LunarPhase Pro Review – Is It Really Worthy? Here is The Truth!

January 31, 2022
LunarPhase Pro Increased Interest In Moon

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LunarPhase Pro


Gary Nugent




60 days


  • Shows all the information about the Moon phases on the first screen
  • Shows crystal clear diagrams of the Moon and its various phases
  • Tells about the expected date and time of lunar eclipses
  • Helps you store multiple observing locations
  • Allows high-resolution Moon mapping
  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Not easy to use for the beginners
  • A little bit costlier

Lunarphase Pro is the best app for tracking the Moon phases. It allows users to store multiple observing locations and collect data from each location. Lunarphase Pro offers comprehensive information about lunar eclipses with expected dates for future eclipses. It offers real-time photographs of the Moon to deliver comprehensive information to the people interested in the Moon photography.

Since the dawn of human existence, human beings have been trying to explore the Earth and the Sky. They have explored galaxies, planets, and stars in the Sky. Many of them seem interested in looking at the Night Sky and gazing at the Moon.

The main focus of their studies is to know what the Moon has meant to humanity over the centuries. They have highlighted the history of the Moon and moon cycles during the month. These lunar phases help them to prepare the lunar calendar.

Recently, scientists have startled the world with the discovery of water on the surface of the Moon. This creates the possibility of future moon colonies.

What is Lunarphase Pro?

The increasing interest of the observers in Moon has provoked the experts to prepare software to study this heavenly body. Lunarphase Pro is also a windows software utility that provides a wide range of information on the Moon. It provides extensive information on lunar phases and lunar data in real-time.

The software displays lunar data and phases of the Moon in graphical form. It becomes easy for beginners to analyze data and take the necessary information. It is the best app for tracking phases of the Moon and planning your schedule to gaze at the Moon.

Lunarphase Pro provides lots of data and Moon photography for advanced observers. It has a database of about 2000 lunar features that explain the Moon cycle, moonrise, moonset times. The software also provides data on lunar eclipses, colongitude, apsides, current moon cycle moonrise, moonset, and transit.

LunarPhase Pro Tools

System Requirements

The minimum system requirement for the installation of Lunarphase Pro is 500Mhz or higher with at least 128MB of RAM. Remember that the 128MB system will display the Moon data in medium graphics. For a higher resolution display, you will have to buy a system with at least 256MB or higher RAM.

Similarly, calculation-intensive screens will be slower on low-powered PCs. The experts recommend installing this software on a Pentium-IV system. A downloadable manual is also available with the software package. It is better to read the manual before installation.

Lunarphase Pro is available on almost all app stores. You can download this moon app from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Always prefer downloading an ad-free copy of the software for a better user experience.

User Interface of the Software

Lunarphase Pro is the best software for tracking the lunar calendar because of its user-friendly interface. It has chrome-like skin with a clear and uncluttered window and sleek dark design. You cannot change its look and feel. The toolbar has small buttons. There is a prominent button labeled 'Display Menu of Other Functions'. Clicking the button displays several other features of the software.

Most of the functions deserve their icons. But, the addition of too many buttons increases the busyness of the software window. Some of the users are unhappy with its interface. Still, many like its departure from the standard window look.

Moon Phase Pro is optimized for the latest iPhone and iPad models. You can link it with the apple watch because it comes with a premium apple watch support feature.

Features of Lunarphase Pro

Lunarphase Pro comes with a lot of features. Some of the most important features of this Moon software are:

  • The first striking feature of Lunarphase Pro Moon software is that its main screen displays all the necessary information you need. This information available at a glance also shows the current Moon phase.
  • Lunarphase Pro is the best of other Moon apps because it provides the Moon information for different times and dates.
  • Unlike other photography apps, it simulates the Moon exactly as it appears in the Sky. However, you have to track golden hours and blue hours on the Moon calendar for high-resolution photos.
  • For the people interested in Moon photography, the app tells what constellation the Moon is in for the selected time and date. They can select any time and date on the lunar calendar for beautiful photos.
  • Moon phase Pro software shows you monthly Moon phase diagrams. You can see the upcoming Moon phases, the current location of the Moon, and the Moon locations throughout the month.
  • You can make your lunar calendar based on the current Moon cycle Moonrise Moonset times at your location. It also provides you with information about the Sunrise and Sunset timings.
  • The app tells you about the lunar eclipse occurring in the upcoming days. It also gives you information about whether the eclipse will be visible at your location or not.
  • Apart from the lunar eclipse, the Moon phase Pro app shows the Moon visibility diagrams. These diagrams show when the Moon is visible at a particular phase at a specific location. You can also know when the Moon is visible at your location.
  • The Moon phase Pro windows utility also gives a lot of information about when the new Moon becomes visible and how long will it remain visible in the Sky at a particular location.
  • This Moon software lists maximum and minimum Apogee and Perigee dates for a selected range of years. You can also find out which major phases of the Moon occur near these dates.
  • The users can link the Moon phase Pro app with many other online web resources and configure its display to match the Moon view through their telescopes or binoculars. It also helps them store multiple observing locations for future usage.
  • Moon phase Pro software helps you print out maps, diagrams, and calendars. You can also measure the Moon's distance from Earth and other heavenly bodies using 2D and 3D maps provided by this application.
  • It stores about 9200 lunar features in its database that helps observers view Moon graphic, basic Moon phases, current Moon phase, and the upcoming Moon phases straight from your current location.
  • The app offers some specific information about the Moon also. It includes the age of the Moon and the current altitude of the new Moon. You can check it for any date and time on the lunar calendar.
  • You can set various alert notifications on the Moon phase Pro app. For example, you can receive a notification when the Moon reaches a particular phase of your choice. Thus, set a notification for golden hour and blue hour for beautiful photos of the Moon.
LunarPhase Pro Products

Lunarphase Pro Tools

Lunarphase Pro is the best app because of the various tools available with it. Some of the most useful tools include:

Lunar Explorer

Lunar explorer tool is the utility of the software that unlocks the mapping features of the app. Remember to use OpenGL and High-Resolution Graphics for a more realistic view of the Moon. The sleek dark design of the app increases the visibility of all information. Zooming and panning are also smooth. However, the image quality suffers a little during full zooming in of the photos.

Feature Identification Tool

Moon Phase Pro is better than multiple different photography apps because of its feature identification tool. It places a yellow ring around the feature to identify. The users can also change the colour of the ring to increase visibility. You can also identify the features by clicking on the map button. You can also label features on the map with the help of a labelling tool.

Feature Search Facility

The feature search facility in this app helps you find all the features in its database. You can set any criteria and search feature related to it. Clicking any of the features can show you where it appears on the map. The features having any images or notes appear in the form of icons. You can also view online web pages for any selected feature on the map.

Animation Tool

Moon phase Pro software utility has an animation tool feature. It helps you produce high-resolution animations of liberation. These show you how the Moon wobbles over the course of a month. It is the best app to trace the features available on the current Moon terminator. The users can save the record of their observations by linking images to different lunar features.

LunarPhase Pro Testimonials


After reading the review, we can say that the Moon phase Pro is the right app for tracking the lunar calendar through the calendar button. It is the best app for tracking current Moon phases. The date bar helps users select any specific date and track when basic Moon phases begin on that specific date.

This deluxe Moon Pro app helps you in mapping and taking real-time photographs of the Moon. Moon phase Pro offers a lunar planting feature that helps users explore any phase of the Moon. The software is a house of information for people interested in Moon photography. They can set notifications for golden hours and blue hours for more accurate photography. Golden hour and blue hour times can vary at different locations.

Frequently Asked Questions
How does LunarPhase Pro work?

Lunarphase Pro is a Moon software kit that makes your observing sessions more productive. It produces a calendar of Moon phases that help you plan an observing session. It has simple but powerful features that help you track the lunar cycle.

Is LunarPhase Pro legit?

Yes, Lunarphase Pro is a legitimate app because the Moon data collected through the software is authentic. Most observers use its data to plan their Moon observance sessions. If you are interested in photography, Lunarphase Pro offers high resolutions photos.

Who is the creator of the LunarPhase Pro?

Gary Nugent is the creator of Lunarphase Pro software utility. He has created this application for tracking the lunar calendar and setting up the Moon observance sessions.

How can I access LunarPhase Pro?

You can access the Lunarphase Pro through their official website. The software toolkit is also available at discounted prices at various links. You can find it on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

What is the cost of LunarPhase Pro?

The digital download of Lunarphase Pro costs $39.95 while a CD copy of the software is available at $49.95. For CD orders, the buyers will have to pay an additional $4.95 for shipping charges.

Who is LunarPhase Pro for?

Lunarphase Pro is for tracking the lunar calendar and setting the Moon observance sessions. The software utility offers all the required information about the Moon and its phases. It also helps the photography experts to make high-resolution images in real-time.

What are the drawbacks of LunarPhase Pro?

Unlike many other Moon software, Lunarphase Pro has no drawbacks. The only negative of this Moon tracking app is that the animation of the lunar liberation feature is available only for a month.

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