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Does MyMT4Book Really Work? – My Shocking Review

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With all sorts of trade popping up all corners of the trading universe, it may hard to keep all your transactions in clean check. Especially if you are indulged in almost all of the trading avenues such as Bitcoin, Meta Trader 4 or even InstaForex.

It goes without saying that as humans we are not so good at multitasking. You deserve something that keeps your whole business in check, at least once in a while. It could be your morals or your purpose behind your chain of operatives.

Apparently when it comes to business, specifically online marketing then you will need deep salvage. Lucky for you, I have the ultimate magic bullet for your deep desires. This review will grant you the keys to freedom, the threshold to a turf like no other.

my mt4 book review

Let me introduce you to My MT4Book. It will take out the trash for you, do the donkey work for you and keep your charts of account in Meta Trader in check.

What is My Mt4 Book all about?

From the entire plethora of information I have stated above, you must have hinted what the program does and will do for you. I mentioned that in your online marketing endeavor, you will need a regulator and I see no other as fitting as My MT4 Book.

What the program does for you is far-fetched but only tied to Meta Trader 4. My MT4 Book helps you get instant access to your Mt4 account. Get this, the access is instant; you get onto the chart window even without having to necessarily upload your trading record.

When you buy the program, you will be enthralled to a marvel. The author’s own screenshots of his work with his program. It is breathtaking because you have to see it so as to believe it, and it is indeed a marvel.

NEW YORK, US - 12 November - Complex economic data table with cross values and prices for forex market, currencies of the world identified by flags, numbers with colored tags, created with professional financial application on computer on 12 November 2014

The program lets you access your account without even going online. It however is not plain marvel, neither is it a scam because in truth the facts are laid out bare for you to see. It follows certain protocol and steps to make it all possible.

Yeah, the near impossible, the bare pulp fiction is towed close to being even more material. These seemingly impossible move is what makes the program hold so much credential. It stuns the world over and stands as refutably the best option to work with on Meta Trader 4.

You can achieve the near impossible with the program. You will not ever need the needless hassle of internet uploads of your trading record. You will not even grope in the thought of weak connections. You will be able to access your account instantly; all charts in one click.

trade trends

How is My MT4 Book wired to make you access your MT4 account that easy?   

It always seems like the impossible until you get the facts right. All past reviews have given you hope, I will make you see the light with this review. The program makes it possible by imploring 3 steps as I will show you below.

Step 1: Attach My Mt4 Book add-on    

When it gets to add-ons, things tend to get complicated. Other programs that are affiliated with add-ons are tricky to handle. You will be intrigued when you find out that the add-ons from this one are less hassle.

First off, the setup barely takes minutes. Hence you have not to worry about time because you will spend least of it on add-on setup. What’s more is that these add-ons are not constricted. This is because of a provision that allows you to run multiple versions of the add-ons with different settings.

Step 2: Choose group criteria

In this next step, you are given the liberty to choose how you want your MT4 trades to be grouped and sorted. The groupings given are as listed below:


  • Instruments
  • Magic numbers
  • Trade comments.

Choosing group criteria is a certain necessity because it give you a plan. It makes your work presentable and this way it is easier to go about your work. Sorting allows you to outline the bets strategies to use at the top most of the list.

Step 3: Enjoy Instant analytics 

This protocol is highly resourceful. What MT4 Book does is extremely revitalizing. It analyses thousands of trade accounts on your trading account. It does not stop there; it groups the thousands of trading accounts with a chosen criteria.

This is the huge workload because thereafter, it will give you important metrics:

  • Trade account
  • Net profit
  • Return/ Drawdown ratio
  • Profit factor
  • And much…much more

The entire intrigue of the MT4 Book is without a doubt exquisite. The whole expanse is just a whole lot of work to ensure a smooth flow and transition. It is without a doubt a living proof of technological defiance.

Is the My MT4 Book true to its cause or is a fraud?

forex data

The program can be true to its cause, real and efficient to the bone but just a few negative reviews on its website feed can cut it short of prospective clients. The scam review in this guide sanctifies this program of any non-legit strains.

First off, the program has a considerate approach towards making things happen. The three steps I have outlined for you show the program’s real capacity to log onto your account without any trading upload required.

It has the necessary tools to get I done and this include add-ons. The add-ons are easy to integrate with the entire process and this makes every procedure thereafter all way fluent. Also, the statements from the program website feed are quite positive.

A one Javier Pineda says that he highly recommends the program to any other prospective clients, and here is why. Due the necessary command of knowledge on your EAs while using them on MT4, the program allows you to view statistics by either:

forex broker celebrating

  • Strategy number
  • Currency

He therefore concludes by saying that the program is quite excellent. The reviews on the program website are quite superb. All the intricacies also fall into place to make the program exquisite. It is so legit.

Final Take

All the intrigues are fine. First is the author’s regular updates so you will not even fall short of anything new. Another thing is the fast compatibility of add-ons which brings the program to speed with any partaking there may be.

>> Get Instant Access Now <<


• The program implores the use of add-ons which are not as hectic to use as in other programs due to their fast integration with the program.

• The program allows to view all the MT4s on your EAs by giving you access to strategy numbers and currency as references.

• In view of the huge workload thereafter, the program gives you a chance to view all the metrics in place like trade account and net profit just to mention a few.

• All the analytics are instant therefore you can make decisions there and then partaking your account.


• The program constricts itself to Meta Trader 4 therefore it is not applicable to other programs as it is constricted to this one alone.

• Also, it calls for you to dig deep into your business arsenal because the entire lingo is just business.

Summary: From the entire plethora of information I have stated above, you must have hinted what the program does and will do for you. I mentioned that in your online marketing endeavor, you will need a regulator and I see no other as fitting as My MT4 Book.

RatingRated 5 stars
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Error-free installation completion.

on 2019-06-19 02:15:45

The product is surely recommended both for newly started traders and advanced level Forex traders. Have Fun in Trading! Create a career in your own hand!

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

Hiring a professional will cost you more money as well as time.

on 2019-03-13 01:37:00

The advanced identifying technology of the analyzer can execute trades at any moment. It works for you from Monday to Friday. No Break, No Lunch, No Pause!

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2018-03-30 13:28:11

MyMT4Book provides instant MT4 account analysis by Magic Number, Trade Comment or Symbol.

Laura Koch
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2018-01-25 05:49:05

I enjoyed how you integrated the indicators into a simple usable method so that the charts are uncluttered. Well done on a good piece of work there. I can definitely recommend 5 stars

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