MI40-Foundation Review – Works or Just a SCAM?

February 6, 2021

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Ben Pakulski




60 days


  • This program can help you in rapid muscle-building in a natural way.
  • The product offers a step by step guide, making things easier for everyone.
  • All the stuff mentioned in the guide is safe and healthier.
  •  It also features a 60-day money-back policy.
  • You don’t need to hire any trainer after using it.
  • It comes up with a full nutritional guide.
  • This program only comes with Downloadable content.
  • The 7-hour works out videos are too much.

Are you a man or woman who wants to build muscles but not finding the right direction? If that is the case, then MI40-Foundation is the muscle-building system that you must try. It is the safest product that only provides health-friendly products.

Gaining muscle is a complicated task to do, which MI40-Foundation program has made a bit easier. You need to follow the right direction and work hard to gain muscles.

Many people think that only steroids can help them in gaining weight. But that is not the case. More muscles give more strength, but to gain muscles, you need to lift heavyweight, eat the best diet, and follow the advice of a mentor to get the desired results.

Not everyone is ready to give the amount of result which is required for big muscles. Some people are wasting their time and money on trainers who don't know much about the field.

With the support of the MI40-Foundation program, you don't need to invest any money on trainers and other relevant stuff because it provides all the things that might help you in getting the best results.

MI40-Foundation is a quality product for those looking to gain muscles within a short time. This program contains all the features and information that are required for gaining muscles.

Moreover, it also offers guidance about the minimum age to workout and to use this product. This program guarantees to deliver results within 40 days due to which many people ask about its legitimacy.

After reading the 40 days result, you might be questioning that is it a scam? Well, I will reveal all that information about the product in this MI40-Foundation review.

What is MI40-Foundation?

MI40-Foundation is muscle-building systems that can help you in gaining muscles in 40 days. It comes with a 40 days plan, which means that after consuming it for 40 days, you will need to buy a new pack.

But it would give value to your money by delivering the maximum muscle gain result. It encounters all the body fats and destroys it so that you can enjoy the slim and muscular body.

MI40 is among a few workout programs that reveal that least age to start the workout. It also tells if you are fifteen or younger, then this product is not for you.

Mostly the muscle-building system doesn't reveal such things because they only need money without caring about the person's age and health. I have seen a lot of such programs claiming that there is not any minimum age to start the workout.

But that is not the case with this program, MI40-Foundation claim that there is a minimum age to start working out and that minimum age is fifteen.

The reason behind this age limit is that at the age of fifteen, the muscles are in the developing stage, and to work out at such stage can cause harm to the proper growth.

However, anyone having sixteen years of age can use this program without any hesitation. There is nothing scam in this product. You can read it from other related reviews of this product.

About Ben Pakulski - The Creator

Ben Pakulski is behind this product. He is a fitness expert who has trained many top athletes. Ben is a famous IFBB bodybuilder who has changed the lives of many people.

He has completed his graduation from UWO, also known as the University of Western Ontario. During his tenure at university, he studied various subjects that were related to muscle functioning. After knowing all the aspects of the human body muscle, he decided to help people by releasing this product.

Ben aims to transform the lives of people who are interested in choosing his program. The guy is very much passionate about changing the lives of people.

Further, he is a nutrition coach, public speaker, and author. Ben believes that any man who is determined and passionate can build muscles with a little hard work.

Before getting into the workout industry, Ben was also struggling with his weight. He was an overweight guy who decided to change his life at the age of sixteen.

At the age of sixteen, Ben began lifting weights. This decision was one of the best decisions of his life. However, after spending a lot of time on bodybuilding, he fell in love with the body building profession and chooses it as a career.

His hard work and enthusiasm helped him to make a successful career in the fitness industry. Due to his love for bodybuilding, he started studying biomechanics to know more about fitness.

How does the MI40-Foundation program works?

MI40-Foundation product working is straightforward. It offers all the things which assist in decreasing muscle protein breakdown and increasing muscle protein synthesis.

The program focuses on cellular mechanisms that manage the breakdown and synthesis of proteins. So there is nothing fake in this product. It follows the natural method of gaining muscles so that you can stay healthier.

The program features an Intelligence Training Manual, Supplement Stack Protocol, Instruction Workout Videos, Prescription Printable Workout Sheets, Consumption Nutrition Manual, Pursuit Calendar, proportions Exercise Execution Guide, and Secrets Audio Interrogation.

All these things play a vital role in boosting muscles. After using this product, you will not require any harmful medicine or other relevant items that are not good for personal health.

What comes with the MI40-Foundation program?

In terms of advantages, MMI40-Foundation has a lot to offer. Below are all the pros that you are going to get on purchasing this system.

  • It comes with a 40-day consumption guide which aims at nutrition. This program helps you in knowing the method to find your protein and fat percentage. It assists you in getting a certain amount of fat so that you can see the best results.
  • You would also find a 40-day training guide which describes all the vital and required things in the training system.
  • It also includes 40-day workout videos. These videos are in High definition format of over 7 hours, covering all the required exercises.
  • The 40-day Exercise-Execution Guide provides the best 40 workouts that can encourage you in building muscles.
  • It also carries a 40-day Printable Workout Sheets, which gives a detailed idea about the workout session. This program includes information regarding the everyday session.
  • The 4-day Supplement Stack Protocol present in this product guide about the effective supplements that you should try to achieve the desired outcome.
  • It also grants an mp3 format holding all the strategies and tips that might support you in gaining muscle faster.
  • To make things manageable for you, it also comes with a MASS-Pursuit Calendar, which can help you in keeping the training period in an organized way.

These are the advantages that one can get on buying this program. All the benefits methods are quite useful and can help you in gaining muscles.

Benefits of using MI40-Foundation program

MI40-Foundation is an excellent product that features a lot of advantages. It is a suitable program for people who love fitness. Below are all the pros that you enjoy buying it.

Unique Muscle Gaining System

Most of the muscle-building products that are currently present in the market are quite similar. You may see that all such products might contain a guide for basic workout routines and nutritional advice. However, you are not going to see such things on purchase the MI40 program.

Ben has added unique and accurate information in this program that would help anyone in gaining muscles. This program includes a few rapid muscle building tips and strategies which you will not find in any other relevant product.

Also, it carries Intelligence Training Manual, Supplement Stack Protocol, Instruction Workout Videos, Prescription Printable Workout Sheets, Consumption Nutrition Manual, Pursuit Calendar, Proportions Exercise Execution Guide, and Secrets Audio Interrogation. You will not find all these things in a single product.

True Expert

If you are going to a bodybuilding trainer, make sure that he is an expert in the field. Some of the so-called trainers are also available in the market whose aim is to earn money.

They don't care about the person who is investing in their product. But that is not the case with this program. Ben Pakulski is behind this masterpiece, which has been in the bodybuilding field for over 15 years.

Besides this, he also has a related degree, which is another plus point. Ben knew how things work due to which he has provided quality results to a lot of people.

Easy to follow

The program carries a lot of information, still it easy to follow. Even if you are new to the fitness field, yet you would be able to understand all the things present in the guide.

It is a complete package that carries a step-by-step video that guides you on what to do and when to do. The daily meal plans enable you to choose the right thing to eat at the right time.

It also offers information about supplements so that you can know about the supplements that are not healthy for you. This program provides all the things that are required to attain excellent muscle-building results, and the best thing is that everything given in the guide is natural and safe.

Full Money Back Guarantee

Unlike other muscle building products, this program offers a 100% money-back policy if you do not have the program. Yes, you read it right, it will give all your money back if it doesn't deliver the promised results.

Even if you have used all the programs, still you can ask for cashback without hesitation. However, you need to ask for money back within 60 days. After 60 days of the program purchase, this offer is not available.

Frequently Asked Questions

After reading the MI40-Foundation review, you might be thinking about some questions regarding this product. So below are some commonly asked queries that might help you.

What is the price of the MI40-Foundation program?

The total cost that you have to pay for this program is $77, which is quite less in comparison to other relevant products.

It comes with a 40-day plan, which means that you are going to pay $77 for a 40-day workout package, which is reasonable. Besides this, it doesn't come with any shipping charges. You only need to pay for the product, and no extra costs are involved.

What is the recommended age to use this program?

Unlike other programs, MI40 suggests a minimum using age of its product. It recommends that a person should be at least sixteen years old if he/she wants to use the product.

If you are fifteen or less, then you should not invest in this program because this program demand workout, which is not a thing to start at the age of fifteen or less.

When you are fifteen years old, your muscles are in the developing stage, and workout can cause harm to the muscle development.

Does this program work for women?

Yes, this product is suitable for both males and females. So if you are a woman interested in building big muscles, then you can try this program without any hesitation. The MI40 delivers the same positive results to women as it provides to men.


MI40-Foundation is a legal product that has helped hundreds of people in gaining muscle. It has supported people attaining the best fitness. After using the program, many people have started making a career in the bodybuilding industry.

So if you also want to gain muscle and become a fitness ideal, then you must put MI40-Foundation into your consideration. MI40 is a safe program that provides a natural and delightful diet.

The best thing about it is that it works for both men and women. So women can also invest in this product if they are interested in building muscles.

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  1. Pakulski uses to guide you almost outsmarts your body into achieving this mind-boggling goal. The routine has you working to your max in the most time-effective method, which results in your muscles and metabolism getting kickstarted in a way that quickly shows off the results.

  2. All in all, you are equipped with quite a bit of info in this one program. It’s a great program for someone who is dedicated to exercising regularly and making changes with their nutrition plan.

  3. It’s nice that Ben has included both nutrition and training information to give you the complete package. The supplements he recommends are proven to work and can be purchased for a cost-effective price.

  4. Currently, I’m not following the program, but I’m planning to do another round of 40 days to get my gains to the next level! I’m very much looking forward to it, because honestly, overall this was a really fun experience.

  5. Getting fit and strong doesn’t need to involve lifting too many weights. This program teaches you everything you need to know about doing a workout.

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