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Ground Control Program Review – Read Before You Buy!

Ground Control Program
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Product Name: Ground Control Program
Price: $97.00
Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days
Official Website: http://groundcontrolprogram.com

Ground Control Program Will teach you how to grapple the right way in order to never lose a grip.

Do you dream of being able to stop anyone who you ever confront with simple moves?

It is like a dream come true when you think that you can knock out some guy who was checking out on your girlfriend.

You will look like a typical hero and what is more to it is that she and every other girl around you, will all love it and find it so attractive.

But instead, you are out of shape, having an unhealthy diet and you have probably been knocked out in front of girls too many times.

And it doesn’t even take a punch to do such a thing. Maybe the guy you confronted knew some Jiu-Jitsu and he gripped your neck.

Can you really blame yourself? You are not really prepared for it all and you are certainly not an expert.

What if I told you that I know a secret, on how to grab the confronter in such a way to have him under control.

And you can also learn how to never lose a grip again in your life.

You see, it is all a matter of self-control and mastery and it has nothing to do with physical strength.

It is all about knowing how to grab and where are the weak points that you can use to your advantage.

Most people don’t even know these, but if you continue reading this review, you will learn how to do it.

How Did I Start With Ground Control Program?

You see, I never was the type of man to be strong and built up. I am mostly lean and in fact, I am slightly underweight.

This has caused a problem for me. A problem that has been haunting me my whole life.

I have been always bullied for being physically weaker than others.

And while some people might find it strange, I know that most of the men out there will probably relate to this issue.

It is a real problem in the world nowadays that young men suffer and lead many of them to either murder or suicide.

As I said, I have bullied my whole life and I really didn’t know what to do about it.

It is not like the guys bullying me were punching me and beating me to death.

But there was this guy who was six or ten inches taller than me, who would always grab me by my neck until I passed out in the middle of the school.

It was so embarrassing as my eyes would enlarge and I would do everything possible to get lost from his grip, without success every time.

And the most embarrassing thing of all was the mass of people surrounding me, laughing their stomachs.

They would look at my pitiful struggles and just laugh their butts off.

I was very humiliated, every time that it happened. But I did not know how to stop it.

I mean do I just kill the guy? Do I just get a gun and shoot him to the head and then kill myself too?

Definitely not. But then what do I have to do to let loose from this hell experience that is surrounding me?

The answer came to me about a year ago and it has stuck with me since.

Before Learning About Ground Control Program

Being bullied as a child or as a high schooler might not be that bad.

But things go completely out of control when you are bullied as a grown man.

And you get bullied in your own office and you feel like you are hopeless because there is no principle’s office in the real world.

You just have to deal with it. I am already married and I have kids now.

So just imagine how I felt when a guy knocked me to sleep while on vacation with my family.

That’s right. Absolutely terrible. Listening to my wife and kids screaming as my vision blurred.

My face got red and the veins in my forehead looked they were about to explode.

Then I got a bluish color as I started to slowly pass out from the lack of oxygen.

When I woke up, some fat guy was on top of me, massaging my chest and performing CPR.

It was the most embarrassing moment of my life and I could tell by my wife’s face that she was doubting whether I was the right man for her or not.

After all, who wants to be with a man who cannot even protect his own self? That’s right. No one.

So I took a vow to learn everything I could on self-control and gripping methods and that is when I came across the Ground Control Program.

Ground Control Program, About Gripping Methods

When a Jui Jitsu master grabs someone in a position that they surrender, the master has only applied the right amount of pressure to the right pressure points.

You see, our human bodies are designed in such a way that we can actually block anyone if we just know, how and where to grab them.

The reason why someone fails in Jui Jitsu is that they did not prepare themselves enough on how to grab the opponent.

How Does Ground Control Program Work?

You will get a complete guide on how to grab the opponent using the right methods. You are also going to learn the weak spots on the body so that you never miss a grip again.

Most of the grabbers fail to hold on to their opponent because they don’t know how to properly keep the grip.

It is not only about grabbing someone. It is also about being able not to lose control until the person is not a threat anymore.

Once I started learning these methods I started seeing success in my personal protection like never before.

Just a month ago, someone passed me with a car and was angry at me for crossing in their way.

I was only with my wife in the car this time when the guy got out of his car and started saying all kinds of things to me.

Instead of being a coward, I got out and confronted him, but this time I knew exactly what to do in order to knock him out.

I immediately grabbed him by his neck, my hands around his throat in a complicated position I learned from Ground Control Program and boom, the guy was unconscious.

Ground Control Program cover

You should have seen the look on my wife’s face. She was proud and blushing from excitement at the same time.

Her man had just defended himself and her in front of her eyes and that scene must have been really hot to her.

What Do Some Grapplers Do Wrong?

Lack of Isometric Strength

Ground Control Program method 1

You might not know that without sufficient isometric strength, you won’t be able to control anyone.

People will pass your guard. You’ll lose your grips while trying to pass guard.

You’ll have trouble getting and controlling dominant positions, and people will escape your attempted submissions.

Weak Posterior Chain

Ground Control Program methods 2

Because of the motor patterns of the sport, most grapplers have weak glutes, backs, and hamstrings.

And what most grapplers don’t know is that these muscles are absolutely vital for success in the sport.

Weaknesses in these muscles limit your ability to do the three most important things in jiu-jitsu:

  • Escape submissions.
  • Maintain and control dominant positions.
  • Submit your opponent.

If you’re not doing those, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll get frustrated.

Quit. Effectively flushing all your time, effort, and money down the toilet.

Lack of Mobility

Ground Control Program method 3

The demands of jiu-jitsu create unnatural postural distortions that can lead to injury, and worse.

Easy submissions, not for you, but for your opponents.

See, because of all the rolling, constantly being on your back, and the mounting positions, you start to develop nasty postural problems like Rounded shoulders, Tight, Donald Duck hips, and a drooped forward, more exposed, neck.

These distortions aren’t just ugly, they also limit your mobility, making a slight crank from your opponent turn into a quick tap for you.

Not only that, they create irritating imbalances that will diminish your overall strength, grip, and movement on the mats.

Plus, injuries that can leave you sidelined for months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have To Follow Some Hard Gym Regime in This Program?

Absolutely not. I am well above thirty and I have never been to the gym my whole life.

I already know all the moves and I don’t need to go and lift weights in order to grab someone in a weak spot.

Does It Take Massive Physical Strength To Achieve Results?

Not at all. As I mentioned before at the beginning of this review, I am underweight and I am not particularly strong.

But using the right methods to grab on someone has allowed me to beat them into submission.

Anyone with any level of physical strength can be able to perform the techniques taught on this program.

Is there a Guarantee?

I would not be writing this review if there was no guarantee on this program.

You will have sixty days to try it out and if you notice that in sixty days this program does not work for you then you can simply ask for your money back.


This is by far the best program that I have seen about grabbing someone and beating them into submission.

The guides are very simple and easy to follow and it requires no physical strength in order to achieve results.


>> Get Instant Access Now <<


• The guides are simple and easy to understand
• No need to go to the gym to get fantastic results
• You don’t have to be strong as a rock in order for the program to work
• Learn the best methods of self-protection
• Get your money back if the program doesn’t work
• Constant help from the support team


• You have to kind of hurt someone in order to see if the program works or not.

Summary: I have never seen a program better than this one. Ground Control Program has taught me how to win every time that I find myself in a confrontation. I think every man needs to buy this in order to keep himself and his family protected.

RatingRated 5 stars
David Springer
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Warmup and exercise

on 2020-07-31 04:29:33

I actually bought this program as I wanted to work on my strength and conditioning on the mats and get ready to compete. I focus on core and trunk stability and strength.

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Speed and Explosiveness

on 2020-06-30 01:29:17

I feel like I can regain & retain guard better and stay in my half guard / closed guard games longer as my core and hip, glutes, and legs feel stronger.

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2019-12-14 07:44:01

I have used this program and it has turned out to be so efficient. I have been able to protect myself better than ever. These techniques are simple and easy to learn. The program itself is awesome.

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