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My Shocking IDplr Review

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“It’s not what you sell that matters as much as how you sell it!” — Brian Halligan

In the world of Internet marketing, some people claim that content is king. As more and more creators are moving to content marketing rather than advertising, the quality of the online material you generate becomes increasingly important.

Creating your own content is difficult. It takes a lot of creativity and time to capture your audience’s attention. The PLR industry rose because of this need to make material creation easier. Private label rights save digital marketers time and energy by offering materials that can be bought and modified. IDplr is one of the biggest names when it comes to private label rights. Continue reading this IDplr review to see how you can develop the best content effortlessly.

What does PLR or Private Label Rights mean?

IDplr is a website that connects people that need ready-made content and people who make those products. Before we launch into our IDplr review, let’s look at what PLR is.

PLR refers to Private Label Rights. It is a licensing type where you can do anything you wish with the product. You can modify, rebrand, and resell it as your own under PLR.

My Shocking IDPLR

Keep it or modify it

Let’s look at a PLR content-related example. Let’s say that you offer online advertising courses on your Facebook page. You can buy the rights to a PLR article about how to advertise products online. Since you now own the material, you can post the unedited article on your Facebook page.

You can also choose to take only small sections of the article or you can piece that together with other PLR content to create an entire eBook. After buying the rights to the products from a seller like IDplr, it is yours to use any way you need.

Where can you use PLR materials?

Based on this review, the greatest advantage of buying PLR is that you can use it for just about anything you want to produce to help you boost your business and make money online. This includes:

Email list rewards

If you are into Internet marketing, you already know how hard it is to get people to sign up to an email list or like your Facebook and other social media accounts. That is why most creators post an incentive or reward as thanks. It could be in the form of an eBook, a video, or an article. You can use PLR products to create these incentive materials and entice people to join your email list.

Material for blog posts

Creating a blog entry is tedious work. With PLR content, you can get the basic elements of the article out of the way and focus on your personal touches.

Internet marketing materials

Selling online requires you to call your audience’s attention and convince them to buy your product or service using different content. Having ready-made PLR videos, graphics, and audio packs, and articles will make creating marketing content much easier. However, getting your hands on product sale pages and squeeze pages will also save you time.

Actual product for selling

Have you dreamt of giving information and writing your tutorial eBook? Now, you can do this without having to create everything from scratch. You can get your ideas from PLR materials and even get parts of your book from an existing PLR eBook. Additionally, you can earn extra money if you resell rights to the products that you put in bundles yourself.

Where can you get these useful PLR products? Numerous sites offer their libraries of content. One of the more popular sites that offer that is IDplr. Find out in this IDplr review if signing up for PLR membership is worth the subscription fee or if this company is a scam.

What is IDPLR.com?

“What separates good content from great content is a willingness to take risks and push the envelope.” — Brian Halligan

IDplr is a website that sells an entire library of private label rights content. This company has been helping thousands of online marketers and web admins since 2008. They have over 100,000 members to date. This makes it the largest PLR membership out there. It is a testament to the company’s reputation for providing the best PLR materials in the market. Check reviews from any website and you will be told the same.

Once you sign up for a PLR account, you get access to more than 12,500 PLR products on idplr.com. That is over 12,500 articles, eBooks, graphics, audio, videos, templates, and more. And their library is still growing.

As if that’s not enough, they also provide their members with bonuses such as:

  • WordPress sales copy – this add-on allows you to create landing and sales pages for your website.
  • Creator for 3D eBook covers – This is an eBooks software that you can use to design your cover. You can make eye-catching eBook covers, cd or DVD covers, vista boxes, and any other packaging products.
  • 10GB web hosting package – If you don’t have a website for your digital products, this is the bonus that will help you a lot.
  • Press library access – This is a website with 200,000 PLR articles
  • PLR Training – These are training materials on how you can earn money through PLR products. It is focused on using the materials to sell PLR products on your website. It will teach you all about internet marketing and how to resell rights of the products that you downloaded from idplr.com.

So, IDplr can help anybody who needs to come up with fresh posts regularly. The details of these products will be discussed at length in this review.

Product Description of What You Get with your IDplr Membership

After signing up for your gold membership account at idplr.com, you can immediately use the materials from the library. You can click on the menu for the different product types. These products come in different terms. Some are PLR, some have resell rights, master resells rights and more.

Here are the different types of resources that you can download from the website.

My Shocking IDPLR


You will be able to instantly see and use over 200,000 PLR articles once you sign up for IDplr’s upgraded membership. These PLR articles can be used however you want and for whatever purpose. You can:

  • Repackage and resell rights to others
  • Post parts of the product on your social media accounts and website
  • Use them for your newsletters
  • Modify them to become online course materials
  • Send them out as gifts as thanks to new subscribers to your site

So, if you have been paying writers for short articles or buying them per piece from any other site, stop that and get your hands on tens of thousands of articles with just one membership. You’d be able to make more money online through this membership.

Others put in their review that some articles are outdated. That’s fine because you would need to edit and update the materials anyway.


Membership with IDplr means you can find and download more than 6,300 PLR eBooks in their idplr.com library. You can sell these eBooks as is or edited with your spin. You can also give the eBook a brand-new cover.

IDplr’s collection of eBooks is constantly updated. However, some books are considered outdated. You can still use those as your base. Just bring the old sections up to date. For example, if you are making a self-help book and some of the philosophies no longer work, just remove those parts and add your updated information.

According to one review, the top product category is internet business. However, there are other popular categories in the library, such as:

  • Online marketing
  • Computers
  • WordPress
  • Using social media
  • Web Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Self help
  • Animals

Most of the PLR eBooks are at least 30 pages long and come with covers. But you can also change this using the eCover creator. They also come with sales emails and a squeeze page. You can download the materials in PDF and Word format.

Music and Audio

Not very many people think about using music or audio when they are preparing things to post. However, using the right sound can make anything more appealing.

IDplr offers over 260 PLR audio files for download. While this is not an extensive selection, there are still some good music files there that can go well with your video.

MyShocking IDPLR Product Image

Like the ebooks, the Audio section is divided into categories like:

  • Motivation
  • Music
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Background tracks

Besides using the material for your content, you can also sell these to other creators. You can make sound bundles and resell rights for those. This way, even if you don’t need the audio for your content, you can still make money online from your membership.


There are over 1700 videos in the IDplr library. There is a wide variety of subject matter covered, but many focus on digital marketing. It is great for businesses that sell digital marketing tutorials because the selection is pretty extensive.

The PLR videos are simple yet effective. They are easy to download and are perfect for reselling to other creators. Each video comes with sales material, a squeeze page, and graphics so you can easily resell rights for them on your site.


Graphics are super important to any content. It is helpful to have one source of free graphics that you can rely on. Plus, an advantage to getting PLR graphics is you can modify an image without restrictions. Try that on any other image and you might encounter some issues since most copyrighted materials have all rights reserved.

Additionally, a lot of the images on IDplr are meant for selling PLR. So, if this is a business you want to get into, signing up for membership is still advantageous.

IDplr has over 600 graphic packs to choose from. These contain hundreds of files like:

  • Logos
  • Badges
  • Icons
  • Buttons

The products are mostly in jpeg and PSD format so that you can edit them readily on Photoshop. These images are going to help you a lot if you are building your website. You can also resell rights to other creators who wish to buy only a few images.


Templates are a must when you create content regularly. Having more than 1200 templates at your disposal is a great advantage. It makes creating websites a breeze too. You can download the following:

  • Mini site with cookies
  • CSS and HTML templates
  • Site landing pages that have cookies
  • Sales pages and squeeze pages
  • WordPress themes

Because most content creators use WordPress, the templates come as PH files. According to one review, this is the resource that he considered to be the most useful because you don’t have to think of how to organize the ideas, there is already a place for it.

If you need a quick website, you can download an entire website template from the library. It comes with all the contents and affiliate ads too.

How much is the membership with IDplr?

IDplr offers free membership. However, it is very limited. You can only have access to 200 of their products and basic training material for making money selling PLR. There is also the option to download any 2 Gold membership product.

According to a review, the free membership is only good for trying to evaluate the products on the platform.

 If you need more products, sign up for the Gold membership option. This opens up IDplr’s entire library to you. There are three membership options.

  1. 3-months access – $39
  2. 1-year access – $69
  3. Lifetime membership $197

Because there is a year-end special, you only need to pay $79 for this option.

How to sign up for the Gold membership?

Signing up is easy. Just go to idplr.com using any browser and click on the “Register for Free” button. You will need to verify your email after you register it.

Once it has been verified, you need to fill in the form with your name email address, and password.

If you are convinced by this review, or any other review you find online, you can go to your dashboard and look for the “Click here” link to upgrade. You pay for your membership using your credit card.

There’s something for everyone with various membership choices and popular categories ranging from affiliate marketing to keto. Since 2008, IDPLR.com has been the biggest PLR membership site. It now has over 76,000 members and provides over 12,590 distinct PLR goods. People who don’t have the time to develop their goods and content may benefit from this platform.

IDPLR offers four distinct price options. You’ll need to upgrade your subscription to Gold Member to use IDplr without restrictions and at maximum download speed.
IDplr provides a free plan with restricted functionality. Over 200+ PLR materials and video lessons are available to free members. However, you can make an upgrade to enjoy unlimited access.

Should you get the IDplr Gold membership with a lifetime membership?

In choosing the membership option that will work for you, you need to answer how long you will need to use the product library of IDplr.

The answer will depend on where you will use the PLR product. If you only need a few products to launch a site, then you can work with the products that you already have and opt for the 3 month or 1-year membership.

However, if you plan on creating content for a long time, it is more practical to choose a lifetime membership. When the job is ongoing, it is important that you still have access to the PLR products. This is particularly applicable to people who work in affiliate marketing where content is always needed. Plus, the web hosting package alone makes the fee worth it.

Advantages of signing up for an IDplr membership

When you are in the business of online marketing, you have to have fresh content all the time. You can’t let a day pass without posting anything, or you will start losing your audience. With an IDplr membership, you have access to thousands of PLR products that you can mix and match.

It saves you time.

PLR gives you the foundation and product to build your content. All the resources that you need can be found in one giant library. You can use your time on other tasks that will earn you a lot of money.

It saves you money.

Some people have to resort to hiring writers and artists to create attention-grabbing content. A regular content creator may not have the resources for that. With an IDplr membership, it’s like you have a team of specialists working for you and save a lot of money.

There is a wide range of PLR products in the library.

Review after review claims that having more than 12,000 PLR products at your fingertips is an advantage. These materials are enough to keep your blog, YouTube channel, or website stocked with fresh content.

IDplr doesn’t just offer the product to build the site, it also offers sales page templates and other list-building tools to help you make money through reselling any of their PLR product.

Do you want to turn your website into a web app? There is a WordPress plugin for. Go to the website and check out more information about plugins and free software from their library.

You can request PLR products that you need.

If your niche is not as popular as the ones that are already well-stocked in the IDplr libraries, don’t give up your membership just yet. You can request PLR products and IDplr will make them for you.

If you’ve seen the PLR products you need from some other platform’s database, you can direct IDplr towards it and they will try their best to come up with a similar product.

It comes with a lot of free products and earning opportunities.

Besides the content, you will also receive the PLR training materials, web hosting package, sales page creator, InDigital 3D eCover creator, and more.

Additionally, PLR has products that are under different rights. You can resell these products as part of your online business. The client will just order the articles, eBook, images, or audio files that they need, and you can send the products electronically.

Finally, IDplr has an affiliates program. When you sign up with IDplr, you can automatically become its affiliate marketer and use their given affiliate links. When people click on your affiliate link, you will receive a commission.

Disadvantages of signing up for an IDplr membership

While having access to thousands of PLR materials is advantageous, there are still downsides.

Others get access to the same library

The PLR materials in the IDplr library are non-exclusive. Thousands of other bloggers, marketers and freelancers can use the same materials. This is why revising and putting your spin on the materials becomes crucial.

Additionally, if you resell rights to the products you download, you’d have a lot of competition since other members will be doing the same thing.

Some materials are generic.

Of course, to suit the needs of a wider audience, PLR materials should be generic. This makes them the perfect template to use your creativity on. It is up to you to put together the “ingredients” to develop a unique output.

Some materials are not well made.

A few members claim that not every article or template in the PLR library is attention-grabbing or well-made. However, the majority of the products are of high quality. The ones that are not as stellar can easily be edited to suit the tone and style of your brand.

Some materials are restricted

You need to check the type of license that comes with the material you are accessing. Not everything can be freely sold nor modified. Some IDplr products have certain restrictions. That is why when you get access to the materials, you have to check the detailed descriptions of each product you plan to use before actually using them.

Here are some of the product terms for the materials on IDplr:

  • Can be sold digitally or physically as is
  • Can be modified
  • May be bundled with other products
  • For personal use only
  • Can be included in other membership sites

These are just the basic terms for some of the products. There is a more specific description for the IDplr materials. So, before sending out materials to the members of your email list, make sure that they are good to be distributed. There are items that you gain master resell rights so you can freely modify and distribute them as your own. If you have master resell rights over the materials, your buyer will gain rights to resell the products too. However, there are others that you only gain Giveaway rights. When it says giveaway rights, it means you can give them out for free without modifications.

What do other reviews say about IDplr?

In general, if you read any IDplr review, you will notice that this platform receives a lot of positive reviews. Most of the negative comments usually have something to do with the quality of the materials. For example, in one IDplr review, it was mentioned that some of the products were outdated.

Another common reason for complaints is the company’s customer service. In fact, in one IDplr review, it was mentioned that the customer representatives take too long to reply.

If your field is very competitive, with a large number of bloggers writing about comparable subjects, IDPLR may not be worth purchasing if your competitors are likely already using it.

Is there a money-back guarantee for the IDplr membership fee?

If you are unhappy with your subscription, you can get your payment back and just go back to free membership. IDplr is confident that their PLR products will satisfy the needs of any customer so they back their membership with a 60-day guarantee.

Contact them and request a refund. Make sure that you contact them within 60 days of your payment to qualify for the refund. Don’t worry. You can still use the free products that you already downloaded.

Final Words for this IDplr review

IDplr makes it a little easier to create ads, articles, web pages, and more. It contains all the materials you would need to boost your online business and help you make money online. They also help you earn through their affiliate marketing program. If you check any review, you will know that theirs is one of the more generous programs out there. This IDplr review concludes that getting the paid membership is a good idea. The fee is not steep, and it comes with thousands of PLR products and resources that can help you come up with creative and engaging content every day.

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Frequently Asked Questions About “IDPLR.com”:

What does IDplr mean?

IDPLR is a website that sells private label rights (PLR) material to marketers, content producers, and internet company owners - individuals who desire unlimited access to the site's contents

Where can I use IDplr?

This platform can help anybody who wants to earn money online by producing content or selling digital goods, including Bloggers, Marketers, and others.

Where can I sign up for IDplr?

You can sign up on the product's official website page, where you can access discounts and more information that could help you make a choice.

How much does a membership for IDplr cost?

The free plan Quarterly Gold Membership Plan: for USD 39. Yearly Gold Membership Plan: for USD 69. VIP lifetime plan: one-time payment of USD 79.

Is IDplr helpful?

IDplr is a handy tool. IDplr offers tens of thousands of items in a variety of categories. Because most of their product range is in the marketing specialty, online marketers will profit the most.

What are the customers' reviews about IDplr?

It provides excellent value in terms of price and functionality, and this choice enables you to save a significant amount of money. IDPLR stands out since its membership structure enables you to download hundreds of goods without limitations.

What are the pros and cons of IDplr?

Pros A lifetime package at a fantastic bargain. In the long term, especially. PLR and other licenses are available on an extensive library of over 200,000 articles. The 3D eCover creator is handy for beginners. A completely free package is usually a plus. Cons The greater upfront fee may put off people seeking a little inspiration without spending a lot of money. IDPLR also doesn't have a monthly subscription or pay-as-you-go alternatives, which some users prefer.


It saves you time.
It saves you money.
There is a wide range of PLR products in the library.
You can request PLR products that you need.
It comes with a lot of free products and earning opportunities.


Others get access to the same library.
Some materials are generic.
Some materials are restricted.

Summary: As we have mentioned before, creating content for your online business to help you make money online is difficult. It is hard coming up with fresh materials regularly. You can read any IDplr review, and you will see all the praises for IDplr and how easy it makes content creation, web development, and even content selling materials with its resources.

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