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Feel Tennis Review – Should You Really Buy It?

Feel Tennis
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Product Name: Feel Tennis
Author/Creator: Tomaz Mencinger
Price: $97.00
Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days
Official Website: https://www.feeltennis.net

Sport for one is entertaining in the world over as has hunting and camping proven to be over the years. Whatever kind of sport it may be; indoor or outdoor, raining and gaming expertise is highly in order.

In case you are so much wired into indoor sport, you will find this review in total handy. Especially if you are a Tennis enthusiast.

Yes, Feel Tennis reviews the ultimate instructions for higher levels of the sport because it puts in mind that the higher the level this sport you chase, the higher the level of instruction you will certainly need.

This is a guide you certainly do not want to miss out on. Feel Tennis is the new fad in the turf of this sport, a must have for all enthusiasts alike.

man training for tennis

What Is Feel Tennis by Tomaz Mencinger all about?

Feel Tennis by Tomaz Mencinger is a revolutionary product on Tennis. I say this because unlike other handful programs out there, this one does not place major emphasis on mechanisms and techniques of the sport.

This program is a necessary up for grabs by you because it uniquely places its resources in showing you how:

  • Ball judgment
  • Timing
  • Feel
  • Rhythm

Which are by far very essential as the key skills if you want to venture into the sport.

Tomaz Mencinger, the author of the program

The author is a native of Slovenia which is right in the middle of Europe. The author was infatuated by sports that have balls ever since he was 7 years of age and so he rook interest in Table Tennis.

people training for tennis

A few years after that, Tomaz started training volleyball and age14 was his threshold when he started playing the game with his dad and friends. The author’s love for the game is clearly distinct because he always came back to the sport in the summers despite playing Volleyball on at professional standards.

Whilst still in Slovenia, the young author rose to be a coach when he got a certificate at the sport right about the age of 23. All that he attributed greatly to the basic skills he picked up along the way combined with his awesome hand-eye coordination.

There and then the author’s coaching career started and lucky for you, the power of the internet gave him the idea to start his own website; tennismindgame.com which focuses on the following aspects:

  • Tactical part of the game
  • Mental aspects of the sport

What to expect from the product’s course book


There is a whole lot rejuvenation that the program offers you. They include the following:

  • Best Tennis Footwork when attacking short balls
  • How rotation and relaxation work in Tennis Groundstrokes
  • How to rapidly accelerate your racket in neutral baseline rallies
  • How to fit forehands on the run

Now that is just the tactical part of the game. You will find it insinuating that the author blends tactility with mental aspect of the game. You will find more bonus points on how to cope with emotional shockwaves during the game such as:

  • How to be at peace when you make mistakes whilst in the game
  • Timing in the game and how to improve it.

I suppose that can just be the tip of the ice-berg because there is an even bigger bonus. You will find in the program a bonus that refutes the illusions behind the Roger Federer hand technique. You will also be given audio-visual bonuses that will help you breakdown the magic-behind-the-tricks.

You will also encounter a complete breakdown of the entire program that will aid you in understanding the program on a more diversified level and the videos as well. You will be pleased to learn that most content of the sport is explained in a most basic manner.

Also, you will get the whole package of tips of the sport that most coaches will not teach you. Most prominently, this product will get you the real feeling of the game; fluid motion and necessary awareness.

Is the program a true Tennis mind-swipe?

The product promises so much in return of so little so should you consider it as the optimum mind-swipe? What I mean is the program guaranteed to turn your amateur swings into more Roger Federer alike?

Right from the horse’s mouth; mine, this review on this product certifies it as not as scam. The author’s credentials are very promising. His previous e-book manuals on the sport like Tennis Mind Game have proven to be legit.

The social feed from the product website has feedback from satisfied users. A one Michael Lee wrote to Tomaz saying that the product has relieved his agony. Get this, for long 30 years Lee has played the sport and had not adapted to the body articulations that the sport comprises.

playing tennis

Amazingly, all the articulations he was not familiar with came to his grasp. Something that al the coaches he had could not even resonate with.

This program is not a scam. If you are enticed enough to buy the whole course e-book, you will find that the program will greatly coordinate with the gaps that previously could not be bridged. Most especially, you will be able to connect with the feeling aspect of this sport, a great perk for your consistency with the sport.

Where you can buy Feel Tennis?

Feel Tennis is available on the official website, https://www.feeltennis.net.

Final Take

You may find it unbelievable but yes, this sport requires maximum juice. If you get short of this rejuvenation, chances are high that your game will be lack-luster. Lucky enough for you, you have this program.

I feel that the gap this product fills is immense. Check the reviews and see for yourself. Plus, if you are good at Volleyball and golf, you will have an easy time settling in. Volleyball gives you agility and good hand-eye coordination whilst golf makes your strokes just right for the sport.

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• The author is an awesome teacher and coach which supplements the product because a great tutor equals finesse.

• The program encompasses the in-famous Roger Federer hand technique as a bonus which you can practice and emulate the icon.

• It demystifies the illusions behind the amazing swing by the top baller of the sport.

• You are on the verge of acquiring great hand-eye coordination as dis the author.

• The way that the author explains concepts of the sport is very basic and needs no deep analysis to integrate.

• If you are torn between golf and this sport, you will be glad to know that golf strokes are just as similar to strikes in this sport.

• The aggressive manner that the program handles both mental and tactility aspects of the sport is double relief.


• Unless you have a preview of the video lessons, you will not be capable to achieve most of the tactility skills that the author also highlights.

• Getting into the right mental shape is the trickiest bit of all and if you will not attain inner peace, you will have a rough game.

• Considering the psychological challenge that the sport possess, it may be nearly impossible to master calm amidst failure in the game.

Summary: Feel Tennis by Tomaz Mencinger is a revolutionary product on Tennis. I say this because unlike other handful programs out there, this one does not place major emphasis on mechanisms and techniques of the sport. This program is a necessary up for grabs by you because it uniquely places its resources in showing you how to handle ball judgment, timing, feel and gives you rhythm.

RatingRated 5 stars
Rating: 5
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The cup of plate surely does mean a lot professionally.

on 2019-12-23 05:43:56

An amazing program that will make sure that you become that type of player that you always wanted to be. A type of player that knows what he is doing and who does it well.

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2018-11-16 23:51:12

Well, of course, you have to be, if you decided to click on this article. It also means that you want to start playing better. Or you want your children to start playing better. Am I right?The truth is that tennis – is an amazing choice of sports. At first, it has been something only for the richest and most intelligent people. But things have changed nowadays. And nearly everyone has the opportunity to try their strength in tennis. Even though it is stilled called by some ‘the gentleman’s sport.

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2018-03-30 14:12:57

You'll find useful information about Feel Tennis; see how it works, what's contained inside, and whether this tennis training is right for you.

Julie Pickens
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2018-02-20 04:48:30

It would be great to have tennis for adults and children are interested to learn the game because it is entertaining and fun. Another reason I like I want to master tennis is, it can boost the patients in every player and respect to their opponents. It can also develop a friendship with each and every player of the game. This is such a very informative book about tennis.

Nanette Bird
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2017-12-26 08:42:18

I have been apart of this product from the beginning and am having a good benefit. The site is well put together and the elements are great and full of good direction. The merchandise is a great inspiration.

I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to succeed. Give it a try!

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