My Bikini Belly Review – Who Should (& Should Not) Buy It?

January 4, 2021
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When it comes to the present day generation, getting in shape is arguably the most important endeavor to majority of us. More so, the females.

Ask any woman at random what feature she appreciates the most on herself. If not the first answer she will give to you, a perfect curvy body shape will not lack among the first three things she mentions.

Is that not true ladies? Despite the age, we would never want to lose our curvy shape. Right?

You will realize majority of women who give birth, more common among the young moms, the first place they result to be at is the gym. And what else would they be going there in search of if not getting back in shape?

Hello there ladies, today’s review has you in mind. Regardless of the age, you still remain to be ladies. Is that not right? As they say age is just but a number. And to show how true this is, we strive to maintain our shape with the passing of time.

beautiful woman holding her hair

We are going to review a product that will help you in this. Maintaining, your young curvy shape even past the menopause threshold. My Bikini Belly is the product at the table. Let us take a look at it.

About The Product

What It Is

By My Bikini Belly, the product you get is a series of videos that you can be able to download. Released into the market on the December of 2015, My Bikini Belly assures any woman out there help in appreciating her ‘bikini body.’

The primary target of this program is the women of middle age. The program’s creators went further to describe these women as those above the age of 35. Quite a large number of the lessons that you will find in My Bikini Belly specialize in dealing with hormones that are related to menopause. They deal with

Quite a large number of the lessons that you will find in My Bikini Belly specialize in dealing with hormones that are related to menopause. They deal with handling of the natural slowdown of your body in metabolism with age.

For instance, in the videos, talks on how each woman possesses the ‘menopause gene’ in the DNA are made. After some certain age, this gene will block your body’s metabolism preventing it from burning belly fat. Women engaging in constant exercises past menopause are not exempted. They undergo a lot of struggle trying to get rid of the stubborn belly fat.

Women engaging in constant exercises past menopause are not exempted. They undergo a lot of struggle trying to get rid of the stubborn belly fat.

woman holding her jeans trouser

It is in accordance with this that My Bikini Body vows to give you lessons on how shutting down the menopause genes and incidentally start your metabolism. Search all over, but I can assure you will not be able to find any other sure path to six pack abs.

The Author

You can quite easily identify a scam by knowing the brains behind it. Right? It is in this view, it is paramount to read reviews on the creator of a program before you buy it. This step is very crucial to basically all product you may buy.

The creator of this program is an outstanding lady by the name Shawna Kaminski. Currently, she is at the age of 52 and a prominent former athlete for representing Canada. She is a very competitive fitness model who has quite a number of titles in her name. Some of these titles include;

  • Western Canadian Lightweight Bodybuilding Championship Winner.
  • Two-time winner of Toughest Calgarian Alive.
  • 3 years Second runners-up in National Canadian Bodybuilding Championship.
  • National Canadian competitor in freestyle skiing and swimming.

This lady is also the owner of the NW Fit Body Boot Camp gym found in Calgary. Some of her clients in Boot Camp do take part in the program’s videos demonstrating various workouts.

How It Works

My Bikini Belly assures to help you avoid triggers of belly fat by its working. 3 triggers of belly fat that are listed in Shawna’s My Bikini Belly include;

#1 Belly Fat Trigger: Will turn your menopause molecules on making it impossible to lose fat in the belly.

#2 Belly Fat Trigger: Will turn the hormone responsible for shrinking your belly off.

#3 Belly Fat Trigger: Will destroy your body’s metabolism.

According to the words of creator of the eBook, cardio workouts prove to be very stressful on your body at times especially past a certain age. However, the stress mentioned hereby, should not make you avoid cardio. It means you should do specific cardio types. These will maximize loss of weight.

Shawna assures to make the 3 triggers the target through My Bikini Body. This will result in a weight loss benefit you need. The system is called Metabolic Activation Training. It will;

  • Turn off the menopause molecules.
  • Switch on the shrinking hormone of the belly.
  • Turn up the body’s metabolism.

woman doing yoga

A variety of exercising techniques are taught by Shawna’s My Bikini Belly for the achievement of the 3 steps. Unlike in a dietary guide, here you are exclusively taught the best workouts for the activation of the 3 steps mentioned.

Inside The Product

Upon buying, you will see an initial screen in the member’s area. It has a brief introduction video from Shawna. Basically, she explains what you should expect from the program. Besides that, she gives a couple of tips to get the best outcome in the next few weeks.

Workout Phases

The version 2.0, is divided into 3 phases which you get to work on progressively. PDFs are used in all phases and complement the core workouts delivered through follow-along videos.

Every single phase of the three has 3 workout videos that are detailed inside which you follow along with. Each is 15 – 20 minutes long with the quality of production not being compromised.

My Bikini Body Exercises

Inside the program, you will be able to find the following exercises that you will be doing. Listing them all here in this review is rather impossible so I will just highlight some which you should expect in the program;

  • A variety of lunges.
  • Mountain climbers.
  • Different types of squats.
  • Leg lifts.
  • Booty lift.
  • Belly bends.
  • Pull downs.

cute woman lifting 40kg weight

As you might notice, these exercises do not require equipment. They can be done by anyone. As previously mentioned, the structure of the workout is such that you do different number of repetitions and sets in a given time. The daily repetitions, exercises and sets are brought together by Shawna in order to help in belly fat loss.

Where you can buy My Bikini Belly?

My Bikini Belly is available on the official website,

Final Verdict

Definitely, Shawna’s product, My Bikini Belly is worth your trial. If you are a woman, more so in the age bracket above 35 years of age, I would recommend that you get this product. It has been able to receive tremendous amount of positive reviews on the internet. A book you should have.

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• The author is a credible person. The achievements Shawna has in fitness are pretty impressive. Her real boot camp gym also has real clients creating confidence she is not a scam but the real deal. She is a real world not just internet personality.

• Convenience. Despite your age or how busy you might be, the program will fit easily into your life. The workout make use of your body weight. No equipment is required. They can be performed from any place you feel comfortable at.

• Gradual progress. Nothing shows better progress in our endeavors than the step we make. In the program, you can choose a difficulty level from 3 available options. With experience, you can gradually upgrade.

• High quality video. The content’s quality is high quality and amazingly ‘follow-along.’ The ease with which you can use the program is simpler than you ever imagined not mentioning the high quality of the production.

• Tailor-made for women. It is specifically designed for women who wish to lose belly fat. As such, it knows all of your preferences if you fall in this category.


• Lacks a diet or meal plan. With this program, you are not specified on what you should or what you should not eat. Some people may tend to undo what the exercises do to them by the food that they eat.

Summary: Shawna’s My Bikini Belly is a one of a kind workout program that you can be able to find on the market. Specifically designed for women, it enables this individual achieve their weight lose aims in just a couple of weeks.

RatingRated 4.79 stars
Jason Salgado
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Easy Workout Plan

on 2020-01-08 08:16:12

She has a great body shape but she started getting flabbiness and soon she discovered a great way to resolve her problem.

Marjorie Mattice
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Ultimate aim of this manual and program is to help you to get the body you have dreamed of and deserve.

on 2019-11-04 23:33:20

The program is designed to retrain women over the age of 35 about what to do to achieve their leanest and most suited to bikini body.

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Your metabolism ramps up which is the important part in removing that belly fat!

on 2019-02-28 01:13:43

The nice part about this workout is that it shows you exactly what to do and it's so time short that even the most time-poor of us can do it.

Rating: 4
4 /5 stars

on 2019-01-21 04:31:00

This is a revelatory new program, which encourages you to streamline your exercise routine, to reduce cortisol, which is a fat storing hormone. It is targeted at women over 35.

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

The thing that surprised me the most was the fact that the Quick Start Guide and the Workout Guide have a combined total page length of a whopping, tremendous 18 Pages

on 2019-01-10 01:26:32

An Exercise Guide is included but not necessarily required, considering the fact that the My Bikini Belly workouts are bodyweight workouts using only a few bodyweight movements.

Jim Thompson
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2018-10-14 11:56:25

My Bikini Belly determining whether or not this workout program is worth your time and investment. Shawna says that her workouts will help you to reveal your bikini belly in just 21 days. She also claims that her workout method activates your metabolism and is “…programmed to work WITH your menopause gene and perfectly match your current hormonal state.

John Cruz
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2018-05-08 12:19:44

So this is one of the more ‘specific' workout programs on the market currently. What I mean by that is the program is designed for a very specific customer who wants to achieve a certain result, rather than being a general weight loss product. It is for women over 35 who want to lose belly fat – the program and sales material mention the Menopause Belly quite often and this product was created as a solution.

Robert Corona
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2018-03-05 14:41:55

It promises to help women of all ages get the bikini body of their dreams.

Lindsey Russo
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

It works!

on 2017-11-06 22:55:21

I always wanted to look like those victoria's secret models! After using this guide for three months, I have finally made my dream come true.

Drew Davis
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2017-10-24 04:33:45

It is just that program what my wife needed the most. Surprisingly it is making her fit and healthy in natural ways. Her belly is becoming perfect day by day.

Gwendolyn Harvey
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2017-10-21 19:41:16

Even though I will probably never be fully satisfied with my body, the Bikin Belly surely made it near perfect. My friends do say I look perfect in my bikini, so this product surely did its job.

Dana Davis
Rating: 4
4 /5 stars

Result Guaranteed

on 2017-09-22 16:36:45

Tried this program and love the result. The good thing is that this program can be used by any ages that want to lose extra pounds. There is no long or extensive exercise required.

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Best for all women

on 2017-07-12 09:15:09

This is the best for women. Ladies, if you want to get your body in good shape then you need to consider this guide because is fast working. My Bikini Belly is a product that is created to provide the tips that will enable you burn all the fats in your belly. This guide also works by utilizing your body metabolism.

Sheri A. Wilson
Rating: 4
4 /5 stars

on 2017-06-07 02:14:18

Hey girls out there. You MY Bikini Belly like right now. I have used this product and it works really fast. You can easily access this product online start your journey to the most attractive body with a very small and firm belly. Thanks to the author of this guide for putting together both diet and exercises tips.

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