Native Ads Master Class Review – Legit or Scam? Here is The Answer!

December 10, 2021
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Are you tired of your typical 9-5 job? Do you want to establish your own business? Are you afraid of losing money or not sure how to start? Then Native ads master class is definitely for you as this program is brought to you by two world-class affiliates with countless success stories.

About Native Ads Master Class

Native ads master class is buying a spot for ads for your product if it has to be put simply. But on the longer version, you will buy a spot for your product ad, but when someone clicks on that ad, how people will get interested after clicking has to be also taken care of.

You will be taught not only how to make your ad seem interesting to the customers but also how to hold that interest after they click and make the customer buy it by using modified traditional affiliate tactics.

This program will teach you how to make maximum revenue from your business. It is bought to you by two successful affiliates themselves who produced countless success stories with their consistent effort. Get to know more about this profession.Native Ads Master Class Program

For Whom Native Ads Master Class Is?

This program is not only for those who are starting a side hustle. It is for those who want a big outcome of their side hustle to a point where they can work from home turning their side hustle wildly profitable. It will teach you how native advertising with consistent effort will help you reach the exact niches you always deserved to be in.

The reason why most affiliates lose the market is that they make costly mistakes and do not have any proper guidelines on how to keep consistent revenue. This native ads masterclass will teach you how to create landing pages that would generate massive profits later.

What are the creators’ stories?

The best thing about this is it is brought to you by two super-affiliates, David ford, and Tom Bell, who generated millions by scaling profitable campaigns. They started from scratch and reached the level where they no more needed to do their regular jobs. Instead, they could work and earn thousands, even sitting by a beach and working while enjoying a family vacation. Working on vacation is a common trait of affiliates.

David Forde

David Ford, one of the owners and mentors of this course, is a successful millionaire affiliate in this field as his full-time job. He paved the path of success in this field for himself and thousands of his successful affiliate students.

Tom Bell

Tom Bell is a ClickBank Platinum award winner who has generated millions of dollars across every virtual traffic source. He has an enthusiasm for helping and teaching new affiliates.

Thus know that you won’t be just learning from any source but two of the most successful affiliates in the business. They can convert you from a regular affiliate to a successful one as they have already made many.

They had made some mistakes at their time, but they hustled through those and endedup generating millions. By following their footsteps, you can achieve the same as well.

They are here to tell you how to avoid making those same costly mistakes and help you squeeze maximum revenue by applying their deep optimization module they wish they had gotten when starting their work. By following their exact campaigns, you can avoid costly mistakes, wrong metrics and become a truly successful marketer.

Native Ads Master Class Review - Legit or Scam? Here is The Answer!

How are they different from others?

What makes them different from others is they don’t just own courses and see them as a way of making money for themselves, but they are passionate about the progress of each individual and want to see them succeed just like themselves.

They have created this crash course in the easiest way possible for the newcomers to grab the technique easily while taking the important points into consideration that the newcomers easily ignore. Then what’s better than taking business advice and learning business strategies from the people who genuinely care?

Thus instead of going to affiliates who can give you absolutely no guarantee, join this native ads masterclass course today and start generating money.


Their crash course includes 14 modules and two brownie tips. They have constricted all the useful things you need to do and know in affiliate business so that at no point do you have to ask the question of what to do next? Here’s an overview of how you will be taught:

Module 1: Introduction of Native ads

It is a native ads master class where you will learn everything you need to know about native ads fast so that you can immediately start your native advertising campaigns.

  1. Why native are ads the best choice for affiliate marketing
  2. How affiliate marketing co-operates with native ads
  3. Setting you up towards your designated route.

Module 2: Choosing the right offers

Here you will learn about the exact niches and offers you should take up. They will also teach you how the affiliates attain the best offers.

  1. Why affiliates end up choosing the wrong business endeavor and how to avoid it
  2. What kind of niches to welcome and avoid.
  3. How to get connected with top affiliates and how to get noticed by them.

Module 3: Researching and choosing the right customer

This is a point affiliates completely ignore, but this is a very important point to be taken into consideration.

  1. Research your customer right.
  2. How to choose the right customer to improve your rating for a highly profitable business
  3. Think like your customer to meet their expectations and affect your rating.

Module 4: Increasing creativity

Here you will be shown the exact creates most affiliates use which would be useful for you too.

  1. What type of images will suit the native ads
  2. Cutting out competitors and making you the best.
  3. Instructions to create high converting creatives step by step

Module 5: Landing pages

Here you will receive landing pages templates from which you will learn the best converting landing pages sequence.

  1. Researching competition to find the highest type of landing pages
  2. Building your own landing page
  3. Creating different types of landing pages even if you are an amateur in this field
  4. A simple ROI boost, easy-to-use trick

Module 6: Best places to get traffic

This module will save you from losing money into buying traffic and teach you the best way to do it.

  1. Which traffic sources to rely upon and which to stay away from
  2. First traffic exchange
  3. How to track your affiliate campaigns to figure out your profit scales

Module 7: Setting up your campaign

Learn to run your campaigns like the super affiliates run campaigns.

  1. Walk you through your first campaign
  2. Basic marketing strategies and their uses.
  3. Key metrics to help you evaluate your campaign more efficiently

Module 8: Testing modules

Stop wasting time on wrong metrics and learn what to focus and prioritize on.

  1. Bidding and budgeting
  2. Split testing correctly
  3. Correct evaluation of your campaign

Module 9: Basic Optimisation

Learn what happens to the ones not split testing correctly and learn how to lower investing money at the same time increasing profit.

  1. creatives and CTR optimization
  2. Filtering traffic to ensure maximum net profits
  3. Importance of variance
  4. What metrics to focus on for the best ROI
  5. The optimization process – invest or secure the profit

Module 10: Advanced optimization

This is where it gets more serious. Learn how an indebted campaign turned into one of the most profitable.

  1. Optimization strategies used by advanced affiliates
  2. Performance measurement
  3. Scaling campaigns past $1,000 per day
  4. The main difference between optimizing and scaling

Module 11 – Case Studying

Here, actual campaigns will be shown and how they were created, run, and made highly profitable.

  1. Learn the strategies used by top affiliates.
  2. Processing thought on how to proceed.
  3. How do we know we’re onto
  4. How to understand you are on the right track even if it’s not being very profitable

Module 12 – Scaling Campaigns

Here you will be taught how to grow campaigns exponentially instead of beating around the bush.

  • Growing the campaign
  • Why scaling and optimizing must be done separately
  • reasons most affiliates get ‘stuck’ and can’t grow beyond a certain point

Module 13 – Advanced Funnels

This module will learn how to get the most money and get multiple conversions from one customer.

  • What to focus on by analyzing the flow of traffic to identify
  • Mapping your funnel visually
  • Rectifying the mistakes of your funnel
  • Earning more from funnel using retargeting and opt-ins

Module 14 -Direct route

This module will teach you to enable opportunities that most affiliates don’t even know about.

  • The advantages of and when to go direct
  • Finding unknown golden opportunities
  • Opportunities to build and grow campaigns with lesser competition

Webinars ( Bonus)

After working in the same field for years, the top affiliates eventually become friends. In this webinar, you will get to hear about their individual journeys and their way of doing things.

  • Learn from the traffic sources about what works and what not
  • Know what happens behind the scenes from top ClickBank vendor
  • know how to get the most out of it from the founder of a popular spy toolNative Ads Master Class Program

Bonus Landing Page Templates

Here, you will be provided with the best-performing landing page templates, making your work easier as all you have to do is edit and add your link to them. This will save time as well.

  • importing the templates by clicking
  • templates used by affiliates
  • No coding or design work required


When they teach you, don’t think they will lead half of the things or take you only halfway. Know that once they take you in, they will be totally transparent with you about the steps and will not leave you alone. They will help you overcome all the difficulties and get you through the barriers when you get stuck.


After coming out of the course learning from the super affiliates, you will come out with all the abilities to succeed in this field. From this master class, you will learn what exact creatives to use, develop your campaigns exponentially, the best way to make native ads useful, ways of converting landing pages, ways of simply buying ad placements, how to avoid losing campaigns, ways of boosting profits and many more abilities to make you successful in this field.

This crash course will teach you and let you know how experienced affiliates paved their ways to succeed in this path. The best thing is they will show you the exact same system they used. You may also keep the fact that you will be meeting so many awesome people as a brownie point. So in a way, you can rest assured that you will come out with a successful career once you enter into this.

After listening to their success stories and pathways, you will be able to choose what way you want to choose for yourself; you can always go your way as well. After spending some time in this field, you will naturally come to realize what is working for you. How to the money buying traffic can be made more efficient. Maybe by doing so, you can be the next successful affiliate giving advice and speeches.

But to get the best outcomes, along with taking all of the things you will learn and get to know from here, you must hustle and put in an effort as well.

Success Stories

While teaching this course, they ensure they will hold your hand in every step; you will never have to think about what to do next as they will ensure what has to be done. They have already trained thousands of students to be successful affiliates. Here are some short success videos of a few affiliates.

Native Ads Master Class >> Get Instant Access Now <<

Frequently Asked Questions About ” Native Ads Master Class”:

What is Native Ads Master Class?

It is a crash course where amateurs are taught how to become big and famous affiliates. Here students are taught how to become native ads masters and well-named affiliates.

Who needs Native Ads Master Class?

It is a crash course for those who want to make a career in this field, want to become an affiliate and earn very good money. Here everything will be taught step by step.

What are the features of the Native Ads Master Class?

It is a total of 14 step modules with 2 bonus modules. Here you will be taught by affiliates who own wildly profitable campaigns themselves.

How much does Native Ads Master Class cost?

You can buy it online, It costs$29.99 on this website.

What makes Native Ads Master Class beneficial?

Native Ads master class is beneficial because this course is not prepared to keep some textbook in mind but from affiliates' own experiences.

What are clients saying about Native Ads Master Class?

They have brought success to thousands of affiliates, most of them are very please with the course.

What are the pros and cons of the Native Ads Master Class?

Pros: They will teach you from the scratch, you don't need pre-experience. They will guide you at every step. Taught by successful people Cons: You will have to work on it Costs money the result depends on you


They will teach you from the scratch, you don’t need pre-experience.
They will guide you at every step.
Taught by successful people


You will have to work on it
Costs money
the result depends on you

Summary: Native ads master class review is a course bought to you by David Ford and Tom Bel, two of the most successful affiliates in this field. They became affiliates because they wanted to live life according to themselves. They got tired of their boring 9-5 jobs. During their time of progress in this field, they had to struggle a lot as at that time nothing like this class existed. Thus they wanted to create and change the situation for the young affiliates.

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