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Forex Heat Map Review – Must Knowing Before You Buy

Forex Heat Map
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Product Name: Forex Heat Map
Price: $19.95/month
Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days
Official Website: http://fxmoneyflow.com

Are you a Forex trader and you are interested in the best deal that will provide you with real time signals across 28 currency pairs and the eight major currencies? Forex Heat Map is specially designed for you so as to cover all your needs.

For you as a forex trader, you have to do a lot of research on the currency market and be able to master their trends. Therefore for the better understanding of the currency market, you need also to employ some tools that might prove to be tiresome sometimes.

You also need to actually understand and get the deeper insight into what is exactly going on in the Forex world in the real time. This review will discuss on how this product will be of help to you and see you a successful Forex trader.


What is Forex Heat Map?

Basically it is perceived as a radar that will be of help in organizing the data from the eight different currencies into a simple real time visual map. In simple terms it graphically displays areas of strengths and weaknesses of the currencies in the forex market.

Forex Heat Map is specially designed for forex traders who are keen on benefiting from the forex market. It acts as a tool that promises to do all the work for you by analyzing all the information present in the market and does all the interpretation all to your benefit.

How does Forex Heat Map work?

forex trading incidators

This is a visual map that not only identifies the currency trend in the market but also points out the supplement trades and the pairs of movement that may have not been considered in the real trade planning process. It will also access the risk of ach trading entry for you.

This heat map will actually break down the data for you and as it will show you the top movers of the day and will provide information on both the forex and CFD markets.

It summarizes all information present in the current market that t you might need for quick trade decision making by you the forex trader. It actually organized in parallel and also inverse currency pair groups. Which basically falls into two:

  1. It mainly focuses on the 8 major currencies which are: USD, CHF, EUR, JPY, GBP, AUD, CAD and NZD. All these pairs are well graphically grouped together. The forex traders are actually advised to have expertise in the parallel and inverse analysis before interpretation.
  2. A tutorial is provided and it is actually a must read and should not be taken for granted. If you are curious on how the data is interpreted, there are live heat maps alert monitors that will actually alert you when the signals have actually been lined up for a potential trade.

NEW YORK, US - 12 November - Complex economic data table with cross values and prices for forex market, currencies of the world identified by flags, numbers with colored tags, created with professional financial application on computer on 12 November 2014

You actually knowing the primary direction trend of a certain currency pair alongside with the actual entry management and the trade alert system will be a powerful combination for you.

How Much Does the Product has to Cost You?

You will have to first to access the Forexearlywarning site. The main reason as to this is because for you access this product, some subscriptions have to be paid. You will first be required to subscribe where you will input a username and a password.

This will allow you access the real trading plans and the live currency signals for about $19.95 per month. Considering the amount of help this tool will offer, this price is quite affordable to almost all forex traders.

Other reviews will indicate that there are other forex currency predicting sites but most of them prove to be a waste of time. The existence of this product up to date is a proof of its reliability and should not be thought of as a scam.


Forex Heat Map features

This system actually contains two very separate heat maps. There is one on the left which is for the Asian session which actually resets at zero, at 2200GMT, just before the Sydney market open.

The heat map located to the right is actually the main trading session which resets to zero at 0500 GMT. The current GMT is actually listed at each of the two heat maps.

With you subscribing to Forexearlywarning, you will be able to easily access all these live heat maps.

Where you can buy Forex Heat Map?

Forex Heat Map is available on the official website, http://fxmoneyflow.com.

Bottom Line

Any forex trader who actually wishes to understand the forex market better should actually opt for a tool which will help them in identifying the live currency trends available. Forex Heat Map has actually been developed to help in such cases.

With the heat map easily accessible in most browsers, you can actually access the live maps at any time you want as it offers 24 hours a day service. There is no point of wasting your buying other trading systems recommended by other reviews which actually do not work.

With determination using this product, it will actually prove to be of success to us forex traders. Try it today.

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• It is easily accessed as it can be viewed from either your phone, computer or even tablet.

• No downloads are required as all you have to do is to login and you will be in a position to access the live heat maps.

• It also educates about forex and explains hoe currency pairs move can make you a better forex trader.

• It is 24 hours a day active throughout the week and can be accessed at any given time by the forex trader.

• It actually locates the supplemental trades on the 28 pairs of currency in the forex market that may actually not be identified in the second opinion trading plans.

• The present arrow system live heat map will alert you on how you can actually scan the forex market faster.


• This heat map is actually not an independent trading tool as it does not analyze the trends and actually does not know when the news items might be coming.

• The heat map lacks information on whether a currency pair is actually choppy.

Summary: Forex Heat Map is basically perceived as a radar which is used to monitor the price movements and the daily trading intelligence. With it considering over 28 currency pairs, it mainly focuses on the 8 main currencies in the market.
The subscriptions done allows you to access the live heat maps at any point in time.

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Gary Miller
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on 2018-02-15 06:36:00

As a current MBA student, and this is fantastic. It is easy and I understand and know about a lot. Describes but the level of detail will definitely improve my understanding. I think it is important to everyone to open their eyes to the world around them, and this may crack the door open for some.

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