Home Assembly & Crafts Directory Review – Does It Really Work?

January 18, 2022
Home Assembly & Crafts Directory Make Extra Money

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Home Assembly & Crafts Directory


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  • It contains easy and simple home assembly jobs
  • The home assembly jobs listed allows people to conveniently work in their house and as independent contractors
  • You have the choice to work at your own pace
  • The company listings include website, email addresses, and phone numbers·
  • The directory is a trusted guidebook containing legitimate home assembly jobs
  • The directory gives you a big list of 250 companies involved in home assembly jobs
  • Your success isn’t guaranteed. You have to work hard for the program to work for you.
  • The home assembly jobs bind you to set time frames

In this review, we have defined what home assembly jobs are and the different types. We have gone further to show you where to find them so that you don’t get involved in scams. Those listed companies are all legitimate and will honor their contracts with you. So, if you enjoy putting things together or building them, take this opportunity.

I am sure you may have many reasons why you want to work from home. You may have considered flexible schedules, extra income, or avoiding uncomfortable commuting. And, the opportunity is there for you. That's because recent trends show a big surge in the number of legitimate companies offering you home jobs.

But, some of these home jobs may need advanced training or knowledge. And, you may not qualify for them. But, have hope as there're legitimate companies that offer remote product assembly jobs. You don't need advanced qualifications or experience, but, the will to work.

We hereby review one of the best guides that show you how to get a work-at-home job. Its name is Home Assembly and Crafts Directory eBook.

What’s Home Assembly and Crafts Directory e-Book?

The eBook authored by Home-Job-Alert.com comes as a downloadable file. And, it contains 250 companies that currently hire you to do home assembly jobs. The directory comes at a time when companies need creativity to survive. They're moving towards offering you remote jobs so that they can cut on labor costs.

But, the home assembly jobs in the directory target self-motivated and creative people. Those are people who need to make that extra money working on craft assembly jobs. The jobs include making craft jewelry, woodwork, bags, mats, and frames. It also categorizes jobs for men and women.

Home-Job-Alert.com is itself, a reputable online company. And, it verifies the legitimacy of all those listed companies. It lists the company name, verifiable physical address, contact details, and job descriptions. Also, for the time being, the assembly jobs only apply to U.S. and Canadian residents.

Why is Home Assembly Jobs getting so Popular?

 It's is true that home jobs are becoming popular trends causing major changes in the modern workplace. Telecommuting in the U.S. alone has gone up by 80 percent since the year 2005 with 2.8 percent of the U.S. population performing home jobs.

People also find it easy to get into the home jobs field. These product assembly jobs are usually offered by real companies needing the services of home-based assembly jobs workers. To perform the product assembly jobs, you don't need to have any experience. You only use the company's detailed directions and minimal guidance while working.

Besides that, the companies also benefit as follows.

Work at Home Assembly Lowers Overheads

When companies involve people in work-at-home assembly, they save on overhead costs. That's because they don't have to pay office space rent and supplies. Reliable statistics show that companies save huge amounts of money on home jobs.

Assembly Jobs Increase Productivity

When one is doing a home job, distractions are less likely halfway through the job. The home assembling jobs run well as there's no likelihood of colleagues stopping by for chats. You can also reduce tardiness due to less commuting and uncontrollable traffic. And finally, home assembly jobs employees are less likely to claim sick time. It all leads to increased productivity.

 Work at Home Assembly Reduces Attrition

You get more satisfied when you work on guaranteed assembly jobs at home. It's a big benefit for the company involved as it experiences lower attrition. That finally leads to lower costs for recruitment, hiring, and training incoming employees.

How does Home Assembly and Crafts Directory Work?

Do you like the assemble items part involving making crafts and other home assembly jobs? Why then, not apply for one of the work-at-home assembly jobs. They offer you the perfect opportunity that you need to make extra money at home.

The companies listed in the directory offer you an easy way to get jobs. Most of them deliver to you easy instructions package at your home. It includes the assembly instructions, the fine materials, and the finished product photo image.

You will then carry out the home assembly job. Next, send the finished home assembly product to the company and earn your extra money. You don’t get involved in any product selling.

What's Included in the Home Assembly and Crafts Directory?

A quote from e-library.net says; “Who else wants to get into extra money making through work at home assembly jobs. And, some of the jobs in the Home Assembly and Crafts Directory eBook are".

 Beads Making Home Assembly Jobs

 Beads come in different varieties and you can make many things in your craft assembly jobs at home. You can assemble glass beaded earrings that will make you earn money in the range of $180. The pay is per unit and the company offers you a maximum of five units in a week.

Also, you can make crystal beaded Christmas spiders in your craft jobs. These stuffed animals make you earn money in the range of $180 for each unit. The company offers you assemble items of 3 units in a week. That means it's a breeze to earn money on these beads ventures.

Jewelry Home Assembly Jobs

You can opt for home-making jewelry using the company or own designs. It may seem hard to create jewelry crafts especially when your window to view them in a shop. But, anyone can learn fast how to make jewelry products.

The companies on the list offer you home assembly jobs in the jewelry field. You need to simply string loose pearls to come up with dazzling earrings, bracelets, and elegant necklaces. You can keep your varied jewels in your miniature jewelry box to have better quality control.

Leather Key Chains Home Assembly Job

In your work at home assembly making leather key chains makes you get inspired. It involves simple sewing projects and takes only a few minutes of your time. A glue gun needed for applying sticking glue is also essential.

You can make such a large variety of leather chains for holding keys. This relaxing and fun home assembly job can earn you $240 extra income in a week.

Little Cow Refrigerator Magnets Home Assembly Jobs

Cow magnets get used in your country home kitchen for tasks like holding notes on your refrigerator. The only tools needed are acrylic yarn and plastic canvas in white, peach, and black colors.

Using a glue gun as your assembly kit, you can glue the magnet on them. They get used to posting items like Christmas cards, child art, and shopping lists.

 Inch Mini Dream Catchers Craft Assembly Jobs

Is it possible to make your dream catcher in your crafts jobs? Some people believe so, especially in some of the American Indian traditions. They use one simple basic technique of making hand-assembled crafts for catching dreams.

The round hoop as the only tool features willow wood that gets woven with yarn. Feathers and beads are then hung underneath the hoop for decoration. With this home assemble job you can make a good income.

Cross Stitch Towel Holders Home Assembly Jobs

The Cross Stitch towel holders form luxurious items in your bathrooms. The material used needs to pass quality control checks to ensure high hygiene. You can also use the holders for wedding gifts and bath decorations.

Your assembled towel holders feature in the category of best paying crafts jobs. Holders made of leather look more luxurious. Besides handing towels, you can also use them as a duvet rack, blanket, and quilt.

Circuit Boards Home Assembly Job

One of the largest home assembly companies offers you circuit boards assembly jobs. These are plastic boards created for use in connecting various electronic components. The boards get used in many electronic gadgets like digital clocks and computers.

Your circuit boards assembly jobs must pass quality control as they get used to controlling electric currents. If you're good at your work approximately one hour's work will fetch you $8-$15.

Realistic Dollhouse Miniature Accessories Assembly Job

This company supplies you with a dollhouse assembly kit to carry out its assembly job. All the materials it supplies you are enough to make a completed unit. The dollhouse kits include vintage, modern, and Victorian styles.

Using an assembly kit in your dollhouse assembly job makes the job easy. And, you can further decorate to add a personal touch. The assembly jobs pay well, especially those involving artistic flair or exquisite skills. Even, just a one-hour dollhouse assembly job can earn you hundreds of dollars.

Self Addressed Stamped Envelope Assembly Jobs

A company’s service department may want to communicate with charities, celebrities, or other companies. Using SASEs, the company can lessen the burden on the above companies. The recipients won't have to bear postage costs for all replies they make.

Cardboard Mailing Tube Home Assembly Jobs

You have the opportunity to work on mailing tubes home assembly jobs. The tubes get used in mailing posters and documents. And, they protect paper items against wrinkling, crushing, or getting torn in transit.

The mailing tubes save you supply costs when mailing small and delicate items. These items get good protection in the confined space. They don't bounce while getting transported ensuring non-breakage.

Final Verdict of Home Assembly Crafts Directory Review

From the above, we have seen that home assembly jobs offer you a chance to work at home. For the company, the idea is superb in that, its employees will get more satisfied and productive. That leads to business and individual growth.

Also, working from home makes you an independent agent. You have the choice of making money from the comfort of your home. You can choose how much work you want to work on making you, own boss within your home.

We, assure you that if you're creative enough and willing to work your way through you will get success. All the information you need to get on your success path is in this eBook.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Home Assembly and Crafts Directory all about?

It's an eBook that contains all the information you need to start working at home. It deals with assembly and crafts jobs that don't need advanced training or experience.

How does Home Assembly and Crafts Directory work?

The directory gives you all the recruitment information related to each company. These are legitimate companies that will send you their instructions, materials, and an image of the final product.

What comes with Home Assembly and Crafts Directory?

In the directory, you will find a list of 250 legitimate companies that can offer you crafts and home assembly jobs. The list also shows all their details including the website and contact details.

Who created the Home Assembly and Crafts Directory?

Home-Job-Alert.com created the directory as a file that can get downloaded. It's an eBook that comes at a time when companies need creativity to survive.

What is the cost of the Home Assembly and Crafts Directory?

The eBook will cost you $9.97. But, you will not take any risk as there's a money-back guarantee of 60 days if unsatisfied.

Where can I buy the Home Assembly and Crafts Directory?

CLICKBANK is the legally recognized retailer of this eBook. If you want to buy the eBook you need to click on the link here. You can download the book after making a payment.

What are the drawbacks of the Home Assembly and Crafts Directory?

Although you get a guarantee on the purchase price, it’s not so for your success. You have to work hard to enjoy what’s explained in the directory.

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