get high-quality solo ad traffic, which is customized according to your website needs and requirements.

Quick Service: You don’t need to wait for months at a stretch to see results. If you understand and apply the knowledge gained from the course, you can see an increase in clicks, sales and leads in a few days.

Free Marketing Course: Everyone knows how much these online courses cots. Not with Eye on the Prize. When you purchase the course, you get a free marketing course with it. How good can it get, right?

Reduced Price: Another big attraction is the slashed cost of the course. The price has been reduced to 50% for a limited time period. So, grab yours here right now!

Easy to Understand: You don’t need to be digital business man or an experienced affiliate marketer to understand this course. Even though the concepts taught are high-level, important and crucial to gaining those clicks, they are explained in a very easy and simple way.

Marketing Plans: You are taught about the different metrics which help you make customized marketing plans for your business.

Easy to Access: The best thing about the course is that it totally online. You don’t need to leave the comfort of your home to attend classes. In the COVID times, this is a big plus.

Worldwide Audience: The fact that it is online and available for all, people all over the world can benefit from it and they do. This shows that the course is tailor-made for everyone across the board. So, the strategies and teachings can be applied to any digital business you want.

Affordable: Even if you look at the original price of $194.95, it is not bad for a complete course on how to increase sales and maximize profits.


No Personal Interaction: For some, an internet course is an advantage and for others it is a disadvantage. The drawback with this type of learning is that there is no personal or one-on-one interaction between the teacher and the student. You can’t meet either of the powerhouses Kennedy and Gilman to discuss your concerns or clear your concepts further.

Bird’s Eye View: At times, I thought we were being given a bird’s eye view of strategies. Thorough research showed that we needed to dig in deeper and study the marketing techniques more to gain benefit from them.

Lacking Uniqueness: The biggest issue for me was the lack of uniqueness in the course. Everyone is being taught the same thing left and right. No limitations are kept in mind when designing this course. People are different, businesses are different, situations are different. Nothing unique is taught to anyone and everyone who has access to the course is learning it.

Summary: If you want to make it big in the digital world, Eye of the Prize is a must-have course. The concepts regarding KPI’s and clicks, conversions, traffic, etc are explained thoroughly. There are no complications and anyone can understand what is being said (you don’t need to have prior knowledge or experience in the field)

For me, it was an excellent experience. Many of my concepts were cleared. I was provided a road map of how I could increase my sales and maximize my budget. Spending wisely on the business is not easy. You have to go through an entire process and everything is co-related. The digital landscape is very different from the real world. Parameters like clicks, conversion rate and traffic are very important which we don’t come across in real life.

I can sum up my experience with Eye on the Prize in one line: Eye on the Prize reaches you that the journey to the prize is the most important. In business, the prize is profit maximization. In digital marketing, the prize is higher clicks and organic traffic. If the journey is correct and you do all the necessary and important steps in reaching your prize, the prize will be yours for sure.

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