Local Trade Copier Review – Worth or Waste of Time?

February 24, 2022

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Local Trade Copier


Rimantas Petrauskas




60 days


  • It Works- The program actually works because it has been in use since the year 2010 and that is a long time to test and also get feedback which has been positive so far.
  • Profits Are Fast- The software was made to ensure that when you are using it, you do not have to go through the motions of trial and error and you will appreciate skipping all that work which goes into making money as a novice with no knowledge.
  • Automation is Full- You won’t have to do anything except sit there and make money as it comes in. all you need to do is monitor and authorize trades even from the comfort of your laptop and phone.
  • Money Manager- This feature has the responsibility of making sure that the money you have stays with you and that it is not wasted on trades that are useless and not safe. This way you will have all the safety that you need.
  • Growing Your Account- this will happen faster when you have the software which has capabilities that will make this growth so much easier as all you will have to do is make sure that you are making the best trades.
  • Faster Trading- The software has some really insane speeds that you will find very useful especially when you are the kind that needs to make fast and adrenaline fuelled trades.
  • The creator is an expert- who knows his material and the program is built according to the specifications that allow it to handle the multiple accounts that you will have when you are trading.
  • Most people think that with this one, you cannot fail. You will need to be careful with what you bet on or buy and that way, be safe in case something happens overnight.

Welcome to local trade copier, since 2010, this program has been in uses and the reviews which we have seen have shown that there is a lot of belief in the software and that it is not a scam or it would have died out by now. So, when you are buying this software, know that what you are holding in your hands is a great breakthrough for you in the forex market as you can monitor lots of trades and make them as they come.

Creator of the Local Trade Copier program

Rimantas Petrauska is the creator of this Local Trade Copier program. Specifically, the trading software allows you to make trades in the forex at the same time in different or multiple accounts.

With the ingenious design, you will be able to juggle the work very well. Certainly, that is something that we can all appreciate because we are all about securing our futures by making sure that we do something about it now.

Obviously, when you are in the forex trading world, you will find that there is a lot that needs to be done.  And you can’t cope with multiple trades, since it is hard enough coping with one even when you have those forex robots.

But, here is the Local Trade Copier by Rimantas which promises to help you in forex trade. In the end, you have the chance to make it big in the world of forex without having to struggle that much and with little hassle.

Since 2010, this program has been in use. In addition, the reviews which we have seen have shown that there is a lot of belief in the software. And that the Local Trade Copier program is not a scam. Otherwise, it would have died out by now.

So, when you are buying this Local Trade Copier software, know that what you are holding in your hands is a great breakthrough for you in the forex market. With the program, you can monitor lots of trades and make them as they come.

How the Local Trade Copier program works

When you customize the software to give you the market trends and what is selling where and how at what time, you will be getting notifications from the software. With time, the notifications will help you make the best forex trades that have the best profits.

These interfaces have lines that fluctuate to show you what is happening in the market in real-time and then help you decide. In essence, it is quite simple and you could find that it has a feature that allows you to hook it up with your smartphone and get updates that make sure you miss nothing.

The best features of Local Trade Copier software

Here are some of the things about this software that you will absolutely love. Because the platform on this one was made to be compatible with the meta-trader 4, you will have trade management and also money flow management to keep you from making bad trades that are just losses.

  • Using the program is easy because you only need basic computer knowledge. You don’t have to know the technical details. The software will deal with the hard parts. You will only have to key in what you want and the software does the rest.
  • The software was made to be fully automatic. In short, all you have to do is install it into your device or computer and link it to monitors that will show you all you need to see. After that, you just sit back and take notes.
  • Recovery systems will ensure that you do not lose the history of your trades which is very important when you want to decide on future trades and also you will be able to keep track of everything.
  • The security of the software was made to be ironclad. That way, you will never have to worry about anyone hacking your systems and making something bad happen with them. So, all you need is updates and also monitoring.
  • Local Trade Copier is made to be user-friendly ensuring that in the end, you will get the grasp of every aspect as quickly as you need. As a beginner, you will have no problems starting the trades as you will be at an advantage.
  • Elimination of the forex trade brokers is very important and you will no longer have to worry about them fleecing you as you can always do everything that needs to be done by yourself.
  • Is forex trading worth it?

    To begin with, forex trading refers to buying and selling of world currencies in the global foreign exchange market. In short, you exchange currencies. Essentially, you look and predict trends that currencies will take in the future. That is, if they will rise or fall in prices, or how their prices will be relative to other currencies.

    So, if you want to make a lot of money, maybe foreign exchange trading may be the way to go. Apparently, forex is the most liquid financial market in the world. And it experiences a turnover of over $5 trillion per day of trading.

    Foreign exchange traders say that you only need to be good in numbers and decision-making to make it in forex trading. Above all, you need to be ambitious, patient, and a risk-taker.

    How to break into forex trade

    So how do you break into forex trading without experience? Obviously, you need to take a few lessons on forex from experienced traders plus some mentorship. With time you learn to study the economic strength and geopolitics of various currencies. So, if you predict a currency will lose value, you sell at that time. Conversely, you will hold a currency that you think will appreciate in the future to make money when the price is highest.

    But the rule is, “don't ever make the mistake of believing that market success has to come to you fast. Trade small, stay in the game, persist, and eventually, you'll reach a satisfying level of proficiency.” ― Yvan Byeajee.

    What you will get from the Local Trade Copier program

    • All the money that you will have earned will be managed by the software. And that is the best thing you can ask for in this business since bad money management techniques can take you down very quickly.
    • High slippage protection is a way that protects you when the conditions that are present in the market get worse and you are at risk of making losses.
    • Customization will enable you to trade at your own pace and also be able to keep track of what is important without getting bogged down by the riff-raff from useless sources that are not related to your interest.
    • The software will be able to monitor the things that you do carefully to give you all the facts without having to depend on people as they make errors.
    • The software will have accompanying videos that are designed to teach you how to make the whole thing fully automatic. In this way, you don’t even have to be there unless you have nothing better to do.

    Automatic notifications

    These work pretty much like messages. When there is a change or when the detector notices changes based on the parameters you keyed in to monitor certain currencies, it will send you a notification to show what has happened.

    This will display the currency, the current changes, and the predictions on the currency you are trading in.

    Installation and use

    Despite the complex things that this Local Trade Copier software is tasked with monitoring, it doesn’t take much of your skill to master or use.

    When installing, you will only need to look at the simple guide that will include prompts for you to follow when you insert the disk or upload the software. These are very simple to understand as all you will be doing is following prompts.

    The final verdict

    I agree with every review that said this program is the best and that it works. The main idea behind this is that you can trade without trying that hard to succeed. And you will be assured that you are making a wise decision when you buy this Local Trade Copier software.

    Simply because you will trade simultaneously on multiple markets and trades. By so doing, you will get more time to trade. In the end, you will have a chance to make huge profits from multiple trades in a short time.

    Besides, the software gives you positive signals or notifications to allow you to place your trade profitably. So, what are you waiting for? Go for it. And within a short time plus little skills, you will reap big in the forex markets without much effort.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    What is Local Trade Copier all about?

    Local Trade Copier is a software that helps you trade in forex markets at the same time using different or multiple accounts in the comfort of your home.

    Who is the author of the Local Trade Copier?

    Rimantas Petrauska is the creator and author of this Local Trade Copier program to help people make it big in the world of forex without having to struggle that much.

    What are the features of Local Trade Copier?

    The program is easy to use, fully automated and has recovery systems. Also, the program has ironclad security and a friendly user interface to allow you navigate easily on your own.

    Who is Local Trade Copier for?

    The software is made for beginners and professional traders who want to trade on multiple trades and different currencies and markets online in the comfort of their home easily make profits.

    How is Local Trade Copier different from other betting systems?

    The Local Trade Copier software is different since it helps you trade in different markets and manage multiple accounts with minimal effort for fast profits. It also gives you notifications on when to trade what.

    Is Local Trade Copier under a money-back guarantee program?

    Yes. You get a 60-day money-back guarantee from the creator. Such that if it doesn’t work as claimed after you follow the instructions, you get a full refund.

    What is the cost of the Local Trade Copier?

    To trade on platform using the software, you will pay $13.33 per month to $76.65 per month depending on the features that you want. The higher-priced package has more automation and benefits.

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    1. It is designed in such a way that it requires no other software is to be installed when it’s running. As in most of the cases, you need to fulfill some running requirements but as far as this product is concerned it is self-sufficient in all of the program running aspects.

    2. Its flexibility in term of adjusting to various trading conditions makes it a totally unique product than others.Anti-slipping and anti-lagging options are providing an edge to product users.

    3. Why trade if you cannot make enough profits. This is what i feel now after using this system for a few months. It is working for me now and i am happy that every step is easy to follow,

    4. the MT4 platform. For me one of the biggest advantages it offers me is that I can work with only one of my platforms from the different Brokers where I have an account and that order is automatically copied to my other platforms without having to do anything else.

    5. The creator of Local Trade Copier, Mr. Rimantas Petrauskas, has done a terrific job by introducing this product as it is a bit unique and more versatile copier than other products of the same category.

    6. The very first trait of this awesome product is its speed and reliability. It will help you by starting copying trade with in few minutes.
      As we all know, “Time is money”. So simply, it helps you in saving time.
      Apart from this time-saving fact, with its high-level quality, it is also more reliable than others copiers
      It is designed in such a way that it requires no other software is to be installed when it’s running. As in most of the cases, you need to fulfill some running requirements but as far as this product is concerned it is self-sufficient in all of the program running aspects.

    7. It is probably the most popular Forex trade copier software for MT4. Local trade copier by MT4copier.com is a software that allows traders to trade multiple Forex accounts of the exact same time.

    8. The local trade copier has helped me realize that the issue of profits and losses in trading are just some simple things that one can deal with very fast if only you get the right tools. There is high performance in this system such that i believe no one can regret of buying the program. Wow!

    9. If you get the truth, you will know that forex trading is not easy especially when you do not have the right systems. To make it in forex you need to have highly automated systems and that why I think local trade copier is the right one. It has helped me change everything in my trading. It is a great program.

    10. For any Forex trader, managing multiple trades, is always a hassle. The ups and downs of the market can only be predicted by a continuous evaluation of the market trends. This is where products like this come in! There is a need for products like these to make the job of any trader easier and more profitable.

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