How to Make Him Want You Like Crazy! (The Complete Guide)

September 4, 2021
How to Make Him Want You Like Crazy!(The Completed Guide)

Have you heard the phrases “Men fall out of love when they want you,” and “Men are scared of attachment?” If you have, you may instinctively want to find out the answer. That is why you continue to search for methods to make him want you and commit to you.

Let’s suppose you’ve met this wonderful man and want him to fall in love with you. However, you don’t want half-love or a connection that’s on the point of breaking. Rather, you want the genuine thing. You want to be in a committed relationship where you don’t have to wonder whether he is really interested in you or not.

You may also want your man to love and miss you even when you’re not around. But how do you do any of this? In this post, we’ll compile some ways to make a man want you like crazy.Make Him Feel Needed

Things On How To Make A Man Fall In Love

This is useful in some situations, such as when you are unsure whether or not that man loves you. If you’re worried and want some advice from others, start here. You are completely unaware that if you attempt this, he would gradually fall in love with you.

1. Make Him Feel Needed.

We appreciate that you are an independent person who does not need a guy, but the fact is that men enjoy feeling needed. If you are alone for some time and have gotten into the habit of doing everything yourself, this may take some effort and let go, but the next moment you get something you believe your guy is good at, seek for his assistance. You will not only offer him something to do, but you will also realize how pleasant it is to depend on others and rely on him for assistance. It undoubtedly relieves you of some of your responsibilities.

2. Let Him Miss You.

If you like this guy, I’m sure you would like to spend all the time with your man. He may also like this, as well. However, take it slow. Don’t get used to being with each other 34 hours a day, seven days a week.

Couples benefit from spending time apart. It allows them to accomplish activities on their own or enjoy hours with pals at any time. When you’re together, it offers you something to speak about. Time apart creates a sense of equilibrium in the relationships and allows you both to miss each other.

3. If He Deserves It, Compliment Him.

Tell your man if you think he looks good in that hairstyle in your thoughts! Consider how great it would feel like when someone compliments you. It feels good, doesn’t it? So, why not let the person you love feel the same way? So, if your man achieves something, changes his appearance, or even when he simply says or does something humorous, compliment him or tell him how much you enjoy it.

4. Let Your True Nature Shine.

Many relationship experts have stated that women should dumb down their brains or tone down their flamboyant characteristics. This is just nonsense. If you’re doing that, the man will have a completely incorrect idea of who you are. Once you begin getting to know one other and being real, he could be taken aback when he realizes you’re truly bright or opinionated. You’ll be loved for who and what you are if you find the perfect person. And besides, wouldn’t it be better to make him worship you as who you are, and not as someone you pretend to be?

5. Admire His Masculinity.

Men appreciate it when you respect their masculinity, just as much as they enjoy being needed. But, then again, it’s not suggested to squeeze his muscles and faints whenever you see him!

It’s not all about testosterone and biceps when it comes to masculinity. This is about being courteous, treating others properly, and behaving honorably.

6. Be Patient.

Your man can be hurt if you act impatiently towards him. If you are not patient with your partner and vice versa, the sense of safety of your relationship may likely fall apart. Furthermore, being impatient with your partner may show that you do not make an effort to understand or appreciate him. Hence, if you want a man to stay with you, patience is absolutely necessary.

However, it is also important to note that patience isn’t about turning a blind eye on someone’s flaws. Instead, you should also address your differences or negative indulgences using healthy communication, and not through the form of argument. Learn to understand why your man does or has that behavior, and let him understand why you don’t like that behavior, as well.

7. Let Him Know You’re Thinking Of Him.

Everyone knows that in the beginning stages of dating a new person, you may want to maintain a serious face. You could be afraid to tell him that you are thinking about him since you are not confident if this will grow into a relationship.

Nowadays, things are improving, the standards have shifted, and it’s really in your benefit to express what you’re thinking about him. Enjoy praises, if you really like it, he does as well. If he says he will start to think of you, you flush from top to foot, then why not return the favor?

8. Be A Strong Supporter Of His Goals And Efforts.

You don’t have to suddenly become interested in golf, mountain climbing, or fishing if you aren’t a fan. However, if your man has interests and passions, being supportive is one technique to make him fall in love with you.

9. Don’t Try To Persuade Him To Change.

A guy can never, ever be changed. Honestly. If there are problems that make you hesitant about a future with this man, he isn’t the ideal match for you. Allow him to go. In the long term, you’ll be better off. And men who are with women who continuously offer recommendations for how they may improve themselves prefer to distance themselves from them.

10. Pay Attention To What He Says.

It’s simple to speak, but it’s far more difficult to listen attentively. While you paint your nails and surf social media, you’re not fully listening to your man in the conversation. When you focus all of your attention on understanding what he has to say, you’re really listening on two levels: first, you’re understanding his words, but you’re also picking up on what he’s conveying nonverbally. And, given that 60-80percent of the total human interaction is nonverbal, this is crucial to understand, particularly if you want to figure out how to make a guy fall passionately in love with you.Let Him Know How Much You Value Him.

11. Let Him Know How Much You Value Him.

Here’s another one of those “do unto others” suggestions about how to make a guy fall in love with you. Consider how you’ll feel if your boyfriend delivers you your favorite drinks during your office coffee break. That little act demonstrates how much he values and cares about you. What can you do to show him that you care?

Consider how you may make his life simpler. You grab his dry laundry or feed his dog if he’s too busy. Cheer him up when he’s upset. Look for methods to make him happy.

12. Have Faith In Him.

If you’ve been hurt before, trust is difficult to come by. But please keep in mind that this isn’t that person. And you’ll have to accept him at some point if you want your relationship to work out. If he’s displaying indications that he’s not being trusted, don’t dismiss them. However, if he’s done everything correctly, you can relax a little.

Also, rather than getting down his neck about going out with an old girl colleague from college, express your emotions of uneasiness if the problem is his being around other girls, particularly if you’ve been betrayed on. Let him understand that it’s difficult for you to stay calm in such circumstances due to your previous experiences. He’ll need to convince you that he only has eyes for you, and you must trust him rather than convincing yourself that he is just another man out to harm you. You have trust if you have loved him so he can love you more.

13. Be Self-sufficient.

Many female relationship counseling clients threw away all of their connections and hobbies for a man when they were in their 20s and in their first real relationship. It’s not like he begged her to do it, but it happens all the time. This trend continues as you grow older. If this characterizes you, you should know that being independent and continuing to do the things you like with the people you care about is one of the greatest ways to learn how to make a guy fall in love with you.

Independence also entails not putting too much faith in him. You’ll irritate him if you complain every time your grass grows long, pleading with him to cut it. Is there any reason why you can’t pull the mowers out and trim your own lawn?

14. Talk To Him About Things That He’s Interested In.

Nothing is more appealing than a clever lady with a strong viewpoint. Regardless of what the media tells you, we enjoy it. So feel free to pull up a recent news item to get his perspective. Don’t be afraid to voice your disagreement. Look for subjects that you and your partner like talking about. Take it in turns to choose the topic. When there isn’t any fresh air in a relationship, it may get stale. Engage in those intellectual discussions to keep things interesting.

15. Send Him Sweet Messages every day.

If you used to wait for him to begin texting when you first began dating, it’s time to switch things up. Nobody wants to be the only one that texts first, so initiate half of the discussions. It isn’t even necessary for them to have discussions. A simple “Hey, cute little guy, “I’m thinking of you!” is enough to make him feel special and get your message through.Have Faith In Him.

The Best 3 Dating Books for Women

Infatuation Scripts

Infatuation Scripts is a handbook for any woman on how to obtain what she desires in a guy and relationship. This book offers simple methods to trigger men’s drive infatuation. So, women, whether you’ve had your eye on a man, are single and eager to flirt, or would like to ensure your present relationship blossoms into something more, pay attention!

Additionally, Infatuation Scripts gives you the inside information on how to make any guy fall in love with you just by changing your attitude and answers to elicit that urge. But don’t panic; it’s not like those other shows where you have to repeat awful one-lines or utter things you’d never say in real life. Rather, the program collaborates with you depending on your unique personality.

Text Chemistry

Text Chemistry is basically a compilation of modern-day dating tips. The program’s aim is to educate you on how to text a guy you’re intrigued by, as well as how to text him as your relationship progresses and becomes more committed. Not only does the program educate you on how to text, but it also teaches you how to avoid being tested.

Moreover, Text Chemistry is not limited to just molding your words. It also gives you ideas and even words to use, which is an element of the program. It is worthwhile to read Text Chemistry since it will provide you with views that are more similar to your own and methods that you may apply.

Make Him Worship You

Make Him Worship You can be really beneficial to help you discover the honest reality about men, how their minds function, and how to interact with them.

This program will assist you in having a happy ever after and being with someone you love who adores you too, in a genuine and caring relationship. It offers you a fresh outlook on relationships, and you’ll finally be able to comprehend men better, which is essential for any successful relationship.

Furthermore, this program has a lot to offer, and if you just apply the life-changing methods given, you will see positive outcomes. The questions you should never ask a guy, phrases, and words to entice him to love and commit to you are just a few of the methods you will master in the program.


Allow love to come to you on its own terms, with a little push from you. It’s possible that you’ll fall in love quickly, but your progress with him may seem sluggish. However, if you apply these methods on how to make a guy fall in love with you after you’re there, you may be able to speed up the process for him. This isn’t meant to encourage you to do anything other than be yourself, but think about how you may express how much he means to you, even if you haven’t spoken those three little words yet.

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