Master Mentalism Review – What You Must Know Before You Buy!

February 23, 2022
Master Mentalism Program

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Master Mentalism


Ryan Clark




60 days


  • Great for everyone!
    The program was designed for anyone, regardless of their level. If you’re a beginner, you’ll learn the best techniques to start and maximize gains. If you’re advanced, you can always polish your technique.
  • Learn from the experts!
    Learn from real professionals who have taken their time to learn and provide you with the best experience possible.
  • Unveil real magic!
    It reveals the secrets of great magicians such as David Copperfield and Criss Angel. It also includes psychological secrets and mental manipulation.
  • Sets you up for success.
    The program doesn’t end with the main points. Instead, you get bonus material that will help you improve in other areas. This way, you’ll get the best results.
  • It also has a 60-day money-back guarantee
    In case you feel this isn’t working for you, you can ask for your money back.
  • Not for advanced magicians.
    The guide may not be fit for use by magicians at the expert level since they will know the tricks.
  • It takes commitment
    Although it’s not a long time, you need to stick to the program 100%. Only then you’ll see results. It’s OK to miss a day or two, but you always have to come back.

The Master Mentalism is the ultimate magic course to develop your skills in the best possible way, or polish what you already know.
Not only does it show you tricks, but it also covers strategies to increase your dexterity, speed, and help you develop your own tricks.
This program is perfect because it covers every detail and unveils secrets to help you reach your dream. If you just want to have fun, you can go through the program fast. However, this program will prepare you even for casting on TV. What you get is as big as your dreams!

As a kid, I always had this dream of being a magician someday. It all seemed so cool when they made those unbelievable tricks. So, I made it a purpose to learn all I could about this. However, life gets in the way, and I had to forget about this. But I always enjoyed the shows and shared this joy with my kids. So, for people who want to learn magic, I have brought to you The Master Mentalism review.

One day, I decided it was time to learn and get serious. It was almost as if life heard me and I found a bunch of useful resources. I’m writing this review for The Master Mentalism because it outshines everything I found. First, this works if you want to become a professional or simply to entertain people around you. Either way, learning to master these tricks requires skills:

  • Dexterity in your hands
  • Knowing how to create diversions
  • Creating a perfect illusion to surprise others

Ryan Clark, the creator of this program, covers everything you have to know about this, and more.

Of course, it takes dedication, but depending on your goals, you can achieve great results by practicing only some minutes a day.

Before going into the detailed review, you need to remember that, just like elsewhere in life, you need to have the patience to be a good magician. Keep in mind that, "He that can have patience can have what he will."

Here’s more on the program.

The Master Mentalism, The Secrets Revealed

The secret to being an excellent and astounding magician is… Well, practice, of course, but great magicians keep their tricks secret.

In essence, once people get wind of how to perform their magic, it loses its charm. That is why it is very difficult to squeeze anything from these guys.

Luckily for us, this program unveils the best secrets to becoming an expert and creating great, fun illusions. The Master Mentalism let loose on the secrets to the best tricks when no one else was willing.

Also, Ryan Clark, the author, is not only one of the greatest magicians but a renowned mentalist consultant. In other words, he knows what he’s doing and has all the teaching experience.

As a beginner, it was difficult at first, even boring. You see, every time I uncovered a new trick, it was a little bit of a sad moment. However, when I saw my children’s in awe and all the fun we had together, I knew that I was on the right track.

The Contents of the Package

First, this package is split into four parts. All of them are well explained in a step-by-step manner. Ryan is a truly impeccable writer.

In essence, each part is an element of magic that he helps you understand clearly. The main idea is that you can put everything together and master everything in the end.

Here is a list of the books you will get:

  • The Master Mentalism.
  • 500 Card Tricks Revealed.
  • Bonus Magic Tricks Book.
  • David Blaine Brutally Exposed.
  • A Guide of 500 Card Tricks Free.

As you can see, every aspect of magic is covered. You’ll learn everything you need to become a real master in this craft. Also, you can escalate things to whichever level you wish.

The Main Manual, The real meal

Master Mentalism begins with the simple stuff and things get harder as you progress. At first, it may seem a little complex for beginners. However, you are going to get the hang of it as you keep practicing. Every trick is carefully described in detail, leaving you with no questions or doubts as to how they are done.

This manual is divided into 6 main chapters.

  • Mentalism, Mind-Reading, and Psychological Illusions.
  • Interviews with Criss Angel and David Blaine.
  • David Copperfield Secrets.
  • Levitation Techniques.
  • Card Tricks.

Each section is given in full detail to the last sentence. There are so many things taught in this manual including crowd-pleasers where you use volunteers and make them feel and act drunk.

Remember that time David Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty vanish? Haven’t you ever wondered how he did it? Well, you will find out just that in this book.

What Kind of Tricks Are in the Master Mentalism?

In essence, you’ll find the main tricks, in different levels of complexity, that make or break a magician. The course takes you through every skill to help you master this craft. In the end, you’ll be able to create amazing illusions.

  • Unique and original magic.
  • Intuitive, easy, and amazing illusions.
  • Mind-reading tricks, with well-explained using illustrations.
  • Everything is in simple English and are clear and informative.

So, you’ll go from learning common tricks to being able to create your own. This is the best feature because, in the end, what matters is that you do whatever will make you happy.

This program gave me everything I wanted when I first thought about becoming a magician.

At first, I was a little skeptical that this would be a scam. However, when I found out about the refund policy, I knew I had found something that was really worth it.

Then, as I went through their program, I just couldn’t stop. Every day I was learning something new, something beautiful, it’s just so engaging!

Who is the Program For?

This program is for people who are interested in Mentalism tricks and want to get a good grasp of the principles. Moreover, Ryan has designed the program in such a way that people with no prior knowledge of Mentalism can get immense help. Moreover, you will learn tricks like levitation, card tricks, illusions, and spoon bending. After that, you would get deeper insights into tricks like reading minds, having things disappear, remote viewing tactics, and much more.

The program is designed for the starters, all the way to the advanced. So, there is something for everyone. Moreover, you should know here that the program isn't going to work for those people who think that they are going to be experts without putting in the work.  You need to keep two things in mind:

  • Firstly, you need to understand the Mentalism gist. As with anything else in life, you need to learn the basic concepts first before moving on to the complicated ones.
  • When doing a magic trick, you need to make sure that everything works in perfect harmony. This needs lots of practice, effort, and patience on your part.

Reasons to Get this Product

Amazing Approach

You will first learn the easy things, some of which you can do within 10 minutes of the purchase and see great results. From there onwards, you will learn the difficult concepts until you get the whole concept and ideas.

Uncover Thrilling Tricks

The program uncovers the mentalism tricks used by David Blaine and David Copperfield, which is quite exciting. You learn step by step the riskiest tricks. For example, you will learn how David Copperfield disappeared from the Statue of Liberty.

No Sneaky Pricing Tactics

The access to the exclusive member's area has no strings attached. At the start, you will get a 30-days trial. Then, if you plan to hone your skills, you will be told at once that you will be charged. However, if you stop at the end of the trial, the company won't pressurize to do something else.

It Helps People

You get amazing value for the low price. You won't find other mentalists selling the secrets at such an affordable price. Clark isn't much interested in money. His main aim is to help people and give them the skills they have always desired.

Doesn't Matter If You Are a Starter

The program operates quite intuitively. So, you don't need any prior knowledge or skills to get started. The program starts from the most basic concepts which anyone can learn.

Money-Back Guarantee

The great thing about the program is that it comes with a money-back guarantee. So, you can get a refund if you feel that the product hasn't served its purpose. This confidence clearly shows that Ryan has no doubts that the program will work.

Where you can buy Master Mentalism?

Master Mentalism is available on the official website.

Master Mentalism is an amazing program to help you learn magic tricks and mentalism. However, if you want to know the tips to become a good mentalist, click here.


Master Mentalism is a brilliant program to help aspiring magicians get up to speed without much issue. First, it takes you through the bases of magic, dexterity, and skills. At the same time, it shows you how to create illusions to make others feel that “wow” that motivated many of us.

After disciplined practice, I’ve even been able to pickpocket some friends at parties. Of course, I always give things back, but it’s fun just to see their expressions. Magic is more than entertainment, it’s a reawaken innocence in children and adults alike.

Now, you can become the life of the party, the magician you always wanted to be. Start today! Click on the button below to get access to the course now!

Frequently Asked Questions
Who is the creator of Master Mentalism?

The man behind this amazing program is Ryan Clark. He is a great magician and a renowned mentalist consultant. He has put all of his knowledge and tricks into this one product.

What is Master Mentalism all about?

Master Mentalism is an amazing program that helps aspiring magicians to learn complex mentalism without any issues. The product consists of different ebooks which help you understand magic.

What's inside the Master Mentalism?

The complete package is divided into four parts. All of them are explained in a step-by-step manner. The two notable books are The Master Mentalism and 500 card tricks revealed.

Is Master Mentalism worth buying for?

This program is definitely worth buying. The main aim of the creator, Ryan is to help people learn magic secrets. Moreover, the program is quite affordable in comparison to its competitors.

Who is Master Mentalism for?

The program is for people who are interested in mentalism and want to get a grasp of principles. Moreover, this program is designed for both the starters all the way to advanced.

What are the drawbacks of Master Mentalism?

This program isn't fit for the expert magicians because they will know all the tricks. Moreover, you won't get the results overnight. You need to work hard to see the results.

What are clients saying about Master Mentalism?

Most of the clients are happy with the results of the program and have given positive reviews. Moreover, Ryan provides a money-back guarantee. So, you can get a refund anytime.

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  1. Master Mentalism is an electronic course which can download immediately. But how it came about is quite an amazing set of circumstances which favors you incredibly.

  2. I bought their product and I started browsing the eBook, I have found that the traditional approach when it comes to disaster management is not applicable in long-term catastrophes like war and severe flashfloods that lasts for months.

  3. Magic is captivating, and when being practicing the tricks and illusions in this program, you will be sure to gain influence over the people around you.

  4. Wow. I have never bought a product and felt so satisfied as i am feeling now. This is a product that has made a lot of difference in my life. For the time i have been using it has bettered my skills in mentalism.

  5. : Master Mentalism is program that teaches you how to become a mentalist. It uncovers some of the most exciting tricks performed by world’s most popular mentalists.

  6. This is a 200 page book of pure magical tricks taught in the simplest way possible. It brings together the most amazing ancient tricks from very famous guys like David Blaine, Chris Angel, David Copperfield and Derren Brown among other greats! This program works on helping a total newbie first learn the basics, understand them fully and then get to put them into practice.
    From there, a bit more harder skills are then revealed and when it is all well understood, the extremely hardcore stuff, which many self claiming magicians have never gotten their minds to really grasp. It is based more on using the basic principles of mentalism to create your very own tricks that will help blend well with the environment and the time.

  7. This is a book of pure magical tricks taught in the simplest way possible. It brings together the most amazing ancient tricks , This program works on helping a total newbie first learn the basics, understand them fully and then get to put them into practice.

  8. This is something that i have never seen anywhere. I have been a therapist on mental issues for a number of years now but i have never come across a program of this kind. This is magical. The author of this guide must have spent enough time to come up with such an effective system like this one. I am so happy i bought the product since it has helped me understand so many things.

  9. There is so much to learn about mentalism from this product. Ask me. I have used this guide to improve on my mentalism skills. It is well crafted such that the language is easy to understand and there is nothing you will miss in this guide. Affordable and works for all people. I will recommend it.

  10. At first I thought that it is some kind of positive affirmations program. But how excited I was to find out that it is actually about magical tricks! Now, I’m the biggest party guest 😉

  11. Mentalism is not easy especially if you are not used to the act. However, i believe if you have this program you will be better. I am talking like this out of experience. I have been using the guide for some time and it has helped me a lot. Now i am more than confident in doing a number of things.

  12. A great value for your money. So far I do not think that you can get another better deal for a mentalism course for such a small amount. I would really recommend this product to anyone who is fascinated by magic, be it a beginner or a professional.

  13. I’ve loved magic ever since I was a kind. Mental tricks that leave the audience amazed always blow my mind away. This book is great. I have learned so much and improved my skills greatly. I highly recommend this program for fellow magic and mental trick lovers such as myself.

  14. When you purchase this item, you will get a considerable amount of things in this package. This bundle is parted into 4 books. Each of them is all around clarified in a well ordered way. Ryan is a really faultless essayist. He absolutely influences you to comprehend everything word by word.

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