How to name your baby Unbiased Review!

November 24, 2021
How To Name Your Baby Give Your Baby The Best Name

A name is a constant of life. No matter what changes come in a child’s life, the name parents give to their child will stay forever. And indeed, a good name can be the greatest gift you give to your child.

Dr. Ren Lexander bought this program for you. This program will help you to know how to give your baby the best name. Keep on reading to learn more. 


Are you pregnant, or is a loved family member or friend of yours pregnant? Is the uncountable list of baby names in the baby naming books confusing you? Then this program is for you. This program, “How to Name Your Baby” by Dr. Ren Lexander, will remind you about all the aspects you must look into before giving your baby a name. This book is going to help you create the best name for your baby.

Dr. Ren Lexander came up with the options for how you can create a baby name that will represent your family tradition, a close family member of yours, and be unique at the same time. Instead of going through the cliche of “It just sounded right,” as parents, if you want to give your baby something more than a name, as a name, this program is undoubtedly for you.

How to name your baby is a course brought to you by Dr. Ren Lexander. He was highly inspired by the way Chinese people keep their kids’ names. If someone is asked the meaning of his name instead of a blur googled meaning and saying “it must have sounded right to my parents“-, they would tell you what their name implied and why it was kept.How to name your baby Create Your Baby Names

What made the author write it?

Dr. Ren Laxender, Ph.D., the world’s foremost authority on the psychological impact of names, came up with this new radical theory. He investigated how the names given by parents or family members which they find perfect according to sound and spelling, later on, have to be googled for meaning by the boy/girl. He wanted the parents to get out of the practice of giving their kid a name that will look like a basic word with only a couple of letters in the future.How to name your baby Unbiased Review!


The writer got the inspiration for it from the Chinese people. They don’t just give their babies a word with letters for the sake of a name; they leave a note to their kids in the form of a name. Every name given to them by their parents has a special moment or story behind it so that the kids never forget it and share it every time the meaning of their name is asked. Thus their stories live longer.


Dr. Ren Laxender Ph.D. surveyed more than a hundred clients and decoded the meaning of their unique names. He researched the history of name creation and developed the procedure of creating names. Thus you can completely rely on this program for finding the perfect baby name as it is created from peer-reviewed studies. The author wanted to share this Chinese naming method to unfold a story when any name’s meaning is asked.

Why should you find a unique baby name as a family member?

Many parents keep their baby’s name with their initials to later find the name in the popular baby names list in the next generation and see multiple kids having the same name. Nobody wants to end up in that situation as this kind of situation may not only be disheartening to your son or daughter, they may even lose self-confidence seeing someone else sharing the same name.

Thus, this program can help you find the perfect name that will have the parents’ initials and maybe have a beautiful story about their married life which would be cheered by the child all its life. This name can be your first letter of love given to your child by you. Also, check out the advantages of having a unique name.

Which part of the baby names should you create?

Now, If it comes to the question of which part of the name should you as a parent create. This depends on your culture and background and which part of the name you call the kids by.How to name your baby Product

First name

Usually, as first names are by which most people are called, it somehow sticks as their real name. It would be great if you create the first name as then the chances of your baby’s name ending up to be similar with other kids would be very low.

Last name

As per the family traditions, the babies take up the father’s last names. But now, according to many modern opinions, it is what used to be done decades ago. It is seen to be very normal nowadays for children to take their mother’s last names. It is seen mostly in one-parent cases where it is a single mom parenting the child.

If you want your child’s last name to not only represent his father’s surname but yours too, in that case, you can create a surname for your child, which will represent both of your family trees. It would be a great thing when your kid is going to be the future root of the new family tree. It is better to give the first baby this unique and new surname. Then, you can keep the same surname for your future kids as well.

Middle name

Though middle initial is not used most of the time, at times it is seen, later on, people start to know them by their middle names. Also, if you are unsure your child would like a name like this or not, you can keep it as the middle name. As there are cases of kids feeling proud and confident for their unique names, there are also the kids who feel outcast because of their different names.


Sometimes because of certain traditions, we are unable to try out unique things like this. Or sometimes, some close relatives like the child’s grandparents come up with an easy-to-sell and sign first name, a formal for the middle name, and the traditional family surname. Saying no to them would dishearten them also if a part of you agrees with them; in that case, keep this as a nickname. Nicknames are quite popular, and even grandparents seem to love them.


Whether a baby boy or girl both deserves this gift, there would be suggestions in the course about how to create boy names and girl names and what kind of story would connect well with them. Concerns come here; most kids come out as teenagers in this new advanced world. In that case, it would be for the best If you kept a gender-neutral baby name.

Why is it important

Let us look at the common aspects the parents consider before keeping their baby’s name.

  1. The sound of it goes well: The name might sound right for now but have you considered it? Will it suit your son/daughter later in life?
  2. Easy to pronounce: it may be easy to pronounce, but is it unique?
  3. Named after your favorite celebrity. You can name your child according to your preference. Have you considered that your child may not like the celebrity when he grows up? He might end up being a topic of ridicule in school.

Thus for you to not end up on the list of parents who do this, do try out this method of keeping the name. The situation may even end up in a taunt for a lifetime. That is why this is the best way to choose baby names. The child will always cherish this name you create for your baby.How to name your baby Creator


Now comes the question of what story will interpret your baby’s name. It can be about a story or lesson you took in life or about your ancestors or your origin as it is very common where each parent originates from a different nationality, culture, and tradition. It can even be from the moment your child was born. This program will teach you how to compress your whole story into one word so that you can give your baby the right name.

Spelling and pronunciation

The goal here is to achieve the right baby name encrypt with a story you want to descend to your child. At the same time, keep in mind that the name should be simple and easy to spell and pronounce. Here is a story shared by a Chinese-originated author about how a hard-to-spell and pronounce name can turn out to be, though he still loved his name and the story hails from.

Now you might have already gotten worried about how to do that! Don’t stress yourself. This is exactly the job of this program, and it will show you how to do it.

What is the procedure?

If you buy this course, it will come with 47 minutes of video, an eBook guide, and two bonus audio tracks. It will teach you the procedure Chinese people use to create their son’s and daughter’s name throughout the course. It is easy to understand and learn the technique. It is easy as it is brought to you by testing its efficiency through different surveys and investigations. Considering all the aspects of how a person’s name affects the person and subconsciously what importance it holds, this was created.

First child

When the first child is born, it gives birth to the mother’s motherhood as well. You can be a mother of multiple kids, but you can never forget the experience of the first child. The mother would guess about an experience she had during her other children’s birth. Usually, she is found to be very specific about the first child.

And it is not only the mother but the whole news and experiences are also very special to family members and friends. If you have been a first child, I’m sure you have heard your close family friends and members talking about the time your mom was pregnant with you.

Then what better than giving your first child the perfect name. The name that will not only have your family initials but a little flashback to your experience while having him? Here’s an experience shared by a mother while having her first boy. 

Not the first child

Don’t worry if you found out about this program during your second/third pregnancy and your first child’s name is already kept. You can still gift him a pet name followed by a name for your other kids.

This course will guide you through the process of giving names. It considers all the aspects a person can be attached to and helps link a name according to each individual’s attachment.

How to name your baby>> Get Instant Access Now <<

Frequently Asked Questions About “How to Name your Baby”

What is How to name your baby?

It is a course for creating unique baby names which are connected to something special and hold emotional value for the parents/family. This course will help you to link a name with their parents.

Who is the author of How to name your baby?

Inspired by the Chinese people, Dr. Ren Laxender wrote the book for creating unique names for babies. He researched the history of name creation and developed the procedure of creating names.

How can I access the How to name your baby?

You can buy the product online. If you buy this course, it will come with all the things you need and you can give your baby a gift that lasts a lifetime.

How much does the How to name your baby?

How to name your baby corse costs $33 only and you will get 47 minutes of video, an eBook guide, and two bonus audio tracks if you buy it now.

Who is How to name your baby for?

The parents and families who are about to welcome a little member in their family. It is also for the people interested in learning about this way of keeping a unique name that carries an emotional value and meaning

Where was How to name your baby based from?

The author was inspired by the people of China. The author learned about this way of keeping names from Chinese people and was inspired by them.

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