House Carers Review – Really Work or Just Another Scam?

January 4, 2021

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  • The use of this website is quite easy. Even to you as a personal who has little to no knowledge on matters to do with technology, you are going to find the process quite easy.
  • House carers is a service or website that has been around for quite a long period of time. Having been there ever since the year 2000, I am sure you would have known if it were to be a scam.
  • Owners of houses get the assurance that they will have the ability of browsing through sitter’s credentials, profiles, and police clearances. This they can use in filtering their shortlist.
  • The process of house listing is not going to cost you even a single buck. It is completely free and also confidential.
  • You can be able to access the services that are offered by the website from any part of the world. It has no geographical restrictions whatsoever.
  • Your privacy, confidentiality and security as a client is valued very highly. As such, they tend to ensure you are satisfied with the services you receive.
  • Searching for house sits is made easier by the map and list view.
  • Conflicts and also misunderstandings between the house owners and the house sitter is a scenario that has become quite common. It is rather inevitable, sadly.
  • Though worldwide, the coverage outside of United States and Australia is limited.

Locating a house sitter that you can be able to trust has been made easy by This is through the website being able to offer you the help you need in getting the perfect match for your house. This is at times when you may be away from home. A vacation or something of the sort.

Suppose you got an opportunity of travelling abroad. Either for professional or personal engagements. What do you do with your home?

What about of all the activities that need to be kept running the whole duration that you are going to be away? Do they just stall? If you can afford to overlook the activities, you certainly cannot forgot about your pet.

You would not enjoy your travel with uncertainty about your pet…did it get its meal or not? You do not know. Personally I would find it hard to neglect my home whatever the engagements I might be having are.

Does this mean that I should never leave my house? Certainly no. it means you necessitates the services that are offered by house carers. You have not ideas of their existence, not to worry, reviews are here to your aid. You however need to be careful in your picking among the large variety of reviews on the same that are out there.

Some of them are actually tailored to cover scam. But this one here is different. Below is an unbiased review that is going to highlight on a website. A website whereby you can be able to find a house carer that is perfectly suited to your home.

What Really Is House Carers?

House carers is a legitimate website that you can be able to put your trust on. It is helpful to owners of houses in their quest to find the perfect house sitters for the home they love so much. And not only the home, house sitters to also take care of their belongings and even pets.

It is among the longest running websites on house sitting that is available out there. Established in the year 2000, it is a site that has been running for well over a decade now. When it comes to sites on house sitting, it is among the most renowned. This does not come as a surprise given how long it has been around.

It is particularly excellent if you are looking to locate house sits in the US, Europe (more so in France) and even Australia (where it is based).

Over the recent past, House Carers has seen a number of improvements to the site…improving its functionality and design. This is in order to make it more user-friendly to you as a home owner or a house sitter.

I do not see any reason for your hesitation to give it a try on yourself whenever you require the services of a house sitter…when you are away from your home for reasons best known to you.

They hold your security and privacy as their client at a quite high value. This is seen is their allowing the owners of houses to come up with and post confidential advertisements.

With help gotten from this website, house owners have with them the ability of easily making a choice of a house sitter. You realize that this can be based on your personal preferences.

Though each and every person in House Carer is doing their level best to ensure what they offer is the best quality of services, misunderstandings and conflicts are bound to occur. In reality perfection does not exist…is that not a fact? These misunderstandings and quarrels occur between the house owners and the sitters.

On a day to day basis, the site sends a list of new jobs in house sitting. This is in order to make it easy for you to keep up to date with sitters that are readily available for you. You also realize the list is made up of qualified sitters. More like a shortlist.

Some excellent security features are available in the site. These make sure your privacy as a home owner and that of the house sitters are protected. Having being operational for a period of over 16 years, the website is a performer that can be relied upon.

The site follows nicely both the home owner and the house sitter.

How It Works

Even though the holiday you are going on will only be for a limited period of time, you can always post an advertisement. This posting you get to do free of charge and it is very confidential. Following your post, the website is going to have each and every response from qualified candidates forwarded to you. This is done through an automated matching machine system that they have.

What The Founders Of House Carers Have To Say

The founders said that the website was the initial interactive membership matching site in the world that was able to serve worldwide.

They have incorporated customer feedback or reviews of 15 years in their system and offer guidelines, tips and agreements. These have been subjected to refining over the period of 15 years.

The value that is provided by House Carers is better…having a competition for housesits that is less fierce.

Cost Of The Product

This website has a plan of one membership. A one year membership. This is going to cost you normally $50 to buy.

Take into consideration the number of opportunities in house sitting available in House Carers. What do you come to realize? Its value is the best among all house sitting websites.

Final Verdict is a form of house sitting directory that serves the entire world. With it, home owners have the ability of placing a confidential advertisement for house sitters that are qualified. This is as they are hopeful of getting the perfect match for their home.

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  1. There are so many benefits of house sitting. Free accommodation while you travel. I always start searching Housecarers to see if there are any available homes where I am going. This has enabled me to save tons of money over these last 2 years.

  2. I have to use this again and again. And the main reason why i am saying this is because there could not be a better product from this one. It is worth every coin.

  3. Hi there. I will just be frank about mu experience with this guide. I bought the product some few months ago and for sure i cannot complain. Reason being that i have been able to achieve everything that i had anticipated. The system is very clear and with amazing tricks. Thanks to the author of this guide.

  4. If I don’t leave anyone to care about my home – I will return into a graveyard full of dust haha That’s why I found this program to be so useful for all the travellers out there!

  5. For someone who’s always deployed from one place to another, House Carers helps me significantly! It’s like Tinder but it’s affection and care goes primarily to your home. Kidding aside, I haven’t had any conflicts with the sitters and let’s hope there won’t ever be.

  6. When I came across this guide for the first time, I had wasted a lot of money looking for a way I could find a house care. Let me just assure you of something that I have experienced. The guide is divided into step by step such that it is not difficult to understand. Go and try it.

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