Lean & Lovely Review – Is It Worth It?

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Are you looking for the perfect workout program that will act as a guide showing you how to reclaim your body shape and bring back the beauty sparkle in you? Seek no more because Lean and Lovely fitness program by Neghar Fonooni has got you covered.

There are many beautiful and attractive pictures out there nowadays. Pictures showing people with attractive body shapes that most of us admire. Everyone wants to look attractive in the face of the world today.

The real truth is that most of those pictures have undergone a lot of editing and many filters have been put on them. Why have to do all these photo editing while you have the chance to get that attractive body shape within no time?

woman exercising

This review has to confirm that looking at real and attractive pictures of you will bring out confidence that will be of help in your day to day activities.

What is Lean and Lovely by Neghar Fonooni?

Lean and Lovely is a program workouts guide that will guide you on what to do so as to ensure that you either reclaim that attractive body shape you once had or get it by providing various exercises each with a different focus.

With hard work and determination, you will get the best out of the program and you will not regret the results.

About the author, Neghar Fonooni

She is mostly known for this great write up but you should also understand that Neghar Fonooni is an experienced health and also life coach who specially deals with many women worldwide helping them realize their dream of a better body shape.

lean and lovely review

She states that no matter no matter what the conditions you are in, she has done enough research and has come up with a program that will transform your body in about twelve weeks.

How does Lean and Lovely work?

This program is more or less like a series of light exercises that focuses on fitness and also lifestyle transformation. It contains precise information that if determined women can follow will see them lose excessive weight and gain confidence in all they do.

It promises to give back the best results in two weeks. It contains different kits with 5 different modules that will be of help to many women out there. The five modules include:

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  1. The training manual- with it divided into three phases, each going for about 4 weeks, it contains different focus in each phase.
  2. Nutrition handbook- it also recommends on what one should be eating and also lists certain foods that might make your workouts go in vain.
  3. Sweat sessions- here a series of workouts each going for about 8 minutes that are independent are provided.
  4. Exercise video database- about 65 individual video workouts will be available on this section. This will give you a clear visual impression on how the exercises are to be done.
  5. Membership access- when you are not sure and have some mind blowing questions, through the membership access, you can be able to freely communicate with Neghar Fonooni.

Who is this product meant for?

You may be wondering if this product is worth a try. Many you are still not sure if the product will actually get rid of the problem you are undergoing. Well, this review shows that this product should be considered by those:

lady trying to workout

  • Who don’t think that they can be able to lose that excessive weight they have. This program positively changes ones mindset for the best results.
  • Are tired of going to the gym and tired of effortlessly following other guides recommended by some reviews that do not work out at the end.
  • Who think that at the end they might end up becoming weaklings? Actually, with the workout exercises provided, you will end up gaining more stamina and also improve your body’s strength.

Money back guarantee

The best part comes in when Neghar Fonooni offers to take the risk and offer you this product with a refund in mind that is if you think the product has not been of help to you. The existence of this great program up to date should be a clawer indication that it is no scam.

a lady after working out

If at some point you will feel the product has been a waste of time, you have 60 days to contact her and you will be refunded back your money with no hard feelings expressed.

Bottom line

With everyone wanting to look their best, some desperate measures that are not actually worth it might be applied. Some end up spending a lot of money and also wasting a lot of time in following other reviews.

Many people actually give up on the way as they actually realize nothing has been of help to them. This program gives you the chance to get the best shape you can ever have just in 12 weeks.

Even if you have a busy schedule, you might actually find time to fix in these exercises. Buy your copy today.

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• It contains easy and understandable workouts that are easy to follow bringing out the best in you.

• It contains 65 videos that provide a clear vision illustration on what should be done.

• It is affordable as it only goes for around $47. No need to waste your hard earned money going to the gym and at the end receive no results.

• It is time effective as it only takes around 12 weeks for the program to be completed fully.

• It provides a nutrition guide that will guide you on the best and nutritious foods for you.


• The program is gender biased as is only meant for women. Men are actually not covered in this program.

• Since we are not all the same, this program might go for even more than 12 weeks for some women.

Summary: Lean and Lovely is a reliable workout program that contains various exercises that will help you get rid of excess weight and bring out the beauty sparkle in you.
It is basically a product designed for woman to help them lose weight quickly and safely. It is a 12 week program containing a downloadable set audio, video and e-book files to get you started whether you want to lose weight or just get in better shape.

RatingRated 5 stars
Emma Johnson
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2018-02-19 15:16:15

It is a 12-week workout program that is designed to help women get good fat loss and muscle building results for a spectacular feminine shape.

Betty Brockman
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2018-02-11 02:41:38

Great program to learn and understand workouts movements. Also has programs designed for how many weekly workouts you want and various levels. Though I think the power of this program is that I will get as it is a more concrete program

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