Mushroom Growing 4 You Review – Works or Just a SCAM?

February 6, 2021

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Mushroom Growing 4 You


Jake White




60 days


  • Cheaper option. Buying mushrooms from the store and growing those using chemicals such as pesticides can be quite expensive. With this guide, you can save a lot on money since it uses cheaper methods of growing them.
  • Well-illustrated. The book is well explained and there are illustrations to help you in understanding more on what is being talked about.
  • It is a healthier option. With this kit, you get to avoid all the spraying and addition of harmful chemicals to your crop. This way you get only the kind of mushrooms that offer you the best in terms of nutrients and vitamins.
  • Less reading. Well guess what, if you dislike reading you don’t have to do that for the whole program. There are videos as well that you can watch. And the book itself is not even that long, around 150 pages.
  • Bonuses. There are six extra e-books that you also get as a bonus. These are more so for those who want to expand their mushroom growing and venture into commercial growth.
  • Improve yield. Most of the users of this course have reported an increase in their mushroom yields by more than 25%. This even stands as a proof that the product is not a scam but rather the savior of your mushrooms.
  • Step-by-step guidance. In both the e-books and the videos, Jake has made it a priority to explain everything in a step-by-step manner. This way you can follow all through without getting lost along the way.
  • Free consultation. The architect of this course, Jake, also offers free consultation services to his customers. He is very willing to answer any questions that you might have as you continue with your mushroom growing project.
  • All products are digitally available thus easy to access. On purchase of the product you get instant access to all that is offered for the course. The rest is up to you to choose when to begin the course.
  • 60-day refund grace period. Yes, you can ask for your money back within sixty days of the results you get from the use of the product do not satisfy you.
  • No hardcopy. This product is not available in the local stores near you. You can only access it from the official website.
  • Unavailable for those without internet access. If you live in remote areas or you do not have internet connection than you will not be able to acquire the product.

Mushroom Growing for You is going to teach you techniques for growing mushrooms that no other person or book ever will. It is the ideal product to buy for those who are passionate when it comes to mushroom farming.

Mushrooms are really gaining popularity across the world. In the past, only limited cultures ate them as a delicacy.

However, in recent times more and more people are accepting them and they have come to realize that it can be a very tasty ingredient. Mushrooms carry so many benefits that you can afford to overlook them.

They help in improved nutrition, provision of vitamin D in the body and they can be used in weight management too. They even host antibacterial properties which help to combat various infections.

Mushrooms also help to boost immunity making you able to fight off diseases. Furthermore, they have been found to possess anti-inflammatory qualities. It is also ideal for consumption by diabetics and those who want to develop strong bones.

The above benefits are just a tip of the iceberg. With such attractive features, their demand has risen over the previous years, making them an excellent product to invest in. Are you a grower of mushrooms who seeks to know more about how best to grow them? Do you want to venture into the art of mushroom growing?

If your answer is yes, then you just come to the right place today. In this review, we are going to look at a product that will help you in growing healthier, natural and tastier mushrooms.

I am talking about Mushroom Growing for You. This is the kit that will transform your mushroom growing experience by the end of this review.

What exactly is Mushroom Growing for You?

This is a kit that teaches in how to plant and care for mushrooms through natural, organic methods so that you grow mushrooms that are healthier and cheaper as compared to those grown using chemicals.

If you have never grown mushrooms before, it must look like a hard task at first when you think about it. However, it’s quite the opposite. It is a simple process that doesn’t require as much effort as growing other plants. And this guide is going to teach exactly that.

The Brains behind the Course- Jake White

The whole program was developed by a passionate man, Jake White. He has been growing mushrooms for years and is well experienced in the field. Jake is an organic farmer and he champions for more farmers to take on the natural paths of growing their crops.

The idea behind him coming up with the guide was that he wants to help people grow healthier and more organic mushrooms at a cheaper cost.

The Contents of the Package

On purchase of this product, you are going to receive the following:

  • A 150-page guide.
  • Videos on the subject.
  • Six extra free e-books titled:
  1. Organic Gardening for Beginners.
  2. Worm Farming-The World Best Compost.
  3. Aquaponics for You.
  4. Herbs for Health and Home.
  5. Eating Healthy.
  6. Guide to Organic Cooking.

With all this information, mushroom growing automatically becomes easier than you could ever imagine. The total package is sold at $37 and it is available on the official website.

What You Will Learn from the Guide

There is a lot to be learnt about the growth of mushrooms from Mushroom Growing for You. Among the basic things include the following:

  1. How to create the best conditions for mushroom growing.
  2. The Grain Method of cultivation.
  3. How to ensure that your mushrooms receive only the optimal moisture conditions.
  4. Building incubation and fruiting chambers for your mushrooms.
  5. The best mushroom harvesting techniques.
  6. Which kind of tools and supplies you will require for the mushroom growing project.
  7. How to use worms and compost in mushroom growing for healthier tastier mushrooms.

In addition to learning all those tips for mushroom growing, the extra e-books will also teach you on how to improve your diet and lead a better lifestyle. You will be taught on how to best cook your foods in an organic fashion.

When you consider all that comes with purchasing this product, it is evidently clear that no other product has a greater value for your money.

I have read many reviews about this product and all of them have one thing in common, they marvel at how amazing it is. No one has been disappointed by it. It is simply what the clever mushroom farmer would go for.

Where you can buy Mushroom Growing 4 You?

Mushroom Growing 4 You is available on the official website,

Final Verdict

I still haven’t come across a pdf format of the product but Mushroom Growing for You is still the right guide for all new beginners and even the experienced mushroom growers.

For the beginners, it offers guidance through simple steps to help them grasp the fundamentals of mushroom growing. For the experienced farmers in the field, they will learn on how they can grow tastier mushrooms for less and produce more yield.

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  1. I remember perfectly how, while I was reading through the book, I started planning the family project we were going to have with growing mushrooms together, and this is how I finally decided to make It happen.

  2. The techniques in this guide enable you to grow your mushrooms anywhere. The guide provides you with inexpensive ways of growing mushrooms. This will enable you to reduce the total cost.

  3. I have to say that the author of this system really knew what he was doing. This is because he has put together some really amazing tips here. The information in this program worked for me very well. It is an affordable product and the returns are really amazing.

  4. This is a complete manual to grow mushroom all from home. Yes, Mushroom Growing 4 You is a complete manual of growing mushrooms from home with hands. So all the mushrooms will be totally fresh and pure. And the food value of your mushrooms will be quite high. Mushrooms are such stuff that can bring water into any food lover’s tongue. And if you can build business on such epic, delicious, scrumptious, toothsome food item then it would be tremendously awesome.

  5. Mushrooms used to be harvested in the wilds. However, nowadays mushrooms are farmed as business commodities. Many people love mushrooms and constantly purchase edible mushrooms from the supermarkets. However, just like the other farmed vegetables, pesticides are used on the mushrooms. Well, if you are trying to live the healthier life, pesticides will be real bad news for you. You can always try to find the organic mushrooms but what about growing mushrooms by your own? If you have no idea how, Mushroom Growing 4 You will be very helpful.

  6. The Mushroom Growing 4 You Kit is designed to give home users the tolls and guidance they need to grow their own organic mushroom crop. Whether newbies or seasoned professionals, the Mushroom Growing 4 You Kit will help users grown not only healthy, chemical free mushrooms but also great tasting mushrooms.

  7. Mushrooms have many health benefits. Some of them include relief from high cholesterol levels, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and diabetes. They also help in weight loss and increase the strength of your immune system. Depending on where you live, mushrooms can be very expensive. This program shows you how to grow your own mushrooms so that you can have free access to its great health benefits. I really enjoyed the cooking guide as I learned a lot of different recipes that I had never heard of before.

  8. I have been eagerly waiting for this program. I love mushrooms. So, it is very interesting, exciting and beneficial for me to grow mushrooms in front of my eyes. Now I can have totally natural, fresh and healthy mushrooms.

  9. Mushroom Growing 4 You comes as a manual for instruct without anyone else can develop your own particular mushrooms indoor or open air. It promises you the best yield and great quality mushrooms that many will think you have bought them from the stores.

  10. This is a guide that has assured me that it is not difficult to grow mushrooms. You may have struggled a lot moving from one place to another seeking information on how to grow mushrooms. Like me, you end up getting nothing or trying and failing. Then the best system to show you exactly what to do and when is this. I have tried it, and with no doubts it is really informative.

  11. Mushrooms are love. Not because I am some business person looking to sell them or that I love them for their medical benefits. The real thing is that I love them over my pizzas and they cost more than what would be some affordable price. So I now have a very good method of growing these awesome things in my personal backyard. The thing is this guide is awesome as it tops my pizza perfectly!

  12. Mushroom is well known for the nutritional value that it comes with. SO I believe that when I have an opportunity to make things work out in the right way, then I am for sure that we will benefit alot. I am sharing this with my girlfriend for a remarks.

  13. When you buy the product mushroom growing 4 you I believe that it is an investment you have made. This is because the returns are really high as long as you follow the guide.
    You get the book with many instructions and clear language showing you how to start growing mushrooms and how to make it successful. You will also be accompanied by videos which add-up to the knowledge. Remember there are also some great bonuses.

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