How Protect Your Home From Break-Ins

February 7, 2023
How Protect Your Home From Break-Ins

A house is just simply not a place to live in! It provides comfort, privacy, and a matchless sense of security to its residents. While your home is a constant source of shelter for you, your topmost priority is to protect it.

Burglaries have become very common over the years and generally spike during the months of summer. Intruders not only rob your belongings but also take away your sense of security.

You can protect your home from break-ins by employing certain security measures to beef up your home’s armor. Don’t make your home an easy target for intruders!

Let’s walk into the steps that will serve as a cornerstone of your house safety!

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1. Reinforce Home Entry Points

In order to safeguard your belongings and foil break-ins, the first and foremost step is to strengthen your home entry points. However, make sure that these added security features don’t interfere with your evacuation plan in case of any emergency or fire.


Are you aware of the fact that 34% of break-ins occur through your home’s front door?

Firstly, inspect all the doors of your home and ensure that the door frames are strong and sturdy. Furthermore, your doors should be covered with solid hardwood or metals on the outside for added security. Secondly, make sure that the hinges are properly protected. In addition, install deadbolt locks on your door. Certainly, they work great! Moreover, if there is any mail slot present, assure that any burglar cannot unlock the door by reaching through it.

Are you aware of the fact that burglars love sliding doors? Yes, they do! It is because they are the easiest to open as they have weak locks, and you can easily bash in.

Undoubtedly, sliding doors prove to be a chink in your home’s security, and your priority is protection. So, you can go for a dowel or window bar. Furthermore, a transparent safety film can do an excellent job. However, if you want to try something more innovative and up-to-date, you can opt for door sensors.


Undoubtedly, windows are one of the most common entry points for burglars. Therefore, always be diligent in keeping your windows locked, especially at night, and assure that you have installed window stops. Consequently, the intruders will not be able to slide them to get an entrance into your home. Meanwhile, you can keep them slightly up for ventilation!


Intruders are always in search of easy targets! Surely, your garage can be one because more often, people forget about them. So, be sure that all the regular windows and doors to your garage are locked rather than giving an open invitation to the thieves to have your lawn tools and bicycles!

However, if you always forget to do this, you can opt for the smart garage door. Therefore, you can get a reminder, and you can easily control it with the help of your smartphone.How Protect Your Home From Break-Ins

2. Light Up Your House

Burglars don’t like to be in the spotlight! Therefore, you can make them skittish with the aid of ample outdoor lighting. Moreover, it is advisable to place lights along the pathways, in your front and back yards, and in all the outdoor areas.

In addition, mount the motion detectors where they cannot be easily reached to spotlight if any suspicious person is scoping out your home. Furthermore, you can go for a lamppost and persuade your neighbors to install street lights because burglars usually thrive in darkness. So, do this and force any intruder out of the shadow!

3.Install a Security System

A home without a security system is three times more vulnerable to break-ins. Undoubtedly, a security system is a must-have to catch a prowler off guard!

There are plenty of options available. So, you can go for one that suits your budget and offers the level of protection you aim for after analyzing the security needs of your home. Moreover, installing a security system and displaying the security sign associated with it is the home protection solution that works both as a means to get justice and as a deterrent.

Therefore, they will alert you in case someone has broken into your home immediately. Moreover, you can always view the recorded footage and forward it to the law enforcement agencies to seek their help.

Although your house may be an easy target when viewed from the street, once the intruders step into, a security system staring at their face will make them think twice!

4. Lodge a Window Air Conditioner

You can always potentially scare the burglars by putting in a window air conditioner in the back or front of your home where you face a more significant threat.

Are you wondering how this is going to help you?

Well, a window air conditioning unit will block the entry of any intruder in your home through the windows, which are one of the most popular burglar entry points.How Protect Your Home From Break-Ins

So, you can comfortably enjoy a cool indoor environment while giving the cold shoulder to the thieves!

5. Maintain Your Lawn for Added Security

The shrubs and trees in your lawn are surely pacifying and give your home a curb appeal, but at the same time, the shaggy trees can also serve as the best hiding place for intruders. So, if you have an overgrown lawn, be cautious! It is not only a hiding place, but it is also a landscape equivalent of the uncollected mails. Therefore, it signals that you are out of the home.

So, always trim the shrubs, cut down the trees, and mow your lawn. Instead, you can always opt for smaller bushes and flowers. Moreover, if there is any tree close to the window, you can either remove it or reinforce that particular window with added security.

Think twice before installing a high fence in the backyard! Undoubtedly, it will prove to be a blessing for an intruder.

6. Be Cautious While Hiring

Most of the busy homeowners hire several people and let them in to accomplish their home chores. For instance, people such as contractors, housekeepers have access to your home. So, assure that they are trustworthy. Moreover, it is always crucial that you do your diligence while hiring professionals.

Never feel shy to ask about their identification and verify all the personal information related to them before they seek entrance into your house.

Hiring the wrong person will consequently make things worse than your imagination! So, it is always more commendable to take precautions than to be sorry.


None of us want to become a victim of break-ins ever! Therefore, employing the techniques mentioned above will help you prevent break-ins and keep your family and home secure.

If you find the task overwhelming, you can start with a few simple techniques. Once done with that, you can move to the rest of the precautions one by one. Undoubtedly, every addition will add to the security of your house!

So, go ahead! Implement all the measures to stop intruders in their tracks.

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