How To Draw Cars Fast and Easy Review – Pros, Cons & My Honest Thoughts!

February 8, 2022
How TO Draw Cars Fast And Easy Program

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How To Draw Cars Fast and Easy


Tim Rugendyke




60 days


  • Helps draw cars of all types fast and easy
  • Gives you access to comprehensive information collected after 15 years of professional experience
  • Removes fear by providing a quick start guide
  • Full of practical illustrations and examples.
  • Supports tips and techniques previously learnt
  • Helps designers learn key principles fast
  • A little costlier for new designers.

After reading the entire article, we can summarize that How To Draw Cars Fast and Easy is a comprehensive book written by a professional car drawing expert. He has also served as a high school graphics teacher. Tim Rugendyke has also taught in Australia’s leading design school before joining Ford and General Motor companies.

Human beings have been performing various activities since their creation. Some of the activities are purely for fun and enjoyment. While the others are for earning a livelihood. Drawing is also among those activities that we use for fun and enjoyment to kill our spare time. But, some people use this art for earning money.

Cars are something that everyone has an interest in driving and drawing. These have always been kids' all-time favorites. If you are a car enthusiast, our review of the book can revolutionize your car drawing experience. It can help you draw fascinating cars fast and easy to amaze your friends and family members.

Automotive companies around the world hire professionals for drawing concept cars. The increasing competition among companies has boosted the demand for car drawing professionals. They use various tools and equipment to draw cars fast and easy. Professional designers always follow key principles for drawing amazing cars fast and easy.

What is How To Draw Cars Fast and Easy?

How to Draw Cars Fast and Easy is a 177-page car drawing guide that contains all the necessary theories. It contains diagrams and sketches to help you draw perfect cars. The book contains step-by-step instructions to help even beginners and experts in drawing cars.

A person having drawing skills can also boost his confidence and get new ideas for drawing cars quickly. You can read all the tips and key principles fast if you already have a little idea about drawing. This car drawing guide can make the long and painstaking process of car drawings easy.

Main Sections of the Book

How To Draw Cars Fast and Easy is an all-purpose drawing book with technical illustrations. This comprehensive guide is a blessing for not just students but aspiring designers. A few sections of this awesome car drawing book are:


Like other drawing books, the first section of the book introduces the readers to car drawing techniques and principles. It describes the basic principles designers should keep in mind to draw automobiles. These principles include:


If you want to draw perfect cars easily, first decide the angle to look at the car. As an automotive designer, you have to change designing techniques with respect to looking angles. You can look at the car from the rear, front, high up or low down.


Perspective is another important principle that can make your drawing one-dimensional art, two-dimensional art, or three-dimensional art. It helps designers achieve the angle they want to look at their cars.


Proportion helps automotive designers to determine the type of car to design. It helps you design compact cars, hatchbacks, sedans, sports cars, or vans. The designer can change wheelbase, roof height, tire profile, engine area, cabin area, and much more to design his concept car.


This principle helps designers decide how the car sits on the road. A top automotive company always selects different stances for different models. They select low and sleek; high and agile; raised at the back, and sits level.

Apart from these principles, this section of the 177-page car drawing guide contains examples of drawing details for beginners. But, the experts can come to know the usefulness of their previous car drawing experience. Even, designers without prior car drawing experience can learn to draw new designs and earn money immediately.

How to Get Started?

This section of the book helps you apply tips and techniques previously learned. It helps them set the overall environment for drawing perfect cars. The designers find practical instructions to shed away the fear of paper and pen and draw lines. It gives you remarkable confidence to move your hands and arms and draw big arcs.

Moreover, the section contains some quick drawing examples that help you finally decide your design and techniques to follow. You will find a car illustration that can help you design impressive cars on the go. There are many underlays to help you draw on a fresh piece of paper.

Tools and Equipment

The tools and equipment section of the book describes the tools and equipment that a professional automotive designer may need to draw impressive cars. Some of the most common drawing tools are:


Markers make your initial lines darker and heavier. These help you work quickly and give solid color to your initial lines. Pantone Markers and Copic Markers are the most recommended brands. The usage of markers is common because of cheap and easy refilling.

Mixed Media

Once you learn to draw amazing cars, you can buy mixed media for drawing. It may include color pencils, pastels, poster paints, makeup removers, cotton balls, and cutters. But, you have to follow step-by-step instructions to use this media.


Paper is the most important of tools and equipment. Different kinds of paper are available for drawing. So, always select the one that supports the usage of markers and other mixed media for drawing.

This section of the book also offers some templates and guides for tight drawing. These templates always help you mature your new car drawing techniques. Most designers have started drawing cars quickly by using these templates.

Copying and Tracing

Here comes the most important section of this comprehensive guide. It describes all the tips to help you draw cars fast. The section explains how to draw a baseline, first two wheels, and then take your design to the next level by applying techniques previously learned. It describes different steps in tracing side views to draw impressive cars.

You will also find details about various perspectives to draw cars fast and easily. It explains single-point perspective, two-point perspective, and horizon lines in detail. This car drawing guide will find all the necessary theories and car illustrations.

This 177-page car drawing guide describes everything about perspective grids and boxes. Any car enthusiast can design cars quickly by understanding the basic principles of drawing boxes in a perspective grid.

It also explains the importance of ellipses in-car drawings. Ellipses are useful for drawing wheels. You can draw perfect wheels by using perspective ellipses. A professional automotive designer always draws wheels on a car in perspective to draw a perfect design.

Perspective Tutorial

A large portion of this comprehensive guide contains tutorials for perspective and how to use these perspectives. All the tutorials describe various steps of single-point perspective and two-point perspectives. A professional designer always understands the key principles of perspective and uses perspectives in his drawing style.

You can also apply tips and techniques previously learned to gain the desired results. It helps you avoid the same mistakes while drawing perspective.


A good part of this comprehensive guide explains proportion. Proportion is what helps you decide which type of car you are drawing. This part of the book is also rich with technical illustrations to design different types of cars. It is a factor of how long and high a car should be.

A professional car designer never uses one particular technique to draw cars fast and easily. He always proceeds to draw step by step keeping in mind the proportion factor. The proportion factor also helps professional designers in drawing one box, two box, and three box designs to draw cars fast.

Adding Color

Adding colors is the most important part of the drawing. Colors define the meanings of your design whether it is for fun or some purpose. This comprehensive guide dedicates a section to add colors. Here, you will find various steps of adding colors to your designs.

The coloring section of the book also gives you remarkable confidence to mix colors and tons in your designs to draw cars fast and easily. There are 14 easy steps to add colors. You will also find a drawing gallery that may help professional designers.

In the end, there is a quick start guide and wheel magic tutorial to help you draw cars fast and easily. You can use techniques previously learned and follow step-by-step instructions to draw cars fast and easily.

Benefits of How To Draw Cars Fast and Easy

How To Draw Cars Fast and Easy is a comprehensive car drawing guide available in downloadable e-book format. Below are some of the benefits of this book:

Comprehensive Information

The first benefit of How To Draw Cars Fast and Easy is that it contains comprehensive information to draw cars quickly. It contains all the tips and techniques that you can use for quick car drawings. You can compare the book with an art instruction book that gives depth insider knowledge. It is a treasure of the experiences of a person who spent his life studying car design.

Full of Examples and Illustrations

Most designers and other car enthusiasts prefer buying this book because it is full of practical examples and illustrations. These are useful for beginners and experts. Every section of the book clarifies the concepts with examples and images. Quality images support all the drawing steps to revolutionize the car drawing experience.

Everything You Need to Know About Tools and Equipment

Another benefit of this book is that it explains in detail all the available tools and equipment required for drawing. You can know which brand markers to use for better results. This art instruction book offers enough information about the usage of colored pencils and paper. The designers can use tips and techniques previously learned to impress dear fellow car enthusiasts.

Available in Downloadable e-Book Format

One of the reasons behind the success of this 177-page car drawing guide is that it is available in downloadable e-book format. All the illustrations are of top quality that you can use to draw cars fast and easy. It is available at an incredibly low price. Many enthusiasts have started drawing cars quickly after reading all the tips in this guide.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is How To Draw Cars Fast and Easy all about?

How To Draw Cars Fast and Easy is an eBook for beginners and professionals to draw their dream cars. It is a step-by-step guidebook that would revolutionize your car drawing experience.

What is the cost of How To Draw Cars Fast and Easy?

The cost of How To Draw Cars Fast and Easy is $29. However, you can purchase the book at discounted prices from various affiliate links along with bonuses.

Who is How To Draw Cars Fast and Easy for?

How To Draw Cars Fast and Easy is both for beginners and professionals. It can help beginners on how to start their drawing. The professionals will also get new ideas and sketches to revolutionize their drawing capabilities.

Where can I buy How To Draw Cars Fast and Easy?

You can buy How To Draw Cars Fast and Easy from their official website ' The book is also available at Amazon Kindle and various other affiliate websites at discounted prices.

Who is the author of How To Draw Cars Fast and Easy?

Tim Rugendyke is the author of How To Draw Cars Fast and Easy. He has been working as an automotive engineer in the companies like Ford and General Motors for about 15 years.

What are the drawbacks of How To Draw Cars Fast and Easy?

How To Draw Cars Fast and Easy has not many drawbacks like other car drawing books. The book is a little costlier for new entrants in the car drawing field.

What are customers saying about How To Draw Cars Fast and Easy?

Customers are satisfied with the flow of content in How To Draw Cars Fast and Easy. They say that the author has tried to cover every aspect of car drawing with the help of his past experience in the top automakers of the world.

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How To Draw Cars Fast and Easy Review – Pros, Cons & My Honest Thoughts!

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