Forbidden Kill Strikes Review – Read Before You Buy!

January 10, 2021
Forbidden Kill Strikes
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Product Name: Forbidden Kill Strikes
Author/Creator: Chuck Eastman
Price: $67.00
Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days
Official Website:

Do you want to learn defensive techniques? Have you ever felt threatened by your enemy because of their greater strength compared to you? Do you want to discover the process of knocking the person down who threatened you? If yes, then you need the Forbidden Kill Strikes program.

In the current time, everyone should know the process of defending because you never know when you might need to protect yourself and your family from the cruel world.

Forbidden Kill Strikes

You might encounter a thief or an enemy who wants to knock you down. In such a situation, you need to understand the defensive technique so that you don’t have to face embarrassment.

If you don’t want to go through such embarrassment, then try the Forbidden Kill Strikes program. Now you might be questioning that there are many defense trainers and guides available, so what should you prefer the Forbidden Kill Strikes instead of any other self-defense product?

There are various reasons that you should try the Kill Strikes program rather than other products. In this Forbidden Kill Strikes review, I will reveal all such advantages.

What Is the Forbidden Kill Strikes Program?

It is an informational guide that teaches the best way to defend. This program provides practical and simple self-defense techniques.

The techniques presented in the program only demand eight days to master them. Each method is a mixture of Asian and American style fighting.

The program doesn’t demand you to have professional martial arts training. Even if you don’t know anything about martial arts, you can still master the techniques given in the program quite comfortably.

The program will teach how you can use your household items as a weapon against the opponent. You will learn how to use the weapons easily without hurting yourself.

Forbidden Kill Strikes

Additionally, you will understand the process of creating various weapons using different items like making grenades through light bulbs and pepper.

If your opponent is also holding a weapon, you can take it down using the special tips mentioned in the program.

The program carries various self-defense techniques, including Scissor Swing, Jaw Slicing, and elbow movement. Using the Scissor Swing technique, you can put your opponent on the ground within a few seconds.

In the Jaw-Slicing method, you will receive a deadly move that can even kill your enemy. Practicing the elbow move given in the program, you will be able to crush your opponent jugular vein.

About Chuck Eastman – The Creator

Chuck Eastman is behind this product. He is a former military man who has served in the military for many years.

On the sales page, Chuck has shared a tragic story that forced him to create this self-defense product. One day Chuck’s son decided to go for dinner with his wife.

They both decided to leave their daughter alone at home with her grandparents. While the daughter was sleeping, robbers entered their home and rushed upstairs.

Kimmy woke up and informed his grandparents about the situation. Chuck Eastman, who is the grandparents of that kid, started searching the house.


He found two armed robbers who were going to kill Megan via a knife. They placed a sharp knife on her neck. Chuck was aware of using household objects as a weapon in such a situation.

He used some of the items available at home and hit the robbers with them. After seeing the aggression, they both leave the house without harming anyone.

How Do the Forbidden Kill Strikes Work?

The working of this self-defense program is simple. However, the program’s primary aim is to provide you confidence in unusual situations. This confidence makes you overcome fear in any circumstances.

Firstly, you will learn about fighting and defending techniques by mixing American and Asian style fighting. The combination of two fantastic fighting styles makes it a sturdy and worth buying system.

You can apply these techniques against criminals or intruders. The method is simple, and working that doesn’t require any further skills.

Also, you can easily teach these self-defense techniques to your loved ones. The program presents some tricks which you can practice in emergencies.

Now you don’t require frightening from your enemies or intruders because the self-defense technique will give you the confidence to bring your opponent down on their knees. The program grants deadly instant-kill techniques using which you can disable the thugs immediately.

Forbidden Kill Strikes

What Comes with the Forbidden Kill Strikes Program?

This self-defense program is going to provide you numerous protecting techniques that are mentioned below.

  • You will get a Trip-Switch technique using which you can dodge a knife strike. Also, the program will give you a demonstration of responding correctly after blocking the knife strike.
  • If your enemy has applied a chokehold, then you can use the one-second movement to get out of the chokehold attack. You will also understand the way to use the same chokehold on your attacker in such a way that he can’t overcome it.
  • The program has a special Switch move using which you will be able to stop anyone without causing any physical harm to them.
  • Apart from these self-defense techniques, you will get three bonuses with this program. Each bonus is relevant to self-defense and is worth applying.
  • You will get the Protect and Detain Initiative guide that carries simple and tested techniques using which you can fight with any strengthful person you want.
  • The Teach and Train Initiative will show you how you can teach self-defense techniques to other people. You can train your friends and family members by using this method.
  • The third bonus is the Short Stack Initiative, which holds self-defense techniques for kids and women. Kids and women can easily use and practice these methods.
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Benefits of Using the Forbidden Kill Strikes Program

Below are the advantages.

Self-Defense Maneuvers

You are going to learn different self-defense moves via this program. All the moves are simple, easy, and effective. The techniques are so unique that you may not find them in any other self-defense program.

Unlike other programs, it doesn’t include fancy punches or kicks that are not going to work in most cases. You will only learn the techniques that you can easily apply during an actual attack.

All the methods given in the program only demands eight days. Within eight days, you will feel like a professional in self-defense.


This program is for all those people who are interested in learning self-defense techniques. There is no maximum or minimum age given to use this program.

Whether your age is 10 or 50, you can use this system without any worry. These techniques only demand some practice. If you practice it correctly, you are not going to struggle with it.

Also, you need to be patient to master self-defense techniques. You are not going to learn it within a day. The program demands a minimum of a week to show results.

Require Less Time

Unlike other self-defense programs, you don’t need months to learn the tactics provided. This Forbidden Kill Strikes only demands you to spend eight days with full focus, and you will learn it perfectly.

I have never seen a self-defense product that only requires eight days to show results. So you must try the Kill Strikes program if you want to see rapid results.

protecting tricks

Frequently Asked Question

Below are the most asked queries about Forbidden Kill Strikes.

I Can’t Spend Much Time Practicing the Techniques, so Should I Buy It?

Yes, you can still buy it. There are some techniques in the program that you can learn within a few minutes.

However, if you desire to master those tactics, then you should give some time. You can comprehend all the self-defense strategies offered in the program within eight days.

Also, you can even practice those moves while watching your favorite TV show. So I guess it’s not going to be much tricky even if you don’t want to disturb your routine.

What Makes Forbidden Kill Strikes so Special?

The mixture of American and Asian techniques makes this guide different and exceptional.

This product takes the best moves from both America and Asian style and implements them in the program. These techniques are going to be deadly, so you must not apply it as fun on your friends.

What If I Don’t Discover Any Worthy Self-Defense Technique in the Program?

The program has a 60-day money-back option for people who don’t like the product after using it. If you don’t find it useful, just ask the owner to send back your cash. They will send full money to your account without asking any further questions.



Forbidden Kill Strikes is a tested self-defense program that provides tactics using which you can protect yourself and your loved ones.

The program features three bonuses, including Protect and Detain Initiative, Teach and Train Initiative, and Short Stack Initiative, which additionally provide many valuable self-defense instructions and tips.

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• You can use this self-defense system to protect yourself and your family.
• Its instructions and tips are straightforward so that you can learn it quickly.
• Whether you are 18 or 81 years old, you can employ the techniques without any issue.
• Even if your opponent is more powerful than you, you can still bring him to his knees through this program.
• The program gives you confidence so that you can stay positive and stronger in any worse situation.
• This program also provides a guide so that you don’t cause injury to yourself while practicing it.


• The program demands practice to show results.
• You need to be extra careful if you are practicing it for the first time.

Summary: Forbidden Kill Strikes is a recommended product for people who want to protect themselves from any unusual situation. The program has over six deadly moves that you can use to bring your opponent down to their knees.

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Rated 5 stars
5 / 5 (3 )


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