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Lifestrike Waterproof Lighter Review – Does it Work or Not?

Lifestrike Waterproof Lighter
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Lifestrike Waterproof Keychain Lighter is for survival life and emergencies. It burns hot and strikes hot. There are replaceable parts in the all-in-one Life strike Pro. Moreover, it is waterproof and long-running.  

A survival firestarter is one of the essential kits for outdoorsmen. You do not know when you need to lit a fire. That is why having a survival lighter with you is a smart decision. From hikers to campers, every outdoor enthusiast needs this Life Strike Lighter.

You can use the Life Strike Lighter for fire starting and burning strikes. The former Everstryke contains lighter fluid. Below, all the features of Life strike Lighter have been discussed in detail.

What is Life strike Pro (or the Free Everstryke Pro) Lighter?

According to some reviews, Life strike Lighter is an upgrade Free Everstyke Pro match. It is a modern development of trench lighters that go back to the First World War. These free matches of Everstryke have proven themselves useful for battle and civilian and battle survival life.

The free Everstryke match is suitable for any survival kit. As a starter of survival fire, it contains lighter fluid for flame burns. The Perma match Everstryke Pro keeps the fuel from evaporating. So, make sure to use the lighter fluid of the Everstryke Perma to match with its wick and flint for shelter purposes. And it gives proof from water.

You can tap and find more information and review about this survival gear from a youtube video. It will give you further knowledge about how to use it in your home bag.
Lifestrike Waterproof Lighter About Product Reviews

Features of Life Strike Lighter (formerly Everstryke Pro match)

The features of Life Strike firestarter are as follows.

Replaceable Parts

It contains a replaceable wick and a replaceable flint in the all-in-one fire starting survival tool. It conveniently fits in your pocket during camping as an emergency kit and survival gear.

Compact size

It is durable and ultralight. Its size is not bigger than flash drives. The weight is less than 1 ounce. Carry it as your survival item to any place for your emergency needs.

Keychain Cap Lighter for survival situation and emergencies

I do not think it is a normal lighter. It is a waterproof survivalist firestarter with a wick and cap. You can use it to start a fire anytime and anywhere. If you are a camper and want to carry an EDC or everyday carry firestarter, then choose the life strike survival product.

Burns Hot and Strikes Hot

This fire starter lighter burns at over 600 degrees Fahrenheit. So, you can use it for fire-starting whenever you need it.


The o-ring seals are in-built and keep the lighter fluid or fuel from evaporating. And it is reliable enough to last for a lifetime.


Each of these fire starters can burn up to 15,000 long burning strikes.

Lifetime Life Strike Pro Guarantee

The Life strike is a pro fire starter that gets a pro lifetime Lifestrike’s Ironclad Warranty. Its quality and satisfaction guarantee helps us make sure Everstryke is great for friends and family protection association.

Solid Material

The fire starter tool is made up of stainless steel, which makes Everstryke almost indestructible.

Travel Clip

The travel clip enables you to carry Everstryke anywhere in your handbags, keychains, and backpacks to start a fire anywhere.

Lifestrike Waterproof Lighter Reviews in Video Link

Some more premium features include:

  • Durable and Ultralight- In comparison to a flash drive, the Everstryke striker wheel is not that bigger. The former Everstryke match does not take much space. And its weight is less than 1 ounce. As per a review, you can keep it on the parking garage’s roof. Besides, the matches will come back with some minor scuffs on their casing.
  • Flat bottom upgraded design- The product Everstryke originally had a bottom that was curved. It kept it from sitting flush on the ground. The upgraded Everstryke match has a flat bottom design.

Different parts of LifeStrike lighter

Let’s talk about the different and essential components of the product to understand the product better.

  • Stainless Steel Key Ring – It is one of the most practical parts as you attach your keys to the ring. There is no chance of losing the keys. The keys and firestarter will be in one place.
  • Textured Wheel – The flint wheel design is slightly different from what you find in standard lighters. Although your hands may be cold and wet, you can grip them comfortably. Use the wheel for the lifesaving fire at any time.
  • Steel Fuel Capsule – It is one of the waterproof parts of the product. You may have unintentionally dropped you are lighter into the lake. Moreover, it can happen that the car has run it over. Still, the firestarter continues firing up.
  • Fully Adjustable Wick-It is easy to adjust the length of the wick. Thus, the flame size is also adjustable.
  • Ultra Durable O-ring – This feature has made LifeStrike different from regular lighters. You will not find a shortage of fuel with it.
  • Flint Rod – You can strike it up to 30,000 times, and that’s why there is no need to be concerned about any issue.
  • Rayon Batting – It is capable of absorbing 100% of the fuel. However, you have to check out the potential signs of leakage.
  • Stable Base– You may be familiar with the base design of the capsule-like lighters. However, with LifeStrike Lighter, you will have an engineered base. You can place it on the ground and let it stay stable.
  • Adjustment Screw – Using the screw, you can adjust the flint. Get the spark of fire in the way you desire.
    Lifestrike Waterproof Lighter Product Features

Why you need and want a waterproof lighter?

The former pro Everstryke match lets you start a flame when you need it for your survival life. You can see the fire of the product as a fuel for survival to cook foods, boil water, even signal. And at times, you can use Everstryke to stay warm. According to a review report, this bulletproof water will provide you to start some fire anytime and anywhere, even during a flood.

As per one of the reviews, you can use the pro product or matches to load it with fuel and toss it in the pack. Moreover, the specially engineered steel solid design, cap, and the o ring seal let the fuel stay inside. People buy the pro version or the former Everstryke match as its Ferro rod allows the flame to strike over 3000 degrees. It proves to be a good purchase idea because the Ferro rod of the pro Everstryke match flame ignites dry tinder. And, it will not burn your fingertips or things as it is a pro match lighter.

The only con of the free Everstryke match model is that the attachment of the keychain has cheap quality. And, a report suggests replacing it with something durable and good.

What is the role of Survival Life?

Survival Life gives away the former free Everstryke match to introduce its user to the family protection association. It is a fairly large active community of preppers and survivalists. According to popular reviews, its membership runs for about $19.95 every month. And, it’s a sweet pretty folding tactical knife thanks to a person named Hoffman-Richter. They offer a lot of discounts on places that you already shop from. Moreover, they provide reviews and comments with comment names that you can share, print out, and download. You must definitely look inside for that.

The pro-free Life strike offers a hundred percent optional membership. And that will not affect your free purchase of the former Everstryke match. Its shipping costs $4.95 that arrives at your door through USPS. The estimated time of shipping is between seven to fourteen days, but it can cross twenty-one days for few people. This information is based on the different comments on the Facebook page. Everstryke further offers a 60-day replacement and return guarantee. For more information, you can mail them at their email address of support@survivallife.com.

Lifestrike Waterproof Lighter Client's Testimonials


The Youtube video views talk about the different table of contents that come with the Life strike firestarter. With its new gear, you will get the Survival Skills Ultimate Handbook. This ebook is downloadable and provides an in-depth incredible checklists collection. It allows to create a plan from very scratch and see if there are holes in the existing plan.

The guide will double Lifestrike’s value and take it more than another firestarter. You can claim that the Life strike Lighter and its Survival Bonus Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions here.

Can the fluid evaporate with time like other different peanut lighters?

The o ring prevents fluid evaporation. So you can easily light the wick up after the first try.

What type of fuel does the lighter use?

The former Perma match Everstryke has lighter basic fluid.

How can I fill the life strike lighter?

A youtube video suggests that you can unscrew the lower and upper halves. The lower half has two parts. It contains an outer sheath through which the wick, flint, wadding assembly, and striker slide. You can firmly hold the flint striker and tap it from the sheath on the outer side. This tap will show the cotton wadding present at the bottom. With a lighter fluid, you can saturate the wadding of cotton and use Everstryke to reinsert it into the outer sheath portion.


The bottom line is that the Life strike Lighter is one of the best. You can use it like a zippo to strike, ignite, tap and open. Moreover, you can check one of them out for yourself.

The former Everstryke comes with good and advantageous features. For instance, it is waterproof; it has parts that are replaceable. Moreover, since Everstryke has stainless steel, it lasts for a long time. So, what are you waiting for? Just go through this pro-life strike lighter review carefully before you make a purchase.

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• It is durable.
• It has a lifetime guarantee.
• The product is waterproof.
• It burns over 600 degrees Fahrenheit.
• You can use it anytime and anywhere.
• It fits conveniently in your pocket.


• Not sturdy enough.
• It does not close properly in some cases.

Summary: The Lifestrike Lighter is good for emergencies and survival situations. It is not another ordinary lighter. Its special design makes it waterproof. So, you can use it whenever you want at any time. Even if you want an emergency lighter that you can carry every day, then Life strike Pro Waterproof Lighter is the one for you. This EDC Pro lighter has all-in-one replaceable parts. For instance, it has a replaceable wick and flint. Moreover, this lighter fits perfectly in your pocket, so you can take it during camping. The long-lasting Lighter comes with a warranty that further protects it against all defects.

RatingRated 4.5 stars

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